iPhoto 11 works with el capitan

I have a neighbor with a mac that uses exclusively with iPhoto and do not like the new photo app.  If he updates to el capitan iPhoto still work?   It has an iMac 20 "running os 10.10.5.


9.6.1 iPhoto will work in El Capitan; If it uses iPhoto on Mac OS X 10.10.3 or newer, it already has this version. Previous ones will not.


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  • DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2 work with El Capitan?

    DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2 work with El Capitan?

    It should not. It is more than 7 years.

  • The CD/DVD does not work with El Capitan 10.11.5 on Macbook Pro

    Hello everyone, I spent the time to research on the here and the other site on why the CD/DVD does not work with El Capitan 10.11.5 on MacBook Pro mid 2009. This discussion forum has said that he will not work with the El Capitan software. Any idea or suggestion? Back to Marverick or Yosemite? I tried to use SMC reset, restart, recovery and still the same issue.

    I thank in advance.

    ~ Mike

    I have my doubts that the (10.11.5) software is the problem.  Are you sure that the DVD player is simply not defective?  Have you tried to clean the lens?  What is the State of the disc?

    Your best option may be a date at a bar in engineering of the Apple store for a FREE evaluation.


  • M2070 Samsung scanner now doesn't work with El Capitan 10.11.5

    I have a Samsung M2070 printer laser/scanner and now, the scanner does not work with El Capitan 10.11.5, the scanner Wizard just guard closing during the scan, I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled but makes no difference. Any ideas?

    Did you also install the drivers for 10.11 or reinstall old drivers?

  • Audacity works with El Capitan

    I currently have Yosemite 10.10.5 and use Audacity to record my DJ Mix. I'm afraid to go to El Capitan because I afraid of bold no longer works. Does anyone know if Audacity will work with El Capitan?

    I used the last bold (2.1.0) no problem for various projects, including the recording of the different inputs and sources, and I'm running 10.11.4. I keep a 32 GB flash USB 3 drive fast to install and test drive new OS which is quite practical as no reinstallation of my main system is necessary if I am having problems.

  • Microsoft office 2011 works with El Capitan

    Microsoft office 2011, (particularly important for me is Microsoft Outlook) work with El Capitan

    Yes, providing you have the (currently 10.11.3) update of El Capitan and the latest Office 2011 updates through the Microsoft Autoupdate application.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 will work with El Capitan?

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 will work with El Capitan? I am considering getting a new Imac (OS of my current Imac is 10.6.8) and do not want to get involved with a monthly term using Photoshop.

    No, it won't.

  • ScanJet G3110: New G3110 Scanner does not work with El Capitan

    I just bought a new ScanJet G3110 and can't make it work with El Capitan.

    > Device does not appear in the control panel and can not be found by Easy Scan.

    > Device does not appear in Adobe Acrobat 'create from the Scan... ". "option

    > BUT device * fact * appear in VueScan and works fine - but I don't really need to buy this package.

    Can someone tell me what could happen?  I must return this scanner?

    Thank you.

    Yes - I found a post on the HP website - "HP can't stand this product."

    This is unfortunate, because I just bought the machine two days ago.  If you are indeed working with where to HP, you can hire a query regarding WHY they sell products that you will not endure.  Needless to say, it will come. Also needless to say, when I looked for a replacement, I don't even consider another HP product.   Who knows if those who are still in charge, even if they are sitting on the shelves in stores.


  • Neat scanner does not work with El Capitan

    Neat scanner does not work with El Capitan

    You should check if there is a driver or firmware of the neat scanner that works with El Capitan.

  • I'm on the last update of lightroom 5 and captive capture still does not work with el Capitan. are there plans to upgrade or do I have to buy the new lightroom 6?

    I'm on the last update of lightroom 5 and captive capture still does not work with el Capitan. are there plans to upgrade or do I have to buy the new lightroom 6?

    Hi Yanni,

    Tethered shooting works fine with Lightroom 6.4 on El Capitan.

    You can then go ahead and buy Lightroom and perform the tethered shooting.

    Kind regards


  • Photoshop CS5.1 will work with el capitan

    Photoshop CS5.1 will work with el capitan

    Hi ,

    Photoshop CS5.1 is an old product launched a few years back and it has not been tested on OS El Capitan.

    I suggest you to install and use.

    Let me know if you have problems, I'll be happy to help you with your queries.

    ~ UL

  • iPhoto 1.2 does not work with El Capitan and 'Help' pages ignored by Apple!

    Update to Apple iPhoto with El Capitan on a MacBook Pro is a disaster: it is a completely new version with NO INSTRUCTIONS! It is impossible to edit uploaded photos, events seems to have totally disappeared and the news of 'Help' are a joke. Also, Apple do not answer questions, such as this, put online.

    It must be a solution or inline instruction manual, but where is it please!  Thank you very much!

    Photos for Mac is not an iPhoto update, it is a completely different application.  You open iPhoto libraries in Photos, but the photo library will turn it into albums iPhoto events, because there is no events.  Photos creates rather Moments based on the date and place, and they are created automatically.

    Take a look at the online help: Help the Photos

    And also: How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

    You can continue to use iPhoto.  9.6.1 iPhoto works well on El Capitan.

    The EL Capitan upgrade uninstall not iPhoto. Open the Applications folder and drag iPhoto to the dock.  If the icon is blocked, try updating to iPhoto 9.6.1:

    If you have a version of the AppStore in iPhoto, you can try updating iPhoto to 9.6.1 iPhoto as described by Barney:


  • CF cards will not correctly work with El Capitan

    Using a San Disk USB 3 card reader and the CalDigit FASTA 6GU3 + the PCI card. Everything works fine with 10.8.6, but with El Capitan, I can't copy anything that either of the maps - it hangs then ejects the card and I get an error message that the operation cannot be completed because error i/o and the drive was not ejected. Card back immediately, but the problems of the rehearsals. Boot in sys old and everything is good, then it seems to be a problem of El Cap have deleted previous CALDIGIT drivers for my previous card (which does not work with El Cap), so this isn't the problem.

    Did you mean 10.6.8 Snow Leopard?  There is no Cougar maxed out at 10.8.5 10.8.6.  If you mean the snow leopard, a lot of software is not compatible with 10.7 or later is with older versions.  There should be compatible Compact Flash readers on multifunction printers, as well as some readers you might find http://www.macsales.com

    If it's the same machine that came with 10.6, you can also install 10.6 on another partition or an external hard drive, or if it's a newer than July 20, 2011 Mac, you must put the option run Snow Leopard Server on your Mac.

    Rosetta/PowerPC applications and Lion and above

  • Photoschop CS6 always work with El Capitan?

    I use with OS X 10.9.5 CS6 - and I paid a lot for the full version,

    so it has to work with my new IMac too.

    Photoshop CS6 works very well in El Capitan.

  • 6 fusion works with El Capitan in the host operating system?

    I saw the thread on the Fusion 7 and El Capitan, but I wonder about the Fusion 6 and El Capitan.  I know that El Capitan works as a guest OS with Yosemite as the host and the latest version of Fusion 6 (I'm under the commercial version of El Capitan in a virtual machine on my Yosemite iMac running), but I have not really improved none of my systems to El Capitan again.

    Thank you.

    I use 6 merger with AE Capitan. It seems.

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