IPhoto is obsolete in El Capitan?


I have recently upgraded to El Capitan and trying to update iPhoto and upgrade of the library.

I've been on the Apple cat with a consultant, and they told me that iPhoto is already obsolete. Are they just saying this to make me move my photos to the Photos app?

Thank you.


Define obsolete

9.6.1 iPhoto works very well, but will never be updated if one day, an upgrade of the OS will leave work - so if you ever to upgrade your operating system it iPhoto will never leave work so for me, it will be obsolete

On the other hand Photos is especially iPhoto so why not go ahead and learn it?


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  • iPhoto 11 works with el capitan

    I have a neighbor with a mac that uses exclusively with iPhoto and do not like the new photo app.  If he updates to el capitan iPhoto still work?   It has an iMac 20 "running os 10.10.5.

    9.6.1 iPhoto will work in El Capitan; If it uses iPhoto on Mac OS X 10.10.3 or newer, it already has this version. Previous ones will not.


  • removal of the updated iPhoto once updated at El Capitan

    I've updated to El Capitan and the Photos. I have no problem with that. All my pictures are here since I've updated entitlement that I bought the computer last fall. However, the updated iPhoto from March 2015 is in my App Store, but it will not through. I'm happy with Photos and not return to iPhoto. But how can you remove the upgrade for any application that came with the computer, and then came not supported of Apple? I don't want to have to remove Photos and lose my photos.

    You can delete the iPhoto library - it is totally separate and remove it has no effect on the Photos - you can archive everything first as a backup in case jjust

    You can delete the iPhoto application if you'd be best to keep because it's back can be difficult or versatile


  • iPhoto Library went from El Capitan

    I have the new Photos app updated to El Capitan.  Works well with streaming of my devices.  However, my library iPhoto everything has disappeared.  I had to get a new hard drive but had backed up with Time Machine to my WD My Book.  We spent all the time on the Apple store transfer My Book to the new hard drive on the Mac Mini.  I also have a new backup drive hard as the MyBook was quite old and almost full.  I'm going home and iphoto app is there but not photos.  Can I reconnect the MyBook and try to move on the Mini hard drive again?

    Thank you.

    Unless you put the iPhoto library in a different location on the old Mac, it should be in your Home/Pictures folder.  Have you looked into this folder to the library. Try to restore the library of Time Machine as follows:

    Once it's restoration, you can open it with the new photo app and migrate to the pictures if that's what you want to do.

  • I accidentally deleted iPhotos after installation of El Capitan and were not able to download or reinstall.

    I accidentally deleted the iPhoto app on my new mac after installation of El Capitan and are not available for download, except the updates, which obviously doesn't work. How can I get that back?

    You can probably not - most likely, you will need to switch to Photos (what would happen sooner or later anyway)

    Have you looked under purchases in the app store?  Can't update iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store

    If it is not there you can try reinstalling iPhoto 11 of the original source and the upgrade to 9.6.1 but I doubt it will work

    Or you can try to restore your backup from just before you shape did this error

    Good luck


  • How to set the time between slides in a slideshow (iPhoto, el capitan)

    How to set the time to say - 5 seconds or 20 seconds - between slide show photos in iPhoto. I use el capitan.

    See the Settings button at the bottom right of the toolbar (at the bottom of the slide show). Click on it and you have a small window with two tabes, refers to all the slides, the other to the selected slide. You can make your choice

  • I have upgrated to El Capitan OS.  Unfortunately, I lost iPhoto in the process.  When I try to update iPhoto on iTunes I get a message saying that the iPhoto update is only available in the United States (!)  How can I get this app from Canada -

    How to upgrade to iPhoto on an IMac (El Capitan, OS).  Tried to find it on iTunes but I get a message, it is not available in the Canada.

    What version do you have now? You can use iPhoto 11 v9.6.1 on El Capitan. If you have a version earlier than iPhoto 11 then there is no way to upgrade and you must use the new Photos.app instead.

    If you have a version of iPhoto 11 then put it in the trash (not empty it) and reinstall it from the shopping list of the Mac App Store - note it is the Mac App Store and nothing to do with iTUnes.

  • Download IPhoto missing after El Capitan libraries

    After reading discussions on the picture are supported, I saw not any problems with IPhoto disappearing after operating system upgrade to El Capitan.

    I initial had Iphoto after installing the El Capitan and known to most of the issues. But today, I am unable to access photos in IPHOTO. The Iphoto icon is available, but there is no library/photos/albums to choose more. Pouf! Went. There were a few pictures that I have has not been loaded on Photo but load on Iphoto by preference. If these photos are not pictured.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

    I consulted Iphoto from FINDER, Iphoto icon, photo, with the same results. "I need to select a library, but there is no library to choose from.

    IOS is 10.11.2 on a Macbook Pro

    IPhoto 9.6.1

    Kind regards


    Is he missing the library then you need to restore your back upward. It is not really something else to do.

  • iPhoto 1.2 does not work with El Capitan and 'Help' pages ignored by Apple!

    Update to Apple iPhoto with El Capitan on a MacBook Pro is a disaster: it is a completely new version with NO INSTRUCTIONS! It is impossible to edit uploaded photos, events seems to have totally disappeared and the news of 'Help' are a joke. Also, Apple do not answer questions, such as this, put online.

    It must be a solution or inline instruction manual, but where is it please!  Thank you very much!

    Photos for Mac is not an iPhoto update, it is a completely different application.  You open iPhoto libraries in Photos, but the photo library will turn it into albums iPhoto events, because there is no events.  Photos creates rather Moments based on the date and place, and they are created automatically.

    Take a look at the online help: Help the Photos

    And also: How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

    You can continue to use iPhoto.  9.6.1 iPhoto works well on El Capitan.

    The EL Capitan upgrade uninstall not iPhoto. Open the Applications folder and drag iPhoto to the dock.  If the icon is blocked, try updating to iPhoto 9.6.1:

    If you have a version of the AppStore in iPhoto, you can try updating iPhoto to 9.6.1 iPhoto as described by Barney:


  • Update errors (iPhoto, Garageband) inherited iMac 2011

    I've updated an iMac mid-2011 legacy of OS X Lion to El Capitan, and almost everything works, except that the App Store again that Garageband and iPhoto (*) requires the update, but when I try to do updates: "Update not available with this Apple ID" / "this update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by another user or the item has been repaid. or cancelled. "(for Garageband, has always been the same second part of that message; I could have sworn that attempts to update iPhoto used to give another like the one given below after a failed attempt to execute it, but now, it's the same mistake as with Garageband).  After that, I get another message, "We could not complete your request." / "there was an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (null) ».

    (*) I understand not iPhoto is obsolete, but despite you ask to import from iPhoto, Photos actually seems to have done the job (maybe he did, but I can't be sure if I can't open iPhoto), so I would need to retrieve inherited photos (family).  If it is not possible to update, can someone let me know which directories to go to be safe?

    The existing version of iPhoto is 9.2.1 - this will not work and says he needs an update (who, when tried, gives the error message "Point not available" / "the object you requested is not available in the US store.").  The existing version of Garageband is 6.0.4 - this runs, but says it needs an update.

    To the best of my knowledge, the previous owner never bought either of these as a separate post (the previous owner never used Garageband and found it annoying that this has been included in the default Mac OS X software), and I don't think that the previous owner has even bothered where was able to set up a Apple ID , so I don't know why these 2 programs to give the above error messages when any other update very well.

    How can I fix it?

    When Googling for solutions, the people of problems post answers to always seem to be a little different, although I knew to have duplicates on other readers might cause problems (I can say in advance that I don't have this problem: it happens with any connected storage device).  I tried the solution to drag *.app for these last records in the trash and then retrying App Store, but he wants to charge for Garageband and will not appear iPhoto at all (although it shows for iPhoto Add-ons that are always available).  I also saw a workaround complicated for those who want to stick with iPhoto instead of Photos that is to make a new account to install it (in fact I already did, by making a new account on this computer after the update to El Capitan, even if I get the same errors on the previous owner).  Also, before you just drag *.app for these last files in the Recycle Bin permanently, I need to know if other things must be removed to get rid of them, if they cannot be updated.

    Before anyone arrives on my case about do not update the software on the Mac for a long time before Mac OS X El Capitan, also note that the previous owner had problems of health and health problems of the family during the duration of validity as it should have been upgraded, enough to take it past option of discord.

    Apologies for any question in double (strangely, putting my question in the search bar or by post in these forums did not turn anything and sent me directly to do this post) or something that should be obvious, these last weeks have been my first experience Mac search in the system (i.e., more than occasional use during the family visit) since the mid-2000s , and this is my first time on these forums.

    This you should get a completely restored system so that it was when it was first purchased. After that upgrades should be thin. There is no Apple given ID. All applications must work.

    1. The recovery of Internet startup by pressing Option + command (⌘) r immediately after start-up or that you restart your Mac. Release the keys when you see the Apple logo. Start-up is finished when you see the utility window.
    2. Open utility drive in the Utilities window, then use disk utility to erase your hard disk using the Mac OS extended (journaled) format. Quit disk utility when done.
    3. Choose Reinstall macOS (or reinstall OS X) in the utility window, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
      This installs the system provided with your Mac, when it was new.
  • is there a reason to keep iphoto on my computer?

    Some time ago the Photos app appeared, and apparently iPhoto became obsolete. But iPhoto is still on my computer. Is there a reason to keep?

    If all your photos and videos migrate successfully to Photos, you can remove iPhoto app and its iPhoto library file.

  • iPhoto problem


    Can someone tell me what to do how to redownload my iPhoto for my new mac? I bought my camera in the States and brought it here in the Philippines, but I've never used my iphoto even once. its says I need to upgrade. I've recently upgraded to El capitan 10.11.6 v my iphoto application cannot be opened and is not on my shopping list. I tried a few suggestions of fantastic people here but unfortunately is said cannot be upgraded cuz iphoto upgrade is not available in the philippines...

    What version you have now? v9.6.1 iPhoto will run on El Capitan. If you have that or a previous version of v9 the iPhoto which has been previously updated on the App Store, then you must use the supplied Photos.app El Capitan. This can open and use an iPhoto library.

  • Transfer the photo library in iPhoto to Photos

    I have just passed my iPhoto library photos on El Capitan (10.11.3) on my new iMac and have lost some pictures, some were 3 years old from the originals and thus lost location information, faces and events.

    Would this be normal?  Can I retrieve the original info. ? or do I have to revisit each of my photos almost 5000 and identify the faces and places all over again?


    It's the photo library is exactly the same as the iPhoto with converted albums - events library see How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

    You have iPhoto 9.6.1? If not see if you can get it - can not update iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store

    Then clean your iPhoto library - Notes on the migration of an iPhoto for iPhoto to Photos for Mac library

    Then drag the library own icon in the Dock to migrate again from Photos


  • Sync photos and iPhoto

    I still stubbornly use iPhoto (I migrated to El Capitan pictures first came out but I hated it) but pictures of the race is always there and almost corresponds to iPhoto. However, I found the pictures almost 1000 pictures less. Is it possible to synchronize them just in case I have to go to Photos a day?

    Using OS X 10.11.2 on an iMac 21 inch late 2009

    Thank you

    Pictures takes your iPhoto library and it migrates into your photo library. Two of them use the same photos and are pointing to the same files on the disk at that time here.

    Now, if you add for example photos in iPhoto, Photos.app will not see, that's why the pictures less. All that done in iPhoto, after the migration will not appear in the Photos. There is no way to keep the two applications and libraries is synchronized.

    You can however remove the photo library and use the iPhoto library to migrate again iPhoto to Photos. Then, this includes all the changes caused to the iPhoto library in the meantime and migrates them to Photos. BUT, if you have made changes with Photos (eg. added a few photos to Photos app instead of iPhoto) these things will be lost.

    To ensure the safety of your photos, I generally recommend to make a backup before deleting libraries etc.

  • Is iPhoto 9.6.1 the latest version?

    It was mentioned in the forum you can continue to use iPhoto after upgrading to El Capitan, "If you kept iPhoto to date." How will I know if iPhoto is up-to-date? There is no update available in the App store. I remember never be asked if I wanted to update iPhoto. 9.6.1 is the latest version of iPhoto?


    Sunnyvale Jan wrote:

    9.6.1 is the latest version of iPhoto?


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