iPhoto Library went from El Capitan

I have the new Photos app updated to El Capitan.  Works well with streaming of my devices.  However, my library iPhoto everything has disappeared.  I had to get a new hard drive but had backed up with Time Machine to my WD My Book.  We spent all the time on the Apple store transfer My Book to the new hard drive on the Mac Mini.  I also have a new backup drive hard as the MyBook was quite old and almost full.  I'm going home and iphoto app is there but not photos.  Can I reconnect the MyBook and try to move on the Mini hard drive again?

Thank you.


Unless you put the iPhoto library in a different location on the old Mac, it should be in your Home/Pictures folder.  Have you looked into this folder to the library. Try to restore the library of Time Machine as follows:

Once it's restoration, you can open it with the new photo app and migrate to the pictures if that's what you want to do.

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    I use iphoto extensively for my company and I recently updated my OS to El Capitan and discovered that it didn't work anymore.  There was a note which directed me to download the latest version of the app store and when I did it it says there is no download available.

    So I tried to go to the pictures.  I started the pictures and it prompted me to import my iphoto library, which is about 70 gigabytes.  Import ran for a long time and all images now appear in the Photos, but there is a problem.

    Before the upgrade, when I downloaded photos in iPhoto, they went to a group and have been dated from and prepared accordingly. But I would add notes and/or descriptions so that when I entered a search for specific photos, they came to the top and I didn't need dates. Apparently, when photos have been imported into the new program, they are listed by date and descriptions are gone. Do you know if they're hiding, or if we can find them? Otherwise I have no idea where the first photos are and I have to visually through the 22 000 photos.

    If not, is there a way to return to iphoto for El Capitan?

    There was a note which directed me to download the latest version of the app store and when I did it it says there is no download available.

    Apple sells iPhoto, is more then the tab update of the AppStore works is no longer.  You can update only by reinstalling, see user tip Barney:   cannot be updated iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store)

    Apparently, when photos have been imported into the new program, they are listed by date and descriptions are gone.

    Are the descriptions of the events?  If you open the sidebar with the albums, (enter the ⌥⌘S - command-option-S key combination), you will see a folder iPhoto events.  It will be an album for each of your events.

    See also: How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

    If you enter titles and captions for each photo, you will see them in the Panel information for each photo. Titles can also be displayed under thumbnails, if you enable it in the view menu > metadata.

  • How to import iPhoto library in El Capitan pictures?

    Can I import iPhoto Library from Yosemite to El Capitan pictures?

    No - you never import a library - you can open an iPhoto library and migration - drag it to the icon in the Dock to open photos and if necessary to migrate


  • transfer problem from Leopard to Snow Leopard iPhoto library

    I have a G4 Mini Leopard (10.5.8).  A year ago I accidentally moved the iPhoto library to a flash drive, instead of just copying what I intended, so after that I could only see my photos in iPhoto via the flash player.

    Now, I have an Intel Mini under Snow Leopard.  I want to get my photos in iPhoto on this computer.  I found this answer of discussion on how to do it at this link: 11 iPhoto library: Lion to snow leopard

    "- Together to connect the two Macs (network, fashion target firewire, etc.) or use an external hard disk formed Mac OS extended (journaled) and drag the iPhoto library intact as a single entity from the old Mac to the pictures folder on the new Mac - launch iPhoto on the new mac and it will open the library and convert it as needed and you will be ready to move on."

    I checked my flash player, and unfortunately it is in MS-DOS (FAT 32), not Mac OS Extended journaled format.  I'm afraid that if I put the i photo library it is about that in the pictures of the Mini Intel folder it will cause a BIG problem.  It will be? I suppose that if I tried to reformat the flash drive, I would lose the content above, right?

    If so, the only other place I have my photos on a disk external bootable with OS 10.5.8 I was support of the mini G4 up to it on a regular basis with Time Machine.  Is there a way I can make use of this to get my pics on the Intel mini?  If so, how?  I don't really know how to use Time Machine, so give me the specific steps to be extremely important and very useful.

    As a senior, I'm out of my depth here, so all the ideas/help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

    As a start connect the last drive on the new Mac and drag the iPhoto library folder pcitures and launch iPhoto - it works - it could, if it test and you sholud b fine - if it's not then psot for help in restoring the backup TM

    BTW - TM is not bootable backups


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    If I delete the photo of office, it is removed from the iPhoto library



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    How do I recover photos in my iphoto library after upgrading my iMac with OS X El Capitan 10.11.4?  In the new icon, photo, I have no pictures.

    Pictures of launch with down option, click on another library and select it. If you are able to get iPhoto 9.6.1, you can use it instead.


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    I received the message that my iphone storage is almost full.  It is mainly from photos and videos.  I deleted the videos and have uploaded my photos on my hard drive of computer desk top of the page (which is a Dell non Apple products).  Can I now enter into the iphoto library and delete photos without losing those I downloaded on my desktop computer.  If so, how do I?  Thank you D

    iCloud is a synchronization system, not an external 'hard drive '. If you remove them on your device, they will remove icloud. To increase the available space, go settings/iCloud/Photos and select optimize iPhone/iPad storage. That will reduce the space required by 90% when it is fully effective.

  • Can I delete this file from iPhoto library?

    I'm going through old files and found a library iPhoto 44.7 MB file and it is listed as a photo library migrated under kind in the Finder. I don't know what it is. Can I delete it?

    Thank you!

    It may be the iPhoto library you were using when you all first positioned on the Photos which have moved from the iPhoto library, then renamed the original as you can see.

  • understand the flow of photos from iPhoto library photos vs vs

    I just transfer a bunch of photos from an external hard drive in my iPhoto library.  I created several new Albums right here.  The problem is that my photos are not displayed when I click on the Photos icon on my menu bar.  Also new albums and photos will appear not on my iPad via the photo stream.  I don't understand how the 3things: I picture library, photos, photo stream, work-sharing app.  How to do all of my albums (and the photos in these albums) duplicate in all (or appear to) all my devices?

    Migrating from iPhoto to a Photos library library affects only the photos in the iPhoto library in time. Photos and albums added to the iPhoto library after that will be in the iPhoto library unless you also import the photos into your photo library and set and fill albums.

    Albums are not spread through my photo stream, only by iCloud photo library.

    The new model is of approximately:

    * Use only the Photos app and the library of Photos on your Mac (s). After the initial migration, ignore iPhoto and its library.

    * Use iCloud photo library as the repository ignoring my photo stream unless you have devices that don't support icloud photo library (for most older iPods). You may need to increase your storage plan iCloud to organize all your photos and videos.

    * Use the Photos app on your iPhone (s) and iPad (s) with iCloud as library active. Again, my photo stream is necessary only if you have devices that don't support icloud photo library. You can use the option "optimize storage' to save the storage space on your iPhone (s) and iPad (s).

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    I deleted my computer today and try to import photos from a backup Time Machine, in Photos. I find the iPhoto library and clicked on "View the contents of the package" to reveal a bunch of files. I'm currently moving the entire iPhoto library on my desk, but it's more than 100 GB in size, so I was wondering if there is a more direct method? (All photos are stored in the folder 'Masters'? Could import from there?)

    Please if someone could help me with this I would be very happy! Sorry for the ambiguity in my formulation of the question and happy New Year! Thank you in advance.

    To migrate the iPhoto Library from a backup Time Machine pictures use Time Machine to restore the iPhoto library to a folder on your Mac. Then drag the library restored on the Photos icon in the Dock to open the iPhoto library. Photos will create a library of Photos transferred from the iPhoto library with all your changes, titles, captions, keywords, assigned albums. If you try to import the folder of masters you will only import the photos, but lose the structure of the library and all your work that you did in iPhoto.

  • Cannot read iphoto library stored in an external drive, after the installation of el capitan and photos

    I can't read iphoto library stored in an external drive, after the installation of el capitan and photos, can anyone help?

    What size is the drive? How are you connected to it?

  • Import iPhoto library in Bridge (from mac items)

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to make my iPhoto library in Elements 8 for Mac so that I can browse them in Bridge. The only way I've seen do that here in this forum is ' in PSE 8.0 File > Open. In the side panel of the "Open" window, select Photos in press. Now in the menu that appears, choose iPhoto. Now select the photos you want to import and click Open. Your selection will open in PSE 8.0. "

    I really don't want the items, I want to see my photos in Bridge. I really need to import them first in the elements?

    Thanks in advance for any help in this.


    Well enough, he must choose between iphoto and bridge for general use. You can't browse the iphoto with bridge library. If you use iphoto, it's your browser, no bridge. You can set the PES as external editor for iphoto and send photos from there, if you want to continue to use iPhoto as your main organizer.

  • Opening iPhoto library from a backup Time Machine in pictures

    I'm trying to make sure I have backups of all the photos of my old iPhotos library (something that I can open the individual files in the Finder, not just a copy of "iPhoto" Library). I turned on my old iMac that is not used much more to make copies, and when I open 'Photos' my iPhoto library is not linked. When I hold "option" at the opening of the Photos app, I see these options:

    I think I'm trying to access the old iPhoto library, so I click on it, but then I see this message:

    I tried to go to disk utility to repair permissions, but the problem persists. My next thought was to open an old Time Machine backup and try and open the backup iPhoto library, but when I do that, I see this screen:

    Any suggestions on how to access my old photos? What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you!

    Are these old libraries or backups Time Machine? TM backups cannot be opened directly, you must first use TM to restore the disk

    and where are these libraries? On the main drive or on an eternal drive? If on a DHM what format is and how is it connected?


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    I want to spend my iphoto library, which is huge (so I stored it on a drive hard seagate).  I tried to do that and click on the option button that I click on the photos icon and then select my library on the drive hard seagate. The computer gives me a box I have need permission or something to do.

    Does anyone know how I can get my iphoto library that is stored on the drive hard seagate, photos?

    What format is the Seagate drive and how is it connected?


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    I transferred my Macbook iPhoto library (2008) on an external hard drive. Now, I would like to move into my new iMac 27 "5K. I read some previous posts, but did not see those who are fairly recent. Thanks in advance.

    Drag and drop external to your pictures folder.

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