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Can someone tell me what to do how to redownload my iPhoto for my new mac? I bought my camera in the States and brought it here in the Philippines, but I've never used my iphoto even once. its says I need to upgrade. I've recently upgraded to El capitan 10.11.6 v my iphoto application cannot be opened and is not on my shopping list. I tried a few suggestions of fantastic people here but unfortunately is said cannot be upgraded cuz iphoto upgrade is not available in the philippines...


What version you have now? v9.6.1 iPhoto will run on El Capitan. If you have that or a previous version of v9 the iPhoto which has been previously updated on the App Store, then you must use the supplied Photos.app El Capitan. This can open and use an iPhoto library.

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  • a backup iPhoto problem

    Well, I'll give up iPhoto soon, but we come a long way and I used it a lot this past year. So before making big summer travel, I want to make a copy of remote backup of photos from last year, and that's the problem.

    Usually what I would do is to save the entire library to Macintosh HD > users > (me) > photos > iPhoto library, but things are not good. The last time I did a copy it was about 20 GB, but now when I hit iPhoto Library / I to get info, I am told that the content is 2.2 MB which should be something else. Photos from last year all are in iPhoto to see and access, so what happens?

    Help, please... Strong

    You see all your photos in iPhoto, when you launch?

    Then, check if your iPhoto library has been moved to a different folder.

    CTRL + click or right-click on the word of iPhoto in the title bar of the iPhoto window.  It will show you a drop-down list with the wrapping of your current iPhoto library folder.

    Click the folder enclosing in the drop-down list to open it in the Finder.  Now use ⌘I to check the size of the library. Is it different?

  • iPhoto problem. Should I upgrade to the latest version?

    When I open iPhoto (version 7.1) I get no rows of thumbnails.  I have a great picture.  I can browse through the photos.  I can change them.  I can't select or drag them.  I would like to make small thumbnails in the upper part in edit mode.  I've been scanning pictures, lots of pictures on the computer.  I have saved 1 day before this problem occurred, so I have a backup.  Should I try to rebuild the thumbnails (and how I do that)?  Should I try to restore Iphoto from backup?  Or should I try updating iPhoto with a newer version?  Should what version I expect?  I have OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.  2 GHz speed.  4 GB memory.

    Note the slider at the bottom right of the iPhoto window. Try to drag the left.

  • updates iPhoto problem

    I have updated to OS X El Capitan and iPhoto to photos to Mac about a year ago. But every week or so my computer tells me it has updates installed for iPhoto. I try to run the updates and it tells me that it can not be downloaded from this ID. I can't remove the update of the sweats, and I can not download it, I think because I changed for the new program of Photos. Yet, my computer keeps trying to download and install the update.  Any suggestions?

    What version of iPhoto currently installed?

    If you have the iPhoto 9.6.1, you are running the latest version.  Update does not at all, not in the AppStore updates pane. You can only be updated by reinstalling.

    If your current version is not iPhoto 9.6.1, open the fourth App store purchases.  IPhoto is listed among your purchases in your purchase history? If so, move the iPhoto application to the trash in the Applications folder. Do not empty the trash.

    Reopen the AppStore and the purchases of the AppStore tab.  You should now see 'Install' right of iPhoto. Click on "install".  It will install the last update.

  • Help deleting photos duplicated in photos & Iphoto

    I'm looking to remove (thousands of) unwanted duplicate from my mac photos. I understand that the Photos and iphoto share the same original photo file in order not to duplicate these and create more clutter on my hard drive. I also understand that the removal of a photo of Photos does not iPhoto (which keeps the image on my hard drive) delete it. Is someone can you please tell me if both share the same library? I see a library that looks like this on my HD: Iphoto Library.photolibrary. I thought delete the iphoto application and its library (after a backup) and working on the Photos application library cleaning to permanently purge all unwanted photo files. (I don't want to purge the photos at two stages of creation of the work twice). I then just use the photos as my main photo resource app and let iphoto behind. I guess my main question is, are there two separate libraries? And if so where can I find them in order to delete the iphoto library without harming the photo library? I see also that there are various photo in double eliminator software programs but whatever the big question is how really to delete unwanted files from the HD of my Mac? Thanks, Larry

    . Is someone can you please tell me if both share the same library?

    Photos and iPhoto have different libraries, because the formats are different.

    You a reveal the current photo in the Finder library, if you open the Photos > Preferences. In the "General" preferences tab is a button 'show in Finder '. This button will reveal your current library, you don't need to remove.  Your iPhoto library will be in the same folder, unless you have moved it.

    I would like to make a backup copy of your library on an external drive iPhoto, before remove you it from your system disk.  This way you will be able to start from your iPhoto, problems library.  I would not delete the application iPhoto in the Applications folder.  Apple stopped selling iPhoto and I very hard to get it back. You may need it later if you need to detect the problem of your library that can only be fixed in iPhoto.

  • quality of mediocre photo with Deskjet 6940

    My Deskjet 6940 has never been a regular BW printing problems, but I can't produce a decent photo. Impressions are systematically too dark with contrast exaggerated, grainy and often striped. I have a new photo cartridge that tests OK, adequate level in the color cartridge. I use Canon (weight 45) glossy photo paper. I can't find the Technologies of life real (?) anywhere on any screen. If I print using HP Photosmart printing or iPhoto problems persist.

    I have an iMac, OS 10.4.11, wireless to the printer, which is Ethernetted to my router. I use Easy Install software (from original disc) now, having struggled to get the OS X software install when I started from zero yesterday. Would it be useful to download the Mac OS software of 2007 on the site of HP? I can't distinguish the differences between 3 downloads of software available for Mac/6940.

    And the strangest thing: there are a few nights after several tries, I managed to print a few impressions absolutely perfect, wonderful!  The next morning, I could not and have not been able since to understand what I could do right.

    Thanks for your suggestions, answers.

    Bob, I guess I have to give up. Yes, the photo with the vertical stripes was in landscape mode. Changing the color cartridge to get rid of it, but now the printer seems to want to print just part of the picture, and that the part is not so great. I printed a test page when it started and I had an e-mail response to a query by using HP, but after 2 exchanges with "Eleanor" I heard nothing more; She asked me to print the test page and give the results of some lines by e-mail. I must have scared it by responding effectively as requested.

    I have so many variables to deal with printing - with the Finder, with iPhoto, with HP Photosmart, as I just can't play around with this any longer. I blown off50 photo paper pages (and bought another pack of another type that will now go unused) more new cartridges for photo and color (and my first photo cartridge was defective, so I had to return it to the store and I Exchange). And I still just 2 impressions nice to show it all.

    So phooey! I really appreciate your help, though - you get Kudos for trying! I think I'll see if anyone on the Mac forums has some ideas, but I'm about to burn a disc and go to the Pharmacy!

    Thanks again!

  • I have intermittent problems with iphoto importing from iphone since 0sx 10.11.6. Update

    I have intermittent problems with iphoto importing from iphone since 0sx 10.11.6. -Update

    1 iphoto sees not iphone - restart

    2 iphoto sees iphone but says "no pictures" - restart

    3 Iphoto sees phone and photos and I click Import all or import selected - then I have problem of file format and nothing is imported

    NOTE: I have similar problems with image capture - sometimes you can see the phone and photos, and sometimes is not

    I have an imac 2015 - execution of yosemite

    Help my new iphone because 7 is coming today and I am terrified of the transfer.

    Not sure, but in any case iPhoto is a dead - it would be really smart to learn pictures (a totally new and different program with a learning curve and different workflows)

    With the help of pictures with my new iPhone 7 and iCloud photo library all works well without any problem - nothing different photos with my iPhone except the news and the best quality Photos 5


  • transfer problem from Leopard to Snow Leopard iPhoto library

    I have a G4 Mini Leopard (10.5.8).  A year ago I accidentally moved the iPhoto library to a flash drive, instead of just copying what I intended, so after that I could only see my photos in iPhoto via the flash player.

    Now, I have an Intel Mini under Snow Leopard.  I want to get my photos in iPhoto on this computer.  I found this answer of discussion on how to do it at this link: 11 iPhoto library: Lion to snow leopard

    "- Together to connect the two Macs (network, fashion target firewire, etc.) or use an external hard disk formed Mac OS extended (journaled) and drag the iPhoto library intact as a single entity from the old Mac to the pictures folder on the new Mac - launch iPhoto on the new mac and it will open the library and convert it as needed and you will be ready to move on."

    I checked my flash player, and unfortunately it is in MS-DOS (FAT 32), not Mac OS Extended journaled format.  I'm afraid that if I put the i photo library it is about that in the pictures of the Mini Intel folder it will cause a BIG problem.  It will be? I suppose that if I tried to reformat the flash drive, I would lose the content above, right?

    If so, the only other place I have my photos on a disk external bootable with OS 10.5.8 I was support of the mini G4 up to it on a regular basis with Time Machine.  Is there a way I can make use of this to get my pics on the Intel mini?  If so, how?  I don't really know how to use Time Machine, so give me the specific steps to be extremely important and very useful.

    As a senior, I'm out of my depth here, so all the ideas/help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

    As a start connect the last drive on the new Mac and drag the iPhoto library folder pcitures and launch iPhoto - it works - it could, if it test and you sholud b fine - if it's not then psot for help in restoring the backup TM

    BTW - TM is not bootable backups


  • Can't BUY iPhoto book - Error Message "incomplete book." Problem with the theme "photojournalism"?

    The use of iPhoto 11 on Mac OS X

    Problem - can not BUY iPhoto book

    Error message - 'Incomplete book'... images on one or more pages contain no pictures


    Choose the theme - 'Photo Story' / connected / large

    Create the Layout - Standard 20 pages of Photos and text

    Overview of TEST Version 1 - Export PDF OK - OK - BUY OK

    Create the duplicate - save to Version 2 - Triangles of yellow lights appear on all pages!

    Version 2 - OK - OK Preview - PDF Export BUY FAIL - same mistake

    Create copies - Save to Version 3 - Reload Photos/text/background on all pages until each yellow warning Triangle disappears

    Version of TEST 3 - export to PDF OK - OK Preview - BUY still FAILS - same mistake

    Create the duplicate - except for Version 4 - everything looks good - Triangles of yellow signaling No.

    Trial 4 - export to PDF OK - OK Preview - BUY still FAILS - same mistake

    RETEST Version 1 - export to PDF OK - OK Preview - buy always OK

    Search and read help files, Support from Apple, cat competent bodies and try the suggestions - many people have struggled with similar issues.

    Eventually repair and then rebuild the iPhoto Library - everything seems fine.

    TEST Version 1 new - BUY always OK.   All other Versions - BUY still does NOT work

    Create duplicates - save to Version 5 - try to change the theme to 'photo book '.

    TEST Version 5 Overview - Export PDF OK - OK - OK NOW!

    BUT - all completely scrambled and useless page layouts

    "Photojournalism" is the only theme that works well for this Album

    Version 1 cannot be used because all the pictures/text/Layouts are now improved

    2 days wasted trying to buy a book in iPhoto from Apple...

    At least I have a good PDF of Version 4 I can take for local printing


    You can buy is more books of photos with iPHoto (or opening) - Apple dropped that service 03/31/2016

    You must use Photos or a third party - PrestoPhotos States that they can print and above all of the positive comments on the results in the opening forum - I don't personally used them

    And the error you are getting is not wrong - you have not one or several photos missing in your book - usually a background picture full page covered by another photo, so you don't notice it

    and you don't say how you are seen, but it's the way recommended - Preview of a project on paper in Photos or iPhoto to avoid problems - Apple Support


  • Going, I have a problem with the iPhoto update to pictures?

    I moved my iPhoto library to another internal HD. There are now not there in the folder my pictures on my boot drive. When I switch to El Capitan will that be a problem?

    I'll do a clean install of El Capitan.

    Others what precautions should I take?

    Mac Pro 5.1 2.8 Ghz QC 32 GB 3 internal HD 1 to, 2 TB and 4 TB.

    Mavericks 10.9.5

    iPhoto 9.5.1

    When I switch to El Capitan will that be a problem?

    Is the another internal drive to Mac OS extended (journaled) format? Otherwise, Photos will try to create the new library of photos on the system drive and not the same drive,

    I'll do a clean install of El Capitan.

    Others what precautions should I take?

    It is not really necessary to upgrade a clean install. But if you want to do, test you backup, if it works and that you can restore your documents a data, before you wipe your system drive.

    I posted a few notes on migration here: Notes on the migration of an iPhoto for iPhoto to Photos for Mac library

  • problems whith iPhoto 9.4.1

    problems whith iPhoto 9.4.1

    Thanks for sharing. If you want to help if you won't tell us what the problems are.

    There are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on 10 different versions of the operating system. Tips and tricks for dealing with issues vary depending on the version of iPhoto and the version of the operating system. In order to get help, you need to give as much information as possible. Include things like:

    -What version of iPhoto.

    -What version of the operating system.

    -Details. Full, a description of the problem as you can. For example, if you have a problem with export, then explain by describing how you try to export and so on.

    -History: Is it going hard? Everything has been installed or removed? -Are there any error messages?

    -Have what measures you already tried to solve the problem.

    -Something unusual on configure your? Or how you use iPhoto?

    Anything else you can think of that could help someone understand the problem you have.

  • iPhoto library picture problem - what is their actual size, I can delete?


    I'm trying to fix a friend's Mac airbook. It is insufficient on... out of 120 GB hard disk space, only 5 GB remaining who is causing trouble.

    Now at some point, she has improved iPhoto to photos! On his computer, there are now two files... and it size differs depending on what software I use:


    iPhoto Library 30.2 GB

    Photo Library: 15.2


    IPhoto library: 18, 7 GB

    15.2 GB photo


    total: 33.9


    iPhoto: 27.9

    Photo library: 3.46


    total: 31,36 GB

    Finder (information)

    IPhoto library: 30 GB

    Photo Library: 15.7 GB

    1. If the size is the iPhoto library? 30.2 GB, 30 GB, 27.9 GB or 18.7 GB? And what size it the photo library? If information can I trust?

    2. can I remove one of the libraries?

    I really need to make room for her and have tried everything... the real solution appears to tackle this problem of libraries of photos.

    Help, please!

    PSI don't know exactly how it migrated data. In any case I read much online and some people say that I can remove the old library, some people I can't say... or even if I do, saved on hard drive size won't matter.

    beawre: this lady has no backup anywhere! (I know, crazy... but that's how she made things... I cannot now buy one for her, so I need to be careful before deleting anything)

    If it does use iPhoto, you can delete the iPhoto library but you should check it first just in case

    as for its size can in no way anyone without access to the computer can tell

    as for space economy it will probably save a lot because it seems that she has a lot of deletions of his photo library or use iCloud photo library with optimized photos - immediately after the migration, two libraries share links to the originals and previews and deletion either saves very little space but that changes are made to one and not the other potential savings grow - my guess is that in his case, the savings will be a lot, but the only way to know is to archive the iPhoto library and delete it and restart

    And be very careful about programs like OmniDiskSweeper - if you use it to remove pictures of each library it will destroy the library - you should NEVER directly remove anything on a Photos or iPhoto library - always use the program to remove things


  • Problems with iPhoto crashing.

    When I try opening iPhoto on my Mac Pro, it remains open for a minute and then iPhoto crashes, the Mac Pro continues to work without problem. Someone at - it none of the similar questions or patches? I have included the news of the accident.

    Process: iPhoto [625]

    Path: /Applications/iPhoto.app/Contents/MacOS/iPhoto

    ID: com.apple.iPhoto

    Version: 8.0 (8.0)

    Generation information: iPhotoProject-3930000 ~ 2

    Code type: X 86 (native)

    Parent process: launchd [141]

    User ID: 501

    Date/time: 2016-02-16 10:42:10.386-0800

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)

    Report Version: 10

    Interval since last report: s 1459054

    Crashes since last report: 11

    Per-App interval since last report: 7698 sec

    Per-App crashes since last report: 4

    Anonymous UUID: C9DD89E0-2E01-C1B9-8602-E9F4EDF55308

    Crashed thread: 0 dispatch queue: com.apple.main - wire

    Exception type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

    Exception codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000c53e39f0

    VM regions near 0xc53e39f0:

    CG backup stores 00000000c4c9e000-00000000c52f5000 [6492K] rw-/ rw - SM = SHM


    Submap 00000000ffff0000-00000000ffff1000 r - / r - process only submap

    Thread 0 crashed: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main - wire

    0 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x957643ae JSC::DFG:GPRTemporary:GPRTemporary(JSC::DFG::SpeculativeJIT*,_JSC::DFG::StorageOperand&) + 110

    1 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95794dc4 JSC::DFG:SpeculativeJIT:compile(JSC::DFG::Node&) + 59684

    2 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0 x 95765929 JSC::DFG:SpeculativeJIT:compile(JSC::DFG::BasicBlock&) + 889

    3 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95767b85 JSC::DFG::SpeculativeJIT::compile() + 69

    4 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x9575201f JSC::DFG:JITCompiler:compileBody(JSC::DFG::SpeculativeJIT&) + 63

    5 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95752e47 JSC::DFG:JITCompiler:compileFunction(JSC::JITCode&,_JSC::MacroAssemblerCodePtr&) + 231

    6 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x9575073c JSC::DFG:compile(JSC::DFG::CompileMode,_JSC::JSGlobalData&,_JSC::CodeBlock*,_JSC::JITCode&,_JSC::MacroAssemblerCodePtr*) + 1020

    7 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x9575032e JSC::DFG:tryCompileFunction(JSC::JSGlobalData&,_JSC::CodeBlock*,_JSC::JITCode&,_JSC::MacroAssemblerCodePtr&) + 46

    8 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x957a31af JSC::jitCompileFunctionIfAppropriate (JSC::JSGlobalData &, *: OwnPtr, JSC::JITCode &, JSC::MacroAssemblerCodePtr &, JSC::SharedSymbolTable * &, JSC::JITCode:JITType, JSC::JITCompilationEffort) + 271

    com.apple.JavaScriptCore 9 0x957a1fb7 JSC::FunctionExecutable:compileForCallInternal(JSC::ExecState*,_JSC::ScopeChainNode*,_JSC::JITCode::JITType) + 311

    10 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x957a1e73 JSC::FunctionExecutable:compileOptimizedForCall(JSC::ExecState*,_JSC::ScopeChainNode*) + 51

    11 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95736a6a JSC::FunctionCodeBlock:compileOptimized(JSC::ExecState*,_JSC::ScopeChainNode*) + 58

    12 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x957c0e20 cti_optimize_from_ret + 352

    13?                                  0x142f96a9 0 + 338663081

    14 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95695edc JSC::Interpreter:executeCall(JSC::ExecState*,_JSC::JSObject*,_JSC::CallType,_JSC::CallData_const&,_JSC::JSValue,_JSC::ArgList_const&) + 972

    15 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95695b03 JSC::call (JSC::ExecState *, JSC::JSValue, JSC::CallType, JSC::CallData const &, JSC::JSValue, JSC::ArgList const &) + 83

    16 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x957c8a00 JSC::boundFunctionCall(JSC::ExecState*) + 560

    17?                                  0x126e6f0f 0 + 309227279

    18 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x9568e4a4 JSC::Interpreter:execute(JSC::ProgramExecutable*,_JSC::ExecState*,_JSC::ScopeChainNode*,_JSC::JSObject*) + 3812

    19 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x957397ed JSC::evaluate (JSC::ExecState *, JSC::ScopeChainNode *, const JSC::SourceCode &, JSC::JSValue, JSC::JSValue *) + 333

    20 com.apple.WebCore 0x015fc4d9 WebCore::ScriptController:evaluateInWorld(WebCore::ScriptSourceCode_const&,_WebCore::DOMWrapperWorld*) + 441

    21 com.apple.WebCore 0x015fc0b8 WebCore::ScriptController:evaluate(WebCore::ScriptSourceCode_const&) + 40

    22 com.apple.WebCore 0x0161ed45 WebCore::ScriptElement:executeScript(WebCore::ScriptSourceCode_const&) + 149

    Test, if iPhoto will also crash, if you disable your network connection and that you launch iPhoto while offline.

    If iPhoto works offline, you experience the problem, that iPhoto crashes, because Google's servers for the tickets are no longer available.  Apple cancelled the contract with Google.

    Either use iPhoto only offline connection, or patch iPhoto as described in this user Tip: iPhoto 9.4 crashing during playback of the scene

    The tip of the user describes the short fix by Huxly647': the solution is to remove both the iPhoto application HTML files. This will stop iPhoto to try to communicate with Google's servers.

    Or upgrade to the new Photos.app and El Capitan.

  • Well, after spending several hours of research and not coming up with solutions, I'm finally back to get "out there". My problems with iMovie 09-1 - import a picture in iPhoto 9.6.1 in an existing project in very small. All the appe

    Well, after spending several hours of research and not coming up with solutions, I'm finally back to get "out there". My problems with iMovie 09-

    1. import a picture in iPhoto 9.6.1 in an existing project in very small. Everything seems OK, picture looks that it imported, 4S etc but in fact there nothing there except a black screen, long 4 seconds. I tried all the suggestions in a dozen of discussions but nothing works.

    2 - by sliding the cursor (pointer) on clips in the project or the event of the flip backwards and return to normal once the cursor is removed. Clips of transfer of events to the project smoothly and are right side up.

    What can be done on the transfer of photos and clips reversal?

    Are you running at El Capitan?   He does not play well with versions of iMovie earlier than version 10.

    (Even in 10.1 some pictures with some computers may show a black in the viewer screen, although in this case there are solutions.)


  • problem with iPhoto

    Having a backup disk problem was getting into iphoto photos

    message informs you that the necessary permission

    Tell us more, please.

    • How you try to import photos from the backup drive?  With "file > import" in iPhoto?
    • Is what kind of backup? A Time Machine backup or a copy of your iPhoto library?
    • What version of iPhoto and Mac OS X are you using?

Maybe you are looking for