IPod Classic 7 G 160 GB ' there was a problem installing this hardware: Apple iPod USB Device ".

I have recently (June 2014) bought a brand new Ipod Classic 7 G 160 GB Model A1238.

Whenever I connect via USB to a PC running XP SP3 and Itunes V10.0.7.2 it is always treated as if it were a new connection, i.e. "new hardware found". After trying to install it, it says so "cannot install this hardware" and "there was a problem installing this hardware: Apple iPod USB Device."
I have also a 2009 16 GB Ipod Nano 4 G model 1285 and this is recognized by the PC whenever it is connected through the USB port itself.
I connected the Ipod Classic 7 G to a laptop running Vista and Itunes V10.0.7.2 where the Ipod is recognized and installed.

Even if the PC States that there is a problem installing the Ipod, it still appears in Itunes and I can download music to it and disconnect by using safe mode disconnect.

PC XP SP3 - Ipod Classic
I watched "Device Manager" under "Drives", the Ipod Classic is listed as an "Apple Ipod USB Device", but has an exclanation score against it.

Right-click on the 'Apple Ipod USB Device' properties and the "Volumes" tab it shows the drive with the exact name and the size of the data, by clicking on the properties of "Driver" tab it says 'Unknown' driver provider, driver Date and Driver Version as being "not available". By clicking on the "Driver Details" properties, it shows a driver file-

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\PartMgr.sys, File Version 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp080413-2108).

Under "Device Manager" USB controllers, there is an entry for "Apple Mobile Devices USB Driver" and a "USb Mass Storage Device"

The 'Apple Mobile Devices USB Driver' lists two drivers:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\usbaapl.sys and

The "USB Mass Storage Device" list a driver:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\USBSTOR. SYS

PC XP SP3 - Ipod Nano

I repeated the steps above with the Ipod Nano, connected to the PC and the driver provider is presented as Microsoft with the driver as 07/01/01 Date and Version of the driver as 5.1.2535.0.
In the "Driver Details" properties, it shows TWO driver files:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\disk.sys AND meanings
At the same time with the Version of the file 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp080413-2108).

The 'Apple Mobile Devices USB Driver' and "USB Mass Storage Device" are the same as for the Ipod Classic.

I followed the procedure to remove Itunes and even the update to Itunes to V11.2.2 nothing works.

I am aware that the system is also that XP can now be updated.

So, why not not Windows Installer Ipod Classic and why the disk.sys driver does not appear

According to the details of the pilot?

Is the 7 G Ipod Classic not compatible with XP SP3?


Yes it is compatible with XP SP3.

Try asking in the forums of Apple iPod:


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    Got excellent help of Dilip on chat Adobe!

    Thing was is about;

    • Sign in and nearby CC
    • Empty folder temp (run-> %Temp%)
    • Reconnect to CC
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    Thank you very much, Dilip!

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