iPod classic "shuffle albums" does not work

iPod classic "shuffle albums" option does not work, will be only mix songs but I put the function shuffle; allows you to restart or sync in iTunes. New 18 months ago did shuffle albums initially.

Can we do anything? I used this feature much - almost always - my old iPod wheel, that after several years of excellent service doesn't exist like it and the Classic iPad was purchased as a backup for this eventuality.

This Shuffle setting applies to play songs in a specific list, playlist, list albums, artist list, etc.  If you select the random play order or shuffle songs on the iPod screen, he always mixed songs (do not use the Shuffle setting).

So, for adjustment of Shuffle Albums apply to your action, a selection, select the playlist on screen without enter in the iPod.  Press Play.  Or you can go to the playlist and choose the first song to play.  The following songs use the shuffle albums setting.

If you want to use the shuffle albums all songs on the iPod, go to the list of songs .  Choose the first song to play.  The following songs use the shuffle albums setting.

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    Hi, people, thank you for reading.

    I use WMP12 on Win7 64 bit. I'm ripping my CD to MP3 collection, while I'm doing another work. In 'Library' dialog 'Options' tab, I "Retrieve additional information from the internet" checked in the section 'Automatic media updates to files'.

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    In fact, it's a box nothing is made, because if set you anything yourself WMP it returns to what he thinks he should be! I'll get back with some details about what you should try. -Ric.

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    1. you should have a font in your library.

    2. it must have a class name (for example, HelveticaClass)

    3. you should use something like:

    helvetica var: make = new HelveticaClass();

    _tfText.font = Helvetica.FontName;

  • Windows media player shuffle function does not work repeat the songs for two lanes

    I run windows 7 and Media player as my player used by default since I use a computer a decade ago, I find it does everything what I want (in general), however, recently, when I open him and invariably put to play a playlist, if it's the shuffle, it seems to alternate between two songs, I then go manually click on another track that , for some reason, seems to sort it out. Any ideas please? Martin.

    <p class="help"> <p class="reply">Hi Martin,</p> <p class="reply">You may need to rebuild the database from the Windows Media Player library.<br>Here's how:<br>a. exit Windows Media Player.<br>b. Click Start, run, type <strong>%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Player</strong>and then click <strong>OK</strong>.<br>c. Select all files in the folder, and then click <strong>delete</strong> on the <strong>file</strong> menu.<br>Note: You don't have to remove the folders that are in this folder.<br>d. restart Windows Media Player.</p> <p class="reply">For further troubleshooting, see section to run the troubleshooting utility that resets the settings:</p> <p class="reply"><a href="http://windows.microsoft.com/en-IN/windows7/Open-the-Windows-Media-Player-Settings-troubleshooter" rel="external nofollow noreferrer">http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-in/Windows7/open-the-Windows-Media-Player-settings-Troubleshooter</a></p> <p class="reply">Please let us know the results.</p>

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    Is there any problem?


    Has received the kom_qabz schema for the workspace of the application when you generate the report?

    See you soon,.

  • Smart album does not work with dates

    So, I live in Denmark, where the date is given as follows:

    1/12 2015 (1. of December 2015)
    This is supported on my mac, and there's nowhere where on my mac or one of my devices, as this date, 1/12, is considered to be January 12.

    But in the Photo, where I can choose up to 31 in the first slot and only up to 12 in the second, it still counts as if I had chosen January 12, when 1/12 is selected, on 12 February, 2/12 is selected and, in any other use, he chooses to interprit my choice as if I had used the American system. Only when, for example, any number of more than 12 years, in the first place, is selected, he remembers that I do, infact, use the Danish system of date.

    .. .and I do not know how to solve

    It is a pain!

    report to Apple - http://www.apple.com/feedback/photos.html - only they can fix a problem in tehsoftwre


  • Shuffle does not work

    I'm having a problem with the shuffle feature. What I want to do is to play all the songs in my music library in random order, so I went into settings > music Options and turned ON Shuffle. Then I click on music > Shuffle and a song randomly starts to play. But after that, he plays just songs in alphabetical order.

    When a song is played, I can press the Menu button, which shows me that the Shuffle is ON. If I shuffle off and back on, then the Shuffle icon appears at the top of the screen. When I press Next, a song randomly starts to play, which is exactly what I want. After that? Back to alphabetical, and the Shuffle icon disappeared. Check the settings, and Yes, the Shuffle is still on. Except that this isn't the case.

    I spend a lot of time driving to my work and I love the changing and unpredictable music. The ability to shuffle 4 GB of songs is the main reason why I bought a MP3 player that is dedicated in the first place. Can anyone offer some suggestions as to why the Shuffle does not work?

    It seems that your drive has firmware 1.25 (do you have updated recently?), which has now been cancelled due shuffle does not.

    Downgrade firmware 1.22 , the problem will be solved.

  • Table, shuffle a part of a table using start and end Index does not work properly

    I used a method to mix a part of an array, but I noticed that it does not work very well.
    When I run this method sometimes I empty array values.

    So if you try the example below and test out a few times would get you a good result but sometimes a wrong result.

    For example, when I run the present I get in my trace output:

    a, b, c, d, g, e, f (here after the g it won't)

    a, b, c, f, g, d, e (here it goes right)

    a, b, c, d, g, f, e (here I'm not)

    var myArr:Array = ['a', 'b', 'c', ', 'e', 'f', 'g'];

    function shuffle(myArray:Array,_startIndex:int_=_0,_endIndex:int_=_0):Array {}
    if(endIndex == 0) endIndex = myArray.length - 1;
    for (var i: int = endIndex; I > startIndex; i--) {}
    var randomNumber:int = Math.floor (Math.random () * endIndex) + startIndex;
    var tmp: * = myArray [i];
    myArray [i] = myArray [NombrAl];
    myArray [NombrAl] = tmp;
    return myArray;

    trace (shuffle (myArr, 3, 5));

    No one knows where he goes wrong and why nobody on the web discovered this problem previously, because
    When I googled on this topic, I found other methods that also sometimes fail.

    Kind regards

    var myArr:Array = ['a', 'b', 'c', ', 'e', 'f', 'g'];

    function shuffle(myArray:Array,_startIndex:int_=_0,_endIndex:int_=_0):Array {}
    If (endIndex == 0) {}
    endIndex = myArray.length - 1;
    for (var i: int = endIndex; I > = startIndex; i--) {}
    trace (i)
    var randomNumber:int = int (Math.random () * (endIndex + startIndex-1)) + startIndex;

    var tmp: * = myArray [i];
    trace (i, randomNumber)
    myArray [i] = myArray [NombrAl];
    myArray [NombrAl] = tmp;
    return myArray;

    trace (shuffle (myArr, 3, 5));

    There were a few issues going on here.  The first is that you used the index end to the random number, but should be the difference between the beginning and the end.  the second is the > = start index in the loop.  give this a go.

  • Artowrk album does not appear at all THE

    I got a 4G iPod, but he lost a few months ago. I know not album art has always been a problem (those missing or incorrect) and has never been fixed, but this one is new to me.

    Yesterday, I bought an iPod Touch 5, 32GB (in a store, unpublished) and updated to iOS 9.3.1 via iTunes (it came with 8.something). Everything is good.

    I start to sync my music and STILL get the error (-54). I'm familiar with it, click 'Ok' and let iTunes copy my music. Every now and then I get an error saying that the music cannot be copied because there is a lot of open files and leaves me not do something else before I close iTunes, change USB port and try again. I synced about 20 GB of music.

    I'm going on my iPod, open the new music app, reject the thing Apple music and go into my library. None of the work is here. It is not that a little (or a lot) is missing or wrong: 99.99% of the work is empty. The only to appear are those I bought directly from iTunes (and they are not much, I'm sort of a physical CD of gal) and even those who are on the trail of evil (3 covers about 20 songs bad). So I do what I know about it: restart my computer, restart the iPod, Resync, uninstall iTunes, re - install iTunes and so on. Nothing works. Before I do the crazy thing and delete all the songs I errased album, restart the computer, restart the iPod, copy of the album again. Still no work.

    Do I have to restore my iPod? It'll be a pain in the *, so I want to avoid if I can.

    Moreover, I am wrking with Windows 10.

    Thank you.

    If this does not work

    lve-problems-with-album-art-displaying/ http://www.McElhearn.com/Deleting-the-iTunes-Album-Artwork-cache-Folder-May-RESO

    Next, you will need to restore the device via iTunes

  • The jump button does not work on iPhone

    Skip to the next song button does not work on iPhone. When you press the jump key, instead of going to the next track or shuffle to the next song, he repeats / restarts the track that is currently playing. Even when the song ends, it starts all over. It's like all my songs are stuck on repeat. The only way to change a song is by manually choosing a different, or by manually typing the shuffle button. Everything worked great yesterday. I asked several of my friends to check my conclusions, and they have confirmed the same questions. If anyone knows how to fix this help please.

    Hello Gus87,

    I understand that your iPhone seems to be stuck playing the same song, regardless of your attempts to move to the next track. This may be due to the function "Repeat" enabled in the current reading on your iPhone screen.

    • Control playback. Tap a song to play and show the Miniplayer. Tap the Miniplayer to display the now playing screen, where you can do the following:

    Repeat steps. Press on to repeat an album or a playlist. Double click to repeat one piece.

    iPhone user Guide - play music


    See you soon!

  • IOS 10.0.2 cameras does not work (only in black)

    Camera and camera back does not work (all black), I reset my iphone from the PC and the phone, but does not please you see in the picture. Help.


    It may help to follow the steps detailed here, including forcing the camera nearby application:

  • photo sharing does not work as it should in the Sierra of the BONE

    I took 11 pictures yesterday, and I want to share only 3 of them. I highlight the 3 photos, click on sharing of arrow, and pictures of 11 highlighted.

    Are your 11 photos recently imported into an album, and id you select in an albumen?

    There has been some reports, selection of photos to change the batch does not work well, when photos were selected anywhere, but in the tab 'Photos' smuggled to the full album can be selected, even if not all photos are highlighted.

    Try, if you can select the photos in a moment to share your photos select only.

  • print screen does not work with ios 10

    I used to take screenshots by pressing the sleep/wake button and the home button. with ios 10.01, it no longer works. even if I get home before the sleep button sleep. even if I press them together very quickly. It does not work. I tried several times by pressing on quickly. I tried to restart. still does not work.

    Hi laurannso,

    Thanks for the update to iOS 10! I understand that you have problems with taking screenshots with your device. You can try a simple reboot of your iPhone. Restart your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

    If restarting the device does not resolve the problem, try to save your iPhone restaurant next to the factory settings.

    The backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

    These measures should have your screenshots works on your iPhone, as expected. Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question.

    Take care.

  • "Hey Siri" does not work on iPad Air after updating iOS 10

    iPad Air does not "Hey Siri".  On the other hand, Siri works when I hold the home button.  I disabled Siri and then turn it back on and did the same for the Air iPad and not luck.  My iPhone IS working as it should with Siri.

    Hi Charles!

    I see that you are curious, why "Hey Siri" does not work for your iPad Air after update to iOS 10. I know it's important to make sure that everything works correctly after an update. I'm happy to help you!

    Looks like your iPad model is not compatible with this feature, unless it is plugged into a power source. The problem persists while your iPad to the that air is charging? Take a look at the following Web site:

    Enable or disable the "Hey Siri" and customize the functionality

    To ask questions without pressing the Home button, plug your electrical appliance and turn on ' Hey Siri. With iPhone 7, iPhone iPhone iPhone 6s, 6s, 7 more more, iPhone and iPad (9.7 inches) Pro SE you can use this feature without plug power.

    Use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Have a great day!

  • My touch screen does not work.

    My touch screen does not work. Sometimes, and other times I have to reboot. I restored my phone, but it still has the same problem. Any suggestions?

    The following information is taken from the HT201406 of the Apple KB article:

    If the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond to touch

    If your touch screen responds slowly, inconsistently, or not responding at all, follow these steps.

    Check your touch screen

    Make sure your hands are clean and dry, then try the following steps:

    1. If you have a case or a protective screen on your device, try removing it.
    2. Clean the screen with a soft, slightly damp, lint cloth.
    3. Unplug your unit.
    4. Restart your device. If you are unable to restart it, you can force restart your device.

    If your touch screen is still unresponsive as it should, contact the Support technique Apple or make your tablet in an Apple Store or Apple authorized service provider.

    Adjust your settings for tactile 3D

    If you have an iPhone 6s or later that does not properly respond to tactile 3D press, you can adjust the settings:

    1. Go to settings > general.
    2. Click Accessibility > Touch 3D.
    3. Then set the sensitivity of the setting.

    Get more help

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