IPS of ASA journals collection


How can I collect newspapers of the IPS of the ASA? My firewall is ASA 5515 x, 9.1 (5) with module version IPS 4,0000 E4. Please let me know the commands to view the logs of IPS, also, how can I monitor these logs?

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You must use either:

a. Device Manager IPS (basically ASDM pointed toward the IPS vs ASA address address and used real time connect to the visualization and the configuraiton)

(b) IPS Manager Express (keeps newspapers even when not active GUI, allows to manage several IPS), or

cisco Security Manager.

The first two are free tools for IPS unique or small facilities, and the third is a licensed - the company-wide product.

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  • IPS module - ASA 5585 x


    I have set up the module IPS with the Setup command and are initialized, but when I tried to access the IPS via ASA ASDM and save any changes he continues to tell me that I don't have sufficient rights?

    Please check the gasket and advise what causes this case?

    Connect with a user "admin". But there is more "Viewer" - rights for this user. Open a session in the sensor with the default 'cisco' user and the password you provided when you first login and change the user role of the user "admin" to "administrator."

  • IPS in ASA 5510 killing upload speed

    I've recently updated by a circuit of ethernet metro 20 MB for a 100 Mb connection.  My ASA 5510 severely limits the my download speed.  I narrowed down it to the IPS module.  If I stop to send traffic to the IPS, I get speeds of download between 50-85 Mbps.  If I start sending through again, my download speeds are between 3-7 Mbps.  In both cases, my speeds range between 70-92 MB/s, so it's really affecting only my upload speed.  Is there anything I can do for my traffic IPS, so I can still use my modules and still take advantage of the speed upload huge we pay for?

    Here is some info from my ASA:

    I am matching all traffic:

    allow traffic_for_ips to access extensive ip list a whole

    Here is my policy and class parameters:

    class-map inspection_default
    match default-inspection-traffic
    match eq field udp port
    class-map ips_class_map
    corresponds to the traffic_for_ips access list
    type of policy-card inspect dns preset_dns_map
    message-length maximum 512
    Policy-map global_policy
    class inspection_default
    inspect the ftp
    inspect the h323 ras
    inspect the rsh
    inspect the rtsp
    inspect sqlnet
    inspect the skinny
    inspect sunrpc
    inspect xdmcp
    inspect the sip
    inspect the netbios
    inspect the tftp
    inspect the preset_dns_map dns
    class ips_class_map
    IPS inline help
    botnet-policy policy-map
    botnet-DNS class
    inspect the snoop-filter-dynamic dns
    global service-policy global_policy
    service-policy botnet-policy to the outside interface

    If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.  Thank you.

    Created: May 13, 2011 18:49 created by: Chevrel, customer Aastha(AACHAUDH,265429) was experiencing slow download speeds (3-7 Mbps) on in ASA 5510 IPS module. Download the range of speeds between 70-92 MB/s

    Used the workaround for the bug No. CSCsv69844 , i.e. to set the depth of Regex to 800000 (Please note that this workaround should not serve with the recommendation and approval of the ATC.)

  • Recover password of the IPS module (ASA)

    Dear experts,
    I have an ASA 5500 series with AIP SSM (IPS module), the username and password are lost.
    According to cisco portal, there are two approaches to recover the password:
    1 using the CLI command: hw-module module reset slot_number password;
    2. with the help of ASDM--> tools--> 'IPS password reset.
    Not sure whether the two commands to achieve the same result (retrieve password) or they may have different results (i.e. need to reset the module).
    The device is online, reset module is not privileged.
    After checking the information from the internet, it offers to reset the IPS module. Any problem will be produced if the IPS module is not reset?


    Hi Anita,.

    You can try using:

    HW-module module slot_number password reset

    Who will reset just the IPS to its default username/password:

    Cisco and cisco

    You can access the ASA CLI IPS:

    session 1

    Then type cisco and cisco (username/password)

    For example, you could add a new password.

    Don't forget to evaluate and select the right answer.

  • the upgrade of IPS chains, ASA-SSM - 10 module

    I'll have a difficult time, the upgrade of the module ASA IPS SSM-10. I down loaded the IPS-GIS-s327-req - e1.pkg to the FTP Win XP (my workstation). The following does not work: http://download-sj.cisco.com/cisco/ciscosecure/ips/6.x/sigup/IPS-sig-S327.readme.txt

    "error: execUpgradeSoftware: connection failed. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Also, have you been able to update your signature?

  • SSM - ips on asa

    2 asa with module ips is in place in our centres. one of the modules in them seem is not present.
    However the two s ACLs for ips on primary & secondary the asa have hitcnts increases.
    These have been set up by one of my previous colleagues and I am not exposed to things ips.
    Appreciate if someone can help me understand why the acl shows hits in asa with no actually present ips & it saves at the present time, if yes how to find them.

    I would like to configure IP addresses entirely in the asa elementary school and see its results. Please tell us how this can be done with
    all orders to check the configuration, or what else should be configured.

    Primary FW:

    The Application name of the SSM status Version of the Application of SSM mod
    --- ------------------------------ ---------------- --------------------------
    1 IPS 2.0000 does not apply S240.0

    chk - Ips access-list extended permit ip any a (hitcnt = 2945667)


    Secondary FW:

    The Application name of the SSM status Version of the Application of SSM mod
    --- ------------------------------ ---------------- --------------------------

    chk - Ips access-list extended permit ip any a (hitcnt = 1984842)


    The switch still works fine because that IPS modules on both the ASAs are "down". In addition, on the secondary if you see hit acl number increasing, there is no packets redirected to IPS modules, as seen in 'show service-policy '.

    I don't know why the output of "show the modu" doesn't show any IPS module if we can see in 'show failover' and «modu 1 det» It seems that the IPS in the ASA high school has no images installed on it. Try to put back in place and re-imaging IPS module on the secondary and primary school and see if this helps to raise the status.


    Thank you and best regards,


  • Monitor IPS Cisco ASA


    I have configured the IPS in my ASA 5520, but I can't find my IPS is working or not. The only thing I can see CPU usage in IDM. Can you help me please how I can view the IPS module activity? I have installed IDM & ASDM in my PC.

    Thank you.



    Please check the Inspection by IDM or IPS CLI (see the virtual sensor stats).

    Using the "show stats-sensor virtual", it also shows, the number of packets is processed, what signatures are updated with fire, etc..

    Kind regards

    Sawan Gupta

  • IPS on ASA 5505 test modules

    How all you check traffic IPS on the AIP SSC5 in a 5505, because the default signatures are retired and you can't the fights, we can't activate 2000-2012 on the 5505 signatures.

    Look at the web-signatures. There are a couple of them that shoudn't be retired. Such as directory traversal attacks or access to cmd.exe. These can be easily verified in a browser or with a like nessus vulnerability scanner.

  • ASA 5505 IPS/IDS Module

    HI Experts,

    Can you please give me an idea on what this module IDS/IPS for ASA 5505?

    How much does it cost? How to install and configure to work with ASA 5505?

    We have also a few site to site of ASA 5505 VPN configuration. This would affect somehow?

    Thank you very much



    You should be able to find the links that I provided for you with a general search on Cisco's Web site for 'ssc-5' and 'installation' and 'configure '.

    No, you should still ASA terminate Internet access. You want to have the SSC-5 module (IPS) to monitor the interfaces from the INSIDE, (always wanting to make IDS/IPS inside a firewall). This way you can see the traffic after it has been decrypted on your VPN, and after the traffic has been filtered to your firewall rules.


  • ASA ips feature

    I want to ask you what the works of IPS on ASAs functionality.

    There all the signatures, or it is limited?

    Perfect me if Iam wrong if I say that I needed module AIM for ips work on the asa. If Iam right, so why AIM has only 1 ethernet interface. This means that I am not follow 1 vlan?

    Thank you very much.

    The ASA-SSM-AIP-10 or ASA-SSM-AIP-20 according to the ASA modules is required for full monitoring of IPS features. The IPS on the MSS software is the same as for devices and other modules IPS. It uses the same software and signature updates. (Except for the image of the main system which has a few extra things to allow installation on the SSM)

    Without the ASA-SSM-AIP, the Software ASA itself has a set of very limited signatures that can be monitored. The signatures set is the same as in the previous version of the Pix Firewall.

    As for the single port on the ASA - SSM. This port is not a monitoring port. The port is the port command and control and has an IP address so that you can telnet, ssh or web browse to the sensor, so you can manage. The real follow-up is done on an internal interface connected inside firewall basket. The ASA can be configured through its policy to send packets through the SSM for the analysis of the IPS. Politics on the SAA can be configured for the IPS to monitor packets histocompatibility or inline.

    The SAA can be configured to send all or part of the packets through the firewall to monitor by the IPS of code that runs on the MSS.

    Since the external port is not a monitoring port that DFS may not be configured to control packets that do not go through the ASA. Packets must pass through the ASA ASA copy these packages through internal backplane to the SSM for analysis.

  • ASA-SSM-20/40 IPS Software upgrade quesiton

    I'm looking to upgrade the IPS modules (ASA-SSM-20 and ASA-SSM-40) on two different ASA to ver 7.1 (11) E4 under this field notice:


    My question is around if traffic through the firewall is affected during this update and subsequent restart of the IPS module.

    On the ASAs, a service policy is in place that will allow the traffic in the case where the IPS module becomes unavailable.  It comes, it will actually happen during the update?

    Suggestions and comments are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


    If your IPS is inline and as a whole do not open then the traffic through the ASA (in assuming an ASA standalone and do not form part of a pair of HA) will not be affected when the service IPS module reload.

    If an SAA is in a pair of HA and a service (ips, cxsc, or sfr) module fails, it will be by default triggers a failover event. (ASA 9.5 introduces the possibility to change this behavior.) The result is the same - no service interruption (Although TCP connections may need to restore if you have not configured stateful failover).

  • The ASA IPS configuration


    I have a question about the steps for using on IPS on ASA - all using a NAT addresses or configuration of access list for interesting traffic, that I have to use really. Specifically, NAT and the list of access or access and NAT?

    Keep the ACL extended near the source and the REAL IP address. NAT occurs within the ASA, then you're dealing with external systems.

    If you have 6 or 14 addresses external, public IP by your ISP, you can NAT... otherwise, you're stuck with PAT.

    For entrants to the outside: use the real, REAL public IP addresses have been assigned by your service provider in order to allow certain incoming traffic. It could be access list 100 or a list named more extensive access, such as 'inbound-outside '.

    For entrants inside the interface: use internal IP address private plan [192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x - 172.31.255,] with appropriate subnet mask to allow traffic from the inside to the outside for your users. Most of the people open the "permit ip any any" here, but I prefer to limit the internal address, specific private only. It could be access list 102 or a named example lsit access 'inbound_inside '.

    Traffic, which is not "allowed" will be implicitly denied.

  • IPS Signature DataBase - ASA IPS/IOS IPS/IPS 42xx/AIP-SSM


    Can someone briefly tell me the details of database signature (number of Signature) among the following devices


    Thank you

    IPS on ASA/PIX = signatures only 50 or so common

    Module AIP - SSM is same signatures as the Cisco 4200 series sensors. Few minor differences exist (such as signature support IPv6 etc.)

    Please rate if useful.



  • Detection of injections SQL with IDS/IPS on cisco ASA?


    Is it possible to detect or prevent attacks by injecting SQL using Cisco IDS / IPS on ASA or with regular expressions?

    Is any signature available in IDS/IPS for this? And what is effective, is in terms of the generation of correct alarms?

    Thanks in advance


    We have several signatures to detect generic SQL injection attacks in the family x-5930 of signatures.

  • 20 IPS ASA - SSM password reset

    Hi all

    Must reset/recover the password to get rid, for some reason, we lost the password for the IPS 20 ASA - SSM module

    Please let us know the procedure that the reset of password hw-module command does not work.

    Use the reset passwrod hw-module command, you must have ASA 7.2.2 or later version.

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