Irritating bug of 'Lists of contacts'

I have 50-70 contacts and like have organized them, for example contacts, work, friends, etc. I have it by going in "Contacts-> Contact lists-> create a new list.

It worked fine until a few weeks ago, for some reason Skype replied my lists, so now I have maybe 30-50 lists with the same name. It's very frustrating. The worst thing is, you cannot remove it at once, but do 1 by 1, which takes forever.

I have been through the pain (30 min) to do it like that, but after restart, they come back.

Can someone from Skype please fix this bug?


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  • BlackBerry smartphones are there no solution to the list of contacts to chip away problem avec.297 upgrade?

    I searched high and low, and nobody seemed to find a solution.  Therefore, maybe a bug RIM BlackBerry (or AT & T) in the new software.  After the upgrade to the new AT & T. 297, I had double calendars and address books.  The calendar has been labeled "default" or something.  I typed RSET and it wiped and it went off without a problem.

    No luck on address book.  I had duplicate entries.  Went into the Options, noticed two lists of contacts named "Desktop".  I typed RSET and deleted both.  I am on a BES in passing.  After the RSETE, I turned on the wireless sync, and so that the contact list has all my contacts in there and the other (who says "not available" wireless synch) lost zero contact.  So no more fools.  But the list itself disappear.  So every time I add a contact, I have to choose a list.  Boring.  Do not have this problem with the upgrade to abord.297.

    Why used the device let me remove it?  I went to the Office Manager and there is no book that shows with zero contacts.  Just 'Address book' and 'address book-All' with the correct number of contacts.

    The solution here is to wipe the whole device?  If so, usually it happened after I have restore the backup?

    Please tell me there is an easier way to manage lists of having to spend several hours wiping and reinstalling everything.  I would REALLY appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    I wiped phone and re installed everything.  It fixed as it normally does.

    I hope RIM will allow in the future to improve the management of contact - adding new lists, rename, delete, etc.

  • Way to block hours texts outside the list of contacts in the end?

    I keep getting texts at 02:00 in the spam that wake me up. always a different number of front.

    There must be an easy way to block all texts apart from my list of contacts during certain hours? I can't be the only one to experience this.


    Drag to the top of the control panel culminating point halfmoon homescreen that donot disturb

    Put it on every night.

    See you soon


  • Problem with list of contacts after upgrade of the system

    I upgraded my MacBook Pro to 10.7.5 to 10.11.6 and everything seems to be going smoothly, he started and worked

    and ran all programs as planned; However, when I checked my list of contacts that was > 200 people with phone and address information in my 10.7.5 system, the 10.11.6 contacts in the file only had the info address of Apple in Cupertino.

    what I really needed was gone.  Is it possible to restore it? My iPhone still has information

    in contacts but I kinda scared that if I connect my iPhone via iTunes, it might wipe my iPhone contacts as well & that would be a disaster.  I also have a Time Machine backup of the 10.7.5 system that has not been connected to the 10.11.6 system yet.  In addition, all the birthdays, family, appointments, meetings, and special events in iCal application were destroyed as well (but still exist on the iPhone).


    What happens if you choose Contacts > display > display groups?

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    Import and maintain contacts in FirefoxOS are very good.
    But how can I export (backup) of the list of contacts, for example an SD card?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hello rvanderleeden, you might want to try this app:

  • Transfer (import/export) the entire list of Contacts, to another Mac Air - is - it an easy way to do this?

    I would send my wife my entire contact list, whole (with separate groups listed and all) and have it roll in his application of Contact, everything as it appears in mine - is there a way between two MacBook Airs the two 10.10.5, both with the application Contacts 9.0 (1579), export or import all contacts and several distinct groups within contacts, and easily make?

    There are two ways. If both of you want to have the exact same contact list you can create an iCloud account (if you have not already one) and configure iCloud in system preferences to put your contacts into the cloud. Then have your wife open Contacts, select Contacts > accounts menu. You can enter your account name and password and your contacts list will become his contact list. Changes/additions or the other of you is synchronized to the other computer.

    If you just want to give your list of current contacts but change not maintain hers than yours, you can export your list of contacts in the form of a archive of contacts. Send it to her, and then she can import it. I'm not entirely certain that it will be kept for groups, but I think that it doesn't. (My wife and I use the first option)

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    As I got a new 6 IPhone 16 GB, I need to transfer my contacts from my old 64 GB iphone5 list. I can't do it from a backup file as the capacity of my new iphone is just 16GB. Thank you very much

    You will need to find a way to save the list of contacts. It would be either sync it to iCloud, or another Cloud Computing service, you may also synchronize them with an application supported on the computer, such as Outlook. There are also a few apps in the App Store, you could use. I find my favorite be My Contacts Backup. This operation creates a vcard file that you can send an email to any address you choose who would be on the new device, and then open the e-mail. That would transfer all the contacts on the new device.

  • Skype duplicated my lists of Contacts!

    After the update of Skype duplicated all my Contacts lists custom! For some of them it has even created three copies! As you could see many posts in the community, the contact list feature works very unstable!

    Each new update of Skype solve old problems but brings new "surprises". Quality control should be more appropriate before publishing new versions...

    MOD edit: [title to be more descriptive]

    kewpie7 wrote:

    My Skype is on Windows 10. Each of my lists of contacts are threefold. Hope Skype will fix the problem soon.

    Seems to work very well in the last of

  • my list of contacts on my windows phone appears not all contacts

    my list of contacts on my windows phone appears not all contacts, but on my computer, I do not understand, they did, but I reinstalled it on my phone, like updating the contacts from my computer, because they had not updated on my phone! so I thought that I would like to reinstall, but now showing no, please help x

    He had some problems with contact sync which should now be resolved.

  • The list of contacts to sync with facebook

    A have you noticed if Facebook is not synchronized with their list of contacts on their phone? Made sure my PW is correct. Disabled auto-sync and tried to do manual. Also waited 24 hours during to have it on auto. Not something huge but having loved it sync would be so I could use it for contacts photos. Also removed has tried to delete my Facebook account in settings and added back with no results.


    Facebook contact sync has been deleted some time ago. This feature is not available on recent versions of Android. There are 3rd party apps that you can download from the game store, but I can't guarantee how they will perform on your device.

    Thank you


    Motorola support

  • All of a sudden my lists of contacts do not work in Yahoo Mail.

    I'm starting to get into a list of contacts and it displays a drop-down list with different addresses that look like this but the contacts list is not one of them as it used to be. I have no way to select. If I get the name of the list in the field 'To' he says that is not valid.


    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    1. What operating system is installed on the computer?

    2. Remember to make changes before the issue started?

    I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo Mail and see if that helps.

    Uninstall or change a program:

    Download and install the last mail from Yahoo on Yahoo site.

    Thank you

  • How can I retrieve a list of contacts SKYPE lost somewhere on my PC?

    How can I retrieve a list of contacts SKYPE lost somewhere on my PC?

    original title: contacts SKYKE


    Maybe these will help and you should contact the Skype Support and check in their forums.

    Skype - Support

    Skype - Forums


    If you have deleted something you should not have:

    Have you looked in the trash?

    Recover files from the Recycle Bin - Vista

    Recover files from the Recycle Bin - Windows 7

    How to restore previous Versions of a file and the folder of Vista (Ultimate, Business and Enterprise)

    How to restore files and folders in Windows 7 with previous Versions


    This could help you recover a file, or a previous version (all versions of Vista and Windows 7).

    ShadowExplorer - recover lost files and folders (Vista and Windows 7)


    Recuva - free - recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin,
    map of the camera digital or MP3 player. And it's free!

    Recuva - Forums - help here

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • How to remove a contact that does not appear in the list of contacts?

    I have 2 names in my contact list that I did not put in the list. They do NOT appear in the list of contacts, so I can't delete them. They appear when I click the To: button to send an e-mail. They are FunRoom and naked fun room. How can I get rid of the? Kathleen

    YW. I'm glad to hear it.

  • Junk folder is missing, and I'm unable to send emails to the addresses of the list without contact

    Summary of the issue
    Send/receive email problem

    Please provide your address affected:
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    Additional details

    I recently set up my X - Box Live ID girls and attached it to my profile as a child account.  For some reason, I had to create a new account, for its xbox live and link it to a hotmail account.  I put in place that e-mail as a child and linked to my email account * address email is removed from the privacy * I think was the name of the child account * address email is removed from the privacy * or  I don't know if what I feel is due to this link/link.
    What I feel is the following: my junk e-mail folder is no longer visible in my folder list.  I get a lot of spam, but I've been at some point receive unwanted emails from an email address that said of * address email is removed from the privacy *, which is of course MY e-mail address.  When I opened the email there is a link, but it wasn't an email I sent.  I'm not stupid enough to click on this link, then I looked at the headers.  But I just looked to see if I saved them to my computer or not.  I can't locate copy this email, because they are stored in my spam box, and I don't have the option more to click on it.  I regularly send myself emails with reminders to myself, so I don't know if I've inadvertently admitted someone access to spoil my account, or if I made a mistake in the process, I took.
    Basically when I try to send email he gave me an error message that says that I could not send to sources outside my list of contacts, because of settings parents.  However, this has been my email for a long time now, and I'm 30 years old and never had this problem before.  I looked under related accounts, thinking somehow that connection could be causing it.  I deleted my account my e-mail girls.  After that I am more able to see my box of junk e-mail, or send email to anyone outside of my lists of contacts.
    I looked through all the settings that I could and connected with my info, but it had no effect.  I need to know what is happening with my account, and I need to have this resolved.  I'm not able to receive emails, so if I don't hear from you, please use email from my wife who is * address email is removed from the privacy *, or call me at the 623-418-7466.  If this can be resolved without further communication, it would be better, but I'll check everything that I need to in order to get this resolved.

    Thank you very much for your support,
    Andrew M. Jones

    ADDED: I've already entered my settings and provide my date of birth 29/09/1981.  I took this step because of a closely similar thread that had this step for a fix.  There was still no change after this action. I could check my emails, because I can send one to the internet provider of the e-mail, I found in the header.  So I found the file headers and I tried to add to this email, but he crossed the line.

    Hi, Andrew Jones,.

    After reviewing your question and account again, I checked that your e-mail address, is the story of the child of email from your daughter. You can remove it by following these steps:

    1. go to the Family Safety Web Site with your daughter account (as is the current parent account).
    2. under family summary, click Remove a member of the family.
    3. check or tick the box next to the account name.
    4. click on Remove.
    5. a dialog box appears, click Remove.
    6 sign out. you of the Family Safety website.

    In case that the website redirects you to download the parental control, please download and install on your computer. Then, access the website again.

    Thank you
    B. Litton

  • Unknown contact appeared on t. o. list of contacts, but not on my list of regular contacts - I can't delete

    Unknown contact appeared on t. o. list of contacts, but not on my list of regular contacts - I can't delete

    original title: unknown contact on list o. t.
    Thanks for visiting the site of the community of Microsoft Windows. The question you posted would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

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