is driver for canon pixma mp800 included with windows 8?

is driver for canon pixma mp800 included with windows 8?


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  • Windows 7 can not find .inf driver for Canon Pixma iP4000 printer connected to Windows XP.

    I have a laptop running Windows 7 (64-bit machine) I want to print from.  The laptop is on a home network wireless.  The office is wireless as well and is running Windows XP.  The Office has a Canon Pixma iP4000 printer connected with a parallel cable.  I installed the latest XP drivers for the printer on the desktop.  The laptop can connect directly to the printer with a USB cable and drivers will download automatically and it will print correctly.  However, I can't connect the printer using the wireless system.  I can go on the laptop to the home network and navigate to the printer and try to install.  It makes an automatic search and says that it cannot find the correct drivers.  I can browse to the file to install on my desktop, but it of an .exe file and not. INF.  I run the .exe file and it installs too, but Setup of printer on the laptop won't let me not by the .inf screen add to complete the installation of a wireless printer.

    Any suggestions?

    Very probably the XP driver name is different from the name of 64-bit driver.  Create a Local Port which copies the data to the print size in Windows 7.

    Here is an article knowledge base how to the names of the incompatible drivers.  Replace the Windows 7 machine for NT4 machine referenced in the article.

    If you load the printer driver 32-bit on your 64-bit computer, you need the 32-bit driver for Windows 7.  You can do if you have a 32-bit computer of Windows 7 on the network to push pilots up to the machine that is sharing the printer.  None are flat files on the Windows 7 DVD, you need to install the OS or mount the ISO.

    The key to successful sharing between computers that run different printing architecture processors is pilot name.  PCL6 equal NOT PCL 6.

    Alan Morris Windows printing team; Here Microsoft Knowledge Base search:

  • Driver for Canon Pixma IP4600 printer

    I had to reinstall Windows on my PC due to obtaining a bad virus.  My Canon Pixma IP4600 printer worked before the re - install, but now windows can't find a driver.  I spoke to Canon and they said that they offer is no longer supported, but Windows should continue to support and drivers must come from there.  I tried a driver through Control Panel, but it is said that a driver is not available.  This printer is not that old, so I can't believe that there is no driver available to all.  Can you help me please?

    I'm sorry, but as I explained Microsoft does not write drivers for Canon products.

    Microsoft writes and provides drivers for their own products.

    All drivers that Microsoft may provide in their OS for Canon products provided by Canon.

    I suggest that contact you Canon and get them to set this output or first try the Vista drivers.

    Kind regards.

  • Need driver for HP Photosmart 100 work with Windows 7 64 bit

    Anyone know where you can get a printer driver for the HP Photosmart 100 printer? II'm under 64-bit Windows 7 and can't find a driver anywhere. I have the original disc, but it shows be good only as far as Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi @JDRomine,

    By your post, I see that you need drivers for your Photosmart 100 printer. I can help you.

    I checked online, and unfortunately there is no driver available for Windows 7.

    But you could install a generic driver that should work.

    On the computer, go to start, devices and printers, select Add a printer.

    Follow the steps, select HP and Deskjet 9800, Deskjet 450 or the Deskjet 990, from the list. (even if you have a photosmart)

    Have a great day!
    Thank you.

  • Printer driver for HP LaserJet 4 L with Windows 7

    I can't find the driver for my LaserJet 4 L printer in Windows 7.  I have a parallel to USB conversion cable connected to my computer.   I need the drivers.

    Thank you.

    My system 8.1 Pro 64-bit Windows has a driver for this printer model:

    I don't know if the driver is present on a new installation of Windows; It can only have appeared in the list after the Windows Update button has been clicked on the dialog Add printers above, then wait (possibly several minutes) while additional drivers have been downloaded and the list filled again.

    I suppose the same could be true for older versions of Windows as well.

  • have windows 8, need printer driver for Canon mp 160

    I have windows 8 (64), I need printer driver for Canon pixma mp160 printer. Unable to find one, any suggestions?

    I can't find a specific driver for 64-bit Windows 8. There is a 64-bit Vista/Windows 7 driver. Try this.

    Install according to the instructions. Do not connect the printer to the computer until you are instructed to do so.

    Tom Ferguson

  • There is a problem with the driver for Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS. The driver must be reinstalled.

    There is a problem with the driver for Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS. The pilot
    must be reinstalled.


    To allow us to help you better, please provide as much detail as possible about the problem you are experiencing.

    If you design your question effectively, you can get good information from people who are familiar with the subject and who are happy to help you.

    Prepare your question. He thinks through. Hasty-survey questions get hasty responses, or none at all.

    What diagnosis have so far

    An effective question you will get help read faster how here
    Suggestions for asking for help on a site.

    BTW, I see you have cross posted this on Technet

  • I need a driver for windows7 for canon PIXMA IP4200 printer

    Please send me a link to printer driver download canon PIXMA ip4200 for windows7. Thank you

    Go to this link:

    Select your operating system from the drop-down menus and then download the driver you need.

  • Canon Pixma MP800 printing problem

    I use Windows XP Professional.  I have a Canon Pixma MP800, who has been a very reliable workhorse for many years.  Right now when I print a Word document using a black ink only, it is printing in the layers of alternative 1 cm of the impression of light and darkness which looks like that I chose to print alternatively in "BOLD" and normal print.  When I print the same Word document using colors, it prints very well.  I tried to do a nozzle check, cleaning, and a clean, none have worked in depth.  I also removed the print head and cleaned in a solution without success.  All ink cartridges are full of ink.  When I do a test print, the top of the marked test PGBK page, displays the first cm to cross the lines perfectly, but the second cm vertical lines of lines alternating with areas of verticle.  Printing from Excel has the same problem.

    Someone had this problem?

    Looks like you have tried all the usual suspects.  It's time to contact Canon support; It is not a Windows problem.

    Other possibilities:

  • Problems to install the driver for Canon lasershot 2900B printer, to get the message "installing the driver interrupted."

    I have problems to install the driver for Canon lasershot 2900 B printer. I have windows 7 64-bit (SP1) installed in my PC. I get the message "driver installation interrupted. I had downloaded and installed the latest driver and I get the same result. I was told it might be a problem with OS. I have had no problems to install the drivers for the scanner or hardware drivers. Thanks in advance.

    Original title: printer drivers

    Thanks for the reply of Ravi Shankar. My PC is a Dell Inspiron 530. There is no specific error message except for the one I provided. There is a solution to this problem. It seems that if the print spooler is disabled (services and storage via the computer management), the installation of printer driver is interrupted. I manually activated the spooler on automatic printing and the printer driver has been installed immediately.

  • Canon BJ-30 Compatible with windows 7? What does the driver?

    Canon BJ-30 Compatible with windows 7? What does the driver?

    All driver, if he's available for win7 would be the Canon support site

  • How to install the driver for Canon MP540 on Panasonic CF - C1.

    Original title: Driver for Panasonic CF - C1

    How do I install the driver for canon mp540 on panasonic CF - C1


    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    You can download and install the drivers for Canon PIXMA MP540 from the following link.

  • How to install driver for canon bjc1000 (using windows xp service pack 2 drivers) on widows 7 starterpack?

    How to install driver for canon bjc1000 (using windows xp service pack 2 drivers) on widows 7 starterpack?

    XP drivers for XP, NOT of Windows 7...

    Go to control panel > devices and printers > click on "add a printer".

    The computer will search your but probably not find it, then click on the box "" does not appear the printer that I want to ".

    A list is displayed, but the printer is not in it, then click Windows Update. After a few minutes, a revised list will appear and if you click on the cannon, the BJC 1000 is in the list.

    Click on 'NEXT' and follow the installation instructions...

  • I'm looking for the driver for canon cp400 pour windows 7

    I'm looking for the driver for canon cp400 pour windows 7


    See this page to select your language:


    Or sorry that it is area English.

    Left click at the bottom of the Microsoft Community page

    English and set your language.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • where can I get the printer driver for canon lbp2900 printer. I'm running Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion PC

    where can I get the printer driver for canon lbp2900 printer.  I'm running Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion PC.  Windows Update does not list a driver for LBP2900 printr

    A quick google found this - perhaps?

    I have not tried, I don't have the printer.

    Its usually best to ask the manufacturer of the device for its pilots in the first instance.

Maybe you are looking for

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