Is droid - possible to separate people with the same names?

My list of contacts and Facebook was related, but I have friends that have the same names and is there a way to separate contacts in a way people list? Help, please.

When you look at the contact (I assume that the two are joined) you can select the menu and 'change '. Once you have "edit" on the screen, see if there is a "Separate" menu item If so, who should take care of it.

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  • Faces of Lightroom: Two people with the same name

    I downloaded Lightroom CC last night and came up with the following question:

    I have an uncle and a cousin of the same name... can Lightroom create two different 'people' or do I have to call each one differently? I guess this is the last but thought I'd ask in case there is an alternative solution.

    johnrellis body:

    You might have a keyword for each family group, for example, "John Ellis Family" and "Steve Ellis Family" and then place the keywords for each under these parents.  For example, under 'John Ellis family' you should 'John Ellis","Mary Ellis', 'Jane Ellis', etc.   And under "Steve Ellis Family", you might have "Steve Ellis", 'Kathryn Ellis' and 'John Ellis' (a different John Ellis).

    It's a good idea to work with hierarchies. But for the option to work, you will have two unique names.

    I just did a quick test.

    I have a few images of twins in my catalog, Tom and Boris.

    Under them, I created a 'name' Twin. Because of the hierarchy, I can apply Boris > Twin for a single image, Tom > twin to the other and both of them to a third photo.

    Drag a box around them name and I type "twin". The drop (AutoComplete) allows me to choose between two entries of identical research called "twin". No way of knowing that you choose. And you may have noticed that auto fill drop-down list starts with the entries that you have used recently. So not good to remember that the 'Twin' Summit will always be "Boris" for example.

    The number of keywords used is only up for one of them if I happen to use the same input twice.

    To do this (that I can tell right now), the only way is to drag the appropriate 'Twin' of the keywordlist on the right side of the opinion of people (O).

    I work with hierarchies, but make sure that I have unique names.

    In addition, I use spaces in the names, but rather JohnEllis, SteveEllis, etc.. In this way, if I have a very long list with members of Ellis and also a large number of people called John or Steve, it is easier refine the search to a particular person (as in smart collections).

    Open the properties for the key word, make sure that "include export" is NOT on, so you will not see this strange name to Number123JohnEllis research in your exported image.

    I have 'export containing keywords' and 'export synonyms' (and now with LR CC course "Person") checked. As a synonym, you can put 'John Ellis, John Ellis, Steve Ellis family' and all these will export.

    Hope it makes sense.

    As John suggests, if you already create the Ellis Family > Steve Ellis Family > John Ellis > John > Numer123JohnEllis then you must enter synonyms, as long as you have 'export containing keywords' on all of them checked, and 'include export' (with the exception of the Number123JohnEllis Word key which should not have 'include export' checked).

    Using hierarchies can really help you in your Keywords. But it will take time to implement.

  • Download app with the same name in appworld for several handsets


    I have developed an application and I gt the appworld account. I want to download my app from appworld now. My app supports Blackberry "BOLD", storm and torch curve. But I don't want to make only one application, coz that will increase its size. I want to make it as 4 separate application and download the appworld. But I want to download apps with the same name and features. I want that if a person search for the application in appworld having diff phones, the same name should be displayed, and not just for the bb bold AppName_bold, curves en AppName_curve. It is therefore possible to uplaod app with the same name but different models, while wen someone download the app, appropriate model will be get downloaded in its ph

    You are welcome. On App World, you just download the parent. COD. No need to unpack the parent in the siblings. COD or download files the. JAD.


  • How can I search all subjects in my guide? and if this is not possible, how do I get books have not not subjects with the same name?

    How can I search all subjects in my guide? and if this is not possible, how do I get books have not not subjects with the same name?

    "People need be able to find these without having to look inside each book TOC.

    Sorry, but I'm not a big fan or user of this sensitive arrangement "New kid on the block. Therefore, it may be that I am simply misunderstanding because I do not regularly use it. Of what you say, it seems to me that if you (or more precisely your users) are not able to click on the right side, where he says 'Getting Started' or 'List of Email Campaign' and see these topics open and view the content with search terms highlighted?

    Regarding the "bookmarks", those that are normally visible by the user and will be not viewable unless the name of the bookmark appears also as text within the topic. Although, if the two are different, you could probably get there by adding the name of the bookmark as a keyword search in the properties of the section.

    In any case, I feel that at this point, I can just be frustrating you and you may need someone else to try to help that probably better understand the issue.

    Sorry, I was not able to help.

    See you soon... Rick

  • Is it possible to create a database of the Clone with the same name of source db?

    Is it possible to create a database of the Clone with the same name of source db with RMAN...

    DB version is


    Is it possible to clone a database at home location directly on a new server. If it starts in upgrade mode, it's ok...


    Here's what I have:

    Frequently asked Questions about the restoration or duplication between different Versions and platforms [ID 369644.1]

    This thread:

    Re: Duplicate RMAN

    Never done it myself, but I think that his

    alter database open reselog upgrade;

    I can predict all the details of this are understood to do a test on a system I can trash.

    Best regards


  • It is possible to have two tables with the same name in Oracle!

    Oracle Version: 10 gr 2

    MS Access 2007, I had to use the 'Export' by which I copy a table (and its data) to an Oracle schema via an ODBC connection. Later, I realized that, during the copy of tables with a mix of lower and upper case names, the table does not copied (exported). But MS Access will give you the message that table obtained export successfully.

    MS-Access mess around Oracle data dictionary.

    When you issue
    SQL>select * from tab;
    TNAME                          TABTYPE  CLUSTERID
    ------------------------------ ------- ----------
    AMStates                       TABLE
    Version                        TABLE
    You will see the names of the tables. But when you try to DESCRIBE or SELECT this table, you will
    SQL>desc Version
    ORA-04043: object Version does not exist
    You can even create another table with the same name in the schema
    SQL>create table VERSION (X NUMBER);
    Table created.
    Why this is happening and how can I bring these items 'non-existent '?



    SQL > desc 'Version '.


    SQL > select * from 'Version '.


    SQL > drop table 'Version '.

    To overcome the problems of mixed-case.

  • How to display all the data to a database with the same name?

    I am familiar with the creation of basic website, but I want to learn how to create more dynamic Web sites.

    I create a Web site where a user can register on the site and counts there. Once into account here, there will be different options they can do.

    The new application form is in the section account it is configured for a user to submit a multiple application and save it in the database, that works, but the problem I have is during the examination of the application, it does show that one of them, not all.

    How can view the request of a user, sign in?datab.PNG


    I can get to the screen, but not all.

    Is it possible to do this or any suggestions on how to do?

    Here's the code for the ReviewRequest:

    <? PHP require Connections/Connections.php"?" >

    <? PHP


    {if (isset($_SESSION["fname"]))}


    else {}



    ? >

    <? PHP

    $User = $_SESSION ['Pnom"];

    $result = $con-> query ("SELECT ALL * from newrequest where Fname ="$User"" ");

    $row = $result-> fetch_array (MYSQLI_BOTH);

    $_SESSION ["FirstName"] = $row ["Fname"];

    $_SESSION ['location'] = $row ["Location"];

    $_SESSION ['description'] = $row ['Description'];

    ? >

    <! doctype html >

    < html >

    < head >

    < link href = "CSS/Master.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" / > "

    < link href = "CSS/Menu.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" / > "

    < meta charset = 'utf-8 '.

    ReviewRequest < title > < / title >

    < / head >

    < body >

    < div class = "Container" >

    < div class = "Header" > < / div >

    < div class = "Menu" >

    < div id = 'Menu' >

    < nav >

    < ul class = "cssmenu" >

    < li > < a href = "Account.php" > account < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "UpdateAccount.php" > update account < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "NewRequest.php" > new request < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "ReviewRequest.php" > Review Request < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "LogOut.php" > sign out < /a > < /li > ""

    < /ul >

    < / nav >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    < div class = "LeftBody" > < / div >

    < div class = "RightBody" >

    < name of the form = "form1" method = "post" action = "" >

    < div class = "FormElement" >

    < label for = "FirstName" > < / label >

    < input name = "FirstName" type = 'text' required class = "TField" id = "First name" value = "<?" PHP echo $_SESSION ['FirstName'];? ' > ' >

    < / div >

    < div class = "FormElement" >

    < label for = 'Place' > < / label >

    < input name = "Location" type = 'text' required class = "TField" id = 'Location' value = "<?" PHP echo $_SESSION ['Location'];? ' > ' >

    < / div >

    < div class = "FormElement" >

    < label for = "Description" > < / label >

    < input name = "Description" required class = "TField" id = "Description" value = "<?" PHP echo $_SESSION ['Description'];? ' > ' >

    < / div >

    < / make >

    < / div >

    < div class = "Footer" > < / div >

    < / div >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    You would browse the information stored in the $result variable.

    $result = $con-> query ("SELECT ALL * from newrequest where Fname ="$User"" ");

    As below:

    fetch_assoc()) {? >}

    (I don't see a reason to assign data to a variable of $_SESSION?)

    You also probably would be well advised to select information based on a uniquie rather than a name id - if two people have the same name youre UNLESS you want to make sure that two identical Fname can be stored in your tabe stuffed.

    $result = $con-> query ("SELECT ALL * from newrequest where userID = '$userID'");

    userID |     Fname |     Location |                      Description

    8 the end of the road muddy and foggy

    11 this something, no idea

    8               the              rstreet                           rah

    8 is not a clue

    14 Hello Goodbye

  • Create a schema of the user with the same name and tables within this scheme

    I am a newbie with Oracle.
    I installed my first Oracle 10 g database in my life.
    I need to create a user and a new schema with the same name.
    Subsequently, I need to create tables in this schema using the * isqlPlus.
    I got to create the user via the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console.
    I tried to create a schema through the same tool, but I have not found a possibility to do using GUI.
    Is it possible to do so through Oracle Enterprise Manager Console?
    What are the permissions the user must have access isqlPlus to create the tables in the schema?

    Thank you!!!


    A schema is just a collection of objects belonged to a particular user. If you do not need to create a separate schema: the schema is created automatically when you create the user.

    To connect to the database, a user must CREATE SESSION privilege. To create a table, the user has the CREATE TABLE privilege and should be given a quota on any tablespace will be created in the table. If you don't care management quota or limit the storage space that a user can create tables, you can grant the user the UNLIMITED TABLESPACE privilege. If you care the management of quota, you must run commands like

      QUOTA <>
      ON <>

    for each tablespace for the user to be able to use.


  • How to take a column of duplicate names and fill a different column with the same names, excluding duplicates?

    How to take a column of duplicate names and fill a different column with the same names, excluding duplicates?

    I find easier to use this copy separate Automator Service (download Dropbox).

    To install in your numbers > Services, double-click menu just the package downloaded .workflow and if necessary give permissions in system preferences > security & privacy.

    To use, just:

    1. Select the cells in the column with duplicate names.
    2. Choose separate copy in numbers > Services menu.
    3. Click once in the upper cell where you want the deduplicated values appear.
    4. Command-v to paste.


  • 2 separated registered photos with the same name of file/number.

    How can I separate 2 or more photos with the same name of file/number. Consult us in the case that I see a photo and when I open it I see a different picture. The second photo is not the case in the folder, but still I need to save. It seems they are crushed.

    How can I separate 2 or more photos with the same name of file/number. Consult us in the case that I see a photo and when I open it I see a different picture. The second photo is not the case in the folder, but still I need to save. It seems they are crushed.

    FWIW... If a picture was crushed (replaced), it is unrecoverable.

    Are you saying that the vignette does not match the full size photo?

    How_exactly_are you look at one picture?

    John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Renaming of files exe with the same name

    I have

    just installed a game on steam.  The package ended up being buggy, so it did not work.  But I found a solution on the Forum and he told me to rename these two files exe under the same name.  Its the only way to fix the game.  Others did and cela worked.  When I try to rename the file an error pops up telling me that I can't have two files with the same name.  In summary, this is what is happening.

    two files are: prince of persia.exe and princeofpersia_launcher.exe .

    Need to rename it to princeofpersia_launcher.exe to the prince of persia.exe

    An error pops up saying ERROR RENAME FILE or FOLDER: cannot rename princeofpersia_launcher: a file with the specified name already exists.  Specify a different file name.

    The problem is that these two exe files MUST have the name of prince of Persia: work.  Is it possible that I could do?

    It is not possible to have two files with the same name in the same folder.  Something is wrong with the instructions that you try to follow.  What do say exactly?  Can you give us a link for them?
    Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Mix records with the same name of the internal and external space (clip +)


    I have a question regarding the reading of 'File': if having a folder on the inside and external space microsd, both are named "graphics". Is it possible to shuffel these 2 files with the same name? There are also a few other folders I want to be included, so I just couldn't use the "play all" option. I don't want to use replay by id3tag because mines are always screwed up and would be a lot of work to mark all the appropriate files in the.

    Thanks for help


    I've not played with playlists much.

    If ID3 tags are all screwed up, I would use the MP3tag utility to change the label of the kind in "Charts" on internal and external memory, then you access the kind-> just Charts and play at all.  It is probably not an option if your labels are blank and you don't want to ruin you, but it's really quick & easy to do with MP3tag.

    I think that even Windows Explorer (XP/Vista) can change the field type in the batch (select all 'charts' music files, click right properties, summary (Advanced) tab change the field of its kind in "Charts", OK).  I keep the ID3tags 'good' on my PC, but edit on my player according to the needs.

    Just another idea which is really easy if you're not afraid of screwing the ID3 tags.

  • Files and folders with the same name

    I am trying to unzip some files and folders and it works fine on my computer with Windows XP. However, when you use Windows Vista I can't because there are folders and files with the same name. After an internet search, it seems that the only suggestion is to extract the files in separate folders which then would allow them to keep the same name. The problem is I want what they in the same folder and they need to have the names they have.

    NOTE: I do have two files with the same name in the same folder, I have a folder and a file with the same name. I would have thought that this would be acceptable because they are two things separate, and given that it's great under XP.

    All solutions?

    You are right, if I make a file and a text file with the same name, it works fine. However, when I try to extract the files I need it tells me that there is already a file with the same name as the folder. He goes to tell me to choose a new name but my only options are 'try again', 'jump' or 'Cancel '.

    I think I can understand what the problem is. For some reason when you download the zip file, the computer seems to have added a few files side with any format other than "file." It is those who have the same name as the folders as if they were, and they could not be uncompressed because of this. I have no idea whence they came as they appear from nowhere (compared to my XP). I'm trying now unzip the files separately and exclude the strange s 'file '.

    Thanks for your help though!

  • Return of the mistake of MUSE: why do we not have several files with the same name?

    Well - I thought I had all this worked and fixed, but I met the download error 'Why do we have several files with the same name' once again.  (I downloaded all the files several times today in order to 1) works the way it worked the last time and 2) get an OAM file that is not loading for some reason any load again and the download takes about an hour to transfer all the files manually.

    To recap:

    (1) an option "Upload only modified files" returns the 'Muse has encountered an error and closes.  Why do we have several files with the same name? "error just as before.

    (2) a full download will work but takes forever and is NOT a substitution for work changed files option.

    Please advise with possible solutions!


    Is it possible to have two .oam different files in different folders on your computer where the .oam files have the same name? I'm theorizing that there may be a bug in the treatment to ensure the folder created for a .oam placed on the server receives a unique name, particularly in the case of a partial update of the site on the server.

    Please send us the .muse file and all the files in .oam related to [email protected] along with a link to this topic for the context so we can attempt to reproduce this error and isolate the root cause. If files are larger than 20 MB, you'll need to use a service such as Adobe send & Track, Dropbox, creative cloud, WeTransfer, etc. file sharing. Thank you.

  • newBie Q: how to make a clickable form to access a slide with the same name of the form (button c_1 drag c_1 f.e.).

    I've done a few clickable placeholders on a masterslide

    Then: a new slide based on this masterslide

    and to use a script or shared action that says "(le saut de succès à une autre diapositive avec nom samen te que le bouton...)"

    Sorry for this unusual semantic language.

    But already thank you for answering!


    PS I use a trial version to test a branched interactive scenario. A choice of a user driven tot another slide with a followed video reaction of other choices,...)

    Not possible to use a variable in this case to link the label name for a name for the slide.  But I still don't see the purpose at all?

    Will you need to the same button with the same name on multiple slides? Will you use for the rest of the project timing in this case? Because you cannot reuse a name of a button, if you have two instances of this button on two different slides, they will need each a different name. If this is the same form button, programmed for the rest of the project, we will always use the same action, needs not even a tip action because it will «Pop X zip» But there is no way to use the name of the button in this action at all. Joint action is possible with X as the parameter, and then you can assign it to all the buttons that have need of this action. But why do you want that the link between the button name and the name of the slide?  Can you explain? My Captivate intuition tells me that there is a misunderstanding, perhaps because of your experiences of Lectora. Captivate is really different, presented on the differences in workflow with an expert Lectora. I no longer use Lectora but the structure, and certainly the way to 'script' is totally different.

Maybe you are looking for