Is firefox are affected by the last update of windows 10 - since update firefox slow/no answering and asking to be closed - ARRGH microsoft

Why is it every time there is an upgrade microsift everything seems to get mucked up - you could almost imagine it is programmed in so regular is the problem - because the free upgrade windows 10 seems to be problems... Guard clamp upwards mozilla responds don't not etc - someone at - it ideas?


Support for Windows 10 of Firefox will be more fully realized version 40 this is the 39 version.

40 Firefox will not be finalised for a few weeks, but if you are already running Windows 10 maybe you're an 'early adopter' and he won't mind using a beta-test version.

First of all, I suggest you a backup of your file of main parameters (profile). This article has tips on it: back up and restore the information contained in the profiles of Firefox.

Then the beta version is available on the next page (scroll down to your preferred language):

In case you're wondering, the traditional criterion of the 32-bit version will take care of all of your regular plugins; the version 64-bit test barely has plug-ins available and perhaps a few other work through compatibility issues.

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