Is firefox factory locked phones?

I've been good an Alcatel one touch fire running Firefox os 1.3 so I want to know is your phones are locked in the factory?

No, the Alcatel one touch fire is not factory locked. It is factory unlocked.
You can use any SIM card in the device.
Hope this answer is useful.

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    Other this question, I like firefox.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    On 41 of Firefox that will allow us to release next Tuesday, you can use an option in the settings to disable automatic playback of the video.

    • Firefox 3 dot the menu or the menu button on the phone
    • Parameters
    • view
    • Uncheck the box next to allow autoplay
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    Why not develop a Version of WP in Firefox?

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    Samsung S 4

    Hi Mcarter

    1. What version of Firefox are you using? Firefox 37.0.1 for Android?
    2. What version of the Android operating system is on your S4. Lollipop 4.4? Jellybean 4.1 to 4.4? Lollipop 5?
    3. You wrote "I see in the address bar, but the whole page is empty.". Could you please post a screenshot
    4. Finally please tell us what you were doing, this happenedd, and what you expected (because you go to and enter something to search or you did something else? details please!)

    See you soon!
    ... Roland

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    Soon enough prepaid providers, to piggyback on Verizon, will
    access to Verizon LTE. These prepaid many BYOD. So perhap
    you could buy a firefox OS LTE phone and connect to a prepaid "Verizon"

    LTE networks are all the same? That is, a firefox OS LTE will call you within
    a work from different countries on Verizon LTE? In addition, will be one of these
    phone is in English?


    Thank you for your helpful answer. I'll wait for firefox LTE phones out and see if any can be used on USA network.


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    Hi, if it's a smartphone, and you can connect to a hotspot wifi in Europe you should be able to use the Skype app for your call.

  • What model is the iPhone Unlocked sim-free 6 s, model 1633 or 1688? The locked phone can be unlocked and used on any sim

    What model is the iPhone Unlocked sim-free 6 s, model 1633 or 1688? The locked phone can be unlocked and used on any sim?

    If the iPhone is locked: only the provider it is locked, can unlock.

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    MY mother had forgotten the code and locked phone.  Any way to fix without going to the Apple Store?

    Try the following steps: If you have forgotten the password for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • Lock phone and Bluetooth

    Ok. I have a roadster for my car that I love! My problem, that I am convinced is the phone.

    When I hit the button for the command, on the roadster (call) of telephone communications without problem, works fine. If my phone is idle for a certain time, I hit the button on roadster... nothing! I have to turn on the screen of my phone... put in my unlock code, then the voice command of roadster works very well yet.

    Once the time locks phone it no longer responds. Having to pick up the phone and unlock with code every time I want to do a sort of call defeats the idea of hands free. Incoming calls never a problem.

    This happens even if the phone is the streaming of music all the time. If I don't do everything first unlock phone it does not! I want your hands free, not pick up phone, press the power button / stop, enter the pin code while driving.

    Any ideas?

    Go into the Menu and settings, under Security, you can check the box 'allow Bluetooth bypass' this will allow you to use your roadster, even when your phone is locked.

  • Please free App Firefox for Windows Phone.

    Please free App Firefox for Windows Phone.Thanks

    The very low market share with Windows Phones, it is not worth to spend money and essential resources to make a mobile version of Firefox for these devices.

    Mozilla has versions for Windows Mobile starts a few years ago but as would have stopped due to low users.

    Initially when Mozilla experimented with a mobile browser they did with Windows mobile OS while she was Minimo. Mozilla later changed to Android as the platform for mobile Firefox.

  • Replacement motorcycle g locked phone

    I didn't know where to post this. But recently my phone has had the start lock problem (where he repeats the opening home screen). I signed up for the repair program where I'd get the phone first and then send to my phone to be repaired. Well the replacement phone is finally in and I was happy to have a phone to use after a week without phone. So I put my SIM in my carrier is Cricket and when I turned it on, it says please enter "network Sim unlock pin". I chatted with support and they gave me a number to call... a number, I can't call atm because my phone is locked. I'll call when it comes to my house roommate but y at - there no fix for this or I'm stuck with a brick until my phone is repaired? Has anyone concerned with that?

    Is a network lock, call the number they gave you, and they give you the unlock code

    The phone that you have given, is not free of factory

  • Locked phone error when downloading pictures

    I have an old MacBook Pro still on Mac OS X 10.6.8 system which I can't update operation. When I plug my iphone SE I get an error message on my laptop that my phone is locked while my pictures can not download. I disabled all the my lock settings on my phone restarted and reconnected my laptop and always the same error message. When my iphone asking to trust new device that I have selected trust and yet they will not connect to upload photos. I need to download a video in iMovie to edit and put in a powerpoint presentation. Help, please! My project is due in a few days.

    Your problem is maybe iTunes being obsolete.

    In the meantime, connect your iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable, and then launch the utility to Capture images from your Applications folder. Image capture will allow you to import files directly on your desktop.

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    Mozilla doesn't have any version of Firefox for Windows Mobile devices if Release or development.

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