Is it allowed to operate the processor to 100% minimal state... ? And this effect of thing on life of processor or not. ?

I have Core Processor i3-3220.

1. If I put the speed of the CPU to 100% minimal state so he will be on the life of the processor or not... ?

Another issue is

I have Kingston Hyper X Black 4 GB 1600 MHz RAM. It is a locking device.

2. What does mean more ways of locking. ? And what should the configuration for locking. ?


The 100% figure is purely the clock speed and used to be the only way that processors would work. SpeedStep or limitation allows the CPU to reduce its speed to save power. The processor is designed to run at this speed and suffer no harm. Even when a CPU has no threads to execute that does not actually stop and must cover (similar to the soldiers walking time) ineffective cycles

I think you mean Overclocking. Memory is sold as being able to turn a rated speed or a frequency that is normally it is maximum for 100% reliability, although they may work more slowly. They need a specific voltage to run at this speed, overclocking will allow you to vary the tension to get the memory to run at a higher speed. This is normally done to also overclock the CPU for better performance.

Personally, I find overclocking performance benefits are so marginal in terms of actual use (don't not benchmarking) that the headaches additional improved cooling necessary in particular for the CPU not make worth.

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    Published by: user4789473 on 25-mar-2013 17:14

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    Thank you..


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    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    Original title: Please help me!


    IM using legal windows 7 ultimate and I go to control panel, then upgrades to windows, because I wanted to get my updated pc updated so I started to update and when he finished I asked me to restart the computer now or the manual later so the upgrade will be activated or something like that. I chose here to my departure from pc restart as usual, but when I check the desktop after restart, I saw in the bottom right there is a text that I've never seen before. The text says Windows 7 build 7601, and this copy of windows is not genuine. I don't know how to remove it. And I don't know I got her here, because I have legal windows not purchased second hand or something like that. I used my computer with this window for 1 and 3 or 4 months and I have never see this before. Please help me how to solve this problem.

    Download and run the MGADiag tool from the link below.  When it is finished, click the button copy and paste the results into a response.

  • I down loaded the new Fire Fox last night and this morning I couldn't send messages from my mail.

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    Hi Gorgiana,

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    Thank you

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    Jesse - what is your reason for not using the database connectivity Toolkit? It is by far the best way to recover the data.

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    How can I solve this problem? I tried scans, I cut my startup programs. Explorer 8 is my problem? I need help please?

    Internet Explorer and explorer.exe are two different things - explorer.exe
    is what is used when opening Windows/computer explore / your user profile
    Such problems can be difficult to nail - but the most common cause is
    probably of malware any.
    You say you have run some scans - what? You must run a full system scan
    with you to update anti-virus and at least a spyware cleaner - MalwareBytes
    Anti-Malware is current best-of-breed.
    Second cause is a problem with the hard drive:-run a CHKDSK
    of right search box and see if it says errors - if it runs then one
    elevated command prompt and run CHKDSK /F (windows will work say that it cannot)
    Run now and ask to start after reboot - answer Yes and restart).
    Third is the file system - a high command prompt and the command prompt
    type SFC/scannow - and wait until it is finished, what might be some
    See if that lot helps and post back with the results.
    Good luck
    Noel Paton
    Nil Carborundum Illegitemi
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    Hi all

    I'm working on a video project and that you want to add a lightsaber effect, but a layer which is suppose to be transparent isn't using dynamic links.

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    The main timeline in Premiere Pro CS4 and I have the video layer 1 to Photoshop file which is pink and the background of this project.  I made a dynamic link to After Effects and copied and pasted the video images and flash to the comp.  Here, I made the lightsaber.

    That is the problem.  The model of dynamic links with video, flash and the lightsaber will not show my pink background in Premiere Pro shows him my video, flash and lightsaber but the background is black.  In case of problems, I noticed if I turn off the LAYER BLACK for the lightsaber effect, I see my pink background with video and flash sequences and the glow of sabre, but my blue lightsaber color will not appear.

    Do more problems I set photoshop to lightsaber model file and I see the video, the flash, the lightsaber but I think because the background is pink I don't get a color glow to the sword (vilot color)

    If the layer of black is supposed to be transparent, so why can't see my background in Premiere Pro using dynamic links?

    appreciate any help I can get,

    Thanks in advance.

    Mr. PETER K

    P. S. - one-way I kinda had this work was I took one of the masks of white and copied and pasted layers in nested layer comp 1.  Adjusted to the width of the mask and the pen and I got a glow of blue ok.  You just can't mask width too because it shows a lot of black.  It is not as good as I want and I hope someone can help...

    Thank you again...

    Well, blend modes don't create transparency, so the behavior is correct - because technically, the background of the model is ignored for the mix of operations, in areas where there are no content below for the mix, only the layer of black color is used. You create transparency good, real luminance based on unmultiplying, that can be done with the Knoll Unmult plugin Red Giant Software (free) or the effect of changing the channel of the AE monitoring bey a color delete effect.


  • Why my download box displays the active download but then when it's done the box is empty, prior to that, it allows to keep the name/title of the download?

    My download box used to show me downloads completed... now it of just displays the progress of the download and then turns off?

    It allows to keep the title/name to download completed and I could click it to open instead of having to go out to my office to open the download...

    Date of arrival:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Firefox will be: "Use the custom settings for history" > "Remember download history.
  • Can I change the processor for x 61 Tablet?

    I have x61t with 1.6 ghz processor. I got what I wanted screen sxvga as processor 1.8 ghz option force give me this screen. Now, I find that the computer is very slow... (with 3 GB of ram)... My hard drive is 7200 RPM.

    So can I upgrade my processor 1.6 something like 2.4 form or more

    I'm carzy

    (I asked this question in other forums but no satisfactory answer)


    IM using the config you mentioned (with turbo mem option & without fingerprint reader)

    The processor is not nested. You must change the map system or if you dare, resolder the processor.

    There is a certain post on this issue.

    2.4 can be uncomfortable on your hand (try to keep the core 2 with standard processors old fujitsu Tablet).

    The air coming out of the vent is uncomfortably hot. You don't like if its sitting on your knees/hands to max speed.

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    Hi all

    I have a problem with the installation of VSS. The VSS service install act as a central office switch of transit for internet traffic and the problem arises when there are about 600 Mbps of traffic through the switch. We notice that there are a lot of packages being softswitch and the rate is quite high, almost like 100 to 200 k per second.

    The VSS switch manages ospf and BGP and have plenty of internet routing. After investigation of high CPU usage, I noticed that the AAGR switch is full and has tried to set the course of max mls to the maximum cef and restarted the VSS service.

    Unfortunately, the problem persists after restarting.

    We had planned to filter the full internet routes and enable by default and ospf route only in the VSS service and restart the VSS service to make sure that the table AAGR is not overloaded.

    If I fail the next step is to return to autonomous mode and hope that the processor will not pull up.

    My Question: These step will prevent the issue? Suggestions or the reference similar to the problem I am facing in?

    Hello Sophie,.

    unless you have a PFC 3CXL and all the DFCs the AAGR 3CXL can manage only 256 000 IP prefixes and nowdays that complete a table is in order or 310-320 000 routes.


    See table 1 in the second link it tells what I wrote in the first line.

    > We planned to filter the full internet routes and enable by default and ospf route only in the VSS service and restart the VSS service to make sure that the table AAGR is not overloaded.

    You should not need the device after accepting only the default route in OSPF or BGP AAGR use will be greatly reduced this is just wait a few minutes (unless there is an underlying SW bug) for the MSFC to update CFP and then all DFCs

    Hope to help


  • Problem when executing the processors in the nodes with disabled local storage

    Hello world

    We test the coherence JSR107 (a.k.a. JCache) implementation of Yannis ( and we found the following issue when you work with a local storage where distributed cache node is disabled (using - Dtangosol.coherence.distributed.localstorage = false). Yannis implementation uses several EntryProcessors for the execution of operations get() or put () in the cache. For example, the following code is used to update a value in the cache:

    / public class PutProcessor implements InvocableMap.EntryProcessor {}

    public Object process (input InvocableMap.Entry) {}
    BEntry entry = (BinaryEntry) BinaryEntry;
    return bEntry.isPresent ()? bEntry.getBinaryValue (): null;


    And put operatino is taken from the following code:

    namedCache.invoke (key, CPU)

    where processor argument contains a reference to the PutProcessor object.

    When we call JSR107 performs surgery put in the cache and code above we get following exception:

    to com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.service.grid.partitionedService.PartitionedCache$ Storage.invoke (PartitionedCache.CDB:10)
    at com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.service.grid.partitionedService.PartitionedCache.onInvokeRequest(PartitionedCache.CDB:52)
    to com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.service.grid.partitionedService.PartitionedCache$ (PartitionedCache.CDB:1)
    at com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.service.Grid.onMessage(Grid.CDB:34)
    at com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.service.Grid.onNotify(Grid.CDB:33)
    at com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.service.grid.PartitionedService.onNotify(PartitionedService.CDB:3)
    at com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.service.grid.partitionedService.PartitionedCache.onNotify(PartitionedCache.CDB:3)

    Of course we have previously started another node in the cluster with local storage enabled.

    It seems that, as no storage card is present at the node, a NullPointerException is thrown when you try to insert the entry.

    Could someone give advice on this problem and how to overcome? This implementation is based on the processor is not compatible with the knots of localstorage cache disabled?

    Thank you in advance,

    Daniel C.


    It sounds like COH-7180 - demand deserialization failure results in a cryptic NullPointerException, that has been fixed in one of the 3.7.1 patches. The real problem is that your entryprocessor cannot be deserialized.

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