is it possible to cancel the functionality of firefox troubleshooting information reset?

Recently, I started to have an ad for firefox on android, each time I start firefox and looked for a way to stop it. The reset firefox button seamed like a good idea, but I'd prefer restore firefox how I got it. Is it possible to cancel the reset function?

Too bad I discovered how ;-)

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  • Is it possible to cancel the security update?

    I did a safety day yesterday which is updated live to update the pages not feasible, and it takes a long time to load pages. Live update is necessary for updates of financial information. It's really bad for me.

    Is it possible to cancel the update and how?

    I think there is no way to return.

    But are you sure that the security update is the cause of your problem?

    What browser do you use?

  • G8D94PA #ACJ: is it possible to change the function of the FN keys?


    I sometimes use windows 7 32-bit due to my software dependency. in some software I have to use fn keys (F1 to F12) frequently with the combination of other keys. It is possible to enable the functionality of the fn keys as from now on if I have to use F5, so I use FN + F5 combination. So in this software I have to use F2 to F7 & I have to press CTRL + ALT + FN + F2 to F7.

    Please share any solution...


    Shut down the laptop.  Tap away at the esc you key start Notepad to open the Start Menu.  Select the Bios ( f10 ) option, and then change the figure in the document at the following link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Anyone know if its possible to cancel the process of "encryption" for Bitlocker when he started?

    I have enabled Bitlocker to my USB on Windows 7 and just after the encryption process initial started I realized I forgot to format the USB stick to NTFS (it is formatted in FAT32). So, I suspended the encryption and removed the USB to the computer. The window of "encryption" Bitlocker disappeared and thought, cool, it stopped. No, it's never easy I guess. I plug in the USB flash drive in and the 'encryption' POPs back once again, with only one button "pause." No button 'Cancel' for some reason any. I guess that Microsoft don't stir the meninges it long enough to think that anyone would ever want to cancel the encryption process, once it has started. The only good news in this story, it's that my USB was only 4 GB in size so I waited. If I had bought a much larger capacity USB key I would be very angry right now.

    So my question, is it possible to cancel the encryption Bitlocker process once it has started? And if not, Microsoft, why not? Please put this on your to-do-list. Thank you. System configuration: Winndows 7 RTM, Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L motherboard, Intel Pentium Dual - Core E6300 Wolfdale 2.8 GHz, 4 GB of memory PC-1066 DDR2 Patriot Viper, 500 GB Western Digital hard drive, GeForce 8800GT Videocard

    Hi BradleyA,

    You will not be able to cancel the encryption, as is a built-in feature.

    You can suspend or resume the encryption.

    1 open the Bit locker Drive Encryption by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, clicking Security, and then click Bit locker Drive Encryption.

    2. do one of the following:

    ·         To temporarily suspend Bit Locker, click suspend Protection, and then click Yes.

    ·         To Disable Bit Locker and decrypt the drive, click Disable Bit Locker, and then click drive to decrypt.

    For more information, please click on the following link:

    With regard to:

    Swati K - Microsoft support technician

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Is it possible to try the function "send for Signature" before ordering?

    Is it possible to try the function "send for Signature" before ordering?

    Hi daves.

    I'm sorry for the delay in answering your question. You are welcome to download a free trial of 30 days of Acrobat Pro DC, if you want to see how sending the Signature feature. You can download the trial from this page: Download Adobe Acrobat free trial version | Acrobat Pro DC.



  • Is it possible to call the function Document disinfect since a JavaScript?

    Hi, I hope that this should be easy, but a link back are not the results of the research in the SDK from Adobe live. Is it possible to call the functions Document disinfect or remove hidden information of in a javascript script? Here pointers would be GREATLY appreciated.

    This command opens the dialog window Document disinfect, but you will still need to run it manually, and you will also need to run it from a context of trust.


  • Is there a way to disable the function where firefox opens a new tab when you scroll a click in the header bar?

    Is there a way to disable the function where firefox opens a new tab when you scroll a click in the header bar? This feature in conflict with my program of multiple monitors (display fusion) since this program allows you to change your current active window the monitor 1 monitor 2 and vice versa BY clicking the header of BAR SCROLLING (or whatever you call the highest part of your window). With firefox, I can't easily change my active window between monitors because instead, it opens a new tab.

    If the window is maximized, you can then switch this pref to disable the display of the tabs in the title bar:

    • browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar = false

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

  • I have been using the functionality of Firefox in which I could have multiple sets of tabs open, but only see the game I was working with. I have updated and now the functionality is Gone

    I have been using the functionality of Firefox in which I could have multiple sets of tabs open, but only see the game I was working with. I have updated and now the feature disappeared. I had a small icon on the top right of my toolbar. I used it all the time to keep windows separated for financial, plans to travel items, news, etc.. Has it been removed from Firefox?


    The feature of tab groups is always present. You can try with the button right of the + after the last tab and Customize. If the icon is hidden behind the other, or if it is available inside the mini window customize, you can put it back. If the problem persists, you can also try of reset toolbars and controls: and start to make changes and restart in Safe Mode screen.

  • Is it possible to use the 32-bit firefox with the plugin java 64 bit?

    Is it possible to use the 32-bit firefox with the plugin java 64 bit?
    I would use 32-bit firefox and I already install the plugin java 64 bit.
    Is this a good choice is not to install the 32-bit java plugin?
    These will cause problems?

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards

    Nope - you need the 32-bit Java to go with the 32-bit Firefox, if you want that Java run

  • Is it possible to cancel the last version upgrade of Windows - Photoshop -

    I installed the upgrade to Photoshop. Not only is so different that it took me a lot of time to do even to resemble the previous version that I used and loved the Raw Converter of my camera (Pentax KS-1) is not usable. He brings just corrupted data. I messed with graphics acceleration but I'm limited kind of there with an Intel/Graphic chip. I don't have a dedicated card. I tried to revert to a previous version through CC but not all were available.  I also completely uninstalled Photoshop and downloaded again, in the hope that it would be upgrading pre version. It wasn't. Is it possible to cancel this upgrade? If I knew it was still in beta, I would not have applied. Thank you!

    Thanks for the update.

    Go to the menu edit in Photoshop > preferences > Camera Raw > uncheck the option 'use the graphics processor' down > restart Photoshop > trying to open any image in Camera Raw again and that should help.

  • Is it possible to call the function in the module through function of interface component


    I see this in the livedocs.

    "In general, if you want to set properties on controls in the module using external values, you must create the variables that may be related. Then, you set the values of these variables in the methods implemented in the interface. If you try to set properties of the controls of the module directly using the external values, controls may not be instantiated by the time the module is loaded and the attempt to set the properties may fail. »

    I have a component in a module. I have to call this component of the interface function funcion. That is to say my main application call the function of interface, and that interface funcion must call funcion of the component. Is this possible. I get error that the element is null, if I try this. Is it possible to do so.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, yes I got your problem now when I have your code.

    See it here:

    MOD = modInfo.factory.create (like TestInterface);
    var el: IVisualElement = modInfo.factory.create () as IVisualElement;
    this.addElement (el);

    It won't - you create 2 separate instances of the module, which you create - 'el' and the other a not - "mod".

    It should look like this:

    var el: IVisualElement = modInfo.factory.create () as IVisualElement;
    Note: I usually use var el: Module = modInfo.factory.create () like Module; Does not need at least for the moment to cast as IVisualElement but I know that it is not bad, I read in some articles before getting if I remember correct it does not give access to some methods, but not sure.

    MOD = el like TestInterface;

    addElement (el);

    First, you create the instance of the module with the factory.create (), and then cast you to the interface.


  • Is it possible to cancel the DisclosureEvent on the server?

    Hi guys,.
    I work at the request of the ADF (ADF BC, ADF Rich Faces battery).
    I have a requirement I need to check some things on the server when the user clicks on another tab, and according to the results of letting it go to the selected tab or to make him stay on the current.
    I tried to do inside the listener of disclosure on the current tab with the definition of the disclosed attributes:

    _contractsTab.setDisclosed (false); +
    _mainTab.setDisclosed (true); +

    but it does not work.
    After that, I tried inside the listener of the disclosure on the tab where he was trying to go, but that does not work either.
    I know that I can cancel the event on the client side, but at that moment there I still haven't the information upon which it depends, if it will be able to go to the other tab.

    What would it be good way to do this?

    Check out this example based on your use cases:
    If you enter ' not in the inputText in the tab1, it would NOT disclose you to the other tab.
    If you enter a different value, it will allow.



    package com.samples.view;
    import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.event.DisclosureEvent;
    public class SampleBean {
        private RichInputText myInputText;
        private RichShowDetailItem mainTab;
        private RichShowDetailItem contractsTab;
        private RichPanelTabbed panelTab;
        public SampleBean() {
        public void setMyInputText(RichInputText myInputText) {
            this.myInputText = myInputText;
        public RichInputText getMyInputText() {
            return myInputText;
        public void onContractsTabDiscloseListener(DisclosureEvent disclosureEvent) {
            if (this.myInputText != null && this.myInputText.getValue() != null) {
                String value = (String)this.myInputText.getValue();
                if ("N".equals(value)) {
                    AdfFacesContext adfFacesContext =
        public void setMainTab(RichShowDetailItem mainTab) {
            this.mainTab = mainTab;
        public RichShowDetailItem getMainTab() {
            return mainTab;
        public void setContractsTab(RichShowDetailItem contractsTab) {
            this.contractsTab = contractsTab;
        public RichShowDetailItem getContractsTab() {
            return contractsTab;
        public void setPanelTab(RichPanelTabbed panelTab) {
            this.panelTab = panelTab;
        public RichPanelTabbed getPanelTab() {
            return panelTab;

    Thank you

  • Is it possible to disable the functionality of the button export an Application.

    Hi mates,

    I need to disable the functionality of the button/export in installation of apex of the customer (3.2.1), as part of security measures.
    Customer don't want developers to be able to export the they have access to applications. As domestic demand is not editable (is there some kind of trick?), did anyone ever had this requirement and how to do it?

    Thanks in advance for your support.


    OK, I'm not going to lie, it's a really strange request. You and the client should really think about this before do you it, but the best way I can think to use Apache mod_rewrite. You can create a rule that redirects to an error page whenever someone accesses one of the export of pages. It is not infallible, but it's probably the safest way to do this without mucking with the APEX code. You can add an exception allowing import works from a particular IP address.

    Can you elaborate on the requirement of customers here?


  • How to cancel ALL the functions "improved" Firefox 4 - feeling, back all the old way, without EVEN more PLUGINS.

    Several issues have already been similar to this announcement, but the questions and answers solves most of the point. Firefox 4 now is too similar to Chrome. We accepted Chrome, not because he was handsome, but because she was thin. The snazzy features like bars of contextual State compared to a straight line across the bottom and the WebRep on top are NOT an improvement. They can look pretty until you need them but they interfere with ease of use. The solutions presented, as they are, tend to add this device or this plugin to change the appearance, but this only adds to the mess. So the question in short: How do old back, blocks, but less-is-more simply efficient and where everything belongs? Thank you!

    You cannot restore the changes by removing support for features like happened with the status bar. These changes can be restored only by an extension (status-4-Evar). Another change can be undone by activating / deactivating prefs or through code in userChrome.css that does not require an extension, but require modifying the userChrome.css file and adding a specific CSS code.

    See this mozillaZine on 'Fx4.css tweaks: forum thread

    You can right click on the orange Firefox button to open the menu of the toolbar.

    • Click on the entry in the Menu bar to make the menus visible bar.
    • Click "Tabs at the top" to remove the check mark and place the tab to its original position bar just above the browser window.
  • Is it possible to cancel an update of firefox?

    I didn't KNOW that this update of firefox would do what he did! I tried restoring the system which did not help. My old firefox data on the desktop. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to this kind of stuff, so please explain step by step, in a way that I can understand. My reasoning for updating was because firefox has been giving me "not responding" messages for a long time and I've tried dozens of patches. I had 'all' configure exactly how I wanted that it and now, seeing the damage I've done, I got a lot rather have these messages return! Any help will be greatly appreciated as it would take me weeks of research to move things to the research/work. I'm looking for things as simple as getting rid of yahoo search. Thanks in advance!

    If you get a pop-up message asking to put plugins or Firefox updated or anti-malware analysis then this message probably is a scam and you should never respond to such reporting to avoid being infected by malware.

    • Don't update Firefox via "> about" or by downloading and installing Firefox from Mozilla and server never using a popup or a link on a web page.
    • Plugins should be updated only through the plugin itself, or by visiting the home page of the plugin.

    You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.

    You will need to close and restart Firefox after enabling/disabling this setting.

    You can check the suspicious extensions or recently installed unknowns.

    Make a check of malware with several malware scanning of programs on the Windows computer.
    Please scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.
    All of these programs have free versions.

    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before scanning.

    Alternatively, you can write a check for an infection rootkit TDSSKiller.

    See also:

    When you reset Firefox and a new profile is created and some personal data (bookmarks, history, cookies, passwords, data form) are automatically imported and the current profile folder will be moved on the desktop to a folder "Old data Firefox".
    Installed extensions and other customizations (toolbars, Pref.) that you have made are lost and must be redone.

    It is possible to retrieve the data from the old profile, but be careful not to copy the files corrupted to avoid transporting more problems.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

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