Is it possible to change the text using fonts Std of ITC Officina Sans Acrobat Pro?

Is it possible to modify the test using std Officina Sans ITC fonts in Acrobat? I just downloaded acrobat and when I tried to change a few tests in the PDF file, a message popped up saying that the Std of ITC Officina without is not available or cannot be used in editing. Any ideas, downloads or similar fonts that I can use to solve this problem.

Really need this font if not the whole PDF will look bad.

Mise put on fast day, turns out I can't use Armada is a police. It seems that Acrobat Pro 11 has not all fonts I need.

Discover the answer to Dov Isaacs in this forum announcement. Re: fully embedding the fonts in PDF format

His comment:... Acrobat never uses the font incorporated to text editing - you must have the fonts installed on the system to make these changes. (emphasis added)

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    If you double-click on the smart object icon in the palette layers in Photoshop, it will open the original illustrator file in illustrator to be able to change it.

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    Hi PTWG,.

    If your using Vista or XP while in the painting after that you drag the text window will come the possibility to change the font and size. If you do not see this option click on view and be sure there is a check box in the text toolbar.

    Does this solve your problem?

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    Not at this stage that the CRM admin cannot be customized yet.

    Only option we provide is the translation of language (Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, German, Swedish, French).

    Kind regards


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    by opening the original form using Acrobat Pro.  By using the function 'replace' in the pages, you can remove the old source and replace it with a new one.  Save the file, and then close.  Reopen the case and chose to create.  You can then change the fields if move you the source.  Kludgy, but it worked.

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    This feature is now available with version 2014.2 of Muse.

    You can view the video tutorials below:

    Text of synchronization through page layouts in Adobe Muse - Tutorial by - YouTube

    It will be useful,


  • Change the text using script

    I am new to scripting and still so much to learn to please bear with me. I worked on a script that will allow me to update the information of slug on the files I work with on a daily basis. I use a combination of scripting and actions on my documents that clean the documents, but aussient to fill specific information for each document. As I learn more about scripts, I could consolidate my scripts and actions.

    Currently, I am working on the selection of specific text frames based on what their note value is using this code:

    var textFrames = activeDocument.textFrames;
          for (var i = 0 ; i < textFrames.length; i++)
            if (textFrames[i].note == "JOBNAME") {
              var frameName = textFrames[i].contents = "JOBNAME";

    Here is a small list of items I would change

    Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.33.07 AM.png

    I can go about it the wrong way, but my ultimate goal is to run a script that runs through each text field, and a dialog box allows me to enter text, then it is replaced by what is entered in the field of dialogue.

    It may be easier to create a dialog box that has all the fields and allows me to enter the value for each of them, but as I said, I'm new to scripting and don't know how to do this.

    I tried to enter my slug information using variable data, with spreadsheets, but I need to convert the xml spreadsheet and I have a lot of luck with that. I found that the use of variables in illustrator can be a little tricky.

    In the end, just trying to simplify my work and make things more efficient. In the process, I would like to know as much about the scripts as I can.

    Thank you

    This should help you get started with the change of name based on the note, with the help of guests

    var textFrames = activeDocument.textFrames;
    for (var i = 0 ; i < textFrames.length; i++) {
        if (textFrames[i].note == "JOBNAME") {
            var jobname = prompt ("Enter JOB NAME", "Your Name", "Note Changer");
            textFrames[i].contents = jobname;
  • Changing the text after the backup

    I work in Prime Elements 9. I have a number of text slides and saved my work. I went to go back to change some of the text and I'm unable to do so. I can only add the new text. Is it possible to change the text?

    Thank you!

    Welcome to the forum.

    In the panel mounting, Dbl-Click on the title to open it in the Titler, and then use the selection tool to select the text to edit.

    Don't forget, if you have multiple Instances of a title in the timeline panel, the changes will be "global" for all these bodies.

    Good luck


  • Change the text to MenuItem on the move


    I am trying to create toggeable MenuItem. My code is:

    MenuItem trackingMenu = new MenuItem("Stop tracking", 100, 10) {    public void run() {       boolean tracking = device.getTracking();      device.setTracking(!tracking);        if(tracking){         this.setText("Stop tracking");        } else {          this.setText("Start tracking");       } }};

    Device is changing in fact followed by his State, but text on the trackingMenu don't. Is it possible to change the text in this way, and where is my mistake?

    Thank you

    This must be done when the substitution of makeMenu(), so that the text is changed whenever the menu is displayed.

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    Yes, but given that the jpg file is flattened, you would have to make a selection of the text - the magic wand tool could work to do this, without seeing what you are working on. Then simply use fill to fill in desired fg or bg color.

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    You can right click on a line and select Properties. You can usually get a Properties menu by using ctrl-E.

  • Possible to change the contents of text inside the group frame?

    Hello world

    I'm newbibe to Indesign forums.

    I had grouped image placed on the rectangle frame and the text. now I need change content text frame using indesign Javascript

    Possible to change the content of text inside the group frame... ?



    Try the following lines.

    function main() {
        if  (app.documents.length != 0  &&  app.selection.length == 2 ) {
            if( app.selection[0] == "Group" && app.selection[1] == "Group" ) {
                var sel1 = app.selection[0];
                var graphics1 = sel1.allGraphics[0].itemLink;
                var text1 = sel1.textFrames[0].contents;
                var sel2 = app.selection[1];
                var graphics2 = sel2.allGraphics[0].itemLink;
                var text2 = sel2.textFrames[0].contents;
                sel1.textFrames[0].contents = text2;
                sel2.textFrames[0].contents = text1;
                var fP1 = File( graphics1.filePath );
                var fP2 = File( graphics2.filePath );
                graphics1.relink( fP2 );
                graphics2.relink( fP1 );
            } // if
            else {
                alert ( "Select 2 groups!" );
            } // else
        } // if
        else {
            alert ( "Wrong selection!" );
        } // else
    } // main

    Although it might work for you, it is probably not advisable, because if you apply other content on the chassis, you modify the content, but not the formatting. Even with the restoration of the links of the images.

    So a better solution may be, separate frames, move them and group them back.

  • How is it possible to change the 1 tab to Page 2 and page 3 page, etc. by using a Boolean control?

    Hi Sir,

    I created a 4-page tab control. How is it possible to change the 1 tab to Page 2 and page 3 page, etc. by using a Boolean control?

    Thank you vey much Mr. It worked

  • [ADF, JDev12.1.3] LOV entry: is it possible to change the criteria to view / query to use before the opening of the popup?


    I would like to know if it is possible to change the criteria for the view or the query used by an LOV entry before the opening of the pop-up window (on the click the icon in the search).

    Thank you


    You can change the implicit vc used by the LOV, overwriting the popuplistener and a different VC as

    {} public void onLauchLov (LaunchPopupEvent launchPopupEvent)

    String submittedValue = (String) launchPopupEvent.getSubmittedValue ();

    run the queries only if value is submitted

    If (submittedValue! = null & submittedValue.length () > 0) {}

    RichInputListOfValues lovComp = launchPopupEvent.getComponent ((RichInputListOfValues));

    BindingContext bindingCtx = BindingContext.getCurrent ();

    BindingContainer links = bindingCtx.getCurrentBindingsEntry ();

    JUCtrlListBinding lov = bindings.get ("JobId") (JUCtrlListBinding);

    VCM ViewCriteriaManager = lov.getListIterBinding () .getViewObject () .getViewCriteriaManager ();

    ensure that the criteria of display is disabled

    vcm.removeViewCriteria (ViewCriteriaManager.IMPLICIT_VIEW_CRITERIA_NAME);

    Create a new view of the criteria of

    ViewCriteria vc = new ViewCriteria (lov.getListIterBinding () .getViewObject ());

    Use the name of the default view criteria

    '__DefaultViewCriteria__ '.

    vc.setName (ViewCriteriaManager.IMPLICIT_VIEW_CRITERIA_NAME);

    create a display for all queryable attributes criteria

    VCR ViewCriteriaRow = new ViewCriteriaRow (vc);

    for this example, I put the query filter for 60 DepartmentId.

    You can determine when running in reading to a managed bean

    or the link layer

    vcr.setAttribute ("JobId", submittedValue + "%");

    Note also that the line of view criteria consists of all attributes

    who belong to the view list LOV object, which means that you can

    filter on multiple attributes

    vc.addRow (vcr);

    lov.getListIterBinding () .getViewObject () .applyViewCriteria (vc);



    Here's the LOV on the employee on the work of attribte based on


  • How the little purple pink squares onto a PDF to add/change the text. Also how edit you fonts? This app is not easy to use. Read the instructions and they are lacking to say the least.

    I hate this app! I read the user guide, but it does not with the application. How/where are the small Pink/Purple to add/change the text boxes? How can we change phont and point?

    If you use Adobe Reader/Acrobat Reader, that you do not sense because it's none of those things.

    Edit a PDF file and the creation of form fields are made with Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro.

    Once the fields of the form are added, people with Adobe Reader can fill.

    Note that, even in Acrobat Pro, editing is very limited and frustrating because PDF is not made for editing.

Maybe you are looking for

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