is it possible to default to an empty space in a drop down list?

Is it possible to default to an empty space in a drop-down menu, so that the interactive form can be written in if necessary?

Yes... Press the SPACEBAR once.

The game, August 6, 2015 at 17:20, mollie08062015 [email protected]>

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  • Remove the default value drop-down list

    I am currently working with Acrobat Pro XI version. I want to know if it is possible to remove the default value in a drop-down list.

    When the list less than 4 elements, it is possible to deselect the default value by pressing the spaces below. However, when there are no more elements, it is more possible.

    I read that you need to include white space as a component in the list of elements, however, then you will see an empty list item when people work with the pdf that is not preferable.

    So, nobody how to remove the default value in a drop-down list?

    Thank you!

    OK, I found a perfect solution to my problem by using FormsCentral for Acrobat. Here's what you need to do:

    Step 1:

    -Open FormsCentral

    -Create new form (choose the blank form)

    -Click the drop-down menu to create a new drop-down list

    -Fill out the items in the list by clicking on the timeline (you can also add a label if you want)

    -Click on: file > save as PDF form...

    Step 2:

    -Open the PDF saved (you will now see a blank pdf with a menu drop-down)

    -Click on: Tools > forms > Edit Form (when a pop-up window indicates that you should save a copy of the document in order to make changes, press 'Save a copy' and open the file with Acrobat pdf copy)

    -Select the drop-down list, the drop-down list to copy and paste it into the desired document

    Now you have a drop down without a default choice. Remember that you can not change the items in the drop-down list, because we will choose a default choice and you must use the copy pdf file once again. As long as you do not click on a list item, it is not choose a default choice.

    It is not a perfect solution, but it works for me.

    Good luck and thanks!

  • drop-down list - work with the default


    We have drop-down list is activated option "Text entry allows the custom" (combo box). We need to display a text default value: "- choose or type--

    After the dropdown list gets focus, we must make the empty field, if the user does not need to delete the text "- choose or type--

    Then, when the user cannot choose or type anything and exits the drop-down list, we must display '- choose or type -' again.

    If the only option is to have the value "- choose or type -" as one of the elements of list, we need, whether set to null, empty string, or false.

    Is there a way to do this?

    The best result I get is enter when an event has the value this.rawValue = "--> field becomes empty, but I have not background the way how to assign a value to '- choose or type -' again. Even the call xxx.selectedIndex = 0; or xxx.setItemState(0,true); output action does nothing.

    I know that it would work, if the '- choose or type -' has the value '000', but it is for example very big change for validation scripts, that we cannot accept in this phase of the project.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Hi, I have an example of the use of 'Ghost text', that might help.  This will display a text with the help of the ' null' display model, so you get the text, but it does not affect the value of the field.»


  • Drop-down list always displays the first value? How can I empty place

    I have several drop down from the fields list. An example would be the city. It allows a user to select a city. I want the form to be completely empty to start. Currently, when the form is initially pulled up, it shows the first value in the list. All my drop-down list fields exhibit the same behavior. Is it possible to be just empty instead?

    You can send the form to [email protected] and I'll take a look to see what is happening?

    Thank you


  • If Google is my default search, can I go and change it if I want to do a search for GMaps; only the default is in the search drop-down list.

    If Google is my default search, can I go and change it if I want to do a search for GMaps; only the default is in the search drop-down list.
    So I have to change the default to Google Maps then back to Google to search for one.

    I have it! It's the topic: config "hiddenoneoffs" where the 3 elements of google, maps and mcafee have been included. There was no space between Google and maps. I put one in from Google Maps. She appeared in the first box-ff, but not sure about the search in the second time zone. I went back to the subject: one-offs. Safe search was shown with a space after Secure. I took out the space. Safe search arose in the 2nd single search box!
    Weird! This is contrary to how they show in the search parameters.
    Can I have messed that when Firefox has been reset all the search engines on an update, but I do not.
    Either incidentally, I tried to re-installation characteristic but the file comes down as a .dmg that I'm not familiar with and don't apparently is 8.0 to win because he couldn't open it. Thank you once again.

  • I've accidentally deleted from google as default search engine in the drop-down list and can't manage search engines

    I want in the drop-down list for ease of use, but are not all the addons I've tried... I am currently using 18.0.2



    In the Manager at the bottom left there is a button to restore the default settings for search engines

  • It is Possible to the box of the card for a drop down field?


    So I have a form with about 20 boxes on it that allow our customers to choose what information they want to receive it. Recently, we have created a new field of Contact in Eloqua/SalesForce which, in theory, would allow the boxes to populate the list and then move to Eloqua.

    So my question, is possible to map checkboxes from the drop-down list field of Eloqua? So, allowing me to having spent them in SalesForce.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi John,.

    This is without any doubt. The boxes on the form must be inserted using a box multiple option (called 'Boxes'), which is filled with a selection list (not a field of each box for each item in the box). You can assign the same selection list to contact your field and specify that you want the field to be a multiple selection. Then you can simple map of the form field that collect multiple checkbox data to the name field of the contact with the muti selection list in your form processing steps.

    I hope this makes sense.

  • Drop-down list confirm that there are no empty selection - using Acrobat Pro

    How to validate a drop-down list to make sure that a user selected something in the list? I currently have several options in the list, including a ' ' blank space. If this space of blanks is selected or they tab right on the body (if you select nothing) I need an error message occurs. Thank you.

    Figured it out:

    onBlur for the domain, I entered this code:

    If (event.value =="" ") {}

    App.Alert ("required field: Please enter a valid choice, the field cannot be empty." "");


  • Restore the default value from the drop-down list

    Hyperion Inreatctive reports.

    I have an embedded in a dashboard report.  I drag the lists that filter the report.  Filter feed results and it works fine.

    I want to put a command button on the dashboard that restores the default values from the dropdown lists.  I have a selection in each drop-down menu, 'all '.  "All" is the default value.

    For example, for the year


    for the region:


    What command should I put on the command button that any value is displayed in the drop-down lists of this command, restore it to "all"?

    Watch the Select() method


  • Is it possible to create interactive drop-down lists that reference the tables on pages separate from the PDF?

    I'm looking to create a user to input PDF in the drop-down lists are used to search for tables, however, I'm not very familiar with the options that are available or if this is even possible?  Also, is it possible to write a substantive code that could read the text of the user entered to perform a search or even solve an equation? Can someone let me know if these elements are possible and/or let me know what adobe program may be required to accomplish these tasks? Thank you!

    PDF documents have no concept of "tables" as MS Word or MS Excel has. There is content that looks like a table.

    Acrobat JavaScript knows tables and form fields. So we could have a table in JavaScript and complete a series of fields that looks like a table. You can use JavaScript to find the table.

    JavaScript in Acrobat can accept user entries in the fields and pop-up windows.

    It is possible to solve theoretical equations the user if the good rating or coding is used.

    D.P. Story is an evangelist generated LaTex PDF to create PDFS with mathematical symbols, and he also created the AcroTex product that allows to create educational tools that includes mathematics calculation self placement tests.

  • Is this possible? Subforms appeal based on the drop-down list associated with the database

    I'm hoping to make a dynamic shape and I wonder if it's possible.

    I have a database with about 300 entries - pieces of agricultural goods and a few little bits of info on each of these properties. I want to create a form where users can choose the piece there rather than the property in a drop-down list. Based on the property they select, another menu drop down to fill with the cultures associated with this property. Then based on the selection made in this drop-down list, a specific form will be brought upward.

    For example, a person selects property #102 in the drop-down list. In the database, property #102 is associated with wheat, barley and corn, so the next drop would be complete with these three cultures. The user selects the wheat in the drop-down list and the form of wheat would be called. 

    I hope I explained that well enough.

    Is this possible? And if it's possible, how complicated to do? Assuming that I already have the database and subforms, it would be a long process from weeks to the script, or it would be simple enough?

    Yes, this could be done, here is an example that should help: Drop dependent dropdown (specimen attached)

    On the basis of selection (change event of the second menu drop-down), you can show or hide a subform.


  • XLATLONGNAME from the drop-down list should be a default value in the edit box


    I have two fields in a grid, one named "TEST_Type" and one is named 'TEST_Name' edit box
    Use cases, TEST_Name by default will be TEST_Type in Drop Down.

    "TEST_Type" is the translation of edition Table and 'TEST_Name' will contain XLATLONGNAME.

    I do drag XLATLONGNAME of PSXLATITEM table in my grid and make related field and "TEST_Type" a related control field.

    Show LongName according to the value "TEST_Type.

    If the field 'TEST_Name' RowInit, I wrote

    If GetRow(). IsNew and
    No (MYRecord.TEST_NAME. Value) then
    MYRecord.TEST_NAME. Value = GetRow(). GetRecord (Record.PSXLATITEM). GetField (Field.XLATLONGNAME). Value;
    End - If;

    It gives an error

    "Class line method GetRecord account PSXLATITEM is not valid. (2 268)

    MYRecord.TEST_NAME. RowInit

    The recording has been used as a parameter of the specified method. It is not valid for the current object. »

    What is the problem?

    Is there a better solution for this use case?

    Thanks in advance

    I think you mix a few think upwards.

    The drop is on a class with the values of translate. So, when you set the property to the field from the drop-down list page to view the longxlatitem, you are finished.

    If you want to copy the xlatlongvalue for some reason any other areas, use instead the domain object properties.

    & dropdownlownlist = getrecord([YOUR_RECORD]).getfield ([YOUR_FIELD]);
    VALUE = & dropdownlownlist. LongTranslateValue;

    Kind regards


  • Task due date established by default depends on the Type drop-down list

    Hi all, I would like to implement the task of today + 2 days due date IF the drop-down list type is a known value AND if the deadline is today.

    I have thin, this is the real configuration: IIf (IIf ([< Type >] = "To Do", 1, 0) = 1 AND [< DueDate >] = today(), [< DueDate >] + 2 [< DueDate >])
    But it does not work, why? :(

    The default value 'post' is taken in, no syntax errors.

    Published by: bandikaa on 2011.06.14. 01:32


    I don't think that default post won't work here. You can use the workflow to update expiration date field if the type is known.
    Create a workflow wiith the following criteria
    Registration type: activity
    Active: Y
    Triggering event: when the new record
    Workflow rule condition: [] = "To Do" AND [] = today()

    Workflow actions
    Active: Y
    Reassess the rule Conditions after waiting: Y
    Duration: 0 minutes
    Update field after the Action of waiting
    Active: Y
    Field name: Due Date
    Value: Today () + 2
    Replace the existing values: Y

    It may be useful

    Thank you & best regards

  • Select from the drop-down list point based on text box is not empty not

    Hello. I have a javascript code to click a button and it will insert the date in a text box named "Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date" in my form. I also have a drop-down list called 'Release_Approval_Initials '. Everything I'm doing is when there is a date of entry in the text box, I want that the 'Release_Approval_Initials' of the menu drop-down default by selecting the option "TM". The drop-down list is filled dynamically too. How can I do this? Here is the code I have.

    < SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript" >

    verify() {} function

    var partNumber = ";

    var ecoNumber = ";

    var pdfDate;

    var queue;

    var queueValue = ";

    var allArray = document.getElementById('listofids').value.split (",");

    var error = false;

    for (var i = 0; i < allArray.length; i ++) {}

    pdfDate = document.getElementById('Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date'+allArray[i]).value;

    <!-document.getElementById ('Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date1') .value =' 19 / 08/11 '; ->

    queue = document.getElementById ('Release_Approval_Initials' + allArray [i]);

    queueValue = tail [queue.selectedIndex] .value;

    If ((pdfDate! = '' & & queueValue == '') |) (pdfDate == '' & & queueValue! = '')) {

    error = true;

    ecoNumber = document.getElementById('ECID'+allArray[i]).value;

    partNumber = document.getElementById('Part_Number'+allArray[i]).value;

    Alert ("You must enter a date of authorization to create PDF or Doc Control files and the queue to release for ECO" + ecoNumber + "part number:" + partNumber);



    {if (Error)}

    Returns false;


    else {}

    Returns true;



    < /script >

    "< cfinput type ="Text"name =" "Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date #ItemID #" id = "Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date #ItemID #" value = "#DateFormat(Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date,"M/D/YY")" # "size ="12"maxlength ="8"validate ="date"required ="no"message ="you must enter a valid date in the format m/d/YY in the creation of PDF files or Doc control Date">"

    < cfinput type = "hidden" name = "today_date" id = "today_date" value = "#DateFormat (now ()," D/M/YY")" # "/ >"

    < input type = "button" value = "today's Date" onclick = "document.getElementById('Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date#ItemID#').valu e = document.getElementById ('today_date') .value" >

    < select name = "" Release_Approval_Initials #ItemID # "id =" Release_Approval_Initials #ItemID #">"

    < option value = "" > < / option >

    < cfloop query = "ShowDataEntryInitials" >

    < option value = "" #Initials # ""

    < cfif initial EQ ReleaseInitials > selected

    < / cfif > > #Initials # < / option >

    < / cfloop >

    < / select >

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    I figured out how to make it work. I just had to add parentheses in the right places to make it work. Here's what I did:

  • Drop-down lists Possible in prototyping?

    Is it possible to get the drop-down lists that will work in an interactive PDF for prototyping purposes?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Nope. The best you can manage a page that displays a static version is often the bottom of the fall and adds hot spots on this page.

Maybe you are looking for