Is it possible to download all my photos stored in iCloud on a phone, I'm no longer using 24/7?

MY iphone6 had problems and rather then download all of my info icloud we brought back down to 90 days of photos and contacts. But I want to bring everything up to a separate phone so that I can make the photo cd


You say that you were not able to recover all your photos/videos to iCloud photo library?

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    I used the option "optimize the iphone storage" on my old phone to save space, but I hated waiting to load when I want to watch them. Now, I clicked on "Download and keep the originals", but I can't tell if my phone is re - download the original photos/videos to iCloud to my phone. What does automatically or are these pictures forever in the version "optimized" on my phone?

    Subsequently, it must download the originals. Synchronization is VERY slow, so it may take some time depending on how many photos you have.

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    You can download Windows Live Photo Gallery for free as part of Windows Essentials 2012:

    Download Windows Essentials 2012 (Web installer)

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    10 elements does not have a direct interface with Revel. You can download from your computer at revel via, via the application of revel, if you use Win8 or Mac, or via an upgrade items 11 or 12. (Items 11 a download capacity, 12 elements a of mobile albums that remain in the synchronized)


  • Is all my applications stored in iCloud

    IN iTunes, are all my applications stored in iCloud, also on my Mac Book?

    Your applications are not stored in iCloud, only your application data backups.

    There is no reason to store millions of copies of a single application for millions of users, because apps can always be re-uploaded again, for free on the App Store.

  • If I no longer use iCloud I lose all my photos stored in the Cloud?

    I am undecided if I want to upload all of my pictures on iCloud photo library. I learned by others than if I always chose to no longer use iCloud for storing my photos I'll lose these pictures. Another thing, what I was told is that iCloud store pictures for awhile and then I won't lose them. I'm confused about all this, but I like to use my Apple devices!

    I know that many of you, Apple lovers know how to use this program better than most, please offer advice that you may have!

    Thank you!!

    I learned by others than if I always chose to no longer use iCloud for storing my photos I'll lose these pictures.

    If you use iCloud photo library, you have two options:

    1. You can download your photo library in iCloud, but keep all original photos on your Mac as well.
    2. You can transfer your photo library on iCloud and enable optimization of storage.  Then you can save storage on your Mac, but you will need to download the originals from iCloud, when you want to edit or export your photos. You can change, if you have an Internet connection.

    Without optimization of storage you can disable iCloud library anytime, because all the pictures are on your Mac. If you "Optimize storage", you will have to disable this option and wait for your photos to download it again, before disabling iCloud photo library.  See this help page: (last paragraph).

    Another thing, what I was told is that iCloud store pictures for awhile and then I won't lose them.

    This applies to 'My Photo Stream', not iCloud Photo library.  iCloud provides many services to be used with photos.  My photo stream is a way to transfer photos between devices.  It broadcasts photos between devices and implements buffer your most recent photos for a limited time, so that all devices can download new photos.  But this isn't a photo library in iCloud, see: iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ

    If you have a large library of Photos, you need a subscription paid iCloud to transfer the full library.

    iCloud library is useful if you have multiple Macs or mobile devices and want to keep the libraries updated on all your devices.  Or if you want to be able to access your photo library in iCloud from mobile devices, because you don't have enough storage on the device.

    But it is not intended as a backup of your photos with a cloud.  You will need to keep a backup of your library of Photos as well.

    See the following page: iCloud Photo library FAQ

  • I have sync all my photos on my laptop to my phone, but now I can't delete photos on my phone? And its blocked my memory up how do I remove them all?

    I have an iphone 6. Which i can't download anything, or use my app whats that my phone is in full use because I sync all my photos on a laptop

    That's right, synchronize the photos can not be delete directly your phone connect to iTunes and unsync them.

    do the opposite of this Sync photos from your computer to your device via iTunes - Apple Support iOS

  • fLatest version of Lightroom wont let me download all my photos in jpeg.

    I met a very unusual situation, I was going on all my old photos.  I have a series of 570 photos I want to import into Lightroom. When I select Import and then go to the folder in which they are located, it shows pictures of 570 and then only allows me to import the very last 5 files.  These files include jpeg 3 and 2 psd files.  what I don't understand is why it allows only for the last 5 files to import to 570.  Can someone tell me please on this please.  The photos were taken on a Canon EOS 1000 d DSLR.

    Lightroom did not matter these files as the file names already exist in Lightroom.

    This is the reason why he had to uncheck the "do not import suspected duplicates" option and then import the images into Lightroom.

  • I downloaded all my photos on the photoshop cs5 trial period, but the trial ended until I'm ready can someone help me recover my photos

    I downloaded my pictures on photoshop cs5 for a trial, but the fininshed the trial period before I am ready. Can someone help me to recover my lost photos.

    they are not lost... they are still on your computer. Use search and look for a file name and you will find the directory / folder, they are in...

  • How to download all my photos on the cloud?

    I gathered all my pictures I want to upload to the cloud on my PC and I had synced he thought, but he only transferred a few hundred images, thousand not a couple, which I expected to see.

    I am very new to the CC to Adobe and if nothing is of common knowledge for me yet.  Any advice or suggestions welcome.

    Thank you


    Austin, TX

    Hi Lawriescholar,

    Please see this KB doc. Creative Cloud help | Browse, synchronize, and manage assets will be a great help.

    Kind regards


  • Why not download all my photos from my iPhone 6 s on my desk?

    Why don't some of my images upload my 6s to my iMac?

    Because there is a problem - however with the total lack of detail in your post person cannot help solve the problem of not to disclose

    to ask a question which can respond to read this article - writing an effective communities of Apple Support question

    To start, you must tell us what OD and the version of pictures you have, what software you are suign which is not what you think it should and your workflow right, including error messages full


  • I want to download all the photos and videos in icloud to laptop so I can restart my storage on icloud?

    Please I need help not the best when it comes to tech.

    What do you mean by "to iCloud?

    Of Of an existing library of iCloud?

  • Is it possible to download a patch for an earlier version of firefox if I want to stop using version 4?

    Many of the Add-ons that I use the most are not yet compatible with the latest version of Firefox, and until they release compatible versions I want to go back to my previous version of Firefox. I didn't back up my Firefox files until I updated, I'm looking for a way to re - download the latest version 3.x.

    Which modules are they, there may be alternatives or compatible versions that have not been picked up by the Add-ons Manager. Some add-ons can never be updated.

    Get off at Firefox 3.6. * You can uninstall Firefox 4, but do not select the option 'remove my Firefox personal data '. If you select this option, it will delete your bookmarks, passwords and other user data.

    You can then install Firefox 3.6. * available from - it will automatically use your favorite courses, passwords etc.

    I recommend, to avoid possible problems with decommissioning, accessing your profile folder and delete the following files if they exist - extensions.cache, extensions.rdf, extensions.ini, extensions.sqlite and localstore.rdf. Delete these files will force Firefox to rebuild the list of installed extensions, check their compatibility and cancel the toolbar customizations.

    For more information on how to find your profile folder, see

  • Why all my photos are including icloud photos in my Album on my new iPhone 6 s

    Hi guys

    I could ask a stupid question, but I just got the new iPhone 6s 64gig. I upgraded from 5.

    Since having the phone, I took a photo to test the live picture feature (which works fine)

    All of a sudden to have 1 photo in my album I have 1500 pictures, and and a whole bunch of other albums like Selfies and Panoramas, etc..

    I know for a fact that I downloaded these pictures a while I'm sure that they have been transferred to iCloud and back (imported into iPhoto and delete).

    But now they are all back on my new camera?

    Can someone help here? Maybe I would like to know what's happening, or how I can fix this problem.

    Thanks in advance all the way to Cape Town


    The photos that are in iCloud Photo automatically synchronize on all devices that share the same ID to iCloud.

  • I have 44 GB in my icloud, but only 59 MB in my iphone. I want to transfer all my photos to my icloud, but the iphone cannot send it because there is not enough space (this is the message). How can I do to fix this?

    I have 1400 photos in my iphone (4, 7 GB) and I want to transfer my icloud. Can someone help me?

    To increase the available space, go settings/iCloud/Photos and select optimize iPhone/iPad storage. That will reduce the space required by 90% when it is fully effective.

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