Is it possible to edit Firefox context menu to the standard address for the displayed Web pages?

Is it possible to edit Firefox context menu to the standard address for the displayed Web pages? Often, I want to save an image on a page. Sometimes I "slip" and press "Send Image" when I want to "Save Image under" and sit and wait for the default page - send an email to come, then shut up, juggling its dialog boxes "are you sure". It is a way of trying to manage a blunder. Basically I want an element directly from a page by email. Is it possible that I can simply remove "Send Image" from the context menu?

It is possible with the Menu Editor extension:

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  • Is it possible to add a context menu to the blocks of text?

    I try to add an element of context menu for text blocks, I'm kind of a begginner with Creative Suite Extension Builder, I found out how to add a context menu, but not how to add it based on what the user right click. If anyone can point me in the right direction (with a bit of the code example will help a lot), I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!

    You're talking about adding a menu item to the "layout context Menu. Right? If you need the text context Menu, then it's simple...

    Here's what you need to do in this case: you need to fix a BEFORE_DISPLAY event on the menu and check what is the currently selected item. If it is a block of text, you add the menu item. If this isn't the case, you delete it. (You will obviously need to check if it is already there first...)

    Make sure you only to add and remove menu item and not the associated scriptMenuAction.


  • Context menu of the site overrides Firefox, so there is no orthographic integrated

    When I right click in a text area, menu contextual of the client program can't, Firefox, so I can't use spell checker integrated in Firefox, such as the suggested corrections options and "add to Dictionary". Which is frustrating, because the spell checker find new words and typos, but I can't do anything with them, because the context menu of the client program gets in the way.

    Is it possible to replace the integrated right-click to say, left click spell check menu or a button on the main browser?

    Hello sachss, you can turn off the ability for Web sites to replace the context menu in the Explorer - enter Subject: config in the bar firefox address (confirm the message information where it appears) & search for the preference named dom.event.contextmenu.enabled. Double-click it and change its value to false.

  • Is it possible to prevent the right click context menu of the combination of Stop/Reload?

    Is it possible (subject: config tweak or something) to prevent the context menu of the combination of Stop/Reload?

    Screenshot of what I mean:

    Try to add this code in the file userChrome.css below default @namespace.

    Customization files (interface) userChrome.css and userContent.css (Web sites) are located in the chrome folder in the user profile folder.

    @namespace url(""); /* only needed once */
    #context-stop,#context-reload[hidden="true"] { display: -moz-box!important; }
  • Strange behaviour of the context menu in the pop-up window to disable the option


    I have the table with the context menu of the pop-up window

    < f: facet name = "contextMenu" >
    < af:popup binding = "#{backingBeanScope.backing_jsf_fragments_postoffice_ContentMovementsView.p1}" id = "p1" contentDelivery = "immediate" > "
    < af:menu text = "menu 2" binding = "#{backingBeanScope.backing_jsf_fragments_postoffice_ContentMovementsView.m2}" id = "m2" > "
    < af:commandMenuItem text = "#{web_Bundle ['']}" "
    Binding = "#{backingBeanScope.backing_jsf_fragments_postoffice_ContentMovementsView.cmi3}" id = 'cmi3' "
    actionListener = "#{backingBeanScope.backing_jsf_fragments_postoffice_ContentMovementsView.showEditBookRecordPopupActionListener} '"
    Disabled = ' #{bindings. " RecordStateName.inputValue == 'ARRANGED'} "/ >"

    disabled the option works strange. When I right click on the folder with RecordStateName.inputValue = 'ARRANGED' menuItem is enabled. By selecting this menuItem enabled, nothing happens but menuItem is disabled. Disabled menuItem never going back active even I right click RecordStateName.inputValue "ARRANGED" <>and click on disabled menuItem does nothing.

    Help me how do to turn menuItem in context menu of the pop-up window.

    I use JD Studio Edition Version on Weblogic

    Thanks in advance


    You must use contentDelivery = "lazyUncached" to the context menu for re-read its content.


  • Context menu of the object library

    I created a bar of navigation flight path images and popups with links. I just inserted the navigation bar in the library as an object so that it can be placed in all the pages of my site. However, when you insert the navigation bar object into a new page, the text and links do not copy on the behaviour of the context menu.

    The flight path images work fine, but I can't get the popup to work after it is inserted into a new page. The links in the pop-up menu will change frequently so I want to be able to change just the file source and Dreamweaver to update automatically the other 40 pages +. Y at - it solution or a better way?

    Thanks for your time.

    > Is there a solution or a better way?

    There are two solutions * and * best ways.

    1. never use these context menus in DW/FW. They are clumsy, tedious, and
    simply broken.

    Check the uberlink and tutorials at PVII m

    and the tutorial/articles instead of Thierry Navbar

    Or this one (most recent article):

    Or it will quickly, click here.

    2 consider using models of DW, or inclusions side server to resolve your
    question interview (having to make changes to each page). Read about them
    the two DW F1 help.

    Murray - ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you * MUST * write me, don't don't LAUGH when you do!)
    ================== - template Triage! - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources - Macromedia (MM) Technotes

    "eroc121" wrote in message
    News:[email protected].
    > I created a composed the menus pop up navigation bar and the flight path images
    > with
    > Links. I have that insert the navigation bar in the library as an object so
    > who
    > it can be placed in all the pages of my site. However, when
    > insertion
    > the purpose of navigation in a new page, the text and links bar do not copy
    > on
    > with the behaviour of the context menu.
    > Flight path images work fine, but I can't get the popup to work
    > after
    > inserting into a new page. The links in the pop-up menu will be
    > changing
    > frequently so I want to be able to simply edit the source file and have
    > Dreamweaver automatically update other pages 40 +. Is there a solution
    > or
    > best way?
    > Thanks for your time.

  • Failed to create the menu popup JavaScript with to display the context Menu with the help of add behaviors

    Whenever I load a page with this added behavior and test it with my link, I get a message "error on Page".

    Here's what I do:

    Create a new HTML page in Dreamweaver 8.0.2 and save it.

    Add a hyperlink in the Insert-> menu hyperlink. Do not put anything in it except a few example of text; "THIS IS a TEST", or something.

    Select the hyperlink and choose "Show the context Menu" in the tag behaviors menu tab ' + '. The dialog box will appear.

    Add a single item and add a link to a page. Do not change the other options. Click OK to close the dialog box and the code will be added to the page.

    Save the HTML page again and press F12 to load the page on your test server and display them in a browser.

    Hover your mouse over the link to test. Nothing happens and there is a message in the status bar at the bottom of the browser, "error on Page".

    OK, it works. I saw the source file that are listed there, but I assumed that Dreamweaver would be to download the file with the HTML file to test on my test server. Usually, I'm prompted to download all the dependent files. Is there an exhibitor or dreamweaver do not miss this link?

    I'm sold on convictions explained in the rants you have linked, but only after I see that Dreamweaver menus don't work. It is not entirely necessary for my completely dependent users of my menus, they are only a feature of page layout.

    Since I have the ear, maybe you could tell me something before my attempt it: is it possible to generate the JavaScript using PHP? I would like to include JavaScript in the context of records with PHP MySQL. Is there another possible solution from PHP? I guess that ASP is a solution already and maybe Flash too.

    This is the kind of page I'm working on that:

    I would like to see a drop down menu for each trial where the number of witnesses is less than 10 to save someone the trouble to open a new page just to see a list of ten names.

  • How to customize the context menu in the legend of plotting the graph of wave?

    I am currently on the creation of a simulation of various control loops as educational objectives. Here, I have a chart in waveform to different signals. Now my question, how to customize the context menu in the track of the Waveform graph legend => when I click on 'image' behind the Plotnames one menu to open options where you can customize the color etc. or plotwidth. But students should not have access to these settings. How can I change or disable this menu? The context menu for the waveform graph, I've already customized by right click on table of waveform-Advanced online-online menu, but for the legend of conspiracy, I have not found this setting...

    Thanks for your answers... I tried different things, but I don't see a solution yet :-(

    See you soon


    Hi, STC,

    There have been a number of suggestions for change or disable the table , right-click menu, but I see that this does not affect the context menu of legend , which is what you ask for help with.

    To prevent completely the menu right-click to work, you must disable the chart control entirely. You can do this by double-clicking on the chart and select Advanced Options > active state > disabled. This will prevent the operator to be able to generate a menu right click on the chart control.

    If however you still wanted the table, make a right click menu to work, but the legend made a right-click menu will be disabled, I see two options:

    1. draw a classic decoration square on the legend and the transparent color. This will prevent the mouse clicks to achieve the legend, and transparent it will not interfere with your user interface appearance.

    2 use a Structure of the event to capture the event filter Popup Menu of Activation?  for the chart control. You can then use the Coords property to determine if the mouse is over the legend or not. If this is the case, send faithful away? right Terminal. It will refuse the context menu when the user clicks on the legend of the plot.

  • Context menu in the list field

    Hi, I want to make the context menu, which will apper when the user clicks on an item in the list filed. It will be displayed right on the field.

    I don't see my context menu when the user clicks the button menu blackberry.

    Thank you.

    Finally that I do.

    I take a look at the example of ContactListDemo. Now it's working.

    I put this code in my screen main clas.

       protected void makeMenu(Menu menu, int instance)
              super.makeMenu(menu, instance);
          private class ViewEmailMenuItem extends MenuItem
                public ViewEmailMenuItem()
                    super("View Email", 0x00000000, 0);
                public void run()
                    Dialog.inform("You clicked.");

    I'll open another thread about removing default menu items. See all keyboard, switching Applications and full menu.

  • Upcoming context menu in the screenshot using Display.Screenshot

    Hi all

    I have a Menu item. When click on that I take screenshot, but I also get the context menu in the screenshot. I want only the screenshot to the screen behind the context menu.

    Pointers for this?

    Thanks in advance,


    Thanks for you answers.

    I tried to have the timer also option to wait for a while before taking screenshot didn't work.

    Then I tried after option, it worked. I've added a call to repaint before taking a screenshot. Is this a good method to do?

    // Added this line before taking screenshot UiApplication.getUiApplication().repaint();

    I'll also explore the options mentioned by you.

    Thank you


  • Add context menu of the taskbar using the registry editor

    I am able to add context menu items in the background of the Office (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell) or records (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\Shell) but I can't find the key needed to do this to the taskbar. What is it?

    As far as I KNOW, you can add items to the context menu of the taskbar. All we can add is deskbands and custom toolbars (if you are a programmer.)

  • How to add the menu item in the context menu of the Gallery

    Hi all

    I am new bie BlackBerrry development. Does anyone know how to add a menu item in the context menu of the BlackBerry Gallery. In other words, when I am browsing photos in the Gallery, click on the menu, there will be a configurable option so that my request will be executed when I select this item.

    Thank you

    See this article. _...

    Check the class ApplicationMenuItemRepository for applications where you can add the custom menu item.

  • A split screen device would hold the part of the static web page and allow you to scroll through the rest, it is possible?

    I would like to be able to hold part of a static web page while scrolling down, more often if you follow a tutorial on the screen for setting something with 8.1, (unusual).
    This feature would be similar to what office programs such as excel.
    Is it feasible, or if I should open the same web page in several windows?

    See if it still works.

  • In the latest Version of FireFox 9 Page Starup of Mozilla Firefox, pls which is the default home page no longer works, when you click it says invalid link, look at this and fix it...

    In the latest Version of FireFox 9 Page Starup of Mozilla Firefox, pls which is the default home page no longer works, when you click it says invalid link, look at this and fix it...

    Can be caused by a corrupt installation of Visual C++ (several versions can be installed-by-side; SxS) it lacks certain runtime components (Redistributable Package).


  • If I have two buttons on my menu that go to the same web page, should I have two copies of this web page?

    I am creating a menu bar that will pop up the menus. Some of the pop-up menus will point to the same web pages. I have to make copies of these web pages, or the url can only be repeated?

    Hi Robin,

    If you use the Menu Type of manual, you can repeat the URL. However, if you do not use the manual Menu, you need to make copies of the page because then you cannot assign the URL manually.

    Kind regards


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