Is it possible to favorite lockmy of the other users of my cpu

I have personal files and information of the Bank in my favorites. My daughter and son inlaw move home so expect they use my cpu. IWant those things stay private IE block them on my favorites that your help would be appreciated thanks.

Protect your Windows account with a password and create the separate Windows account for the other family members who use the computer.

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  • How can I stop firefox sync to synchronize with the other user accounts on windows 7

    I have 2 user accounts on my computer. When I put it to Firefox sync on my computer to also synchronize user account all my favorites, passwords, & information to Firefox in the other user accounts on my computer (windows 7). I don't want to have all my information is synchronized when using Firefox, other user accounts. y at - it a setting that I am not seeing that I can use to fix this?

    Go to Menu > tab OptionsSync > disconnect it > sign in with this account you want...

  • How can I share 'My images' with the other user accounts on my computer?

    How can I share 'My images' with the other user accounts on my computer?

    where are the 'experts' on these forums adverstised?  I can't get an answer to a simple question.  Does anyone know how to do this?

    Here we are, ok, I'm not an expert, but try this:

    Right click on 'My images' > share > specific people... > select that you want to share this folder with.


    After that, try to connect by using a different account. If you will not be able to open C:\Users\"FirstUser"\Pictures, you try to extend the network in the left pane of Windows Explorer > expand ComputerName > expand users > expand "FirstUser" > photos

  • I have Windows Server 2008 R2. I have set up the desktop remotely for 5 users, but each time a user logged on to the other user will be disconnected.

    issue license remote dekstop

    I have Windows Server 2008 R2. I have set up the desktop remotely for 5 users, but each time a user logged on to the other user will be disconnected. Is this a problem with the license? Is it how do I get license for 10 users remote desktop? Thank you

    You will get the best answers by posting in the dedicated remote desktop on TechNet Forum:

    Remote Desktop Forum services (Terminal Services)

  • Windows 8 shows the other user when I start. How can I disable this?

    When I start my computer, I get a screen that says the other user. I have to hit enter where the password should go and then I'll get the back button which will reveal my user account, but the other user account is listed next to it. I don't have an active guest account so I don't know what the other user account and I can't turn it off. I had my computer configured to just start up and go to my Start menu. I'm not sure but I think after an update to windows 8 a few weeks ago he has changed. I took the shot of what it looks like, but I'm not sure how to download on this forum. I looked to see if anyone else has had a similar problem, but I haven't seen any. Anyone know what is happening? Thank you


    Before reinstalling the operating system, I suggest you update Windows 8. Check out the link to do so:
    "How do I restore, refresh or reset your PC.
    Read the sections "refresh your PC without affecting your files.
    Note: The applications that came with your PC or you installed on Windows Store will be reinstalled, but all the apps you have installed other Web sites and DVD is deleted. Windows puts a list of applications on your desktop after you refresh your PC.

    Please answer us with the status of this issue.
  • Player 11 locks up for a single user, but the other user on the PC 'EVEN' works very well!

    Hello Adobe and group. I tried all of the recommended patches that I can find. Windows 7 Home Premium perfectly up-to-date. Uninstall/reinstall adobe, accept the eula, remove the hard drive and run anti-virus/malware/spyware/kasperskyrootkit programs on my test PC. No solution. VERY strange that one user can be logged on to the PC and the drive works fine weather the other user is logged in or not. Another user opens 11 reader and it crashes instantly and permanently until the end of the task by the Manager tasks.

    Of all my reading, it looks like a recurring problem. Is there a real solution for this? Please share if so!

    Try Acrobat/Reader software cleaner then re - install:

  • Extended Analytics (how to share the model to the other user)


    Can any one please tell me how to share the extended Analytics (already created model) model to the other user.

    Thanks in advance,

    Scopes analytical models are user specific, although I think that that has changed after that some released in the series 9.x. Hyperion, at one point had a utility that allows you to copy the template from one user to another, but I don't know if that still exists. It may just be easier to have users to recreate it in the short term since it is really just a problem of selection of metadata.


  • block the other user procedure

    Dear all

    I have


    Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    AMT for Linux: release - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production

    I doubt that how u block the other user procedure when executing
    means that if a user executes the procedure, and the procedure takes too long to complete.
    and right there I want to restrict the procedure must be performed by the user to another

    all users have grants to perform this procedure

    How do I do


    Hitesh Hello,

    You can set a flag in a table when you start the procedure by an independent transaction, is visible to other sessions. When your procedure is completed, you reset the flag.

    On each call to the procedure, you read the flag. When it is set, then you will raise an error as "The procedure currently in use".


  • 30EA2 I see not synonymous in the scheme of the other user

    I can see the tables in the schema of the other user and can choose against the synonym that references the table, but I don't see the synonym itself in the scheme of the other user. I can using Toad.

    Again, fixed.

  • Handles Bezier is possible to move independently of the other?

    Hello. I use CS5 on a PC. I should preface this by saying it's a long time that I've used a vector graphics program, and when I did, it was Macromedia Freehand.

    I create an object with the pen tool, and I would like to adjust the curves on either side of the anchor independently of the other. There's a function to do this in Freehand, but I can't seem to find it's Illustrator equivalent. Is there a function like this, or is there another way to go about this?

    Thank you!


    Hold the Alt key while dragging the handle with white pointer. This makes a point of inflection point angle.

    Edit: Sorry, not not when dragging, but before you drag, holding Alt while dragging and after releasing the mouse will create a copy of the curved segment. I see the post from Scott but the white pointer (direct selection tool is the official name) is a different tool than Scott suggests, so you can do it with or the other of these tools.

  • created by the "other" user suddenly on my logon page?

    I have a mac and have two Admin user accounts in addition to the guest account automatically created by mac. I connect to an account in the other, and suddenly, I saw a fourth user account created named 'other' and has two areas, one for the user name and the following line for the password. I tried to connect using the account of origin on the mac and it allowed to connect. Does anyone have an idea how it happened? I've attached a photo for reference. Thank you

    Have you enabled the Root user for some reason any?

    Have you created a user 'hidden '?

  • Outlook Express 2, an ok, the other users receive the email from territory but has not received from abroad. Why is this?

    A computer - system-Windows XP Pro users have Outlook Express, it receives messages from anywhere in the world the other receives e-mail from senders

    within countries.

    Compare the settings for account of the two accounts and rules of messages & senders blocked. If they are the same, connect with your e-mail server.

  • Windows vista does not open and goes to the other user that does not exist

    I try to open to all modes goes directly to any other user who has never been assigned a password. Now Icant open workstation to all the .whassup


    1. don't you make changes on the computer until the problem started?
    2. how many accounts do you have on the computer?
    3 have you tried to start the computer in Safe Mode?

    If you are unable to start the computer in safe mode, and then try to run a system restore from the System Recovery Options menu.

    See these articles for help:

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher
    Microsoft technical support engineer

  • Troubleshooting slow running under a user account from Win7 machine and normally with the other user accounts on same (or other) third-party app

    Hoping that this is not too off-topic, but I'm really running out of ideas...

    I have this trading program full license (TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 4.2) who has worked on my Win7/64 for several months, and in recent weeks, has become excruciatingly slow for every user interaction (but not for real computing), making it essentially unusable (1'30 to launch vs 3 normally, 30 "seconds waiting to launch a 'new project' vs.)<1s normally,="">

    When 'pending' launch application or respond to a command, 12% of the full CPU (8 logical cores on CPU Core i7 third Gen) is used by a single process: the offending application (look at the Task Manager, 1 logical core is used to +/-80%, a second for about 15% of this process). All other processes are still at 0% CPU usage.

    Of course, I tried & tested many things including full-/ re-installation of the application with a careful cleaning etc., corresponding registry entries software disabling AV (Avira free), .net Framework Repair Tool, etc... no change! The disc has been checked and is OK.

    Some interesting tips:

    This app worked fine for several months before the problem started abruptly a few weeks; I tried to uninstall .net Framework 4.5 updates to a date prior to the date of beginning of apparent problem, does not; I came back to an earlier version of the offending software: no change.

    But the most interesting observation is that the app works well at the launch of any other user account on the same machine Win7/64 (whether with the normal credentials or admin), so for me that means there should be no conflict of software on the computer, only something in my profile of the main user who causes the app behave so slowly.

    At this point, the Helpdesk of the seller looks distraught - too.

    Suggestions for troubleshooting?

    BTW: I consider that this computer is well managed, and no rogue or untrusted app sleeps there. my main profile is fairly heavily customized for my work, so I want to avoid workaround last resort would be to create a new user account as work environment main (besides the fact that I hate not to find the root cause of the problem)


    Given that this problem is specific to the user's profile. I suspect that some programs that are installed or some settings in the profile translates into this problem. You can fix a corrupted user profile by following the steps in this article:

    I hope this helps.

  • Libraries will not appear in the other user accounts


    How can I get my libraries (documents and photos) is displayed in the two user accounts on my home computer, Windows 7?

    We had to do a system restore, so saved our documents and photos on an external drive. After the restoration of the system, we have uploaded our docs and images on the computer.  But they appear only in one of our user accounts. How can we make the libraries 'cross' to the two user accounts?

    Thank you!

    A library is basically a result of the research.  It scans all the "included folders" you set and shows you what it found in a point of view combined.  If at this point, your library should show you all the files of the profiles as well , in a single 'view of the library.  I do the same thing with my video library: it shows all the movies of my video file, more computer of my roommate, and my external hard drive full of movies.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • the window update crashes my computer

    I have a lenovo thinkpad t400 and running vista business SP2 32-bit. I have this problem since October, it seems after I install an update from the my computer window will sometimes freeze and hang on to the login page of window or when it is in the

  • destination folder access denied in external HARD disk

    I have problem with my external hard drive on windows. I am running windows out of boot camp, my external hard drive had drivers mac and is the mac format what ever he calls. Here's the question, I can't access my hard drive on my other laptop window