Is it possible to find all photos that are not in a collection?

Is it possible to find all photos that are not in a collection? I want to find images that do not already belong to a specific collection, but should.

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Please take a look at the article, it should be useful:

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  • How to find all photos in LR not in a collection?

    Someone at - it figures out how to do this?

    Create a smart collection with a criterion Collection name / do not contain / a e i o u

  • How is possible to create a smart collection to find all the photos that are not belongs to any collection?


    How is possible to create a Smart Collection to find all the photos are not belongs to any collection?

    "Yesterday I was importing a lot of photo when my camera battery died then I succeeded him and continued to import without thinking that the previous import collection literally means" previous import. "

    So I need to find a way to create a smart collection that will reveal all the photos that do not belong to any collection.

    I solved the problem with a workaround is creating a collection based on the date of the photo which worked well, but must be nice to have a more general collection to find all the photo that are not from the collections.

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    Another way to do

    1. Select all photos in the catalog

    2 dismiss a color label

    3. go to collections and multi select all your collections (ctrl)

    4. select images and give them a color

    5. return to the catalogue

    6. filter by color label - No

  • I want to see just all the Photos that are not in an album - possible?


    is it possible to see all the photos that are not in the album?

    Photo on Mac



    Yes, create smart albums with the rule 'Album isn't everything. "

    For the file menu: file > new Smart album

    This album will contain all the photos that are not in any standard album.

  • How can I see the photos that are not in an album?

    How can I see the photos that aren't in an album in the App "Photos"? I noticed that in the Album 'Pictures' are pictures I thought I deleted already. I would like to see all the photos in an album, so I can finally delete them.

    You can go the the file menu Photos and click New Smart Album, and then set the condition of Album - is not. This will create a smart album that will show you all the photos that are not in any other album.

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  • How can I find the images that are not in the catalogue?

    I imported about 600 photos of a friend of Wakeboarding in Lightroom. I then analyzed quickly through them and remove those who were not good.

    I wanted to delete these photos in the album. However, in about 10 cases I accidentally their removed from the catalog, not from disk.

    All photos of the wakeboard are in the same folder; There are no other images in this folder.

    Is there a way to find out what images are in this folder, but are not in the Lightroom Catalog?


    Probably the easiest way would be to reimport them in their folder (make sure that the box Import suspected duplicates is enabled).

    Those who imported will be reflected in import previous "collection." In the grid view, select all and press the delete key. Click the appropriate button on the box that appears.


  • How do you find the photos which are not geotagged - have no gps data?

    As I struggle to learn Lightroom CC spend opening I'm stuck on how to find the files that have no marking of gps.  In library view if I click on the arrow to the right of the info from GPS field in the metadata I takes me directly on the card module and it displays the image on the card.  This method differs by clicking the arrow to the right of, say, the lens area where metadata selector arrives so I can choose among various options of metadata.

    In short, I want to find all images in a folder that have not been geotagged.

    View > show filter bar. Click on metadata, and then set the first column of GPS data.  Click any coordinate:

  • How to remove photos that are NOT on the photo stream

    I downloaded pictures from my camera to the computer, then on my iPhone.

    I cannot delete them now.

    The only way is to delete them from my computer I DON'T want to do.  I want to just delete from my iPhone because they take up far too much space.

    Help please.

    Hello Dolek,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities.

    It sounds, you want to know how to remove the pictures that have been synchronized to your iPhone, but you want to make sure that these photos are not deleted from your PC. Try to take a glance at the article below, the link that describes the process of synchronization of photos to a folder on your PC to your iPhone, and remove photos from the selected folder or choose a different folder that you want to synchronize the photos since.

    Sync photos from your computer to your device via iTunes - Apple Support iOS

    So long.

  • Is it possible to restore my photos that have not been backed up and that are now deleted?

    I recently deleted my pictures / videos on my iPhone (5 c), thinking that they were saved. I forgot to save my pictures / videos so I lost all. Is it possible to recover them without them being on a backup to iCloud?

    If you don't back them up, it is not the case to recover since. They no longer exist.

  • Cannot find the photos that did not exist before 8/2011

    Original title: missing pictures before the restoration of 8\2011...system has not worked, the event logs do not show them... help

    I have looked through most of the files and done everything you are prompted and don't still no sign photos

    1. who is the operating system installed on the computer?
    2. did you of recent changes to the computer?
    System Restore helps you restore system files from your computer to an earlier point in time. It will not delete or affect your personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos.
    1:Try method to search for the photos.
    Find a file or folder:
    Method 2: Try to view the files and search for photos.
    Show hidden files:
    I hope this helps!
  • Find indexes in the schema that are not used

    Anyone know an easy way to SQL or EM to find all indexes that are not used (not accessed) in a schema?

    Published by: user552215 on January 26, 2012 04:15


    Please see:

    Identify unused indexes [ID 144070.1]
    Identify unused indexes with the ALTER INDEX TRACKING controls [ID 136642.1]

    Respect of

  • How to find all photos in Lightroom where the original file is not found?


    I know there are a lot of pictures in my library in Lightroom where the original file is not found. How can I find all the photos for which this is the case? In other words, I see the exclamation point error in the upper right part of some photos and I would like to find all photos that have this condition so that I can link them to the originals.

    Thank you


    In the library Module, chose the menu library/search all missing Photos

  • How to view photos that does not belong to any Album

    I would like to organize my photos according to the Album. In iPhoto, if the photo is not in any case, its automatically appears in "Untitled event".

    But in the Photos, we have no events. So I have to sort photos from Albums.

    How to find the photos that does not belong to albums?

    Define a smart album with smart rule: "Album is not everything.

    File > new > smart album

  • How to filter the catalog images that are/are not in a collection?

    Hi all.

    Simple enough question: how to filter for images of catalog that are or are not in a collection?

    I want to know this, so when I'm removing not classified images can I make sure I have avoid the dumping of those I have added to a collection, but neglected to give them a rating.

    Thank you


    There are two non-obvious ways to find photos that are not in any regular collection of (non-puce):

    1. to add all these photos in the quick Collection:

    1. In the catalog Panel, right click on the Collection quick and make clear quick Collection.
    2. In the catalog Panel, select all photographs.
    3. Photo > stacking > expand all stacks.
    4. In the Collections Panel, select all collections by clicking on the first collection and then shift-click on the last one. If you don't want to include smart collections, then Ctrl/Cmd-click on them in order to exclude them.
    5. Edition > select all.
    6. In the catalog Panel, select all photographs.
    7. Edition > reverse selection.
    8. Photo > add to quick Collection.

    2 create a smart collection with the following criteria:

    Collection does not contain a b c d... z 1 0... 9

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