Is it possible to make DVD Region Free of A60?

Hi all

Is it possible to make my DVD of game (742) Satellite A60 in the region?

Currently, I can play region 2 DVDs.

My computer:
-Windows XP Home Edition (Swedish)
-Pioneer DVR K13A, revision 2.00

Thank you and best regards,
Thomas Jedenfelt

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HI Thomas,

You can select the desired region by going into the properties of your DVD-ROM (right clivk on icon workstation).

You can only change the region 5 times before it becomes permanent how he will stay on the last selected region.

There is no legitimate way to make your drive "set".

Kind regards

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    As far as I know it of not possible to change the parameters after you changed dvd region-free settings 4 times.

    I read that the using DVD region free software can remove settings, but I put t have tested and it is possible that this program can damage the drive. In this case you can do but at your own risk! Also I m not 100% sure if this procedure works.

    Check this box

    Good bye

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    I don't know if you know but all readers of DVD from different manufacturers support this latch area of the DVD.
    This option appears not only on Toshiba laptops, but on all computers with DVD players.
    The fact is that it is not possible to remove this lock of DVD region one road legal. You can change 5 times only, but then the dvd player should be locked.

    Of course, I found these programs that could remove it but I've never tested.
    In my opinion these cracks don't work and it s really risky to do that because you may damage the firmware of CD/DVD players.

    I don't know exactly why develop manufacturers of discs discs with this feature, but the fact is that there are on the disc and you cannot remove it.

    By the way; I found this useful discussion:𚰊

    There is an explanation why you can't remove DVD region release:

    + The commercial DVD player specification requires that a player to be sold in a given location should not play discs encoded for a different region (region 0 discs are not restricted). The purpose of this system is to allow motion picture studios to control the various aspects of a release (including content, date and in particular, price) depending on the region. In the practice of many DVD players are or can be changed to be multi-region, allowing playback of all discs. Entirely independent of encryption Content Scramble System (CSS), region coding pertains to regional lockout, which originated in the video game industry. +

    Good bye

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    Sorry, but the firmware update will not remove the DVD region lock.
    The fact is that you can change 5 times this option, then the option is locked and it of not possible to change it.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing to see!

    If you wish, you can consult this announcement:

  • DVD Region Free - Satellite M70-160

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    Thank you


    As much as I know there is no legitimate way to make your player multi-region. Everything you do is illegal. Google around and you will find a variety of information and different tools. If something is not the disc is more under warranty.

    Good bye

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    Unfortunately, it was possible to change the free parameters of the region 5 times. After this change, the settings are locked. It is not possible to make the region free drive new ;(

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    So is it a software or the ability to solve this problem, or do I really need to get an external hard drive?

    Another question, is my Toshiba DVD player flashes for a while that, for no reason.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to make the DVD player region free legal way if you have already changed the region 5 times code.
    Now the region code is locked.

    Of course, I have read on various websites that it would be possible to remove this protection from the region and to unlock code region but to my knowledge, this is not legal and very risky.

    Such tools flash the firmware, but it could damage the master/slave/c-salt settings and then the BIOS does not recognize the disc correctly. In addition the player couldn't handle CD/DVD media correctly. In this forum, you will find some discussion on issues

    So to answer you question. using this 3rd party software would be detrimental to the training and would negate the warranty.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P750 - how to make DVD multi region?

    My bluray player won't read the unimaginatively DVD 4.

    How can I make my region 4 dvd/bluray multi region for DVD?

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    If it's an off change and it is identical to a dvd then in the device manage the properties of the drive should allow you 4 changes.
    It has been a rapid change in registry in Windows 95. I don't know if it's the same for W7 and I do not say more about it. If it's simple then I would expect there are free programs out there to do

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    As much as I know HD-DVD will not be locked to the regions and you will be able to play HD - DVD's purchased in different countries.

    I can confirm that HD - DVD bought in the United States is playable on Qosmio G30 (portable WXP) friends.

  • Satellite M40-300: is it possible to make a CD or a DVD for all facilities?


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    and the other for a linux?

    For Linux I want to install Red Hat Fedora Core 4 all devices are compatible or not? and where I can get driver for this?

    Thank you very much

    PS: Sorry for my English I'm French.


    First of all there is no drivers for Linux because Toshiba doesn t supports the Linux operating system. All Toshiba units are shipped with the Microsoft Windows operating system.
    I also work with Linux, but I use a different distribution. I use Knoppix because I n t need to install anything whatsoever on the HARD drive and I can use this Linux as other Linux distributions.

    On a CD/DVD creation: do you know that Symantec Ghost?
    This tool allows to create an image file or a CD/DVD image you OS. I don't know if it works with Linux, but as I suggested, you can use a Knoppix ;) m

    Hoppe these tips will help you make a decision.

    Good bye

  • DVD region of Mat * a UJ - 820 s!

    Can someone help me solve my problem on my DVD-ROM DVD region? I tried several free software DVD region, but none of them worked. Therefore, I must only watch DVDs with region 2. The strange thing is that these software worked on the laptop from my friend who is not toshiba, but on my laptop, it can make no effect. Please help me! I appreciate the answers really.
    Thank you

    Hello David

    In my opinion, you can't write on any kind of problem. Each player used in Toshiba laptops can change the region code for a quintuple. The last code used will be fixed and there is no way to change this.

    It is well known that it can be changed by using different software, but why it is not possible to do it on your player I can't explain.

    Good bye

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    The DVD region is limited and can be changed to 4 or 5 times
    If the option is grayed out then that would mean that you have already changed this time view settings and now it is not possible to s more.
    In my experience it of not possible to disable this limitation

    Of course, there are a lot of different information about this and many people are trying to solve this problem by updating the firmware using a few pirates and unofficial software but I would not recommend this because it could damage the STRANGE
    In the worst case the ODD won't read and write Ant records

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    I am about to purchase a Qosmio G20 wasn't what I just learned today that they won't be available mid-2005 in Belgium.

    However, in preparation since then, I have a few questions:

    Because the Qosmio is a DVD playback mode without having to start Windows, this means that the region will be probably set somewhere in the Bios for a given region.

    Travel laptop users and my partner is American, so we have DVD region 1 and 2.

    Are there any evolution of the WinDVD software when running on Qosmio the failing lock a region code after X play. I've never understood that laptops (mobile systems) have the same restrictions as the reception of readers of DVD/entertainment (whow by the way no one knows!)

    So, how can we play the two regions on the Qosmio G20 or anything that will be available for the Belgium.

    Thank you

    Post edited by: Danny

    The bounding can be changed 5 times.

    After the last selected region Code is saved in the DVD player.

    But also, there are a lot of programs (Freeware) that help make your life easier and work around this Limitation.

    The only thing that you can do this through precaution is to google all over the place.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M40: Can't watch DVD-> DVD region code locked


    I know this has been asked before, but there must be a solution...

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M40 with a CARPET * a DVD UJ - 841S drive. I used my 5 times to change regions, and now I'm stuck on NTSC. I read on this forum (and others) that it is simply not possible to unlock the region once the 5 times have exhausted.

    Is it possible to copy the DVD (film) on my hard drive and watch it then?
    There must be a way!

    Any information would be great, thanks.
    See you soon,.
    Matt Savage


    As mentioned it of not possible to unlock the DVD player on a legal way.
    Of course, I found many sites that suggest that it of possible to unlock the firmware flash drive.
    But believe me; It is not desirable and very risky!
    You may damage the disc and then you can not read or burn CD or DVD media!

    I put t know if it is possible to copy the DVD to the HDD in a simple way. I never did.
    But it of possible to reduce the DVD to the smaller size, then copy it to the HARD drive.
    For this procedure, I used DVD shrink. You can check.

  • are region free installation discs

    Purchase mac pro 2008. Want to run apple hardware test, but do not have the disks. Are the installation diskettes (which have the hardware test) region free? I found a set of UK.

    Thanks a lot for all the replies.

    No details of Mac OS X DVD contains the Apple Hardware Test. If you happen to get replacement discs of origin for your model of Mac, Yes.


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