Is it possible to organize the bookmarks into folders? Is it possible to import bookmarks from another browser (by default) (not counting the native browser or Chrome)?

I have some Favorites in my default browser (browser CM) and not savor the idea of manually re-create all. I also want to keep them organized by categories. -File system is very useful.


The model of authorisation for Android does not access other apps to their settings. Chrome and the stock Android browser have some special access rules that allow to see the bookmarks of other applications. Also, is it possible to import bookmarks from Chrome or the stock Android browser.

Bookmark management can be done in Firefox via Firefox Sync Office. See

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  • When you try to import the bookmarks, the ability to import data from another browser is not active in the import and backup from the tap in the history. So, how to import bookmarks on my file?

    I followed the instructions of Firefox to import bookmarks/favorites to Internet Explorer. It does not work because the import data from another browser is not active in the import tab and backup in the history. The instructions read to use this tab, but does not work because it cannot be selected.

    Make sure that you are not Firefox running in permanent private browsing mode.

    To view the history settings and cookies, choose: Tools > Options > privacy, choose the setting Firefox will: use the custom settings for the story of

    • Uncheck the box: [] "always use the navigation mode private.
  • Import data from another browser - only a few favorite IE9 are transferred in bookmarks. Solution HTML - HTML file all Favorites OK, but same result

    Win7 / IE9: use for the first time. Example: A folder of Favorites has 4 entries HTML - only 2 transferred. Some have none transferred - empty folder. Others have correct random + some disappeared persons.

    All of Monday
    I can see the full list of favorite IE9 HTML in HTML file on desktop with Firefox-> new tab-> open file-> open
    In the desktop HTML file, there are 37 files IE9 with no more nesting 3 deep in all of a high. They are all correct wrt favorite IE9.

    All records albums + deeper nests are copied in FF ok. Random content. Copied content works ok

    7 unassigned to IE9 HTML web sites best records are also copied <-these 7 copy on FF and work well

    Example: First file in the list of IE9 has no nesting., IE9 has 4 entries - Firefox has only 2. What other method of reproduction is used.

    BTW - please let know us how I can delete entire list of bookmarks in Firefox button to try again with a clean list of bookmarks

    I'll uninstall Firefox and start over with a clean copy and use the HTML only method to try to transfer IE (files. I'll bring result.

    BTW, I'm in the United Kingdom at the time of UK - where delays to answer - need to sleep sometime!

    Tuesday night


    I uninstalled Firefox. Re installed and loaded with favorite IE9 to HTML file.

    All seem to be copied correctly

    First time that I started using the "import data from another browser. Partial is copied.
    Then I tried 'Import HTML file' without deleting any favorite had been copied. Always partial copied.

    Everything seems fine.

  • I couldn't add the Favorites of internet explore because "important data from another browser" are gray

    I tried to import favorites to internet explore, but I find the tab 'import data from another browser' was grey (not active)

    Make sure that you are not Firefox running in permanent private browsing mode.

    To view the history settings and cookies, choose:

    • Tools > Options > privacy, choose the setting Firefox will: use the custom settings for the story of
    • Uncheck the box: [] "always use the navigation mode private.
  • How to import bookmarks from another browser of the user of firefox?

    Microsoft suggests using the admin profile / user as its main internet navigation meeting place, I made another account with limited access to security purposes. The problem is that my admin account has all of my favorite Firefox! So basically, I'm trying to import Mozilla Firefox bookmarks to another? Mozilla Firefox browser on my computer! Most of your help import is form ANOTHER browser, Chrome, explore, ect, but not from Firefox Firefox, if you want to. Does make sense?

    Please try to export your Firefox bookmarks first and then import them to your favorite browser, see:

  • Import bookmarks from another browser chrome or IE

    I've been using Comodo browser before and have all my favorites here. Although Comodo browser is chrome based I could not import my favorites.
    Please notify.
    Thank you

    Firefox will import bookmarks from Chrome, but obviously not from the browser from Comodo.

    Please check with the Comodo browser support and ask them how export your bookmarks in bookmarks.html format, as all browsers I've never seen used for import bookmarks / favorites that were exported from a different brand - and browser to export even.

    The bookmarks.html format is / was the unofficial standard for import and export to and from web browsers for many years, but not all browsers still supports this "standard."

    I don't use Chrome and Opera (based on WebKit, as Chrome) according to me does not seem to support the bookmarks.html format to export bookmarks more - or I didn't want this feature in Opera quite hard.

  • How to import bookmarks from another browser

    The instructions for importing Internet Explorer Favorites work fine - except - after repeated attempts, it doesn't matter what part of my favorites. I arranged them in folders, and it stops in the C whenever I tried. What I am doing wrong?

    One thing you can try is to go to a browser, save the bookmarks
    in HTML format. You should then be able to add the HTML file without
    losing your current bookmarks. Do not forget to save everything
    first... J I C.

  • When I try to import the Favorites of IE using "Import Data from Other Browser" it is grayed out. Why is this?

    I'm trying to follow the instructions of the Firefox Help. Step 2 to import bookmarks is to select the option "Import data from another browser" in history-library-import and backup. However, this option is grayed out for me and I can't select it. Why is this grayed out? How can I make this?

    Make sure that you do not use Firefox mode of private - browsing using Firefox without saving history .

    • To view the history settings and cookies, choose: Firefox > Options > privacy, choose the setting Firefox will: use the custom settings for the story of
    • : Uncheck the [] "always use the private browsing mode.

    Now do-> Import Favorites to Internet Explorer

    Check and tell if its working.

    Not related to your problem, but your Plugins are out of date

    • Update all of your Firefox Plugins->
    • During the installation of the Plugins download files hotfix, remove the check mark to download any other software options with your Plugins (for example, toolbars, McAfee, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • Is it possible to import existing bookmarks in Firefox from another browser installed on my computer

    Is it possible to import existing bookmarks directly in Firefox from another browser installed on my computer? I am currently using Google Chrome and have amassed a lot of bookmarks, currently divided into a number of different subfolders. A simple method to transfer these massively would save a lot of time!

    This link shows how to import Google chrome -

  • I have different bookmarks I want to keep on each computer, synchronization will delete the bookmarks on a single computer and replace the bookmarks from another computer in their place

    I have not yet used sync, but I sense it's going to be a problem if I do. I have different bookmarks I want to keep it on each computer. Sync will delete the bookmarks on a single computer and replace the bookmarks from another computer in their place? So I think that will erase the bookmarks on the second computer you configured to synchronize. Is there a way to merge bookmarks on every computer in the library of a bookmark that contains all bookmarks on both computers, so I'm not all bookmarks in sync?

    Just to be clear, this is something that we have commented several times in the forum, Firefox Sync adds everything that is already in the device for the account and pushes this info for the rest of the devices.

    So if you have 2 computers with data X and the other with the data from there, once you set up synchronization in both computers you will have X + Y at the same time.

    I hope that clarifies the doubts...

  • is it possible to import photos from an iPad in smart folders in Photos for Mac

    Is it possible to import photos from the Photos on an iPad to smart for Mac photo albums?

    You cannot import into the smart albums.  You can only import into your photo library and then create a smart album with the constraints that you want.

    To import photos from your iPad connect it to your Mac with a USB connection and download the photos you want on your Mac in your photo library.

    What kind of smart albums you want to set up? If you want a smart album with pictures of your iPad, create a smart album ' file > New Album of Smat "and use a constraint: model camera is iPad

  • How can I copy Firfox bookmarks from another computer to this one?

    How can I copy Firefox bookmarks from another computer Windows running Firefox (which is also a Windows machine)?

    The profile is a file that store your personal information in a safe place
    Here explain how to save the profile

    Here explain how to restore

  • How can I copy bookmarks from another PC without using the restoration is not to lose the curtrent PC each

    I want to copy favorites from another PC, do not use the restore function inorder does not remove bookmarks on current PC

    Export to a HTML file, and then import the HTML file to the other computer, which will add bookmarks to existing ones.

  • Is it possible to import contacts from outlook into Jabber?


    I would like to know if there is a way to import contacts from Outlook to Jabber?

    I know there is a way to import using the xml file, but how can I import contacts from outlook to the xml model?

    Thank you

    Gilad Darshan

    It is possible to export your Outlook contacts as XML using a tool called "OutlookAddressBookView" from Nirsoft.

    The problem is that the tool does not export the contacts in a Jabber-readable XML format. You would have to edit the XML file to make it readable by Jabber. This process would be laborious but feasible using the find/replace function in any text editor.

    Jabber requires the XML files to be in this format: _...

  • I gave permission to import bookmarks from safari, but they did not. Firefox file poster not import.

    I just downloaded firefox on my mac. I dragged in applications, and then on the desktop. It opens, he asked if I wanted to import bookmarks from safari, yes ticked.
    But he did not and audit assistance told to use the file - import from firefox, but the file does not import indicated in the diagram above
    How can I get my hundreds of bookmarks please?

    This can help you.

    Export bookmarks from Safari

    Go to file-> export bookmarks. Safari stores bookmarks in a HTML file. Save the HTML file on the desktop or any other location of your choice.

    Import bookmarks into Firefox

    Go to bookmarks-> show all bookmarks. This will open the bookmarks library.

    Click on import and backup...

    Select Import bookmarks into HTML... of the menu drop down.

    Locate your exported HTML file from Safari.

    You can use Safari bookmark exporter to export bookmarks to a simple HTML file when exporting to a file HTML is not supported by Safari.

    Download link

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