Is it possible to play a BB standart programmatically ring tone?

Hi all. Is this possible?


Not real.

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  • Is it possible to play different sounds for the emails and instant messages?


    I was wondering if it was possible to play different sounds for the emails and instant messages. I use Thunderbird quite often with emails and instant messages imported from Gtalk.

    I think it would be very convenient to be able to distinguish the two sounds, because they do not involve the same things.

    Thank you very much.

    Olivier Hubert.

    There are only six modules of cat, three of them are on notifications. Choose the one you think will do the job for you.

  • Is it possible to play a game of ms - dos on a windows xp computer?

    I have an old game that works on ms - back, would it be possible to play a game of ms - dos?

    Yes. See:

  • Possibility to play custom app sounds?

    I know how to play the sounds user-defined by launching the blackberry browser and also know how to play using the resources included by me in my project.

    However, is it possible to play the user defined audio files in the background of my request (ie. not not using the browser that opens and interferes with my app).

    Yes and not too hard either.  Just look at the player class.  Looking for samples too.

    Supported formats depend on the level of the OS and the device, but I use usually mp3s and these were supported for all OS, you're likely to find.

  • Is it possible to play or pause a video by clicking on the video itself than with a set of the command bar and stop buttons?

    Is it possible to play or pause a video by clicking on the video itself than with a set of the command bar and stop buttons? If Yes, how can we do?

    When you set the video object, just add a listener for events such as:

    myVideo.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, toggleVideoPlayback);

    private void toggleVideoPlayback(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    If play, pause

    If in pause, play


  • iPhone 6 won't play the custom ring tone, lack of parts only

    My husband 6 (v9.2) IPhone has stopped playing its purchased, custom ringtone in the last week.  He is certainly on the personalized ring, we have turned on/turned off the phone twice, and yet he won't play, despite being put on the custom ring tone.  I've seen other similar messages, but no definitive answers.  Very annoying that he cannot hear his favorite ringtone that we paid a lot of money for.

    Thoughts anyone?  Thank you!

    I have this problem as well. You appear to affect ringtones purchased after the 9.2 update. In my case, all my new ringtones Star Wars BB-8 go silent. A temporary solution is to connect your iPhone to iTunes and remove all ringtones and then re - sync. It should start working again. I noticed that when you restart your iPhone, the problem reappears and the steps above should be repeated.

  • Is it possible to play music from the iPhone speaker bluetooth while that paired with a Apple Watch?

    without the synchronization of music at the shows?

    I have music on my iPhone. My iPhone is paired with the bluetooth speaker and Apple Watch. I can hear clicks of typing etc arrived via bluetooth speaker, but the music does not work. Is the only way that this is possible by disconnecting him my watch or sync the music to the watch and then play from there?


    Go to ibooks download Apple Watch user's guide it's free

    Do this on the iPhone.

    See you soon


  • Is it possible to play an audio file of labview (using myDAQ)?

    Hi all

    I use a myDAQ (first time). I'm reading an audio file at a certain point in my VI.

    All of the examples I've seen use audio and then play on the audio output port. Is it not possible to simply find the location of the file and then play on the importation of audio output under conditions specified in the VI or even sound? I'm not trying to play large files or large amounts such as songs. I only want one his congratulation when the task is completed (2/3s).

    Any help would be is appreciated (even to say this is not possible!)

    See you soon

    Why not just play a WAV file? Use play sound as shown here.

  • Possible to play Fuze + via the speakers of the car via the car radio?

    Hello I am new to MP3 players.  My wife and I bought a Sansa Fuze + 8 GB along with a charger cigarette lighter and charger a/c.

    We want to do is be able to play the music that we have on our Sansa Fuze + on our car speakers.  Is this possible?  I did a quick google and something on a "radio / FM transmitter" came, but the Sandisk site does not show such a thing for the Sansa Fuze + in the "accessory" on this site page.

    Any information on whether this is possible and if so how is there to take to make Word would be greatly appreciated.

    Any FM transmitter which has normal stereo inputs can be used. I personally have an iriver AFT 100 Mobile FM transmitter in my CF (my other car already has a port on the inside). Just look for something to the effect of "Universal accessory for all the digital audio players compatible with a plug 3.5 mm mini-jack".

    A few things to keep in mind however with FM transmitters.

    (1) most of the FM transmitters are 12 volt powered, so if you want to feed your reader and transmitter, you will need to invest in a dispatcher as well (yes they do these plugin those just as they do for the present House)

    (2) whenever you have devices plugged into your electric cars that eventually connect to your radio, you can get alternator whine on your audio files. That is to say when your engine speed to the top you will hear a background whine. If you feel this, you will have to just live with it. The solution is to make sure that all your engine designs are good and sometimes the installation of an isolator loop on the ground, but in many cases, it's just two difficult to set for a reasonable price, that it may require a massive power failure drive away in the car.

    (3) depending on your location FM transmitters don't work too well. I live in the heart of downtown to a metropolitan Center. There is simply no free channels and even with my antenna disconnected I still occasional robberies of the cause of radio main antenna for everything in the area is nearby. (Note interesting here, the rocket + seems to be less sensitive to the "rocket" original to be closely tuned to channels walk on the other)

  • Is it possible to play an After Effects composition in slow motion? (CS6)


    I want to reproduce the composition idling, so can I be sure that the animations are smooth.

    I find that sometimes you see gaps in your animation when you play back image by image, but barely, you notice that something can be turned off when you play the timeline in real time. So it would be to "check" your images. I find the approach of the image by image a bit tedious for a long composition.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you

    You can apply a different framerate on the pallet overview.


  • Satellite L755: Not possible to play WinDVD on 3D TV 3D movies

    I connected by Satellite L755 (with Blue ray player) with high speed HDMI 3D TV.
    3D video is so far without success.

    Corel WinDVD installed is version 10.05.821.
    Successfully plays 2D, but while he was trying for 3D video, a message informed that peripheral 3D is not detected.

    Why do you think it should work?
    Have you found info user s manual that your laptop can do that?

    What optical disc drive is inside?
    ODD is able to play 3D?

    To be honest, I don t think so.

  • Is it possible to play Xbox via HDMI Y530?

    Or use the Y530 monitor play Xbox in any other way?

    I don't think so.

  • Is it possible to play the Microsoft Europe WWII Combat Flight Simulator series on Windows 7?

    Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator WWII has been supported up to Windows XP. It will be not flat on Windows 7.

    I have the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 WWII Pacific Theater that plays a lot on Windows 7.

    I'm sure that this was the question.  All the answers?


    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft community

    From your problem description, I understand that you want to play Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator WWII on windows 7. Please let me know if you do not experience this problem.

    I suggest you try to install Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator WWII in compatibility mode for Windows XP and see if that helps. It is only an attempt, but Microsoft cannot guarantee results.

    Make older programs in this version of Windows

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help.

  • Is it possible to disable the keyboard on iPhone 5s tones

    Is it possible to turn off the keypad tones while dialing a phone number?

    Only silent Dial Pad tones is to cut the iPhone only!

  • Play music instead of the ring when your CAD in condition reserved

    Incoming call to a CSQ. An agent is available. The agent's phone started ringing. Change office state loan officer to reserved. However, the caller to listen to music, no ringtone. When the Agent to pick up the phone conversation can start successfully. If the agent is not the phone's microphone in the timeout, call is on hold.

    Music is music on hold. My understanding is that the call ended in a port CTI pending agent picking up the phone. It seems that the ringtone is not transmitted to the appellant. Instead of the CTI port is in Call Hold State and music stream be transmitted to the appellant.

    Someone knows how to get the ring type to the appellant?

    Thank you


    When the call is waiting for the response from the officer, the caller hears the Health Ministry set up for the CTI Ports, managed by the IPCC Express.

    I had the same problem at a client and my solution was to configuere the Ministry of health for the Points of road CTI with the ringtone "wav" IPCC Express files.

    You will set up a new source of MoH in Callmanager, create a new pool of device for the Ports of CTI IPCC Express and associate it with this Pool of device to the CTI Ports, or if you prefer, you can set up each CTI Port in the new Department of health.

    Hope this helps,

    Juan Luis

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