Is it possible to print a list of artists in my library?

-a single line by the artist and the total number of songs (not a detailed list) by this artist?


I guess you can do exactly that. But you can choose the view you like best and then print it.

Best way is to send it as a PDF in the print dialog.

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    Yes it is possible, use the export list of Mac App Store.

    But after exporting to Excel, you must manually change the titles of books.

    First create a destination folder in the Finder, iBooks or something like that.

    Advance adjustment:

    Then click choose a folder in the window of export of the list of files updated.

    Go to ~/Library/Containers/ and click Select.

    Then save in Excel.

    Record in the destination folder.

    The Excel file opens immediately.

    Now you can manually edit the titles of books.

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    For example - I have saved off the coast of a set of files to my HD to a CD and I'll give it to someone.  I would like to include a printed list of the included files.

    Here are four ways:

    1. go to a command prompt and run the command

    dir [drive: folder] > c:\tempfilename (you can use any name and put it in any folder of your choice)

    Then open Notepad, open tempfilename and print from there.

    2. write (for example, in Notepad), a text line 1:

    / DIR %1 > LPT1:

    Save it as 'printdir.bat' in the folder ' send to '.

    Then, to print the list of files in any folder, right click on the folder and select send to | Printdir.bat

    To include subfolders, set up the command DIR %1/O/S > LPT1:

    3. go in; EN-US; Q321379 and follow the instructions.

    4 download and use all the utilities freeware/shareware many who can do it, like the popular

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    Download AutoCorrect.Zip

    Before you try to run it, go to tools > Macro > Security and make sure that your macro security is set to medium or low.  If it is set to high or very high, change the setting, close and reopen Word, and then double-click the file that you extracted the downloaded zip file.  When you click on the button 'Save', a new Word document that contains your AutoCorrect list is created.

    Don't forget to change your level of security macro level of return in his place after finished.

  • Using media player and would like to know is possible to print a list of everything in my lfolder of music.

    I would like to print a list of all the music I have in my music folder using media player.


    I suggest you to see link and check.

    How to add the feature print directory for files in Windows XP, Windows Vista, in Windows 7; EN-US; Q321379

    To do: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

  • How to print a list of music in my library?

    I have a new computer with Windows vista.  Using media window version 11 of the library.  How one to print a paper copy of all the songs in my library?

    Hi momo,.

    Thank you for your message on the Microsoft answers Forums.

    Here's a way, but it's a bit complicated...

    Microsoft made a Windows Media Player plugin called Media exporter Info that allows you to export the artist/album names and all the other info of the song into a file on your computer.  You can then format and print this file as you wish.  The exporter was designed for WMP 9, but it does not work with WMP 11.

    Step 1: Download and install Media exporter Info

    1. download the plugin file, mpexp.dll, directly from here.  Save it in a folder on your hard drive that you can remember, such as C:\example\.

    2. click on start-> Run (or press Windows + R on your keyboard).  Type:

    regsvr32 C:\example\mpexp.dll

    You should get a message that States "DllRegisterServer in C:\example\mpexp.dll successful" or something similar.  The plug-in should now be available in WMP.

    Step 2 - use of the exporter to export of information media

    1 open Windows Media Player.  A small Media exporter Info window must already be open.  If not, you can open it manually: on the Tools menu, go to plugins and choose export news media.  If you do not see the menu Tools at first, just right click somewhere on the dark blue bar closer to the top of your WMP window.

    2. click on Properties to select where the file is saved and what application to load it in.  Will the file be formatted differently depending on the application you choose, but Excel is the best option if you want to clean it to show only the artist/album names (see below).

    3. click on export.   The file will be exported, but it will contain much more than just artist names and album information.  The next step shows how to clean it.

    Step 3 (optional) - clean the list exported in Excel

    1. delete all columns except for artist and Album (columns B and C) by default.

    2. Select the two remaining columns.

    3. in the data tab or menu, select the function delete duplicates .

    4. check my data has headers check box , and then click OK.

    5. that's all.  Now you should have a clean list of albums as well as the names of their artists.  You can print this list directly or export it to Word and format more far away to make it prettier.

    After following that the steps listed above please post back to let us know if it helped to answer your question or not, so that we can help you if necessary.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • is it possible to print the list of topics

    I would like to print a complete list of my subjects, but I can't figure out how. I can't even copy and paste to a Word doc. Any suggestions?


    What version of RoboHelp do you use?

    In general, I think that it is possible to realize from a report.

    See you soon... Rick

  • Need to print the list!

    I am in charge to make a list of all the programs and software on multiple computers, is it possible to print a list of the control panel or to find a printable list somewhere on the computer? Thanks you are great

    Take a look at Spiceworks or same Kixtart

  • print a list of the services (local) - windows 8


    is it possible to print a list of service as it appears on the screen?

    the types of csv and txt does not show the way I want.

    I want to change some items but I need to see and save the current configuration until I change.

    Thank you!


    I suggest you to take a screenshot of the list and print it.

    Check out the link for more information.

    Hope this information helps. If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • How to print a list of my assets in Muse?

    How to print a list of my assets in Muse?

    I'm rehabilitated a Web site in our company. The linked graphics and related materials were on a different computer. Most of them is still on the other person's computer, and I need to find the raw graphics and documents to edit.

    I see the list of assets in the active panel. And I can see their path of origin briefly when I hover over the red exclamation point showing that it is a missing link and then it shows the original location where the link has been placed on the computer of the other person. Is it possible to print a list of these goods and their original destination path, or to print very less or export a list of "names" of these files. I would be happy to have just a list of all the file names so that they can be searched and retrieved from the computer of the other person.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help!


    Hi Nathalie,.

    Currently muse Adobe won't let you print a list of the assets. A solution could take a screneshot of the assets Panel and seeking assets on another computer. I'll leave this thread open for another suggestion of members of our community.

  • ¿Printer 3d list different compatible Photoshop is possible in Photoshop?

    ¿Printer 3d list different compatible Photoshop is possible?

    The list of 3d printers are too expensive in Europe, I live across from the self-assembled...

    Excuse mi English I don't practice this time of the language.

    Thank you very much

    Hi jesusr,.

    Photoshop supports currently the following local 3D printers:

    • MakerBot Replicator 2
    • MakerBot Replicator 2 x
    • Polychrome ZCorp
    • Mcor Iris
    • MakerBot Replicator 5th generation

    In addition, Photoshop supports several profiles and Sculpteo.

    Note: the USB direct print with the printer MakerBot Replicator profile 5th generation is not yet supported. You can export the files you want to print on a USB and then print them locally.

    Source:- print objects 3D in Photoshop

    Kind regards


  • Windows 7: I would like to print a list of files and corresponding subfolders in the My Documents folder. Is this possible?

    It's time to clean up and reorganize the My Documents folder. I think I can have subfolders duplicate in my main files listed in the Documents. I would like to print a list to find and delete these folders.

    Any suggestion is appreciated!

    Thank you


    It is a forum for Windows 7 with tips on Windows 7.

    Windows XP is different, these instructions will not apply.

    You can open a command prompt in Windows XP, then use the CD controls to get the folder you want.

    If you have installed the Windows XP command window open herePowerToy* then this can happen more quickly - to aid that allows to simply right-click on any folder & open a command already defined for this folder.

    * There was also formerly a very convenient Explore of PowerToy here but that is no longer available from MS - you will find perhaps at cnet or another download site.

    There is also a Windows XP forum.

  • How can I print a list of my WMP albums

    How can I print a list of my albums from Windows Media Player. Well I understand that WMP will not it directly (like iTunes does or has done), reading the various posts I understand that this is possible. But I can't find a recent post, giving instructions and links I clicked in the previous posts is no longer seem to work.

    I look forward to the entry.


    It is a way to print a reading list:
    Open Notepad.
    Open Windows Media Player and right click of your saved playlist. Choose the open path.  In the left click your saved plays new window list and drag it into the opened Notepad window.

    To print a directory list of the folders, I would say you have a look here:

    This small free program might be interesting, too:

    Some of the responses here useful:

    I hope this helps.

    See you soon

  • How can I print a list of my karoake music view?

    I have well over 500 karaoke songs that I need to print in order to make the reference books. How can I print this list? The files are in ZIP format. The file is located on a laptop running windows 8. (I would have preferred a way to share the list with my pc because it is one that is connected to the printer!  :-)

    Hey thanks adeline B... I must admit that I was looking for just a much more efficient and faster way to do it. After watching the file names on my account, I realized that they had to be typed in a more secular term. (book printing for drunks to read in a karaoke bar should be as brief as possible! haha) I figure out how transfer fair them but the way in which the reading had to be modified, so I decided that it was just as easy to type all that in an Excel document Fortunately, I did books a few years ago so I had to add more than about 7000 titles! After following suggestions of links, I was able to make a list for my own records. Thanks again for you help!

  • print a list of the active sites

    Is it possible to in Dreamweaver CS6 and only one file can be targeted for this process?

    for example: I would like to print a list of all files in a folder of images.

    Thank you

    A little-known way is to drag a folder from the Finder (or Windows Explorer) by opening a window of Firefox.

    Then you will get this (complete with live links on this computer)

    Works on Mac and Windows.

Maybe you are looking for

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