Is it possible to publish learning assessment simply the little children?

Read about SCORM LMS and Tin all its FAR too heavy for the tiny pieces of assessment I do with children who cannot read or who are just starting. I read that Acrobat offers something, but I'm not understand it.

For example, AUDIO: what word is?   choice: and is

What do you suggest me that I do, learn, read about to understand this? How much room do I need on my own Web site, to keep internal? It is not for general public consumption. Probably a small number of students.

I'm on the closest possible point in the learning curve. Thanks for any advice.

Your course is a course of vast and complex or a small and simple, just follow the user interaction a rating changes everything.  Adding an additional requirement for reports to your courses means that you jump into something much more complex, because although Captivate created content that can REPORT this information, it is not actually COLLECT and record the information.  If you need a different kind of system to capture data for reporting purposes.

Turning on LMS for SCORM in Captivate is not a big problem, but it does not help unless you have access to a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be storing this data for you.

I WISH I could say all this is simple enough, but the fact is that there are a number of ways, it can become complex.  If you REALLY need your class declaration, then there is really no alternative.

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  • Is it possible to publish the. SWF (not MP4) of Captivate 7 while creating a video demo of the project?

    Hi all

    I'm upgradiing to Adobe Captivate 7. The previous version, I used was in Captivate 4.

    I found a new feature (demo) in the latest version of Captivate 7 which generates a MP4 video output, when the project is published. The feature folders exactly as I want.

    Unfortunately, video MP4 does not help me. I need a SWF file to place in my LMS.

    Is it possible to get a SWF output using the same function (demo)?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you



    It is possible to publish a video demo of the project to .swf by adding the video demo slide in an empty project.

    1. create a project empty, select the desired size of the project.

    2. in the blank project, click on ' insert > record Slide' menu option.

    3. Press 'OK' for the button.

    4. click on the 'Demo' of the record dialog box option.

    5 check-in

    6. Once you are done with recording, delete the first this blank slide in the project

    7. click on publish, select the option "output SWF.

    Thank you

    VERALINE Sukumaran.

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    A discussion on a FTP functionality built into Muse that happens here:

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    Best regards


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    I created several collections in which I've sorted manually the photos in a certain order. I will use them in a book (will send them to SmartBooks) and I don't want to reorganize once they are published on my hard drive. I tried to post my disc hard using the publish services, but I can't find a way to rename files them out in the order I selected in the collection. They appear by date of capture or name of current file with the extension jpg. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Note: the order of files outside of Lightroom depends on how the aircraft directs things (and no longer dependent on Lightroom, once they have been pushed from the nest..).

    Alphabetical is the main common denominator - most of the devices are able to display in alphabetical order.

    Many devices displays also by date (date of capture usually, but sometimes date created files..).

    If you post several times the same photos, it very delicate indeed, given that Lr is not re - order already exported files or take into account. If you re - export the whole lot, then it is much more simple.

    In any case, Lr5user-pt method gives total control, but also has some disadvantages - you must redo the names of copy if / when you rearrange the photos (and then re-export/publish all photos including copy-names have been changed).

    TreeSyncPublisher map-Lr you place your order to capture dates (in the exported file metadata) or date of creation of files (by 'touch' dates file exported to disk), so if peripheral supported this command (by date), then published photos will be ordered to the republication, automatically. Certainly, he must be aware of some things and read the documentation and learn to follow the rules...

    (PS - a new version will come out soon, which will have less "traps").

    Exporder is like TreeSyncPublisher except it renames the files exported for corresponds to the order of in-Lr - even more complicated to use, but works dandy if you are willing to learn where the hoops to jump through...

    The above plugins are free and I wrote to them - they don't have sense if you'll be reorganization or publish the photos changed again.

    If you simply export or editing one-time/all-at-once, then the easiest way is just to precede an order number for the export files:


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    Of course, it of possible to get the Toshiba Recovery CD!
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    You will need to develop - there is no possible response to your current question and generally organizing Photos is purely personal - there is no way to 'best' - but most users agree that the use of pictures to organize is very powerful

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  • Is it possible to install several facilities of the database on Windows?

    Hello world

    I have a Windows Server 2008 with Oracle 11 g R2 (, Standard, 64 - bit) database. I need to install an additional database (, Standard, 64 - bit) for tests on the same server. These tests are patches of database, which will first be applied to the new database before applying these fixes on the existing database, in order to assess potential problems after having patched.

    I'm used to install, configure and manage databases Oracle as a stand alone, RAC or physical standby via the DataGuard since 9i - as long as I'm in a UN * x / linux environment (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CEntOs, Oracle Enterprise Linux, etc.). Implementation of multiple instances in a single or multiple homes has never been a problem for me so far.

    I already searched google, and other related proceedings. But I have found no results on the installation of two or more homes to Oracle under Windows. I found the guidelines on copying / cloning an instance in a new home, but if I remember correctly, it is intended for copying / cloning on other servers and not on the same server. Given that the existing database is installed on Windows, I'm afraid I can damage the existing installation to rerun the configuration wizard, change the registry values for Windows, and the database running as a service.

    Is it possible to have several houses of the same Oracle database, with even the version, edition, and the archiecture (, Standard, 64 - bit)?

    If so, how can I get it?

    Best regards

    Crazy bytes

    You can run the Setup utility again and specify a different Oracle home. In fact, the installer can provide a different name automatically for you. It's been a while since I've done it, so I'm a little fuzzy on the details. How the two facilities are managed by different registry settings, such as ORACLE_HOME0 and ORACLE_HOME1.

    Another caveat is that when the management of these cases, make sure you start the utilities for each database to its respective home. So, in the menu start, you choose tell SQL * menu Dbhome1 more to manage a single instance and SQL * in the menu of dbhome2 to manage the other instance. It's so environment variables get ready properly before the application starts.

    "Here's another link to the documentation for you on this topic: "

    "2.3.4 multiple homes to Oracle Support.

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    I published a prototype through the share option and I forgot to save the document. I lost the actual file, but the prototype works fine via the "Share online" link

    Anyone know if it is possible to download this file on my local machine or retrieve it somehow?

    Hi Marvin. I'm really sorry to hear that you have lost the original design file. Currently, the shared prototype doesn't have the design file stored with the shared prototype. There is no way to recover the original to a prototype file. I'm sorry.

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    I am very new to AE and I m checking to see if it is possible to have an expression of AE assessed once the project is implemented in a .mov format?

    For example, I want the motion to be built to display the name of a computer of the person who plays the motion.

    Thanks for your help

    The video is video and video is not interactive. You can have interactive video players, but this isn't happening with AE. Think HTML5, javascript, or flash. You will need a custom video player and the external code.

  • Possible to have someone else be the beneficiary of the sale with DPS?

    Once the simple editing (DPS) will be available in the cloud, how it is possible to publish content on a corresponding customer, so that it is the beneficiary of the sale? I'm just the editor of office with creative cloud account and I publish its content on the Apple Store, but my client must be the beneficiary of the sale.

    The customer must have their own Apple Developer account and send me the id of apple developers?

    Thanks for the reply


    Yes, since the revenues come from App Store via Adobe, your customer can purchase an Apple Developer account iOS and not the Apps you create must be submitted through your developer account customer iOS, as well as any procedure would go to your client. As you mentioned, if your client is unable to create the certificates/Upload the Viewer, it will need to share information with you.

Maybe you are looking for