is it possible to reverse synchronization of bookmarks?

I moved bookmarks from another computer through sync and other bookmarks already on file have been deleted

Where or what the parent folder?

A good question. All computers use directories or folders to store
all files. There is a primary or 'root directory,' with all the other directories
going off of him. Just like the branches of a tree. Here is an example;

C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox

« C:\ "is the root, or directory albums.

"\Program files (x 86) \ ' is a subdirectory of the root directory.

"\Mozilla Firefox" is a subdirectory of "\Program Files (x 86) \".

Speaking of the Parent Directory, which means go to the top
the directory part of the current. In the example,.
"\Program files (x 86) \" is the parent of "\Mozilla." Firefox

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  • How can I synchronize Safari bookmarks with those in Firefox?

    I have a PC running Firefix and Firefox Sync OK. I have an ipad 2 with Firefox Home installed and connected fine to my FF sync account.

    I was expecting FF home to synchronize bookmarks on ipad Safari with those on the desktop. Apparently not so much.

    I can see the desktop bookmarks within the app FF home on the ipad.

    How do I...
    -Correctly synchronize bookmarks between the two systems (FF on desktop?) and Safari on iPad
    -Otherwise, how can I synchronize the bookmarks on the iPad with Firefox? Currently, there seems to be a one-way transfer (i.e. I can only access the bookmarks on the iPad desktop PC)

    Thank you


    Yep, it's a one-way synchronization, server sync then for Firefox Home Office. Don't Synchronize FirefoxHome on the synchronization server.

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    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Answers.

    You do the following:

    1. click on start.
    2. type: secpol.msc and press ENTER.
    3. go to local security policies / adjustment / security options.
    4. on the right side to find Interactive logon: do not display last user name and change to turn it OFF.

    If the issue is not resolved, answer here.

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    You can try this plugin of Rob Cole.  His plugins are very good.  Its called "ScrewAutosync" at the top of this page - MiscLrPlugins

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    I don't think it's possible to reverse a single character, but here is an interesting workaround. Of jongware, (a common and helpful poster here), a demo of script that you can use to make a single font.

    Download the demo of a, unzip and copy to your user Scripts folder. Run the script once to set up a policing model, draw your character custom - the default value is a ball-and then run the script again to convert it into an OpenType font.

    You must return your letter R and convert it to text outline, and then use the script to make a font. You can not then set your style of subtitle to chips (your reverse R defined as the ball).

  • How can I synchronize Safari bookmarks to iCloud account different?

    We have two iPhones with accounts separate iCloud, as well as a few Macs.  Both Mac and iPhone share an iCloud account and have their Safari bookmarks synchronized via iCloud. But we would like another iPhone be synced to these favorites (probably not possible, I imagine), or at least to export bookmarks to another iPhone iCloud account, so they could be synchronized for the iPhone. I know how to export Safari bookmarks in Safari bookmarks html file, but how do to the account on another iPhone iCloud?  Would be sharing family take care of this?

    Why not to export the bookmarks in a folder on one of the workstations, then after logging in with the ID you want to sync, transfer it into the folder recorded in the ID?

  • Is it possible to have the window bookmark right?

    Is it possible to have the bookmark window, to the right of the screen instead of left? If Yes: how or where configure? I was not able to find.

    I've seen som questions where it seems he accidentally sits right - but no configuration option is mentioned.

    Are you referring to the bookmarks bar?

  • synchronization of bookmarks on the new operating system

    Computer work migrated to a new operating system (XP to W7), I created an account to sync to save bookmarks and versions etc. the installation. How can I get my info on the computer? I tried "Pair the device", but this is the same computer, and the option does not work.

    Hello vanaya2002, firefox sync was not primarily as a backup service, but to keep multiple devices on the same plane.

    in order to access the data in your sync account, you would need three elements: user name, the password and the recovery key that is generated when the original configuration of the account.

    where you have all these three pieces of information, you can go to firefox > options > synchronization > sync Setup > I have an account > I don't have the camera with me to link firefox to your existing account.

  • Can I restore deleted during synchronization mobile bookmarks?

    Trying to update the mobile bookmarks with the office, I deleted without knowing all my favorites from Firefox on phone and pc while the sync mode. Is it possible to get these links?

    See restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer

  • Is it possible to extend the toolbar bookmarks over the line and do not have a drop down arrow?

    I know that the bookmarks toolbar is only a long line and I know how to add multiple toolbars (customization) but somehow I just can't get the bookmarks toolbar to expand to the next line or so. Is it possible that Firefox can do this or not?


  • iBooks is not synchronization of bookmarks and notes on devices

    I have an iPad 2 and mini ipad and do the two together to sync and it used to work, but now it doesn't.

    Hello there, irisapple.

    Looks like you are having problems with your bookmarks and notes synchronization on multiple iOS devices. The following Knowledge Base article provides a few major steps for troubleshooting of bookmarks:

    Get help using bookmarks iCloud and playlist

    Before you start

    • Check the system status page to see if there are known issues related to bookmarks from iCloud, since your device might not be the cause of your problem.
    • Make sure that your settings of date and time on your device are correct.  You can easily correct problems caused by an incorrect date and time settings by entering the right information.
    • Make sure that you don't lose important information in making copies of your bookmarks.
    • If your bookmarks are not in the same order on all of your devices, check to see how many bookmarks is in the folder. If the folder contains more than 500 Favorites, the order of bookmarks may not be the same on all devices.

    If you go to a bookmark that you deleted in the last 30 days, you can recover it from Just click settings and under Advanced Options, click on restore bookmarks.

    Learn more if you need help to use iCloud tabs.


    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

    After each step, check to see if the problem persists.

    Turn on bookmarks and update your device

    Check your Internet connection

    1. Open Safari and go to If you are unable to connect to the Internet, your iCloud does not refresh playlist and Favorites in the app Safari help with your Internet connection.
    2. Open a secure Web site to your iOS device to see if you can access the ports 80 and 443. Safari requires access to port 443 to push updates between iCloud and your devices.

    Check your account details

    Tap Settings > iCloud and make sure that you are connected to the same iCloud account that you use on your other supported devices.

    Restart Safari

    Close and restart the Safari app on your iOS device.

    In iOS 7 or later:

    1. Double-click the Home button to see your open applications.
    2. Find the Safari preview screen and he drag up to close the application.
    3. Press the home key to return to your home screen.
    4. Wait a minute, and then reopen the Safari app.

    Disable bookmarks to iCloud and turn it back on

    1. Tap Settings > iCloud.
    2. Disable Safari.
    3. You can choose to remove my [device] If your data exist on one or more of your computers. Otherwise, choose keep on my [device].
    4. Wait a few minutes and then back on Safari.

    Restart your device

    Press and hold the sleep/wake button, then drag the slider when asked power off. Turn on your device.

    This article provides also some good information regarding the Notes on your devices:

    iCloud: overview of Notes

    Notes on your devices

    When you make changes using Notes on, they automatically appear in the Notes on your iOS devices and Mac computers that are connected to the same iCloud account and vice versa. You can also view your notes updated iCloud in Microsoft Outlook on your computer Windows put in place to iCloud.

    However, if you upgrade your iCloud account in the Notes application on a device with iOS 9 or later or OS X v10.11 or later:

    • Your notes on these devices and keeps them abreast of the notes on any of your devices with iOS 8.4.1 or an earlier version, OS X v10.10.5 or earlier, or Windows.
    • Your notes are not are stored in your @icloud e-mail account.

    Notes in other accounts

    If you upgrade the notes in your iCloud account or not, they are separated from the notes in other accounts that you have, for example a Yahoo! or Google account. iCloud keeps only the notes in your iCloud up-to-date account.

    Use iCloud Notes from a web browser

    To use Notes on, go to and sign in with your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud).

    If you use another iCloud application, you can move Notes by clicking on the name of the application at the top of the window.

    When you work with Notes on, make sure that you use a browser that is recommended in the Apple Support article system requirements for iCloud.

    If you see Pages, Numbers, Keynote and parameters on, your account has fair access to the web features only in iCloud. To see and use the Notes and other features iCloud, iCloud implemented on your Mac or iOS device.

    If you try to use Notes on, but get a message indicating that an iCloud email address is necessary, your iCloud account is not configured with a free email account iCloud uses the e-mail account to store notes for the original app Notes on and 8.4.1 iOS devices or an earlier version, OS X v10.10.5 or earlier, or Windows. If you do not have an email address, you can create a turning on Notes in the iCloud on your Mac preferences or in the iCloud on your iOS device settings.

    Thank you for reaching out to the communities of Apple Support.

    Kind regards.

  • Is it possible to link to a bookmark in a PDF document?

    I would like to make a link directly to a bookmark in a PDF document.  Is it possible and if yes, how can I get the address of the bookmark?

    Not really. You can link to a page or a named Destination, however.

  • How do synchronize you bookmarks android desktop with desktop wiping (reset password)?

    I wiped my office to clean windows install 10 yesterday morning. When I got on the computer of my account manager dashlane wanted to restore my old data, so I had to ask for a new password. So I restored the password synchronized upward on my phone and the desktop computer and things were not to appear. I have bookmarks "Desktop" on my phone with no way to put them on my desk. My first priority is backup of bookmarks on my phone and import into firefox. And 2nd, why he is not appearing on my latest version of firefox on my desktop? Firefox android is also completely up to date.

    Populated just bookmarks after I refreshed and waited 30 minutes! Everything is good, no worries!

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