Is it possible to run Safari7 on 10.7.5 OSX? I can't upgrade the software of other system on my Mac.

Is it possible to run Safari7 on 10.7.5 OSX? I can't upgrade the software of other system on my Mac.


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    Is possible to install and play a game that requires an older version of the software? I get the message "cannot open the application because the classroom environment is no longer supported.

    It does not say "classic environment is no longer supported", by chance?

    If that means he needs OS9 or earlier, or possibly 10.5.8 which has Rosetta, a Classic emulator.

    What is the name of the game?

  • Yesterday, I downloaded the upgrade to El Capitan in a Mac Pro (early 2008) running Yosemite 10.10.5, and today I can not start the upgrade

    Yesterday, I downloaded the upgrade to El Capitan in a Mac Pro (early 2008) running Yosemite 10.10.5, and today I can not start the upgrade.

    The only option I have found is to click again on the download button, but the circle of download rest bike for a long time and ultimately that nothing happens.

    See if that helps...

    Start with CMD + r or the Option/alt key to boot from the recovery partition & use utility disk from there to repair the disk, and then repair permissions.

  • is it possible to have two different images in "develop" mode  I need to match the color and other image to the other.

    is it possible to have two different images in "develop" mode  I need to match the color and other image to the other.

    Select the reference image and choose window > secondary display > Magnifier (locked). Now the image you want to change, and start working. You can refer to the secondary display window while you work on the image you are editing,

    If you have a second monitor attached, the entire second monitor may be the secondary display.

  • I run on a Mac CS6.  I need to change the operating system and would like to know if I can still install the software

    I run on a Mac CS6.  I need to change the operating system and would like to know if I can still install the software.  I upgraded to OS X 7 (Lion) for OS X 10 (Coyote), but my devices would not work.  I'm changing to OS X 7 (Lion), but this will eliminate my entire hard drive.  My CS6 software install?  I bought CS5 and CS6 improved.  I don't want to go on the CCif I don't have to.  Thank you!!!

    as long as you have your serial numbers and installation cs6 files, you should be ok.

    Available downloadable Setup files:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

    window using the Lightroom 3 link to see these "important Instructions".

  • Is it possible to run Windows 7 * 32-bit and Windows 7 * 64-bit on the same computer?

    I have Windows 7 * 32 bit running in my computer. But a lot of games that is built on 64-bit do not work in my system. I tried to install Windows 7 * 64 Bit on another partition of my computer. But before the start of the system using the Windows 7 installation DVD, I get an error with the oxc00000e9 status. The info says: unexpected i/o error has occurred.

    My question is whether it can run Windows 7 * 32-bit and Windows 7 * 64-bit on the same computer. If so, how to install the Windows 7 * 64-Bit? Thank you.

    Yes, you can, but you will need to have a permit for it if you plan to have both on the same computer.

    the key that can be used with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 is designed to drive 1. You cannot use install both. 1 license, 1 installation, so choose wisely. If you want to install Windows 7 32 or 64 bit on another partition or another computer, you must purchase an additional license.


    a. one copy per computer. You can install one copy of the software on a single computer. This computer is "licensed computer.

    b. a computer license. You can use the software on up to two processors of the computer under license at some point. Except as provided in these license terms, you cannot use the software on any other computer.

    c. number of users. Except as provided in these license terms, only one user may use the software at a time.

    d. other Versions. The software may include several versions, such as 32-bit and 64-bit. You may install and use only one version at a time.


    Please see the following article with useful information about dual-boot:

  • Equium A60 runs unstable - how can I upgrade the memory?

    I have a friend visit me who has an Equium A60 which is very unstable when she runs multiple applications. I checked and it has only 192 MB of RAM. Can be increased and if so how much. How many slots are there on this machine?

    She is currently in the USA and I checked on Toshiba USA website and cannot find this PC is listed, so it should only be sold in Europe. It would be useful if someone could tell me what kind of memory it takes so I could look for it here. She is a student and in great need of a stable computer for his studies.

    Thanks a lot for all the help in advance.


    Of course you can upgrade the memory.
    I guess you have only 192 MB memory main because the laptop came with 256 MB internal memory and the 64 MB are shared by the graphics card! This is why only 192 MB are free.

    Anyway, as I said the laptop came with 256 MB internal and memory is not removable.
    So only one slot is expandable!
    If you can upgrade the memory for max 1280MB (256 MB + 1024 MB)

    You can use the modules:
    PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
    PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

    Do you know where is the crack?

    The slot is placed at the bottom of the device! The cover is fixed with a screw.
    Remove this screw and you will be able to open the slot and improve memory.

    PS; I think that upgrading memory is described in the manual of Toshiba that was preinstalled on your laptop.
    Alternatively, you can download this manual from the page of Tosh


  • is equivalent of LabVIEW player - possible to run a vi on a computer without complete labview installed using free software?


    Neither affirm that labview player is no longer exist, is there an alternative that will allow finishes vi to run by using the pc without the complete installation of labview.

    I have a full version of labview 2010 on my laptop using one of 5 licenses available at my place of work. All 5 licenses are now being taken, but I would like to run finished vi on other laptops. Surely, I need not to buy another copy of labview or more licenses to run VI finished, requiring no modification.

    Thank you


    Is it not the exe file generator included in complete Labview?

  • I can't install the software. Get the message "Setup cannot open the file c: / / Program Files/CommonFiles/MicrosoftShared/DAO/DAO2535.» TLB ' and also 'Cannot find Document Viewer' need help as soon as POSSIBLE. "

    Microsoft software is not software of accounting, I used for 10 years.  Also impossible to install the new program AVG Internet security. Similar messages.  Don't know if it's a Windows XP problem or a problem of Microsoft Office Small Business 2003.

    Hello befuddledXP,

    I can not be understanding you correctly. Is the configuration file, that you want to reach on a SBS 2003 Server? If Yes, then you must post in the SBS forums.
    It may be that the file exist no more in the way that you said.

    What is the error message you get when you try to install AVG?

    Do you get the "Cannot find Document Viewer" when trying to open a Word document?
    You can install a visualizer of document from the following Web site.

    Please answer back with an update.


  • I run my pc on safe mode but I can't change the screen reselution so that everything fits in and when I'm on fb I ts large and I can't read the writing can help you

    I have windows vista Home premium, I'll have to start safe mode because I was getting the r300 driver error all the time and I need to get writing and screen resolution changed so I can see it when I go to fb, I can hardly read the writing when I do the smaller screen, I can't play games like they wont take in can help you please


    You can not change the resolution of the screen and follow other information support technician gave you while you are using safe mode.

    You must be in Normal mode to do so.

    See you soon.

  • How is it possible that I am a Professor of french and I can't buy the teacher for adobe cc formula?

    I am a french teacher in guadeloupe french West Indies (it's an island in the french Caribbean). And I can't access the teacher award. am really upset about this.

    Please check terms and conditions Conditions | Adobe

    Thank you


  • Good day, we bought the creative cloud and now we want to register the software with the serial number recorded. At present, we can act only the software on a trial basis.  You can provide the serial number to run the software as a reg

    We want to use the software as a registered user, we paid our monthly subscriptions.

    Cloud programs don't use serial... numbers you, connect you to your cloud account paying to download & install & activate... you may need to sign out of the cloud and restart your computer and log into the cloud for things to work

    Some general information for a subscription of cloud

    Sign out of your account of cloud... Restart your computer... Connect to your paid account of cloud

    -Connect using



  • Is satellite C650-1CP - possible to upgrade the GPU?


    I just wanted to ask a question about my graphics card with respect to the games.

    I discovered recently that the integrated graphics chips are not only good for gaming so I did a bit of reading on the subject and found something to say that there is a possibility that you can send the laptop to the manufacturer and buying a chip upgrade or pay for a better installed.

    Is this possible? and if this is the case, what kind of price would you watch. My laptop is a C650-1CP as I said in the title.

    Thank you



    No, it is certainly not possible.
    There are many discussions on this topic and GPU (graphics card) update is definitely NOT possible.

    Please check this doc from Toshiba:
    + Can I upgrade the CPU, graphics card or motherboard in my Toshiba laptop? +

  • Is it possible to run files apk on my phone SE

    Is it possible to run on my SE apk files?  Thank you

    # An apk file is a package Android file, and which would not be in the iOS. You couldn't install Android on an iOS device, as it would not be in the App Store, which is the only place where ever you get things to install on the iPhone.

  • Is it possible to run flash applications in different containers-plugin?

    I usually 3-4 open windows of firefox with several tabs in each window. There are at least 3 or 4 applications running at the same time flash. Thus, when an application crashes and plugin-container fails, I lose progress for each application. Now, I think, this opening a flash plugin-container for each flash application can help me with this. But I can't find any information how I can do it.

    I do understand that there may be tons of flash content on each web page, and so it would be nice to have an option to run only selected app in different containers. Can I do now? Or I'll be able to do in the future? Otherwise it's ok, just sad =)

    No, it currently is not possible and would not be without a significant overhaul of the plugin container architecture. My suggestion, keep Flash up to date, keep Firefox updated, and if you experience flash crashes, we can try to help you diagnose the.

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  • Drive recovery for compaq mini 311

    Hello I have a compaq mini 311c - 1031ev netbook which runs Windows XP. It did not come with a recovery disk, so I want to create a recovery disk. Is anyway to create a recovery disk...? (I seriously need to create a) I tried HP customer service but

  • Where are my product keys

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