Is it possible to run Windows 7 * 32-bit and Windows 7 * 64-bit on the same computer?

I have Windows 7 * 32 bit running in my computer. But a lot of games that is built on 64-bit do not work in my system. I tried to install Windows 7 * 64 Bit on another partition of my computer. But before the start of the system using the Windows 7 installation DVD, I get an error with the oxc00000e9 status. The info says: unexpected i/o error has occurred.

My question is whether it can run Windows 7 * 32-bit and Windows 7 * 64-bit on the same computer. If so, how to install the Windows 7 * 64-Bit? Thank you.


Yes, you can, but you will need to have a permit for it if you plan to have both on the same computer.

the key that can be used with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 is designed to drive 1. You cannot use install both. 1 license, 1 installation, so choose wisely. If you want to install Windows 7 32 or 64 bit on another partition or another computer, you must purchase an additional license.


a. one copy per computer. You can install one copy of the software on a single computer. This computer is "licensed computer.

b. a computer license. You can use the software on up to two processors of the computer under license at some point. Except as provided in these license terms, you cannot use the software on any other computer.

c. number of users. Except as provided in these license terms, only one user may use the software at a time.

d. other Versions. The software may include several versions, such as 32-bit and 64-bit. You may install and use only one version at a time.


Please see the following article with useful information about dual-boot:

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    Thanks a lot for taking time reading this, looking forward to your reply...

    You will need to ensure that the old version of Windows is installed first of all, in this case (Windows 7), then you can install Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 after on logical partitions. Please see the following:

    See the following for how to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 (the same principles can also apply to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012)

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    If you plan to have all three installed, make sure that configure you partitions in advance with ample space for all three.


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    Before purchasing Windows 7, see if your computer can run.

    Go to your computer / computer laptop manufacturer Web site and see if Windows 7 drivers are available for your make and model computer / laptop.

    If this is not available, Windows 7 will not properly work for you.

    Run the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

    Check if your specifications are compatible for Windows 7:

    "Windows 7 system requirements"

    "Windows 7 Compatibility Center" for software and hardware:

    Windows 7 upgrade paths: (v = ws.10) .aspx

    And the Microsoft Store where you can get an idea of the price of Windows 7:

    See you soon.

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    and why do I have to remove or delete my version of windows 7 home top?

    If it is a retail upgrade, you must have a previous on the other partition qualification license until you can install it.

    If it's a complete OEM System Builder Windows 8, you can dual boot Windows 7. See the following for instructions:

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    Hello geoAZ,

    You can have multiple accounts on your Windows Mail in Windows Vista.


    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

  • Is it possible to run Windows 7 on Tecra S1 PT831E


    is it possible to run Windows 7 on my Tecra S1 PT831E 126PQ?

    I've updated the BIOS (last?) version 2.50 (it should be suitable also for Windows 7). With this done BIOS is fully compliant with ACPI?

    Checking with Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor should not be a problem, in fact.

    Thanks for any help.

    Well cordially



    Of course, you can install Windows 7 on your good old classic.
    But the fact is that there is no official driver Win 7 on the page of the European driver Toshiba, it seems that you have to collect the pilots in his own hand.

    But in general this should not be a problem of submission.
    WLAN, LAN drivers can be downloaded from the pages of chip manufacturer driver touchpad can be used in other models of computers, laptops and Toshiba as VAP (value added package) Flash cards tools or similar

  • Nine computer running Windows 8-2 accidents in the first day

    Hello world

    Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated :)
    Yesterday, I bought a new computer running Windows 8. I use the computer mainly for photo editing, so this morning, I installed my copy of Photoshop CS4 on the computer and needed to install an update to the ACR, I downloaded Adobe.
    The first accident occurred that I tried to download the update (Camera Raw 5.7). It is this crash .dmp file -! 187 & authkey =! AHogu8RLIx59Nt4&ithint=file%2c.dmp
    After the reboot, I finished the download of the update, installed and made sure Photoshop was working properly, that it was.
    The second incident took place tonight (Photoshop is not running, no download in progress etc..) It is this crash .dmp file -! 188 & authkey =! AJ97jn-_skkL03Y&ithint=file%2c.dmp
    Of course, since this is a brand new computer, I don't expect to be planted at this rate. I assume that the installation of Photoshop or the ACR update caused a few problems (even though nothing I've read has suggested that it should).
    Can someone get any light it? Thanks in advance!


    You are going through the exact same thing a user treats here -

    The attached files of the DMP are bug check ACPI_BIOS_ERROR (a5) .

    This bug check indicates that the BIOS Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) computer is not fully compliant with the ACPI specification.

    Error checking A5, {1000, 0, 80001000, 25}


    ACPI has been a fatal error during the processing of a region of memory operation. The region of operation memory tried memory card which has been attributed to the use of the OS.

    This bug check usually appears in these 2 scenarios:

    1 BIOS bug / damaged and must be resolved with an update or go back to the manufacturer.

    2 Rootkit (not very common).

    Given that you have exactly the same problem and the same HP model, etc... It is a big problem on the part of HP. Contact them and let them know that you want to replace as soon as POSSIBLE, preferably if possible a working model.

    Kind regards


  • Windows 7 Home Premium - what is - this OA in the license tag? Is it possible to install the OS [Home premium] 64-bit with the same key?

    1 What is OA in the license tag
    2. is it possible to install the OS [Home premium] 64-bit with the same key.

    Hi adil13,

    Adding to reply TrekDozer,

    1 original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Activation is also known under the name of OA. It's basically OEM activation of basic input/output system (BIOS) - which means that they have already activated and you don't need to enter the key and activate yourself.

    2. you will only be able to activate a copy of Windows 7 with the number of product key used for 64-bit or 32-bit version at the same time, not both. It will allow only a copy installed with him to be activated. If you try to do it on both versions 32/64-bit, you will probably get the message that your product key is already in use or The Windows 7 product key you typed is invalid for activation .

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards
    Gokul - Microsoft Support

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    Hi sidneys22641895,

    Please try to check the rendering under Edit menu options > Preferences > Page Display.

    Check if in smooth text field "for computer/laptop LCD screens" is selected.

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


  • I have Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 I want to migrate my new laptop running Windows 7. I downloaded the file 22020134.exe to reinstall it on my new computer and I go through the hops and when I put the serial number, it tells me its invalid.

    I have Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 I want to migrate my new laptop running Windows 7. I downloaded the file 22020134.exe to reinstall it on my new computer and I go through the hops and when I put the serial number, it tells me its invalid.

    You're right: 22020134.exe is the download of the installer of my link.  Did you use the serial number on the right of this download link?

  • You can run Combat fs3 and fsx gold on the same computer?

    I am running windows vista (Service Pack 2) and fsx already loaded gold - now I wanted to add beautiful b17 of memphis but there is no compatibility with fsx so that it is compatible with combat fs3 I would load cfs3 as the basis to install b17. I know it is not possible to run two versions of fsx on the same computer and I worried if cfs3 fsx would corrupt each other it be someone knows it please?


    You can install Microsoft B17 in compatibility mode to run older programs in compatibility mode check out the link below:

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to install combat fs3 and fsx gold on the same computer to the same computer.

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    I ran the program 'Fix' and a range of other possible solutions, but without success.  Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?  BTW, I never had this problem on the same computer with Windows 7.

    Thank you

    Ian Jacobs

    Thanks for your suggestion.  In this case, I think I've established that the problem was caused by a program inadvertently set to run at 23:00 every night, but that does not appear as such in the Task Scheduler and also did not highlight as being the cause of the alarm when power-convenience store has been run.  I had given up on finding the cause of the problem and came across the setting in the program quite by chance.  I had the impression that all scheduled tasks would be present in Task Scheduler, but apparently not.  Thanks to everyone who made suggestions to solve my problem.

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    Thanks for your help

    Google has fixed this problem with attachments in Gmail, on their side, so this should work without the workaround to allow pop ups for

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    My Question is can I also install the Aurora, the Release Candidate and versions of ESR on the same computer as I do with the beta and every night? If so, how should I install in different directories? I create new profiles for each version. What I can do, is copy in my original profile to newly create profiles so that I can keep all my plugin/addons, themes, bookmarks, etc. of the same.

    The next question, (I think I know the answer but I just want to know that) now I can synchronize my favorites from each of the different profiles I created?

    Secondly, I have now I can do the ABOUT: CONFIG in the address bar of Firefox, anyone have an idea where I can read about what each entry means? Also, are there other secrets in Firefox, similar to the tip ABOUT: CONFIG? I know an app where you can do ABOUT: ME, but this is as far as I know.

    I know this was asked of billions of times, but I also have to ask. Is it possible at all that Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey will be never out to the Apple iOS? I know it's impossible, but maybe someone MIGHT have some thoughts on that?

    Finally, I know this is off topic, but I'll give it a shot. I use Outlook 2013, does anyone know if Outlook can manage discussion groups? The reason why I asked is because I'm just learning that there is a ton of focus groups for Firefox, ThunderBird and SeaMonkey. Somehow, I would get these focus groups in Outlook 2013. I already get allot of flows for other things, so this isn't a problem.

    I would much appreciate it if someone could help me with these questions.
    Thank you.

    See for more information the performance of several different versions of "Firefox". Firefox, Beta, Aurora and nightly installed everything like "Firefox" in their own country. & t = 2249039

  • Is it possible to set up for multiple users on the same computer to avoid entering the e-mail and the password

    Original title: Multi users

    Is it possible to set up for multiple users on the same computer to avoid entering the email and password every time that a new user want to check emails?


    Welcome to the community forums of Microsoft and thanks for posting the question. According to the description, you need help in the creation of multiple user accounts. I've surely you will help find a solution on the issue.

    What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    User accounts, several people can easily share a single computer. Each person can have a separate user account with unique settings and preferences, such as a screen saver or desktop background. User accounts control files and programs users can access and what types of changes users can make to the computer. As a general rule, you'll want to create standard accounts for most computer users.

    If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, see the article below:

    Create a user account

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    Hope this information helps. Answer please if you have more queries about Windows.

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