Is it possible to speed dial a calling card and PIN (necessary break)? OfficeJet 4500.

There is nothing in the instructions or help files on how to enter a telephone calling card and dial spindle. I want to enter a number like:

1 800 234 5678 [pause] 1234 5678 9012

Compare: in the list of contacts to my phone Cordless House plain old in that I put

1 800 234 5678 1234 5678 9012 ppp

I couldn't find any info on adding breaks or about how long a speed dial number can be.


By trial and error and a few conjectures, I figured out how get breaks in the fax address book. It's a Dashboard.

Example: 1 800 555 2222 - 1-509 996 1234 it will be access code, wait two seconds, dial 1, wait a second, dial the number.

The manual doesn't explain this. It is said to use the Redial/Pause button, which does not exist on this model. However, to set up speed dial on fax (as opposed from a PC) Control Panel, it says to hit the * key until it becomes a dash. It was my idea. On the set up the fax on the PC, you just put in dashes directly to get the breaks.

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    Great! It worked perfectly!

    Thank you!

  • "Temp fail" with the BLF speed dial + Call Pickup

    Hello all,.

    I am running version 8.6.2 CUCM and many phones IP 7962 G.

    I have a Manager configured with extension 1001 and his PA with extension 1002. The two extensions are configured in the same group of pick-up call.

    On the phone IP of PA, the second button is configured as a BLF Speed Dial with Call Pickup for the Manager.

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    Best regards,

    J. Mr. Kabundi.

    No matter what PickUp group they belong, do not need to be the same for the BLF pick-up function.

    But if they are in the same group, as you say: can the normal collection through the display key PickUp?

    If only change the number to work, I think you may have a problem with the DNs/Partitions. Never renamed the partition? Try to remove the Manager DN, delete the number not assigned to your server and add it again.

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    Kind regards


  • Speed Dial gives me an XML parsing error: no element found

    Have set up the Speed Dial and also set it as homepage. But when I then open Firefox, speed dial does not work and I get:
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    Have retried reloading Speed Dial twice, and this happens every time. I am running Firefox 3.6.16.

    There is an extension conflict. See this article: blog of Speed Dial on this problem article

  • Locked blackBerry Smartphones speed dial numbers

    I understand that my new torch took a few touches on the speed dial that are locked like change the Ring ring profile to vibrate etc..

    My (s) questions are if I have a name that starts with Q? It does not allow me to add

    a dial speed for this name? (I tried). Also how do edit you a blocked speed dial numbers?

    I have a voicemail speed dial number that is not valid?

    Thank you


    Bell Mobility

    Torch 9800


    Hello OlderBiker,

    Speed dial keys 1, Q and r cannot be changed because they are generated for certain actions.

    If your voicemail settings are not correct, you must contact your ISP for assistance.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones speed dial works erratic at best

    I tried to assign speed dials to my family and friends and find it almost impossible to maintain.

    1 contacts go where the phone, want not where I assign - initially

    2. "Move Contact" key seems to work but contacts back, annihilate the other.

    3. There is no "Save" function to "lock" the changes once they are made

    4. even after you think you have it as you wish, one-touch buttons not necessarily the contacts that you think that you have saved.

    Man, it's FRUSTRATING.

    Which 'should' work, but does not work for me.  I still can't get the contacts to stay where I assign.

    The method described will initially put contacts into the slots of dial speed, but during the closure of the 'view' access and re-opening, they move.  AND how fast the composition, it is more or less 'speed dial roulette', you get all that seems to come up.  Or, at least, I did it on my Storm (running V4.7.065 (Platform

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry Storm 9530 composition and disorder of speed dial

    Today the functions of dialing on my relatively new (Summer 2009) storm started to get strange.  In phone dialing screen, if I press and hold a numbered with a speed dial number, the phone would dial another number elsewhere on the speed dial list (press on and hold '3' fact phone speed dial the phone number assigned to '5').  After the removal and replacement of the battery and restart, the sentence is not clear.

    In fact, things got strange.  The phone don't would not dial voicemail when the '1' key was held down (although the list of speed-dial always listed the correct number, etc..)  When I deleted and tried to fill my speed dial list, no number keys on the keyboard would make speed dial in action spring.  But, by pressing and hold the key "3" did make the phone ask if I want to assign a speed dial to the number '5' as if it was the key I had been pressing.


    Can you tell us what version of the OS it is with?  If it's with OS version 9, it is a glitch that some users have reported on another forum.

    You can solve it by changing the keyboard of the portrait to the Suretype or reduced mode the keyboard (the one with two letters per key).

    I don't know why this is happening, but if you are using OS version 9, this should solve the problem.

    I hope this info helps!

    P.S. To change the keyboard, go to Options > keyboard/display and change view Portrait SureType keyboard.

  • Palm Pre - loss of speed dial settings

    I use CompanionLink to synchronize between the mine and my pre. Whenever I have sync, some, but not all, of my speed dials get damaged. In particular, my personal record of the goldmine in the Meadow ends with a number of speed dial buttons is not defined. When I change my personal record on the pre and delete a undefined button to, say, my fax number (I never associated a speed dial), some of the speed dials are just down and I have to go their.

    The people of CompanionLink support there is a problem with the Pre, but I'm not convinced this is the case.

    Has anyone else had this experience?

    Looks like some of the contacts are to be overwritten by the new data. Then, when you synchronize synchronization going. There is no way for us to test that the device is not configured to sync but USB out of the box. As a selection test a contact on your Pre, which is to have this behavior. Then change a field such as access to her name on the desktop and the Pre. Ensure that its different data. Say the name of people was Michael on change of field for Mike and on the desktop change for Mikey. Then synchronize and see what happens.

    What my colleagues and I think it's the synchronization changes anything. But we do not know how it works. Also if it was a problem pre customers using EAS, and Google would have said this earlier. You have reason to assume that it is their software to the origin of this. Since then, they have developed a way to sync but USB.

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  • BlackBerry Classic speed dial back at the top of the call screen

    I used to have 12 contacts in the upper part of the speed of call screen to compose. Now I'm down to only 8. I try to add an extra 4 it tells me that I have exceeded the maximum number allowed. I just moved to the classic, this device was working fine on my previous 3 Q10s.

    Any suggetsions?

    If you look in the 10.3.2 the user guide, it says:

    "You can add a total of eight contacts or numbers to the speed dial list on the screen of the calls.

    I also looked in the guide to the previous version (10.3.1) and it is said you can have 12 contacts. Thus, they seem to have reduced the number from 12 to 8 for some reason any.

  • How to use the session ip phone 9971 call from speed dial


    How can I use IP phone 9971 session call buttons to be used for line speed dial or intercom?

    Your help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

    You can not, you can only assign one of the 6 buttons line as another option, the session call buttons are dedicated to call the session.

  • Questions search Q10 blackBerry on the list of contacts, speed dial issues, lack of features email, contact questions - what happened to BB?


    I'm putting in place the President of our company with a Q10 of BB new, the software is the latest version. I found what I consider to be some major flaws that need to be resolved before BB away even more users.

    First of all, I wonder if there is a way to prevent the search function in the contact list of some areas, including the results - more precisely the scope of the company. Currently I have a number of contacts with the company as "Ontario Northland", I also have a contact named "Ontario Northland' that contains the phone number of the headquarters." When I type the letter 'o' in the search engine it does not have me down to contacts beginning with the letter 'o' as it includes all contacts who have "Ontario Northland" specified in the company field. Response to this question is that, unlike the Z10, Q10 does not the vertical list of letters down the right side to jump quickly to the letter 'o'. I don't understand why it would not be as there is no way to switch to contacts that begin with a certain letter.

    In addition, why is there a keypad option in the settings menu if it is absoultely nothing? When can we expect this feature to be completed?

    Also, is anyone aware of a way to restore a deleted option "voicemail" from speed dial blocks? We can no longer respect the '1' key to dial voicemail.  It seems that once it has been deleted, the only way to restore it with a factory reset full - obviously not ideal.

    Also, why are the hidden squares of empty speed dial when none are set - seems to cause more confusion than anything else.

    How is it when a row of blocks of speed dial are filled, the only way to add extra blocks is to go into the contacts list to add another, why not simply fired on another line empty?

    I noticed the following bug when you try to set up some speed dial contacts. Contacts that include a first and last name, adding speed dial blocks, only display the phone number in the block. It seems that the only way to fix the problem is to remove the contact from the speed dial blocks, rename and save the contact, then rename it to how it was, then it readd for blocks of speed dial. It seems that this is the case for a lot of contacts that are added via the Activation of the company.

    How to delete all emails older than the email selected? This is the type of features that separates the BB of toys like the IPhone, why it was deleted? Bring it back as soon as possible.

    Does anyone have a work around for these issues or maybe if I'm missing something can you point me in the right direction.

    Thank you


    * UPDATE *.

    I finally understand how to use the speed of Keypress function on the Q10 composition.

    You will notice if you press the phone icon, drag to the bottom of the bezzel top of the page, then select settings there is an option to "dial quick Keypress ' at the bottom of the list. When you select the menu option has virtually nothing you can do other than to highlight in blue letters. For the use of the service, you must do the following:

    1. in the main screen, select the phone icon.

    2. Select the keypad

    3. on the key dial screen, hold down a letter of your choice on the QWERTY keyboard. You will be asked to link a contact to the key.

    4. Select a phone number of a contact of your choice to link to the letter.

    To place a call with the press of button:

    1. in the main screen, select the phone icon.

    2. Select the keypad

    3 hold the letter that you have connected a contact.

    It seems there is no way to dial directly from the home screen, but this should suffice until there is a way.

    See you soon!

  • How to edit the voicemail speed dial by default?


    I just got a Treo Pro to Bell Mobility. The default speed #1 for Messaging voice dial dial my phone number, but won't let me change to include a pause and the password. Is it possible to fix this? I created a different speed dial # to do so, but it seems unnecessary to use up to 2 speed dial # s for voicemail. I can't delete or modify the default medium SD #1 and tech to Palm and Bell, both did not help when I called. I have serached the net and this forum but that you did not find a solution that does not involve editing the registry (I'm willing to do this if necessary but don't know where to start, this is my first Windows mobile device).

    Thank you


    Thanks, I managed to do work!

    It took me a second to understand that the voicemail dialing procedure is slightly different for my carrier - Bell Mobility to the Canada

    with Bell putting a # before your phone number ignores the outgoing message and one ',' creates a break

    Here's what I had to do:

    installed to PHM Registry Editor (took the minute to understand that installing activesync does not work with WM6.1)

    using regedit I found: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Vmail]

    selected: edit-new string value

    in the "value name" box is entered: UserProvidedNumber1

    in the "value data" box enter: #<10 digit="" phone="" number="">,

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  • Tweak Firefox default tile (new tab) to make it as Speed Dial.

    Is it possible to tweak the default Firefox tile (new tab) to make it as Speed Dial?
    For example, adds the first tile, on the second, etc...

    It is possible to do without having to download add-ons?

    Thank you.

    You can change the order of the boxes on the subject: newtab page and drag an item on a tile that is different to pin in this position or you can remove a Web site by clicking on the close X to block this URL.
    You can drag a bookmark or history item and drop them in a tile on the subject: newtab page to pin them and have your own sites showing favorites.

    Changes manually on the subject: newtab page are stored in the preferences you can find on the subject: config page and if necessary you can reset these prefs via the context menu.

    • Browser.newtabpage.pinned stores the Web site you pinned to a tile.
    • Browser.newtabpage.blocked stores the Web site that you've deleted by clicking on the X button in a tile.
  • How to add more than 9 paintings of speed dial?

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