Is it possible with CSS menu that appears when you click the menu button on a menu bar of style?

I'm trying the menu that appears when a menu button is enabled in the style menu bar. I am able to style the menu bar and menu button in the action bar very well.

However, I was completely unable to style from the Menu that appears.

I asked the same question over to, but have not yet received a reply.

Basically I have a menu that is set up as a bar:

<MenuBar VBox.vgrow="NEVER">
<Menu mnemonicParsing="true" text="_File">
<MenuItem mnemonicParsing="true" text="_New Project"/>
<MenuItem mnemonicParsing="true" text="_Open…"/>
<MenuItem mnemonicParsing="false" text="Quit"/>

I was completely unable to style the MenuItem or container here when they are indicated. I have dug through CSS of the skin of the Caspian Sea, but was unable to find out what anyone who specifically the. I tried to substitute the values of the ContextMenu, Menu, menu button and MenuItem that is located in the Caspian Sea, but nothing seemed to affect this menu.

The menu is clearly inconsistent with the menu system, so why am I unable to style it?

Isn't this possible? It will be possible in the future?

Thank you for answer two. Unfortunately, what was proposed was not enough to solve the problem by itself. I didn't know that .menu - the point has had a child of .label who could bear the title, but that alone was not enough to correct the problem.

Fortunately, Uluk Biy on was able to answer the question. He stressed that wanted me the property - fx-skin. I realize that I did not provide enough information here for users to come to this conclusion, so I wanted to thank you for helping with the little information you had.

It seems that, once I've added the property - fx-skin .context-menu, I am able to style menus.

Thanks again guys.

Tags: Java

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