Is Satellite A105-S2101 supports Bluetooth?

I've had this laptop for school back in ' 06. Has served me well so far... When I got it, he says it was bluetooth technology. I even used the tool of bluetooth in class a few times the connection to the cell someones (with permission of course). I have since updated my BIOS and varied other things... now, I have a BT phone and tried to connect to my computer... I can't find bluetooth on my laptop at all, and all files I DL remedy result is telling me that I need to plug in the bluetooth device. Any help on that would be great.


Maybe the following Web site helps you find the cause.

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  • Satellite A105-S2101 - can't watch DVDs with Express Media Player

    I have this laptop Satellite A105-S2101, and the LCD breathed on me in two years.

    Fortunately, I can still use the VGA and S-video output but it may as well be a desktop PC now. Anyway, I just wanted to add that because of this problem, no longer is I can watch DVDs with Express Media Player because it will not accept VGA or S-video as default is just my broken - up, good for nothing always blurry LCD anyway.
    It's only when I'm in Windows mode can I switch to an external monitor.

    The reason I'm writing is, if it is necessary to add anything to an EMP update - this is the time and it would be something to add. What the devil?

    Have you tried another player?
    I prefer the VLC media player. He plays the most video and audio files, it s freeware and easy to use. Check it!

    Have you changed something on your hardware or software configuration before this happened?
    Maybe it's time to reinstall the drive Media Express

  • Ask yourself if the Satellite L50D-A008 supports Bluetooth?

    Hey guys

    I was wondering if l50d-a008 has bluetooth and if so there at - it no driver bluetooth for it?
    I cnt find it on and off for bluetooth


    The Toshiba card page of [TOSHIBA SATELLITE L50D-A008 PSKM2A 008005 |]
    says nothing about Bluetooth support.

    I guess that this portable _does friezer Bluetooth support.

  • Satellite A110-153 supports Bluetooth?

    I got a Satellite has 110-153.

    It has Bluetooth. ?

    Can not find and I'm not so handy with a computer


    To my knowledge the Sat A110-153 not equipped of the module internal BT.
    You will need to use a dongle BT USB external if you want to prepare this laptop BT!

    See you soon

  • Satellite A210-171 supports Bluetooth

    I own a satellite A210-171.
    I don't know if there is a built-in Bluetooth.

    How can I tell if my laptop has built-in bluetooth or not?

    Check the bottom of the unit.
    If there is a Bluetooth label then the laptop was equipped with the internal Bluetooth module.

    If there is no label of BT, the BT module is not installed ;)

  • Satellite C850-1LQ - manipulates Bluetooth?

    HI -.

    I can't get my laptop C850-1LQ recognize or indicate it can handle bluetooth.

    I tried some of the suggestions on various internet sites, but also see some indications that it does not support Bluetooth.

    What is the answer/solution?

    Thank you.

    C850-1LQ satellite does not support Bluetooth

  • Satellite C660 supports Bluetooth 3.0?


    I recently bought a Satellite C660.
    It says the laptop has Bluetooth 3.0. Is this true?
    It works very well for windows 7.

    However in Ubuntu 10.10 my Bluetooth doesn't seem to work. I think it's the problem of missing driver.

    Where can I get the latest drivers Linux/Ubuntu for C660?


    > It says the laptop has Bluetooth 3.0. Is this true?
    What C660-xxx you have exactly?

    Of my knowledge C660 laptop computers are equipped with a WLan card which also supports Bluetooth!
    But not all wireless network cards support this feature.
    So first of all, you must check the wireless network card and check if it has support of BT.

  • No Satellite C855 - 21 p supports Bluetooth?

    Hi all

    my new C855 - 21 p has Bluetooth?
    I found a menu in Win8 for Bluetooth, but my computer is not accessible. I do not know Win8...

    Help, please...

    On the Toshiba site, I found a bluetooth driver to activate bluetooth on this computer...

    No, it looks like that the Satellite C855 - 21 p does not support Bluetooth connectivity

  • Satellite A105-S4384 - his party using Ubuntu Linux 8.04

    I have a portable Satellite A105 - S4384.
    I use Ubuntu 8.04. I lost my sound, after that I got some files from the repository.

    Where is the setting of the sound on the Toshiba {(pas l'OS ubuntu) if I find not I have to reload the OS.}

    Where is the Toshiba sound adjustments, especially the dumb... ??


    At first, I have to write than Toshiba doesn't support Linux.

    I do not know are your questions for Linux or Windows XP Home/Vista edition.
    In any case under WXP, you can use the mute option with the FN + ESC key combination or adjust the volume to a minimum

  • Impossible to reinstall Windows on Satellite A105-S2141

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2141 I'm trying to reinstall Windows on after a bad virus infection. When I entered the Windows CD (OEM cd, not original) and it loads all the drivers it BSOD PAge_Fault_In_Non_Paged_Area with 0 x 50.
    I ran several diagnostics hardware on the machine (memtest, hard drive tests, winstress) and nothing comes back bad. I put in a disk of Vista for sh * s and giggles and it loads fine.

    At this point, I think that it is a SATA driver that must be loaded with Windows. I can't find this driver anywhere rpn = PSAA5U & modelFilter = A105-S2141 & SelCategorie = 3 & selFamily = 1073768663

    There is the link to the support page for this model of laptop. I've also updated BIOS firmware to the latest version, I tried the BIOS driver loaded on a disk without result.
    I am really confused and this laptop is no good for me at the moment.

    And what version of Windows you want to install?

  • Satellite A105-S2051 and XPSP3 - upgrade RAM and hot key error

    Merry Christmas together,
    Please can some mention help: have Windows XP HOME SP3

    1. recently tried to improve my Satellite A105-S2051 950Mo to MAX 2 GB RAM. I have x 2 places available.
    2 a RAM problem, pc would not even turn when the two new ram sticks have been installed.
    3. If x 1 old used module and x 1 new stick of ram, pc would not record even installed extra RAM? After discussion with the manufacturer recommended to also upgrade my old BIOS suppliers, I did it via the load - SAME support.
    4. then they recommend - sent back 4 RAM chip, they returned with the type of chip 8,.
    5. upon receipt, PC would not turn on once more if the two 1 GB installed? While could then install x 1 old + x 1 new, pc recognizes the additional ram 1 x, 1.36 GB memory stick.
    6. have you tried to load keyboard shortcuts available on download media files to find error - Toshiba ACPI common Modules (TVALD) missing?
    8 tried to load files TVALD, to then find error - TVALZ DRIVER FAILED? aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
    Any help would be most appreciated, Please help!

    Kind regards


    There is no reason to discuss on the RAM upgrade, because things are clear: RAM upgrade will be successful if you use only compatible modules and module 1 GB for your laptop with PA3411U-2M1G part number.

    Use two of them, and everything will be OK.

    Back to WXP stuff.
    Installation of WXP can be quite complicated as all things, especially specific tools Toshiba and public services must be installed in the correct order. Before you begin to install Toshiba stuff, you must install common modules. It is a fundamental tool, and it must be installed first. Problem is that we support for your laptop model page, I can't find common modules for download.

    What you can try is to install from the European page. You can find it HERE. Check it out.

  • Error in device IO after installing Vista on Satellite A105-S334

    Need help please!
    Recently, I did a full restore of my computer Toshiba Satellite laptop.
    My computer came pre-installed with Windows XP Media Center edition.
    I had upgraded to Windows Vista, which was one of the worst computer decisions I had made.

    That's why... I did the full restore with the factory restore disk that came with my laptop.
    Before restoring, my CD player worked fine.

    Now all I get is an error message "the request cannot be performed because of an i/o device error."
    When I put in the disc, I can hear it turn. I see even my mouse cursor will turn to a disc as if she was about to open the drive, but the error message.

    I tried to reinstall the driver... no luck. I also tried to change IDE properties that don't seem to work either.

    Someone please help!
    If it helps, I have a rug * drive his DVD Ram UJ - 841 S Satellite A105-S334. I can't boot any CD, however, if a disc contains a few documents, it will open up very well!

    Help, please.

    Stand by. I'm a bit confused.
    If I understand you right you can use the drive as a boot device and boot media is readable, but you cannot use the drive just under the operating system. Am I right about that?

    Have you noticed this problem right after the clean install of OS? Did you remove some pre-installed software components? Did you install additional software for burning CD/DVD?

    Also check this Microsoft document

  • Is Satellite A105 - compatible with Windows 7?

    Hi all

    I want to install Windows 7 on my Satellite A105-S4344. I run Windows 7 compatibility test and it said the laptop is compatible, but on the Toshiba site it says my laptop does not support Windows 7.

    Who to believe?

    Hi ACE1146,

    What Toshiba Web site you are looking for?

    I checked the US page where is your A105-S4344 and it seems to be compatible with Windows 7 because you can download Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7. After performing a new installation, the Toshiba Software Installer will download and install all the software Toshiba provided.

    In addition, you can find a lot of interesting forms of support they are interesting for you:

  • Satellite A105-S2236 - FN keys do not work in Windows XP

    I just went down to my laptop, Satellite A105-s2236 from vista to XP, and don t FN keys work.
    I try to find in the internet, how to solve this problem, but no luck, please help how to solve this problem.

    Thank you

    > I try to find on the internet how to solve this problem, but no luck
    This means you checked Toshiba U.S. support and download page?

  • Satellite A105-S2051: common Module not found. This configuration will be terminated


    I installed Windows XP but when I try to install any utility (like the Hotkey Utility) I get the message:

    TOSHIBA common Module not found. This configuration will be terminated.

    I can't find the "Toshiba ACPI common Modules for Windows XP" on the Toshiba web site. I tried the web site in English,

    I tried every single link in the support for the Satellite A105-S2051 page.

    There is nothing like the Module 'common '.

    I have lived a great incredible waste of time while searching for the reader.

    So please, any help would be welcome.


    I found Toshiba ACPI common Modules for Windows XP (Toshiba value-added Logic Device) in some different sets of Satellite A105.

    For example: A105-S271 A105-S2711 A105-S361 A105-S3611, A105-S2719, A105-S2712, A105-S2713, A105-S2716, A105-S2717

    Go for no apparent reason the A105-S2051 is not there.

    However, try the Toshiba ACPI common Modules of different A105.

    Maybe the latter won't work.

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