Is - slow down Firefox Sync, editing the bookmark library?

Since I started using Firefox Sync, I noticed only edition or organize my library of bookmark has become slow or lazy.
Characterizes this synchronization behavior? Or...
I'm having a problem unrelated?

Thanks for the reply,

It is possible.

We have seen other reports that Firefox is trying to synchronize bookmarks changes too quickly.

You can try to exclude bookmarks in sync to see if that helps.

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    Thank you!

    You can watch these extensions to add a column to the folder parent for the Bookmarks Manager.

    The only way to locate a bookmark without extension is to open the bookmark in a Firefox tab (possibly offline), and then click on the yellow star on the address bar to open the dialog box "edit this bookmark".

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    Go to the Menu
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    Menu bar
    Bookmarks Toolbar

    This question was on by clicking on the star in the Navigation toolbar to edit the bookmark.
    The button star highlight to edit the bookmark because right click opens the context menu of the toolbar, you must left click.

    You can right click on a bookmark in other places such as the bookmarks toolbar or in the sidebar and in the bookmarks (library) Manager to change the properties.

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    Open a new firefox window.
    Open Bookmarks window
    Close the firefox window that you opened in the beginning and open the Bookmarks window.
    Try again to open a new window of firefox Windows; You can't just; You must close firefox Bookmarks window FIRST, and THEN reopen.

    If the bookmarks library window is open and then displays Firefox still works.

    Open a bookmark, history item or this library folder opens a new Firefox window.

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  • I can't follow Firefox instructions on adding a computer to Firefox Sync because the sync tab does not appear in Outils\Options.

    I got sync Firefox setup on my computer at home. Now, I want to add my work computer to Firefox sync so that both machines will have synchronized favorites. Firefox instructions on adding a computer to Firefox Sync say click on synchronize in Outils\Options tab. But there is no tab sync in Outils\Options. How can I add my work pc to Firefox Sync?

    The Sync tab appears only if the Firefox Sync add-on has been installed, or you are using the Firefox 4 beta builds. Looks like you need to install the add-on Firefox Sync on the work computer.

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    OS: Windows 7 Pro fully updated

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    This only happens when using effects which are slow in a first time as Grain reduced by using 6 passes with unsharp mask.

    Looking at the CPU load, it is usually very small and does not load upward when rendering slows down.  If anything, the load also reduces CPU when rendering slows.

    (24GO RAM) memory usage is low, at about 29 to 31%.

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    Thanks for all your help in advance.

    This is perfectly normal. Many of the effects of EI are single-threaded, and contrary to your assumption simply will not make your CPU glow to make up for it. Especially with the time as effects remove Grain, raising several images and their treatment will be also implemented additional fresh General IO and whatnot that outweighs the real picture processing time. It could take hours to explain how AE handles this and what combinations cause behaviors, but suffice it to say that for now, you will have to live with it...


  • I have no toolbar in the bookmarks library. I try to export my favorites to HTML.

    I've recently upgraded the operating system Linux ubuntu 11.04. I would save my favorites, but no access to the toolbar in the bookmarks library. Please help me find this toolbar, with the option to export bookmarks on it.

    Ubuntu 11.04 displays the window menus in the control at the top of the screen bar

    Click bookmarks/view all bookmarks, and then move your mouse to the upper left corner to the Firefox Web browser.

    You will get a pop up menu (Organization, views and import and backup).

  • The most visited folder on the toolbar is not up-to-date and does not the same content as the list of the most visited in the bookmarks library.

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    Is this a smart bookmark with the icon to the same folder as the working version?

    If a copy and paste of the Working Group "Most visited" bookmark in the bookmarks (library) Manager only gives not a working copy you can create a new "Most visited" bookmark with location defined place: sort = 8 & maxResults = 10

    You must paste the full text in the location field of this new bookmark and probably need to close and restart Firefox to make it work like a smart bookmark.

  • Using the bookmark Library, I can locate specific bookmarks, but there is no way of knowing which of my cases, it is in. Is it possible to do this?

    Using the bookmark Library, I can locate specific bookmarks, but there is no way of knowing which of my cases, it is in. Is it possible to do this? I have about 15 cases of bookmarks with a total of about 150 bookmarks. The research of the Library bookmark gives good results insofar as find the specific bookmark, but I IN. WANT to KNOW WHO MY RECORDS THE SPECIFIC BOOKMARK IS how can I do this?

    Take a look on these modules:

  • "load this bookmark in the sidebar" is an option in the bookmarks library. Where is the "sidebar"?

    "load this bookmark in the sidebar" is an option in the bookmarks library. What and where is the "sidebar"?

  • After installing the 9.0.1 day for Mozilla Firefox not loading the bookmark icons in the drop-down menu of favorites, even if they load when I go to display all bookmarks. Why?

    I use a Mac and the 9.0.1 version of Firefox

    Firefox Help has already had an answer for me - should have looked better:


  • How can I restore favorite with firefox sync when the computer originally synced them died, past and completely non0functional?

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    Unfortunately, Firefox Sync works as a backup service. If your data are not there, it is not that you can do at this point.

    I'm sorry.

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