Is sold as a separate post

Apple mail now send all attachments mails in a way distinct. Using the Exchange/office365 messaging service. This problem does not exist with the iPhone or the iPad mail using mail account

Seems to me that the attachments are in text format. They come in a mail separated without any sender. This is perhaps related to the fact that I started to use MailButler in my MacBook Air mail.


This is not the behavior I've ever observed. I guess that your suspicions about MailButler may be correct. To test this, turn off the MB.

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  • Accumulative separate accounts

    I was on it for two days. Someone could lead me in the right direction? Given the following data set:

    create table data_owner.test_data
    item_number varchar2 (10 byte),
    Store_Number varchar2 (10 byte),
    Calendar_Year varchar2 (10 byte),
    Calendar_Week varchar2 (10 byte),
    whole units_sold

    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('1111', ' 31 ', ' 2010', 51', 4)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('1111', ' 16 ', ' 2010', 51', 2)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('1111', ' 31 ', ' 2010', 52', 3)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('1111', ' 27 ', ' 2010', 52', 1).
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('1111 ', '16', ' 2011', 1', 3)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('1111 ', '27', ' 2011', 2', 5)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('1111 ', '20', ' 2011', 2', 4)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('2222', ' 27 ', ' 2010', 51', 3)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('2222', ' 16 ', ' 2010', 52', 2)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('2222', ' 20 ', ' 2010', 52', 1).
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('2222 ', '16', ' 2011', 1', 3)
    Insert into test_data (item_number, store_number, calendar_year, calendar_week, units_sold)
    values ('2222 ', '31', ' 2011', 2', 3)

    Select * from test_data

    item_number store_number calendar_year calendar_week units_sold
    1111 31 2010 51 4
    1111 16 2010 51 2
    1111 31 2010 52 3
    1111 27 2010 52 1
    1111 16 2011 1 3
    1111 27 2011 2 5
    1111 20 2011 2 4
    2222 27 2010 51 3
    2222 16 2010 52 2
    2222 20 2010 52 1
    2222 16 2011 1 3
    2222 31 2011 2 3

    My desired outcome is a sum of units sold and a separate cumulative store account numbers grouped by year and week point. that is to say:

    item_number calendar_year calendar_week store_count sum (units_sold)
    1111 2010 51 2 6
    1111 2010 52 3 4
    1111 2011 1 3 3
    1111 2011 2 4 9
    2222 2010 51 1 3
    2222 2010 52 3 3
    2222 2011 1 3 3
    2222 2011 2 4 3

    I can't get the number of store on the right. I tried various methods of the count (distinct store_number) on the analytical function (...), but nothing works. Thank you.


    Interesting problem!

    When you use analytical functions, you cannot use ORDER BY and DISTINCT. Too bad; It would be of course convenient.

    The most general solution is to use aggregate instead of analytical functions functions and do a self-join to match each line (l ' table', for 'later' in the query below) with each line of earleir ('table' e below) for the same item:

    SELECT       l.item_number
    ,       l.calendar_year
    ,       l.calendar_week
    ,       COUNT (DISTINCT e.store_number)     AS store_count
    ,       SUM (l.units_sold)
         / COUNT (DISTINCT e.ROWID)          AS total_units_sold
    FROM       test_data   e
    JOIN       test_data   l      ON     e.item_number     = l.item_number
    AND                               e.calendar_year || LPAD (e.calendar_week, 2)
                                    <= l.calendar_year || LPAD (l.calendar_week, 2)
    GROUP BY  l.item_number
    ,       l.calendar_year
    ,       l.calendar_week
    ORDER BY  l.item_number
    ,       l.calendar_year
    ,       l.calendar_week

    You might think to store a DATE (say, the date that begins the week) instead of the week and the year. This would simplify this query and probably many others, too. I realize that could complicate other issues, but I think that you will have a net gain of fiond.

    Thanks for posting the CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements; This helps a lot!

    Published by: Frank Kulash, November 18, 2011 12:48

    This is an analytical solution. As you can see, it requires more code and more complicated code, but it can work better:

    WITH     got_r_num   AS
         SELECT     item_number
         ,     calendar_year
         ,     calendar_week
         ,     units_sold
         ,     ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( PARTITION BY  item_number
                                   ,                    store_number
                             ORDER BY        calendar_year
                             ,                calendar_week
                           )      AS r_num
         FROM    test_data
    ,     calendar_year
    ,     calendar_week
    ,     COUNT ( CASE
                        WHEN  r_num = 1
                  THEN  1
               )             OVER ( PARTITION BY  item_number
                                      ORDER BY      calendar_year
                          ,          calendar_week
                                 )                    AS store_count
    ,       SUM (units_sold) OVER ( PARTITION BY  item_number
                                    ,             calendar_year
                          ,             calendar_week
                             )                         AS  total_units_sold
    FROM       got_r_num
    ORDER BY  item_number
    ,            calendar_year
    ,       calendar_week

    This approah will not work in all situations of windowing. It's not serious fo this work, but not if you want, for example, a number of separate stores for the past 6 weeks, so that the report covers more than 6 weeks.

  • Update errors (iPhoto, Garageband) inherited iMac 2011

    I've updated an iMac mid-2011 legacy of OS X Lion to El Capitan, and almost everything works, except that the App Store again that Garageband and iPhoto (*) requires the update, but when I try to do updates: "Update not available with this Apple ID" / "this update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by another user or the item has been repaid. or cancelled. "(for Garageband, has always been the same second part of that message; I could have sworn that attempts to update iPhoto used to give another like the one given below after a failed attempt to execute it, but now, it's the same mistake as with Garageband).  After that, I get another message, "We could not complete your request." / "there was an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (null) ».

    (*) I understand not iPhoto is obsolete, but despite you ask to import from iPhoto, Photos actually seems to have done the job (maybe he did, but I can't be sure if I can't open iPhoto), so I would need to retrieve inherited photos (family).  If it is not possible to update, can someone let me know which directories to go to be safe?

    The existing version of iPhoto is 9.2.1 - this will not work and says he needs an update (who, when tried, gives the error message "Point not available" / "the object you requested is not available in the US store.").  The existing version of Garageband is 6.0.4 - this runs, but says it needs an update.

    To the best of my knowledge, the previous owner never bought either of these as a separate post (the previous owner never used Garageband and found it annoying that this has been included in the default Mac OS X software), and I don't think that the previous owner has even bothered where was able to set up a Apple ID , so I don't know why these 2 programs to give the above error messages when any other update very well.

    How can I fix it?

    When Googling for solutions, the people of problems post answers to always seem to be a little different, although I knew to have duplicates on other readers might cause problems (I can say in advance that I don't have this problem: it happens with any connected storage device).  I tried the solution to drag *.app for these last records in the trash and then retrying App Store, but he wants to charge for Garageband and will not appear iPhoto at all (although it shows for iPhoto Add-ons that are always available).  I also saw a workaround complicated for those who want to stick with iPhoto instead of Photos that is to make a new account to install it (in fact I already did, by making a new account on this computer after the update to El Capitan, even if I get the same errors on the previous owner).  Also, before you just drag *.app for these last files in the Recycle Bin permanently, I need to know if other things must be removed to get rid of them, if they cannot be updated.

    Before anyone arrives on my case about do not update the software on the Mac for a long time before Mac OS X El Capitan, also note that the previous owner had problems of health and health problems of the family during the duration of validity as it should have been upgraded, enough to take it past option of discord.

    Apologies for any question in double (strangely, putting my question in the search bar or by post in these forums did not turn anything and sent me directly to do this post) or something that should be obvious, these last weeks have been my first experience Mac search in the system (i.e., more than occasional use during the family visit) since the mid-2000s , and this is my first time on these forums.

    This you should get a completely restored system so that it was when it was first purchased. After that upgrades should be thin. There is no Apple given ID. All applications must work.

    1. The recovery of Internet startup by pressing Option + command (⌘) r immediately after start-up or that you restart your Mac. Release the keys when you see the Apple logo. Start-up is finished when you see the utility window.
    2. Open utility drive in the Utilities window, then use disk utility to erase your hard disk using the Mac OS extended (journaled) format. Quit disk utility when done.
    3. Choose Reinstall macOS (or reinstall OS X) in the utility window, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
      This installs the system provided with your Mac, when it was new.
  • Thunderbird - completely remove Firefox


    My difficulties where the installation fails on a space having detailed in a separate post, I am now in a curious loop:

    Installed Firefox, he adapted, replaced my old prefs.js file, and get it all right. just as I like it. What's on the third time, I installed in this new machine running Windows 10 (bring back XP Pro; it worked).

    Then I installed Thunderbird, it fits my taste, it closed at least once, open again and it was beautiful.

    Next thing I noticed is that the Firefox shortcuts were missing from the image (on the desktop and the taskbar). When I tried to run, Windows told me that this app might not run on this PC.

    So I thought that I will reinstall. Note that, because I had read somewhere that Firefox and Thunderbird using the same file (I actually don't find no evidence;) I found two separate files on the way) I decided to install in the same folder, basically Mozilla.

    Then reinstall I'm offered the upgrade option, which I accepted. Eventually everything seemed fine again. Until I tried to launch Thunderbird. When I clicked on shortened sound, lacking then also the image, I am now told the application cannot be found.

    When I then checked the installation folder, I found no trace of Thunderbird. or it is in the list of installed programs.

    My conclusion is that Thunderbird fully erased the installation of the machine.

    Did I cause in ignorance?

    I think it's most likely something you do. I really don't know. But I would hazard a guess your used to install programs in one location other than that defined by windows in the first major mistake. Windows makes this more difficult over time. Windows has problems with programs that are not installed in the ProgramFiles and % programfiles(x86) % environment variable of the places. You can change windows to change the physical location, but simply ask the executable programs where you want will cause you questions.

    Thunderbird and Firefox sare some core code, as well as the sea monkey, so all have all records of similar profiles. But don't share it does not profile, except in the case of seamonkey.

    Profile of Thunderbird will be in % appdata % environment under the Thunderbird folder variable. Firefox will be under Mozilla\Firefox.

    The result is, forget everything you think you know about windows. Substitute information from UNIX and OS x (and retrieve this old acquaintance of BACK) and you'll get about 10 Windows.

    Data structures are rigid, file permissions are normal. Even running as an administrator is not really an exception of security as it used to be.

  • Cannot run the installation of the mavericks

    I am trying to upgrade an old iMac running OS X 10.5. ?. I installed snow leopard and ran the update is now at 10.6.8. I had a copy of the Mavericks install on another system then I copied as the old iMac. When I run it, I get the following:

    "This copy of the Mavericks install OS X cannot be verified. "It may have been corrupted or altered during the download.

    I know that this facility has run on the machine, that I copied it from. I also tried to run an installation of El Capitan of a file and got the same message.

    I did go to the app store and try to download the upgrade from there, but it gave me another error I'll put in a separate post.

    I would be very happy to help

    Thank you


    Install both applications belong to your Apple ID or another Apple ID? If the latter, then you must use a copy of your Apple ID. You will not be able to download the Mavericks but you can download El Capitan. However, if the computer does not meet the system requirements then you may not able to upgrade past that Snow Leopard or you may only be able to upgrade to Lion.

    If you have already purchased the Mavericks in with your Apple ID then you should be able to re - download it from your shopping list in the App Store. You also need to associate the computer with your Apple ID through preferences to iCloud.

  • How can I make each tab appears in the taskbar Linux

    The version of Windows 7 Firefox has the option to display of each tab in a separate post in the taskbar. I use Linux now (specifically, Linux Mint, Office MATE with compiz) and I miss this feature. In compiz, I can press Super + W to show all my windows at once on the screen. It does not help, however, because only the active tab exists on the bar of tasks and in the view of all windows.

    If it is not possible to display all the tabs as part of the taskbar, is there a way to configure firefox to not use tabs and just do a new window while he took a tab?

    On your main question, I have no idea.

    As for your second question, you can disable the derivation of new windows in new tabs in the settings here:

    Edit menu > Preferences > tabs

    Nevertheless, Firefox to open tabs on its own (for example, when you select Tools > modules or help > troubleshooting information), but it should address most of the cases. If you want to get totally rid of the tabs, there is an add-on for that. It is discussed in this thread: How can I completely disable tabs? Personally, though, I think it is probably overkill for most people.

  • video to AutoPlay causes the hit counter to double count

    on my site, I have a video playing immediately the value (autostart). but for some reason when you view in FF, which makes my .php hit the increment of the counter by 2 (or sometimes even 4).

    on other pages that have videos that are played manually, the counter works fine. But if I add the video to AutoPlay, the Soundtracks meter upward.

    chrome doesn't have this problem on all pages, neither is IE.
    I have reset factory FF. v13.0.1

    No, I mean change your PHP so that if there is no image real separate poster, you do not include the poster attribute at all. It is not necessary if you want as the first frame of the video displayed. See:

  • HP Envy 15-ae103nc: HP Envy 15 broken coverage taken lan


    Lan on my HP coverage is broken. The part of midle bit in the lid which is supposed to take the ethernet cable is gone. EBay is full of lids of replacements, but not this particular one. Is it possible to get it / any place I can order from? I can replace it myself but I can't find the piece in the store of spare parts of HP. Thank you.

    Hi @Okamensky,

    Thank you for your participation in the Forums of HP Support! It is a great location to get resolutions and interact with experts from the community. I understand that you have problems with a broken plug LAN cover. It will be a pleasure to help you.

    Did a remarkable job to do your copious research to find the right piece before asking your question in the forums of HP. It's always a great pleasure to work with tech-savvy and technically customers sounds like you. Kudos to you for this. I am amazed to see your technical skills, replace it with yourself and certainly value your relationship with HP. We greatly appreciate you for doing business with HP and I take it as a privilege to share this platform with you.

    First of all, as the cover of LAN is not sold in a separate part, you must replace the speaker all background Panel or the base of the unit, as it is integrated. You can visit this link to order the part: so if please select the country and enter the product # unit and search to identify the desired parts. You can also call the part store and give them a product name # and the model of your device to be able to help you order the right part. The phone number is registered on the Web site.

    I really hope that the problem is solved without hassle and the computer works great. I hope this helps. Please let me know how it works.

    Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up ' button to appreciate my efforts. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution".

    Thank you and have a great week ahead.

  • HTML not imported favorites.

    I exported a bookmark of IE9 HTML file. After (successfully) import the file in Mozilla8, no bookmarks (or 'IE' directory) are visible. Any ideas?

    "I exported a bookmark of IE9 HTML file."

    You don't get the Internet Explorer folder when doing an IE export and then import the file into Firefox. This file appears only when the "import data from a different browser is used ' or when the function"import data"is used during the initial installation of Firefox.

    When you view the "library" window, in the left column, you should be able to open the folder and all bookmarks in this folder, you should see folders Bookmarks Toolbar and Menu bookmarks with positive points and a folder of bookmarks not sorted. The bookmarks Menu folder is where all IE Favorites.

    Or you could open the sidebar display bookmarks using {Ctrl + B} and then open the Menu folder bookmarks.

    Dbellca82 gave you old Firefox 7 information and earlier versions. The "Import" in the "Library" window feature has been changed in Firefox 8 and is a little different from what has been used before, when there was a separate post of the 'Import' menu on the file menu in the Menu bar.

       * The preferred format is PNG-24 for images not resized. JPG for resized screenshots.
       * To prevent long page load times, try to limit the total screenshot content to 200K, if possible.
  • DeskJet t1200: jury of trainer T1200


    I have a damaged on a deskjet t1200 printer formatter Board needs to be replaced.

    1. The formatter Board come with HARD drive or are sold separately?
    2. If I get the formatter Board, I can buy one out of the HARD drive tray and load the firmware on it? in the affirmative, please send me the markets / youtube video on how to do this.
    3. A link to buy complete formatter Board + drive HARD will be highly appreciated

    Thank you.


    Here are the part numbers

    CH538-67004 trainer Board - do NOT include the hard drive (HDD) - for the Designjet T1200 Printer series

    CH538-67078 SATA hard drive (HDD) - includes: firmware - for use with Designjet printers

    Trainer and HDD have never were sold together, always separate.

    Make sure you get these new pieces, otherwise you can change the identity of the printer and will not be able to recover from that

  • HP Designjet T7100: Designjet T7100 continuous long print document

    My plotter is on the local network and works very well.  I have a PDF file that is much larger (longer) that these are great.  Due to the large amount of information on the layout, the police is very low.  This means I have to print large drawing that I can do. If the drawing prints to the maximum width of paper of the plotter scale is sufficient (font is readable).  The print dialog allows to break the document into separate poster sized pieces, but I want to print the whole thing on a piece of paper continuous time.  It's theoretically possible, but I need to figure out the correct settings.  Anyone has experience with this, and you can post the appropriate settings?


    I don't have any experience with your printer model, however the User Guidesays that you can create a custom for your printer paper size and that would be useful.  See Chapter 9, Page 80

    A few general ideas

    Because you cannot create a larger custom paper size that the driver can handle, you can create your custom paper size to be longer than it is wide, and then perhaps to print the document in the landscape, which actually has the orientation of 90 degrees.  Note: Depending on your printer software, you may need to log outgoing/incoming or restart the computer to see the new paper size in your list.

    You can try to open the PDF file in Adobe Reader MS> file > Printe > print preview (open)

    Depending on your printer driver software, you can maybe open properties and fnd the paper size option.  The custom paper size should be listed.

    Another option of interest (in print preview mode) > under sizing Page and handling > Poster

    If the poster is not useful in this context, or if the paper size is elusive (assuming that you did create a model appropriate to the custom made size, try selecting "source of paper to choose depending on the size of Page PDF.  NOTE: By selecting poster appears to eliminate / reduce to zero the possibility to choose paper...

    Also on the homepage of the print preview > option to change orientation

    Now, I don't know if this will actually work - I have a OfficeJet Pro 8630; It does not print the wonderful, long, rolls of paper.  The smile.  It may be a few minutes of your time to play with the settings.

    There may be information on what you need to be mentioned the User Guide - it is quite broad - or there may be something useful in another manual from those that are available to the Web site of your printer Support pages.

    Your printer:

    HP Designjet T7100 printer

    General reference:

    Manage the print with preview output before printing

    When you see a post that will help you,

    Who inspires you, gives a cool idea,

    Or you learn something new.

    Click the 'Thumbs Up' on this post.

    My answer-click accept as Solution to help others find answers.

  • Adding memory, but the PC does not see it

    I have a HP m7350n desktop under WinXP SP2

    The memory was still stock until my recent upgrade

    By specifications, he had 2 GB of memory. Confirmed with dxdiag

    By card, it also has a maximum of 4 GB

    Data sheet:

    I've added two new sticks of 1 GB in the two open slots. I left the old memory where she was, the memory of the old and the new alternative locations.

    I added 2xKingstonKVR400D2N3 / 1 G 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 400 (PC2-3200)


    This seems to fit the plug (I admit Im a beginner at this stuff).

    Physically, the new memory was shorter then the old man. I am confident that the new memory is sitting and firmly fixed

    After the upgrade, dxdiag claims that I have 2 GB of memory (2 048 MB).

    Any suggestions on what I can is dead wrong, or what I need to check? I want to get it to 4 GB.

    I guess that is not impacting the question of memory, but I have also improved the power supply and the video card at the same time (there is more noise, but it will be a separate post)

    Thanks for the pointers


    You can see them in the BIOS? This indicates that the RAM is not the same thing:

    Kind regards.

  • dv4-3138tx: HP - win 7 Home premium x 64 recovery disc

    I intend to improve my hdd of 750Go of laptop(dv4-3138tx) to a new 120 GB SDS. Before you begin, I created a set of HP recovery discs using HP Recovery Manager. To make sure that disk works, I tested the recovery DVDs on my laptop original 750 GB hard drive. Unfortunately, the recovery disk 2 of 3 failed. Now my laptop cannot start. I intend to do a fresh install, but now I don't have any installation media. I tried to download a copy of the standard iso Microsoft win7, but was not allowed to use my oem license key. I understand that downloading iso is reserved for retail customers.

    No idea how should I proceed?

    I make this separate post so that you will notice.  I hightly suspect the recovery disk set would not work with the new SSD, even if he had worked on the with the original hard drive.  If the recovery partition is still intact, you can run it to restore everything as if the set of recovery disks was run.

    You mark the partition as active recovery, (search for GParted) and execute the recovery of the partition manager.

  • Replace the video card and audio lost

    I have a HP m7350n desktop under WinXP SP2

    The plug:

    I replaced the video card (original) with a Gigabyte GT 440

    The new vid card also demanded a new power supply, so I replaced the original power supply with a Cooler Master GX 450

    When I restarted the computer, I noticed that I had more sound. Not sure if it was important, but even after that I downloaded the latest drivers for the new video card, there is still no sound.

    In the status bar system (or what is called the lower right view), I have more small icons for audio that I used to see.

    If I run dxdiag and click on the "Sound" tab, everything is white with the error 'no sound card found.  If one must, you must install a sound driver provided by the hardware manufacturer. »

    The audio jacks are NOT part of either the old or new video card, so I think that the new video card should not cause this.

    Could I have missed feed somewhere during the exchange of food? If I remember, I have provided to:

    -2 CD/DVD drives

    -The expansion slot empty

    -The hard drive

    -A long connection on the motherboard (it was like 12 x 2 pins)

    -A small connection square to motherboard (2 x 2-pin)

    Any suggestions on what I can is dead wrong, or what I need to check? I am a novice at this stuff, so it could very well be something stupid.

    Also, I suppose, it does not matter, but I also added memory 2x1GB sticks in the empty slots (who does not see the PC, but that's a separate post)

    Thanks for the pointers


    I see an HDMI port on the map output...

    Why what happened?  The answer is that your video card has HDMI that requires a separate HDMI audio chip on the video card. So yes, your videocard DID cause it happens because the PC has picked up map video, disabled the car video (if you have an onboard video) and also disabled the audio system integrated, take on it for audio HDMI on the video card.

    The solution is simple, but almost no one knows about it, so I wouldn't say it's something stupid...

    Go into your BIOS. Looking for an embedded audio setting. It will be either disabled or Auto. Change the setting on " Enabled".  Save the setting here where you made the change, and again when you exit the BIOS.

    When the PC restarts your integrated sound card needs to be restored, and you will also have the use of your audio HDMI when you plug an HDMI cable to your TV.


  • Hello, I would like to know if is possible I recover my emails that I received or emails that I deleted

    I would like to know if is possible I recover my emails from you guys (if you have on your archive) all emails that I received from 15/03/2011 to 05/07/2011
    I thought that if you guys could come back to send me my mail.

    TKS and greetings!

    Hi thiagomatano,

    Sorry, but this cannot be done.  They are generated when an event occurs that causes an alert email based in part on how you setup your computer to get their.  They have not worked perfectly the last few months so that should be sent are not sent (or need a special solution to be able to get them).  Just out of curiosity, why do you need these alerts because the information is contained in the discussions of the forum and you can see the threads where you would get alerts in your profile (more to follow).

    To try to do what you are looking for, go to your profile by clicking on your name at the top of this page or next to your message.  Once there, which tab you choose depends on what you are looking for.  If it is a question or a thread where you clicked the button "Me Too", you can click on the tab for my Questions and see all the threads where you started the thread, or click this button to subscribe to the discussion.  Then you will have to, unfortunately, looking for thread by thread for positions that would have generated email alerts (essentially each answer after you have started the thread or after you have clicked on the button "Me Too").  Those who should have lead to alerts by e-mail and you can see if you can find what you're looking like that.  This is probably the best way to find these messages because it will probably the shorter list.  You also received messages to threads subscribed if a response on your part has been marked as an answer.  This could happen in one of your sons or another (if you use the button 'Me Too' for you to subscribe to the other thread).  There is no separate post of that - just a notation on your post that it was the answer.

    If it involves a response you made to a post in another thread and you have not clicked on the button "Me Too", so even if your profile may specify that you get alerts by e-mail, would not have obtained you their because this feature did not work during this period.  If you were using the "Me Too" to receive alerts, so they will be in the my Questions tab as well as in the discussions tab all (including each thread where you answered, your, Subscriber or not).  As I said, I do not think that you would have received alerts in e-mail any thread here which is not included in the Questions My tab - so I start there and ignore the other.

    Unless you have received a personal e-mail and private forum moderators or the owners, it's good enough emails only that you would have got the forums.  Emails do not contain anything that is not in the forums now for your son (even if they sometimes contain original answers and what currently exists may have been edited and edited responses are not returned and you don't see them in the net - but the final version is what you want anyway).

    I'm sorry, but return all of these e-mails is not something offered or available through these forums.  They can be stored (I don't know and I don't know for how long), but even if that's true, it's probably not in a way that the forum can reasonably accommodate such a request.  And the forum can not re - treat all these threads to regenerate new emails either (well, it might be possible, but it is not available or offered).

    I hope you find what you want or need following the process above and checking your history of thread.

    Sorry, we can't help you with this request, but it is not just something the forums offer or that there is (if it is even possible at all).

    Good luck and best wishes!

    P.S. According to your e-mail program and your operating system and how make you backups as well as if you save e-mail messages on the server but also to download (or pass them on to another location or program for any reason any (some people do this to gain access to information both at home and at work)) It may be possible to recover.

    If it involves a special program (such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail) or some e-mail (such as Hotmail or Yahoo) providers, they can refer you elsewhere for assistance.  They can also do it depending on how the emails were lost, as a more appropriate forum can be then the system repair and recovery (where recovery programs of standard files like Recuva can help a little) or perhaps separate Microsoft backup forum if you have backups, we can use to retrieve the emails (or at least some of them).

    It is also possible that a specialist in data recovery can recover your system (although it is generally very, very expensive and there is no guarantee - you pay the even if they recover all or any of them).

    But the starting point review these recovery options is the forum above - changed for your operating system - link and post the question there (not if the forum can send emails - what is going to happen, but if they can help recover you lost - e-mails which accomplishes the same thing in the end, but in a different way) and then follow their advice.

Maybe you are looking for