Is that all models Tecra are supported on Windows 2003?


Is all models Tecra are supported on Windows 2003?, if I buy a model Tecra with Vista business or XP Professional, is it possible to install os W3K on this laptop?

If so, please let me know the same thing, or is there an official link which will give one of these model dependencies?, thanks




First: toshiba DOES not support any operating system server on their machines. You know the difference between a * LAPTOP * and a * SERVER *?

If you know where is the difference so you can answer yourself why toshiba gives no support in this sense.
The other point (to come to the technical part), is that you can probably install Windows Server 2003 on your computer. And you can search for drivers. But no one here could give you assistance, you´re completely on your on. (And NO, it has NO official connection :/)

See you soon

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