Is the 15 "Macbook Pro is really worth?

Hello everyone. New MacBook here.

In my previous thread, I mentioned that I opted to get the Macbook Air 13 "as my first MB, as well as the Protection Plan AppleCare 3 years.

This new discussion I start has nothing to do with the MBA. If I write this thread just for my own edification.

Yesterday, I went to my local Apple store tried both the MBA 13 "and 13" MBP (retina).

When I was experimenting with the MBP 13 ", among the technicians of the store Apple has encouraged me to try the MBP 15". Briefly, I've played a bit with the MBP 15 "and was turned off by it. The screen was just too wide for my taste.

However, the Apple techie got informed that edges MBP 15 "on the 13" MBP in terms of performance, thanks to its higher resolution and a quad-core i7 processor. Supposedly, the MBP 15 "has more power and is able to handle big tasks.

Well, from my point of view, the MBP 15 "seems to be just a MBP with larger screen.

I want to say-not a 13 "MBP (retina) with a processor dual-core i7 and 16 GB of RAM contains enough power to effectively perform multiple demanding tasks?

At the end of the day - is the 15 "MBP really worth?

I can't wait to hear what you think. Thanks to you all.



According to what "many demanding tasks" mean for you. The top model 15 "has a discrete GPU with 2 GB of video memory dedicated all to himself. No other model cannot touch heavy retail high-speed graphics performance. But that comes with a price.

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    Try to use it in a cool room and make sure that the ventilation openings are not blocked.

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    Http:// , you can display the software compatibility with the version of Mac OS X. According to their announcements, Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X will run on El Capitan, which is the latest official version of Mac OS X. The latest MBP runs the latest version of the software.

    Your answer is Yes.



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    Here's a quick post about my experience so far with the new macbook pro. I just got a brand new fully maxed out in spec macbook pro 15 inch 1 to SSD 16 GB RAM AMD R9 370 m GPU (set to automatic switching is not always) and a 2.8 to 4 GHz i7. I turned on and set it up which was nice and took 2 minutes. Then experience decreased a little when I saw an EST 05:36 hours of battery life remaining to 94%. So I loaded 100% and it is still 60% of battery life announced and no program running that I literally just signed a brand new machine.

    Then I tried to use the migration wizard to import a backup of my iMac 5 k so I can do everything on this clone for my laptop. After having successfully connected (he told me if my password for time machine was incorrect or not) it froze and did nothing, continue did nothing.

    Then place had to call support, was a guy on the phone in 30 seconds and I unplug and restart the machine time, always that same question so I transferred to a guy with "more training". The new guy I could say knew a little more and knew that I knew how to set my password or if I walked in their properly for a bit but they all have been set for the same password just for this. I created a second admin account called "test" under his leadership, and when the migration assist froze on this account, he was surprised and proceeded to transfer me off.

    I preceded to restore fully the machine into thinking that my account setup is causing trouble with the migration assistant, and it turns out that the closure of that laptop it can only continue to 'download additional components', while that connected for 30 minutes so all last night was wasted, and now I guess he's got 5 left 12 hours to download original 'things '. Keep in mind that I can download 5 GB in one hour... After he wake up this morning and ending up where I left it last night :/ he says 84 hours go, now 72 and 51 and it is not updated even once in seconds, it took 20 minutes to 84 minutes to 51, it's literally a day 2 reset extravagance or what? Just to download it I can only imagine the actual plant until I can install my programs.

    The cost of the laptop was about $3600 but paid ~ $2900 after headphones were included and $250 off for delivery to students and other issues on the agenda of the process itself that is not my complaint, what happens, but sitting with a new camera and support useless just to ask me if I can use actually tomorrow at this price are unacceptable.

    I would like to continue using it for a while.

    You can try to reset the SMC

  • Need advice. Weather a small wacom tablet will be adequate for photography photoshop, or should I buy way. I want to use with the 13 "macbook pro

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    If you carry your computer in a bag that is made for a 13 "laptop, the small tablet will fit as well. I have done this and found the small tablet to work properly. However, I found a screen 13 inches of being terribly cramped for using Photoshop.

  • trying to install from the disc image on the new macbook pro, I get a' configuration error: 6

    Hello, I created a disk image that includes an installed version of Adobe CS5, trying to install from the disc image on the new macbook pro, I get a' configuration error: 6 ". Is it possible to correct the error and install cs5?

    Thank you


    Adobe applications must be installed using files of facilities.  Uninstall, use the cleaning tool, and then reinstall.  If you need a download link is provided below.

    Adobe Creative Suite cleanup tool

    helps resolve installation for CS3 thru CS6 and creative cloud problems

    CS5 -

    You can also download the demo version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.


    Quickly find your serial number

  • LR 5 doesn't work is not on the new Macbook Pro.

    LR 5 doesn't work is not on the new Macbook Pro.  Have tried 2 CC downloads, download licensed 5.6 and 5.5 download licensed, all the results in the same thing.  It comes up with the screen base but no signs and gives that an error occurred when changing the modules.  Nothing I have tried seems to help.  He also said "start with lightroom mobile at the top on the left, although it said it's Lr 5.6.  Anyone else having problems?  Calls to adobe are no help and have to wait until Monday for technical support.  Surely this must run on a NEW laptop with any other installed software!

    Setup logs was very good.  Application installed but is not working properly.  Finally got Adobe support and it turns out be a file permissions error.  Had to add applications and myself as accessors of the Lightroom folder under ~/Library/Adobe/ path and set permissions to read & write (was read only for everything except system) and apply to all the cases closed.   Works fine now.  Including this here in case when someone else is going through this issue.

  • I have elements 9 Prime Minister, now have the new macbook pro with no disk drive, can I download the software?

    I have elements 9 Prime Minister. I now have the new macbook pro with no disk drive. can I download the software on the net, carry serial numbers?

    Hi Annie p.

    Please use the link below to download first elements 9 tml

    Please be sure to complete the section very important before you click on the download link.

    Thank you

  • CD part downloads between two iTunes accounts on the same MacBook Pro

    We have a MacBook Pro shared between two users

    Can I share a CD downloaded on two iTunes accounts, without using home sharing?

    I don't really want to download the same CD twice as that would waste space unnecessary.

    Thank you

    Without using home sharing...?

    I guess it's technically possible if you put the iTunes Media folder to somewhere that is accessible from the two user accounts, but which will cause more problems than it is worth.  For example, you can add new songs in your iTunes library and the other user iTunes library will not know about these songs.  Or another user can delete music files, while your iTunes library expects that these records of songs to always be there.

  • Is it possible to rotate the two iMovie 9 and 10 of the same MacBook Pro?

    Hi all

    Please be gentle with me; I have only just joined the community.

    I have an Apple MacBook Pro 2015 running OS X El Capitan; I used iMovie 10.1.1 and have already fallen on its limits.

    I would like to export to Quicktime so I can have more control over the settings (fps / sound, etc.) of my videos created with 10.1.1 before posting on You Tube, but can do with 10.1.1. I would like to download 9.0.9 and have both versions on my Mac (I understand that you can have both on the same machine) and you can / export to QuickTime with 9.0.9 share.

    I tried to download from the official website of Apple but encounter the following:

    "This update has no need to be installed. A new version of iMovie is already installed"

    It is no possible to navigate around this alert.

    Is it possible to have the two 9 and 10 on the same Mac, iMovie as 9 has never been installed on it, and if yes, how does one?

    Thanks in advance!


    What you propose, it's really not the way to accomplish what you want to do. iMovie 9.0.9 is not available on the App Store and can be purchased as part of the package iLife online from a third party like Amazon. Also, it is not completely compatible with El Capitan. Certainly not the right approach. I suggest you get MPEG Streamclip against 5 squared, which is downloadable for free. Share your iMovie project to file that will give you a MP4 file. Open in Streamclip and you can save as a Quicktime movie. It has a complete set of options, including the choice of codec, rate, etc. to image size.

  • Advice please: Photoshop (Camera Raw) run slow the new Macbook Pro

    Hi, last week my old Macbook 2012 Pro 13 "(8 GB of Ram, 2.9 GHz, 750 GB of storage) is dead so 2 days ago I replaced it with a new Macbook (2015) Pro 13" (8 GB of Ram, 128 GB of storage).

    I had heard that this computer would be the same if not faster to run Photoshop for me edit my photos (photography being my work part-time). The computer seems to work fine, until I opened about 100 photos Raw in Photoshop CS6 (Adobe Camera Raw), while when zooming with emphasis on my photos to check there was a significant (up to 4 seconds) lag between pressing the shortcut keys to perform a zoom and zoom that really happens. In addition, there was noticeable delay when changing the balance of whites by the sliders. I had none of these problems on my previous Macbook Pro, photoshop just seemed instantaneous. Then I was sure my CS6 has been fully updated, had the same problem, including the offsets when you use the sliders (white balance, exposure, etc.). Then I uninstalled and reinstalled my photoshop CS6, nothing has changed. I then downloaded a 7 day trial of CC in Photoshop to see if the last "photoshop" had the same problem, which was the case.  Finally, I took the computer to the store and they wiped and re installed my CS6 on it, nothing had changed.

    Sorry for the story back for a long time, but I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems, or if it seems you good? I'm just afraid that this new laptop should be the same, if not more quickly on photoshop, but he is underperforming compared to a Macbook which is 4 years older. I understand that it may not seem like a big deal, but when you work with as many photos as I do, such as small lag like this can add hours on my time of the edict.

    I'm pretty convinced that it is the new laptop is defective, but nothing has yet come with diagnosis, so it would be good to know if it is something that I should wait when photoshop is put on a new Macbook Pro like mine. Thanks a lot for your help

    Kind regards.

    You should check the amount of free space your player

    Apple > about this Mac > storage

    128 GB is the total size of the ssd drive

    A few general tips to get the most from photoshop performance

  • RAM Preview plays is not in real time on the new Macbook Pro

    Hello world

    I have problems getting after effects to play the video in real time in AE CS6. I use a brand-new Macbook 2015 Pro 13 "retina with a dual core 3.1 GHz processor Intel Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM. I just made sure my copy of AE CS6 is up-to-date with the latest updates (, and yet I am unable to read the video or animation in real time using the RAM Preview to any size greater than 25% in the Viewer.  If I try to play a video clip of 29,976 fps, the framerate tops out at about 17-18 frames per second. When I press 0 for the RAM Preview, it starts caching the images such as normal, but even after a loop continuous cadence comes not near real-time. The audio plays fine, but the video starts immediately behind. I can't even a scene of simple great test of a form of retouching layer move on the playback screen in the real time RAM Preview.

    That said, I can get it to play in real time if I reduce the viewer up to 25%. But obviously, I won't be limited to work in quarter resolution on a new laptop. My last Macbook pro from 2008 and completely across the well treated RAM previews, being able to cache images and play them back in real time without problem.  I have to assume that there may be a function that I'm missing or something goes wrong, unless I just grossly overestimated the capabilities of my new laptop.  But surely, it should be able to manage simple video playback. I had no problem using first on this computer, then it can of course deal with the video.  Any help you can offer would be much appreciated, because this problem becomes really frustrating!

    Just for fun, try the trial of CC 2015 and see if it behaves correctly.

  • Upgrade to the new operating system on the old MacBook Pro

    I have an old MacBook Pro (13 "mid-2009). I can't upgrade to macOS Sierra because it is not supported. However, it has currently Mountain Lion installed on it, and I wonder what is the best route to find/install El Capitan now that it has been removed from the App store since the release of macOS Sierra.

    Thanks for any help.

    Click here for El Capitan.


  • Airport express appears is not on the iPhone, macbook pro

    My express airplay airport appeared on iTunes (macbook pro with El Capitan), but it does not appear on my iPhone (6 s more with the last update iOS 10.0.2).  I have an old iPhone (iOS 9.3.5) 5 c and airtime appears that iPhone.  Don't know why I can't see it on my main iPhone, can not see on macbook pro on option of airtime on the menu bar top-side wifi unique display and clock are located.   On macbook pro if I open iTunes it appears through the iTunes program.  I restarted all my routers, modem, computer and telephone, still no luck.  Any suggestions to find my airplay?

    I solved this, new ios10 a little goofy.  See this link: Re: problem airplay ios 10

    Still not listed is not on my macbook pro well.  If I go into the audio output on computer settings I'm able to find, very strange.

  • I think to buy a new MacBook to replace my MacBook pro mid-2010, which still runs but becomes slow.  They say the current MacBook pro without retina display (which I don't think I need) is an old system and may be obsolete soon - true?

    I'm buying a new MacBook to replace my mid-2010 MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel core 2 duo, 4 GB of memory, which always runs, but becomes slow.   I don't think I need retina display (if I have a lot of photos and films on the subject), but I was told that the MacBook Pro without screen retina was an old system that Apple could not support much longer. Is this true?

    Barbara cfrompa says:

    but I was told that the MacBook Pro without screen retina was an old system that Apple could not support much longer. Is this true?

    Apple only can answer such a question, and the terms of use for these forums discourage us discuss what Apple plans to do.

    I too have a MBP 2010.  I installed an SSD and that increased performance.  Consider that as an option.

    You may experience other problems that slows down your MBP.  Before commit you the important cash for a new MBP, examine the potential software problems that may be responsible for the poor performance.  With the SSD, my 2010 works better than the day he came out of the box.


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