Is the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight security? Do I need to keep my computer virus free?

I see that almost every day Silverlight security trying to install automatic updates. I think I McAfree and I also have System Mechanic and IOLO. Should I allow this update or not? So far, it is not installed and even with the share of Microsoft in the name, I want to be sure. If I leave, what would be the advantages and disadvantages?



Silverlight isn't a security product. This is the plug-in that provides media rich experiences in web browser in about the same way as Flash Player more widely adopted by Adobe. Silverlight is a Microsoft product - please see: .

(if you want, make sure get you it via a Web page with a domain and not a pop-up or other site)

Silverlight is optional - it is not an essential part of Windows. However, if you install it before you can use it, then keep it up-to-date so that security issues are addressed.

My personal opinion is that the development of system tools and registry cleaners are useless. I use just common sense and the tools provided with Windows. Of course, you have an up-to-date antivirus program, offering a real-time protection and a single firewall.

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