Is there a a way to turn off the screen while using a DOS program?

I have an A4 and recently when you use a program to BACK hard drive (which may take several hours) I found that I was unable to turn the display off.

Of course, the usual display controls depend on Windows but surely there must be a way to do this in the BACK?



I don t think that there is a way to use a DOS program. All Toshiba and public services programs are designed for Windows OS and they work only in Windows environment.
I m no programmer but I think it s is not possible.
Moreover you will not find any solution to your problem. There are users looking for solutions to common problems and questions.
In my opinion, look for a solution in forums for programmers and software developers.

Good luck

Good bye

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  • Turn off the screen during execution of operating system

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    Thank you.

    Of course you can do it.

    I do not know what power profile that you use, but if you use the balanced power plan type parameters and sets Turn off the option to display for 1 minute.
    I do the same when the laptop is running and when I want to listen to my favorite online radio station. I put it at 1 minute.

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    Here is another solution, at least for Surface Pro 2:

    -action close the lid: do nothing (on battery)- so you can always put in standby via the power button;

    -put the computer to sleep: 4 hours, or whatever;

    -turn off the display: after 1 min.

    I am currently using this workaround solution and at the moment it works.

    (I use the built-in music app, I do not know if it works on portable Office)

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    In the power option, choose the duration you want to turn off the display (of 1 minute... never)

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