Is there a Bluetooth for Satellite A100-225?


I wonder if a bluetooth module exists for a Satellite A100-225 (PSAA9E series). What model?

Thank you


No, unfortunately, this laptop does not support the internal Bluetooth module and it cannot be upgraded with this module.
If you want to use BT technology, you will need to switch to the external solution.
Just buy a USB Bluetooth stick. These sticks are simply to use. Just plug in the USB port and configure it.

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  • Need motherboard for Satellite A100-225

    I need a new motherboard for my Satellite A100-225 lappy, please any1 know where I can buy a new motherboard with at a reasonable price.

    She is my lappy model number PSAA9E-03U0IEEN and serial 46083748Q.

    > Please any1 know where I can buy a new motherboard with at a reasonable price?

    The motherboard is one of the expensive parts for laptop and a new motherboard would cost a small fortune! It's so maybe a second hand Council would be a better option
    Why you n t search in Ebay for a 100 of second hand or second hand Board?

    However, if you want to buy a new motherboard, I recommend you with ASP (certified partner) in your country. These guys could order the new motherboard at the Toshiba.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A100-225 keeps freezing and crashing with the new HARD drive

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A100-225 with a 100 GB SATA Hitachi drive I int it that recently started showing bad sectors. Then I bought a Hitachi 320 GB SATA II drive to replace it. I tried the drive and it was recognized right away, so I didn't need to change the SATA speed. I ran the restore a disk installed newest. The problem I have is that the computer keeps freezing and crashing with the new drive. It takes a lot of time to load up when turned on and there is a noticeable to untermittant delay when you drag the cards around solo.

    I tried to run the Hitachi drive test and it comes back fine. I also tried to turn the SATA speed of the drive down from 300 to 150 via the firmware, and although I saw a slight improvement, it is still not right.

    I talked to Hitachi and they say that he could not be 100% compatible, so the problems. Someone at - it else sucessfully set up a replacement for this notebook drive and if so what make and model. Has anyone else had simular problems?

    Thank you

    Years ago, I've updated yet more former Satellite M70 with SATA HDD (270 GB if I m remembering well) and everything was fine.
    In my view upgrade with SATA HDD normal shouldn't be a problem. Do not SATA II because it will not work faster.

    I can't say for sure, but there must be a compatibility problem.

    Let's see if someone else had better luck with the upgrade of the disk on the Satellite A100.

    Have you checked this forum with advanced search option? Maybe you can find some old NET on upgrade the HDD on A100.

  • Fan on the Satellite A100-225

    Two years ago in may, I bought the Satellite A100-225. I have always noticed that it got very warm, but a few months ago it was not a problem. However, a few months ago, it began to overheat during execution of the tasks of joel, but I never thought much about it.

    Then, one a few weeks ago I started my computer to realize that the fan was now only turns not at all, and I have no idea why. I tried to install a new update of the BIOS and check if there is any debris stuck. You can still use it, but only for short periods. However, today when I was about to stop because it was too hot, the fan went on for 3 seconds, then it turns of. He the did not once again even if I leave it at the same temperature.

    I have to buy a new fan? My father and I have been looking for one that adapts, but so far we have succumbed.

    Can someone offer me some advice please?

    > Should I buy a new fan? My father and I have been looking for one that adapts, but so far we have succumbed

    I think you should first clean the front fan start you away from stocks
    Dust and debris inside the laptop could prevent fans turn with maximum performance and this could lead to a higher temperature.

    A use of the spray of compressed air could get rid of the dust and could help with this problem
    But if it doesn t help you should contact the ASP in your country for assistance.
    Guys could check the laptop and could eventually replace the fans.

    The big problem is that the laptop disassembly procedure is very delicate and risky.
    So these replacements should be made only by a technician for laptop.

    Bye and greetings

  • Satellite A100-225: battery power light flash orange

    Last night, plugged my AGES of NINE DAYS by Satellite A100-225, the lights were on, it was working fine.

    This morning, woke up, lights were turned off, tried to turn it on, the battery power button flashed light Orange.

    Tried to play with the cable by plugging it into other outlets that I knew worked, nothing helps.

    Have tried to start without the battery in it, without success.

    Unless there is a function that can prevent from starting somewhere, I don't know what to say. This computer is nine days old, and I do not understand how something can just wrong all night.

    Adding info if necessary - computer was on when I went to sleep, and was running Mozilla Firefox and WinAMP.


    Perhaps the unit automatically goes in standby mode or hibernation?
    On this device, the automatic system standby/hibernation has been reinstalled. This function automatically stops the system when there is no input or material of access for a specified time. You can specify the time and select System standby or hibernation in the base of the Toshiba power saver settings tab.

    In addition, if the battery LED is flashing it means that the battery charge is low. The adapter must be connected to the battery.
    If it of not possible to charge the battery, so there are several possibilities: the battery could be dead, the AC adapter doesn't work or there is something wrong with the hardware of the laptop.

    Try disconnecting the battery several times and then connect.

    But according to your ad you tried a procedure and it doesn t work. So I think you should ask the ASP in your country to help.

  • Is it okay for Satellite A100-SP2022 PSAA5U BIOS?

    I want to update the bios of my Satellite A100-SP2022 (PSAA5U-02G00G) with windows XP SP2 Spanish, because I m install windows Vista (dual boot XP/Vista).

    The question is, if this BIOS file is correct for the update in my notebook?


    Title: ACPI Flash BIOS version 5.30 for Satellite A100 (PSAA5U)
    Version: 5.30
    Size: 3 946 624 bytes
    Posted the: 29/03/07
    Date published: 19/03/07
    Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, BIOS

    I download the file from Toshiba USA website, because my model is not in the s Toshiba supports the sites, but there are similar templates (example: Satellite A105-S2194 - USA model-).
    Thank you

    Hi Jon

    According to the description of portable computer, you must be from Venezuela. Am I wrong? ;)

    I don't really know if Toshiba there is a support page for South America but a few guys out of here have had the same problem as you. I can't say for sure if you can use the update of the BIOS of the United States support site. I recommend you to call the partner of service authorized in your country. They work with this stuff and I'm sure they will be able to give you good info to 100%.

    The addresses and telephone numbers, which you will find under

    Bye and good luck!

  • How to install bluetooth in Satellite A100-787?

    The doc that comes with Bluetooth monitor for this computer says that certain files must be present in the c:\Toshiba directory but I n t have this directory at all in my computer. I installed the BtMon2Inst.exe file (which is recommended for installing XP SP1) which seems to have installed fine but do not know if Bluetooth or not functions.

    Any idea on the steps and files needed for a correct installation?

    Bluetooth Monitor you can find on the download page of Toshiba. Search for Satellite A100 (PSAAN). Download and install Bluetooth monitor.

    According to the Instructions of facilities, you must install the Bluetooth stick and then Bluetooth Monitor. BT can be activated using the FN + F8 key combination.

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A100-784


    When I bought it was insalled windows vista.
    for some reason, I prefer windows xp. so I formatted my laptop, insalled sucesfully xp operating system but there are no drivers.

    When I asked the seller why my laptop doesen't have driver CD for his equipment, he told me that I shouldn't be this becouse download drivers on the internet is a peace of cake.

    Can I get some help here because I thing I do something wrong.
    The question is ' t I find no driver in referring to my Satellite A100-784 in the web.

    The issue is that I can't find the product atall...
    looking forward for your reply because I need to address it quickly. It is for professional use.

    Thanks in advance...


    The Toshiba driver page offers drivers for Satellite A100 series and not for simple models like A100-784.
    Satellite A100-784 seems to be a part of the series PSAANE.
    Therefore, look for this number in the form of driver download!

    However, I checked this page of the Toshiba driver and found only a driver of sound for this camera!
    But not don t worry!
    The A100 series mainly come with the same hardware devices and drivers from other laptops A100 could be compatible and can run on your device.

    Take my advice and try to install the unique drivers of different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series. This can help

  • Satellite A100-225 - charging battery problem

    Hi people,

    My Satellite A100-225 can't hold the charge when running. If I use processor heavy applications, the battery will drain in about half an hour and recharge only when the cover is closed (standby mode) or the laptop is turned off.

    When the exhausted battery and the laptop turns off, I have to remove the battery, press the on/off switch, replace the battery, then let it charge for a while before I can use it again.

    The laptop will power any if I remove the battery and the runoff of current alternative.

    I tried a spare battery, but exactly the same thing happens.
    I also updated the Bios with the latest version (6).
    Laptop runs Windows XP Home Edition.
    Laptop is out of warranty.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    See you soon

    Looks like a hardware problem. I mean, if your battery runs out when the machine is connected to the pit of the wall adapter (this is what I did not understand), so something in the subsystem of your laptop power goes down.

    Have you ever sent the machine to a partner of service authorized or is the machine still under warranty?

    Welcome them

  • Downloads of drivers for Satellite A100 - 230 (PSAA9)

    Hello, I need all the drivers required for Satellite A100-230 (PSAA9) for Windows XP, I just installed a fresh copy of XP and I have Dona´t have the CD that came with the computer, as well as I need to download?

    Why you n t take a glance o page pilot European Toshiba!

    Did you check this page from pilot:> support download &-> download drivers

    Perhaps you didn't look in the right area?

  • Need drivers for Windows 7 for Satellite A100-773


    I need Driver Windows 7 for Satellite A100 773

    (A) display!
    (B) sound?
    (C) WiFI!


    Win 7 is not on the market! Just a beta (RC). Therefore, you will not find that all pilots released release for Win 7
    But if you need some drivers then try the Vista drivers.
    Many users have reported that, in many cases, drivers Vista worked with Win 7 OS

    See you soon

  • Do not know how to install the driver LAN for Satellite A100-787

    The driver LAN for Satellite A100-787 is delivered with no configuration file and windows hardware installation does not recognize.

    I don't know how to install it... Any help?


    I guess you are trying to install the driver LAN WXP because Vista LAN driver is not available. Am I wrong?

    In any case:
    -Create a new folder on your desktop
    -extract all downloaded files here
    -Open Device Manager and right-click on device unknown you want to install
    -choose Properties
    -find the Install driver button
    -Click on it and go to the new folder created
    -Follow the on-screen menu

    I hope that you can install to ti the pilot FTAs.

    Good bye

  • Additional package for Satellite A100-003

    I have a Satellite A100-003 and I just installed vista 64-bit, which is the correct for toshiba value added package, because I get an error at the end of the installation. Thank you

    First of all the buddy I wonder about your first message.
    You said;
    > I just installed vista 64-bit, which is the correct version for Toshiba package extra

    I visited the Toshiba European page and I didn t find drivers for Vista 64 bit and VAP for Satellite A100 - 003 PSAARE.

    Because of this, I DON T wonder that you receive error messages.
    The error messages appear because you use wrong and NOT compatible software.

    You have updated the BIOS?
    OK, this grand but the BIOS is designed for Vista 32 bit and not 64 bit.
    So it s no matter if the BIOS has been updated or not.

    So he just said; Don t install the VAP for Vista 32 bit on 64 bit Vista version

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-225 has built-in microphone?

    Please some1 tell me if I have built in mic on my computer laptop core duo T2300 Satellite A100-225 1600Ghz.
    I tried to find out if I have a ranging in volume, properties and voices, but without joy.

    I even tried the sound recorder.

    I don't think that. I searched an A100-225 and found this brochure saying he has an external mic port. No mention of a micro internal. & ACTION = PRINT_WITH_BACK & com .broadvision decided .do w = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 116145

  • I need all drivers Windows XP for Satellite A100-786

    I need all drivers Windows XP for Satellite A100-786. I want to use Windows Xp on my new laptop, but I have no drivers. Please help me!

    Look at the bottom of your laptop for PSAAxxxx letters. If it's PSAANE, then the drivers are for the PSAA8xx model, as for the PSAARE model, it has PSAA9xx... Try it, it works for me. It has the same sumptuous.

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