Is there a limit to how many folders of bookmarks Firefox can import?

I just installed Firefox 14 and tried to import my favorites to Internet Explorer 8. I have 236 files in Internet Explorer, but only 160 imported to Firefox. Is there a limit to how many folders of bookmarks Firefox can transfer? Just to be clear, I'm not talking to real Favorites, I 12 487, but rather the Bookmarks folders.


No, but there are sometimes problems with the import of favorites of IE directly.

If you have problems with importing IE bookmarks in Firefox, then export favorites in Internet Explorer to a HTML file and import this file in the Firefox Bookmarks Manager.

Like that you also preserve any sort you did in Internet Explorer with favorites.

  • Export Favorites in Internet Explorer to a file (bookmarks.html) HTML: file > import and export
  • Import the HTML file in Firefox: bookmarks > show all bookmarks > import and backup > import HTML: from a file

See "Import from another browser" and "import from file":

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    What do you mean "emails were working properly when I used Outlook, but I had problems with him ' boring?

    what framework do you have in Thunderbird? Menu (ALt + H) help > troubleshooting information. Copy to the Clipboard and paste it here.

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    It's a very difficult question to ask.  It's like someone who says fill this box with books - you can fill with 100 books or you can fill it with 10 books in bulk.  Of course, pictures/videos are limited to how much space you have.  I have over 7000 photos/videos and I am on the plan of 50 GB with about 20.8 left.  Time - zero limit.  Once it's in the cloud, and you continue to pay for your space, it will stay there indefinitely until you move elsewhere or delete.

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    You can install several times, there is no limit to the facilities. limit applies only for activation.

    You can activate it using the serial number on the 2 computers only.

    If you want to install on a 3' rd computer, you must disable the computer 2.

    Download the CS 5.5 link:

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    I doubt it.  You can have a LOT of brush sets, and each set can contain a LOT of brushes.  You would only take charge a little at a time.

    This shows you the locations of the files (we do not know what operating system you use)

    Preference file functions, names, places | Photoshop CS5

    Note: if you are using Windows, you will need to make hidden files and folders visible to access the App Data path

    I have a lot of files brush, and to make life easier, I rename them with meaningful names so that they appear in a logical order.  I follow enough of the file name to identify the source of good.

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    I'm sorry that still is not quite logical (or I am being stupid). Even with a backup 3rd party tool, you can have as many images you can store, but always as a single computer running. Even if you did a 100 images when you do the 101st the program does not know how many of the previous 100 still exists.

  • Is there a limit to how many pages Muse can support?

    I need to have more than 100 pages of art. The intention is to have a long page, a drop-down Pinterest page with links to the art. I don't know that muse is made for it, a lot of content.

    No, there is not a limit. Muse could begin to slow down a little with that many pages so incorporate images as much as possible. If you embed images, it will speed things up. But no, it is not a limit.

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    You can try to upload too many pictures on Facebook of the Photos app.

    Restart your Mac and then launch Photos and try to share a photo on Facebook.

    I'm sure that this is not a matter of Facebook because you can download 1,000 pictures on a Facebook album. Not through pictures of course, but 1 000 is their limit.

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    for each {(myValueObject in myarray)

    var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest (myValueObject.getImageURL ());

    var imageLoader:Loader = new Loader();

    imageLoader.load (req);

    myValueObject.setImageLoader (imageLoader);


    It worked well in testing for a few dozen images.  But now I'm he runs with about 200 images and about half the images load fine but the other half I get an error:

    Error 2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent.

    Whenever I run it, different images succeed and fail.  It gives me the feeling that I have somehow reached a limit either the number of concurrent threads of URLRequest that Flash can run, or the number of competitor HTTP request that the image server can manage... or maybe that there is a time-out on the charger I can do longer?

    Thank you.

    I'm not sure on the limit, but I would probably load successively, instead of all at once. A way to get there would be a loadCounter variable set to 0 - then call a function that load myArray [loadCounter] - when you are finished, increment loadCounter - if it is still less than myArray.length recall the function of loading.

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    Hi mitainesteven,

    ·         Using a retail CD or an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) CD?

    You can use the Windows XP disk to reformat the other computer.

    Note: You must take the backup of the data before performing any installation of windows.

    For reference:

    How to partition and format a drive hard using the Windows XP Setup program

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    Any thoughts on what could be the problem here?

    There are limits of button in the DVD specification (not just yet).

    DVD, menu 4:3 = 36 buttons

    DVD, 16:9 menu = 18 buttons

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    In a roaming configuration, the network would have a total of about 255 connections available, so you should have to count the number of users and their devices that will connect and include each AirPort Extreme as a device as well.

    In the real world, 15-20 Airport extreme is not too difficult to manage, although you might have a lot more in theory.

    How did you think for a network?

    And... a cautionary note about the Apple Support document which you are referring in your message.  Most of the "how to" info in the document refers to the utility AirPort 5.x versions that are now almost 4 years late, so the installation info with no resemblance to the settings in latest 6.x version of AirPort Utility, which you would use with El Capitan (10.11.4) in your profile.

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