Is there a repair for firefox 11.0? I love firefox but feel the upgrade, it stops responing.

His terrible with the gel. Help, please. Maybe there's a way to uninstall the new version 11.0 and go back to the last?

A few other basic problems you can try things is the following:
Run all Windows updates, install all required service packs, etc.

Updating your graphics driver (Firefox uses the graphics card for rendering and an outdated graphics card driver can cause problems.

Update all of your plugins (Flash, Java, etc.):

Download and install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, run a full scan. This check allows that there is no virus on your computer, causing problems. You can uninstall this program after having cleaned the infections.

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    I have a number of programs that do not work after the victory 10 64-bit upgrade. It's Firefox, Thunderbird, Opera, Kies. They launch but apparently do not connect to the internet. I called the Support for my etax pgm taxes, which I installed after the upgrade, they said he runs in Win 10 and suggested the firewall.

    I have the windows firewall and compatible Firefox, but it still does not work after restarting. I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled and still does not work. Google Chrome is OK. I have installed the latest version of Thunderbird, does not always connect. I have disabled the windows for the public and the private firewall, will not download mail. Don't send it either. I really don't want to activate the windows messaging client. Thunderbird is still listed as the pgm of e-mail by default.


    I think you might find that your issue has been the network card that requires an update. Something that has apparently been addressed in this hotfix roll of weeks of Windows 10.

  • I need Flash Player for Firefox, but it won't let me.

    I need Flash Player for Firefox, but I already downloaded it before so it gives me the message "more than one instance" if I try to download it. It does not appear in my modules and I tried Shockwave, but when I hit the download button it tells me I need a new version and redirects me to the page that I'm already on (download page). I don't really know what to do at this point.

    Try the offline installation program

  • Update Windows 7 pro (10 users) network January 1, 2013. Now, for more than 4 users connect an access across the network apps stop apparently. Any thoughts?

    Update Windows 7 pro (10 users) network January 1, 2013.

    Now, for more than 4 users connect an access across the network apps stop apparently.

    Any thoughts?


    Your question is beyond the scope of these forums. Please ask your question in the following forum.

    Windows 7 networking:


  • Can host pause a participating video for all participants?  Documentation said yes, but when I test it stops only on the host screen.

    Can host pause a participating video for all participants?  Documentation said yes, but when I test it stops only on the host screen.

    I think you're right. When you stop your video stream live, he stops for all participants. When you stop the video stream for someone else, you pause for only yourself.

    I see nothing in the documentation to force a break from the other video. What documentation you are looking at? Adobe Connect 9 * video in meetings

  • Hi there, just updated for FireFox 20.0.1. on Windows7pro SP1. The problem is that the TabGroupsManager module is now unusable. Urgent, what should I do?

    I have 14 groups, when Firefox starts 1 1 of the groups tab appears, I can switch to one of the other tabs in the SAME group and the display of the window/too - normal changes. I can choose another group, the selection indicates (changes of (suspended) black to white (active/not suspended) but the display of the window/don't move not to the newly selected group, the display of the window/rest the same.)

    Hi David,

    It has been 2 hours since my first answer, and my problem is solved.

    I uninstalled FireFox20, but I chose the option to keep the history, settings, etc.

    I had the file for Firefox17. I executed the file. Firefox17 installed, run, and just-like-that Firefox with TabGroupsManager - with all my tabs and pages, even the Add-ons, is running. As the problem never happened.

    For those who need a link:

    I am so happy!!!

    I am also grateful for all the talented people at Mozilla - and other providers of open source IE. VLC, that allowed, for 10 years and more, to be immersed by the ideas & information from the infinite internet.

    Wish you all the best!


  • I need ActiveX plug-ins for remote working and there is no where I can find it for Firefox well all the questons seem to point to the web site of Firefox.

    When looking for activex solutions point to Moxilla or Asker, but I can't find the download on each site down. Where can I get the activex for Firefox?

    It's a shame that means cannot use the latest versions to explore and firefox now to enter the work. It is a working deployment problem. Thanks for your time.

  • A secure web site that I am trying to veiw keeps giving me a measage on some of its pages: "this application only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and later or Google Chrome 12.0 and above." Is there a solution for FireFox?

    This secure site loads all windows without problem on my Windows XP and a Windows 7 PC, but not on my MacBook Pro.

    The SPAR Web site works fine for me with Firefox, the only thing that does not work for me on this entire Web site is the download of images (which uses ActiveX) for assignments of Merchandiser requiring images. And did not have a job requiring images in over 6 months. (I used the UserAgent Switcher - - add-on to make the site thinks I was using Firefox.) For jobs requiring photos, I've been using IE 8.0 to make these reports. But you're a little GROUND with an Apple computer and you use Chrome.

    Some Fixin ' to do will have to be done SPAR it. Mozilla has never used ActiveX and will never use. I'm curious to know how they managed to get Chrome to work because Chrome does not have ActiveX either. They must use another plugin for download of the image; and if they are, why they cannot use this same configuration for Firefox and allow merchandisers use Firefox. Not that I'm worried, I'll do with them in a few months - worst job I've ever had.

  • Is there a solution for Firefox running with a blank screen (no text or graphics) in Ubuntu 12.04?

    After receiving the upgrade to Firefox 40.0.2 a white screen appears. It is not possible to change the settings of Firefox since the opening page because no text or graphics are displayed. This has happened on two computers, an emachines T3624 and a Gateway 2000. I tried a complete elimination and new installation using the Synaptic Package Manager. I am writing from the Chrome browser.

    I tried to create a user.js file in the Firefox profile folder and adding the line:
    user_pref ("gfx.xrender.enabled", false);
    Who has not resolved the blank white screen issue.
    Then I tried to disable the file prefs.js and user.js file by renameing them.
    It worked. When I restarted Firefox, a new prefs.js was generated. The prefs.js file that causes a blank screen has the user_pref ("gfx.xrender.enabled", false); line in it. The new prefs.js didn't user_pref ("gfx.xrender.enabled", false); in it.

    So, I found the prefs.js file in other machine with the same problem and commented of the user_pref ("gfx.xrender.enabled", false); line. (I guess that remove this line would also work.) Firefox now works on the second machine and is no longer launches a blank white screen.

  • I have Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox, but still miss me Flash Player?

    So I installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox and I am able to watch videos of youtube on my browser and other things that require flash player, but I have a disc that I got with my Samsung screen, and when I put it in my computer, it says that I do not actually have flash player. Also, when I try to play a game, DawnGate, theres a black box where a video should be and he says that I don't have a flash drive, and it is necessary to watch these videos. I tried to uninstall and I was unable to Watch youtube videos, and when I reinstalled, I was able to Watch youtube even once, but that did not fix my problem. Is there something that I am missing? I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

    Chances are that it is looking for the IE plugin: (a lot of software just assumes all Windows users are "slaves to Microsoft" and only have IE installed.)

    Flash Player ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

    or the stand-alone version of the player:

    Windows Flash Player 12 projector

  • Why would it be good for Firefox to remember the story?

    Try select options: I can't find any information of when and when not to remember the history would be a good thing.

    Some uses for history:

    • Returning to a page you visited, but who did not favorite
    • Restoration of the tabs you had open in your previous session after Firefox starts

    When you view the privacy preferences, I suggest to change the selector on Firefox will: use the custom settings for history to see which can store data categories Firefox.

    Then you can decide if you want your research and me am recalled form entries, or if you want to erase some data on shutdown.

    I suggest to these cookie settings:

    [X] accept cookies
    Accept third-party cookies: always
    Keep until: I close Firefox*.

    * For stay connected on selected sites, you can add them to the list of Exceptions

    With the help of Firefox will: don't remember history starts Firefox in private browsing, automatic mode. Which is usually not necessary, because you can open a private window at any time in the menu for sites where you don't want Firefox to record history. See: private - browsing using Firefox without saving history.

  • How to load Firefox version I was using before the update for Firefox 29? The Norton toolbar has worked in the last version, but not in Version 29.

    I've just updated to 29 of Firefox. Since the update the Norton Toolbar is no longer compatible. The Norton toolbar has worked in the last version of Firefox that I had installed. Is there a way to get back to the last version of Firefox where this toolbar is compatible and keep all the settings (favorites) in the old version I am reloading? All my passwords (99) are in the toolbar Norton Safe ID. Now I can not connect to many Web sites.

    Hello jimb01, yes norton supports only the stable versions of firefox and Firefox 29 you are using the beta version of the browser. You can download the normal version of firefox 28 of and install it on top of your current installation...

  • I cannot receive email verification for Firefox, but it received for the forum? I tried twice and it comes not through.

    I created an account for Firefox on my laptop and it works. But when I try to register on my tablet, he repeats my email must be verified, but I have not received the e-mail address verification. I tried twice to have the FF to re - send, but he just never through. Yet when I signed up for the support of FF forum, it came through.

    I've already matched and synchronize the tablet with my laptop but cannot connect account profile, etc.

    Never mind! I finally got. It was sync asking me to connect to my mobile phone and wouldn't take my UN and PW. But I could get to my favorites, so I must have already been signed. I do not know... I used to have Firefox years ago but he fell until Android got versions for all. Now that Google is all third-party bookmark applications down, I had to go back to FF, so I can sync between my laptop, Tablet and mobile phone. I hope that Google will keep their MITS off FF.

  • At the request of firefox, I'm continully download of updates for firefox but are not save?

    I started using firefox as my browser after a break of several months. This version is now old as it seems and I have been asked by Firefox update. However whenever I try it fails to register or it fails to be accepted by my computer, and Firefox time still requires once I update...

    You should be able to update help

    You must make sure that you use an admin account or UAC settled properly, and that any security software does not block downloads or changes to the system.

  • The site that is integrated within a Web site, works for Firefox but not in IE

    I want to display another site within my site (in my head),

    "Code is: < object data ="http://WEBSITE ADDRESS"width ="1000"height ="600"" > < embed src = "ADDRESS http://www.WEBSITE" width = "1000" height = "600" > < / embed > error: embedded data could not be displayed. < / object >

    I can see this good in Firefox but not in IE. Also in Dreamweaver, I get a report of validation of the name of the tag: "embed" not found in the currently active versions. [XHTML Transitional 1.0]

    I don't know why it works in a browser, but not another, and IE is the one that we really need to work.

    Note that uppercase letters in the code have been changed since the address of actual website for forum purposes. Any help much appreciated.

    Use an inline frame or

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