Is there a way to open the context-sensitive help in a new window with RH10?

I'm linking my context sensitive help by using the RoboHelp_CSH.js file in my web application.

The correct topic opens when I click on the help link, but it opens in a pop-up window. This causes problems in Firefox and Chrome (which blocks the popups by default).

Is there anyway to force the contextual help topics to open in a new window?

I tried to add

< p > < A HREF = "(javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0,'http:/myurl/index.htm", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 100) ' target = "_blank" > help < /A >

which opens a tab empty in Firefox without content inside. And it works in Chrome either.

Anyone encountered this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hi and welcome to the forums.

Using the RoboHelp API, it is quite an annoyance. (Read: great pains)

Fortunately, there's a simple solution:

http://MyURL/index.htm# ' > newwnd = false "target ="blank"> help

This link does exactly the same thing, opens to aid in a new browser window.

You may also be interested in my custom WebHelp API:

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    Turn off VI script information in the pop-up Help window.  Options of-> VI Server

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    There is no way to save colors custom Paint in Windows 7.

    You will need to enter the color to RGB values and enter it again.

    You can use your favorite search engine to search for any third party for more features complete solution.

    NOTE: using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

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    This is just another example of how Microsoft is not in contact with the real world. The other big problem that are domain with Windows 7 users is disabled profile copy. (I found a way around this one) As of today, I will not buy any more portable Windows 7 for our school district until Microsoft gets some of these problems taken care of.

    Once a user has the encryption key on their machine, its fairly easy, using Windows Connect Now [WCN], for the profile of wireless network on a flash drive and see the key in plain text in the\Smrtntky\Wsetting.txt file on the flash drive. This is a convenience for users who have wireless clients that cannot use WCN automatically, IE. a Linux client for example. WCN is and is available on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

    MS - MVP Windows Expert - consumer
    "When all else fails try what the captain suggested before you started...". »

  • Merges the context sensitive help

    Hi all

    I use RoboHelp HTML on RoboHelp X5.0.2 and generate a .chm output.

    Currently, I have a master project merged with several projects of slave and try to add context sensitive help. So after I add the ID card in the projects of the slave and recompile everything, are those map ID merged into the main project? In other words, when I call the main application, the master help file help file still will recognize the card slave IDs? If not, does anyone know a way to make merged work context sensitive help?

    Thank you

    With the help of Pete I finally understood that.

    Pete mentioned that:
    "That does not explain the Helpware site is the section of the .hhp file ALIAS must contain at least one free reference of bookmark in the file redirect.htm; If all the lines in the forwarding section has a bookmark that is appended to the end and then the context help call will fail. So to solve this problem, I added the following two lines to your .hhp file:

    Dummy_Unused = redirect.htm

    #define Dummy_Unused 0


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    We run ATG Ecommerce 10.0.2.

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    Yes, commonWorkflow.wdl is used at the Publisher. At the sight of the place where its picking this XML file to browse to component/atg/epub/workflow/process/WorkflowProcessManager in the administration of the dynamo. commonWorkflow.xml it appears, click it.

    Published by: Gerard Singh may 3, 2012 13:32

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    As part of the mobile platform iOS, is possible to open arbitrary text files that have an arbitrary extension?  For example, in the course of my work day, I meet regularly with plain text files that have an .out extension.  I'd love to be able to open these simply with iOS notes without renaming them in .txt.  I meet many of them and only need to do this for a few minutes, so take the time to rename them significantly adds both.

    On the desktop a BONE can generally "open with", then choose the application.   I'm looking for the equivalent in iOS.  Please note that to access the files on iOS is not a problem with icloud drive, dropbox, etc..  they just can not be opened easily.   Simple text editor, word processor not full blown.

    You will need a software that can handle the file.

    Usually the file management applications can manage any type of file.  I like the 5 Documents to Readdle, it can open almost anything.

    The equivalent of 'Open with' in the iOS is "open in", 'Share xxx' or even 'Copy To '.

    How to get to it, depends on where the file is located.

    ICloud drive for example, you can do open the file in a specific application by holding your finger on the icon of the file and by selecting more «...» "in the menu that appears, and then selecting"Share point... ". "and finally select an application from the list.

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    I have a model of a decal. I want to do a lot of these stickers, but with a different name on each thumbnail. Is it possible that I could feed a list to Illustrator and have it automatically generate decal files, with the text changed in each file a name on the list? This way I don't have to open the same model, 30, 40, 50 times and manually change the content of the text for each name I need.

    The function Variable Data should be the way forward for this type of workflow. l

    This link will give you a quick overview. l

    This isn't something I do every day. Only done on a few jobs that should have the text to change in a few places with a static background. I do not see a need for this function a lot with my current workflow, looks like the configuration of the template file with variables takes longer than just create the files of 12 or 15 necessary. But if you must create 500 files from a single model and can determine what variables should change then this may be something you want to become good at.

  • I can't open the JPG photos cropped on my new Windows 8.

    * Original title: could not open the photos

    I cropped some pictures on my old computer that works with Windows 8 and saved them on an external hard drive. Not trying to open the images cropped on my new Windows 8 they won't open. I have tried with Paint, photo viewer and all options 'open with' and not been successful.

    The pictures are all JPeg, any advice on how to open would be fantastic


    You can contact technical support for Microsoft Australia:

    Phone number: 13 20 58

    It will be useful.

  • is there a way to open the SWF in a flash animation

    I want to change my Web site, so that when you click a button on the flash animation, it opens a swf file in flash but I want the swf file in a file separate from the lightning, is this possible, if so how?

    Quite possible and very widely used for years - and a feature well documented -'s called it
    loadMovie - pressing F1 and search the help documentation AS for him - or go oto

    thyere has tons of tutorials on different ways to dynamically load a swf into your flash

    --> * Adobe Certified Expert *.

    shlurd wrote:
    > I want to change my website so that when you click on a button on the flash animation
    > it opens a swf file in flash, but I want the swf in a separate file
    > Flash, is this possible, if so, how?

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    I know it takes 5 seconds to manually open them in the preview, but if I missed an option that could automate this step?

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    When you print to PDF, choose the Option "open with Preview.


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    I'm using an Acer Chromebook 11, CB3-111.

    I had been moving the touchpad at the slower speed. It seems better to work on more quickly.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • Works in the context-sensitive help mapping file

    I create a new project of Webhelp using Robohelp HTML 10, and I'm confused on the different pieces of information in a map file. I don't even know if my developer will give me a map file or if I create it, but I'd like to understand the concept of mapping better before I talk to him.

    I created a map using Robohelp file, and the dialog box "Edit ID card" Robohelp shows three columns: ID card, card #and topic. I automatically assign numbers map to my help topics. For example, a line indicates "Changing_Password" for ID card, '2' for card # and "Change Password" for the category. I know that the screen of the application of this topic is changepassword.cdl. The mapping file is supposed to tell the developer that this topic should be linked to changepassword.cdl and if so, where? Or can I give the developer this information separately? In addition, in the compiled file from WebHelp, this topic is named PasswordChanging.htm. Can I change the map ID to PasswordChanging instead of Changing_Password?

    Thanks for any help!

    It depends on how you want to work. Personally, I have my developers call help using the internal system page. They know that already. So I do not give anything for developers.

    In your case, the developer needs to know what id call to what page. How you communicate, it's up to you. As suggested by Jeff, you probably want to give the .h file of the contracting authority.

    @Jeff: the article describes the functioning of HR CSH. Van of developers who can create their own API. (This is what we did).

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  • Is there a way to disable the automatic creation of a restore point for Windows Defender, when he made an update of definition of the window? It is for the definitions of update itself, not the option 'restore point before the scan' can I disable with a

    I want to keep only a single copy of a System Restore Point that I created mine so I know when I did and why I did it.

    With Windows Defender, I noticed that a new restore point is created whenever there is an update of Windows definitions, if I use the method of automatic or manual update.  I found that when I opened the system restore and found a new copy with description: "Installation: Windows Update.  In the history of Windows Defender, I noticed that the time corresponded to when the update the definitions file.

    I unchecked the box under Windows Defender does not create a restore point before a scan of the system.  I tried the Google search to find answers and can't seem to find someone mentioning this.  Also MS sites does not seem to explain on the restores automatic system during the update of the definitions.

    I'm also curious whether Windows Essentials will have the same problem that I am planning to use Essentials instead of Defender and thus get rid of Avast.

    Hi Dudeus,

    Yes, it is not possible to disable your system being created before windows updates restore.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support

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