Is there a way to take a high resolution image and trace it in a lower resolution?

Layers appear to be all in the same resolution, so I think that the layers are out. Are there other ways to do this?


Image-A is the source image.

Reduce the number of pixels for example by factor 10 in each direction.

The interpolation mode does not matter here. Save as Image-B.

Expand the number of pixel by factor of 10, but now thanks to interpolation

the closest neighbouring mode. This preserves the polyhedral structure.

Save as Image-C.

A - image and Image-C have the same pixel dimensions. That's why

they can be used in the form of combined layers.

Cordially - Gernot Hoffmann

Tags: Photoshop

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    You should be able to reduce the size of the PDF file by changing export settings. In the export settings you can flatten transparency (PDF 1.3 can produce a smaller file), convert CMYK to RGB (output > color Conversion), lower quality of resolution and compression (Compression tab).

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    I've never tried FRAPS, but if you have an AMD graphics card or nVidia, you can use MSI Afterburner to record a video with audio. If you use an Intel integrated graphics card I don't think it will work.

  • Is there a way to get the list of hosts and its groups of belonging to the vCenter folder level in 5.5 web vsphere client plugin development?


    I need to get the list of all hosts and its groups of belonging to the vcenter folder level.

    1. I created a view giving the extension point: vsphere.core.folder.monitorViews.

    2. After this step, I wrote the constraint as in my class of mediator,

    var ListConstraint:Constraint =

    QuerySpecUtil.createConstraintForRelationship ( _contextObject, 'childEntity');

    I was expecting a list of all child entities such as hosts, dc, cluster... But I have only the immediate child object which is only the Datacenter as my result.

    Is it possible to get all hosts and vCenter folder level Clusters because I need the entire list to vCenter (highest level).

    Other info:

    Object file has only two properties:

    1 childEntity - list of entities

    2 childType in-kind folder ('Virtual Machine', 'Data center'...)

    Is it possible to write a constraint specifying which list of childEntities I need using childType in.

    Example: Make Me childEntities that has a 'Host' and 'Cluster' childType but childType in doesn't have these two types.

    In addition, at this level, I could see the 'Associated objects' tab which has all the information I need, such as Clusters and Cluster tab hosts and host tab respectively.

    So, I think its possible to get this list to vCenter folder level.

    I have attached a screenshot representing the need. Kindly ignore the Conventions of naming in there since I edited the example comes with the sdk program.


    1. How can I get the host and Cluster (table of relationship) list to vCenter folder level or even at the level of the

    2. once I get this list, is it possible for me to manipulate that list and send the new list to IU?

    3. is there another way to do the same thing without the help of model classes and mediator?

    Pointers to this will be very useful.

    It is not possible to obtain all hosts a folder specific vCenter from a single query Data Manager.  You need to get the list of centers of data first and then get a list of data center hosts.

    It is best to make these repeated requests to the java level and return only the list that you want to the user interface.

    You can get all the objects in the host of the system with a simple query using a constraint with targetType = 'HostSystem', but you will need to eliminate those from other vCenter servers.  See how this chassis example queries all hosts the Java later in the getHosts() method: samples/chassis-app/chassisRackVSphere-service/src/main/java/com/vmware/samples/chassisRackVSphere/

    Another option is to use the vSphere Web Services SDK to browse vCenter. See the vSphere management forum for help on these APIs.  See this plugin of the sample using this SDK


  • Is there a way to return to the window "Image size" traditional?

    In the new CC in Photoshop, there is a new window simplified "image size."

    I would like to return to the previous mode. If I change straight pixels or measurements, taken a pop up.

    We do print and web, so sometimes you need pixels, you need sometimes inches or mm. But we used change them in right way, now you must choose via pop-up. This differs from the workflow.

    There is no way to return to the classic Image size box. You will need to use a previous version of photoshop for this.


  • What is the best way to keep the high resolution when recording "for the web".

    the files that I save to the web so I can get them in jpg (or gif) are coming very pixelated.  That's when I print the image.

    What is the best way to save for the web, an image and keep the good resolution.

    using a business card template.  template Avery will allow me to attach images I want to project.  to do this...  I 'get file computer' and it deletes the image in but real little... then you are supposed to expand on your work as you want.  Well, when I enlarge this image file, it gets pixelated bad.  I think it's the way that I am saving it.  I do not adjust anything when I save.  Maybe I should.  This is where I need advice.

    That's what avery model notes on the images, I am allowed to use - when downloading the image, the maximum allowed size is 4 MB.  You can download the JPG and PNG RGB or CMYK images.  so when you recommend things, can you please take this into account

    Thanks for oyur times.


    When you register with the default template using save for web, it's usually a setting very low.

    While in the registration window, you can set the size in pixels of the image you want with the quality and the resolution too.

    Refer to video save for web or Adobe Help file for detailed instructions.


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    So I've created an animation with a guy swing his left arm back. The problem is that his arm is swinging too quickly. Is there a way I can extend the whole action, rather than delete all keyframes and redo it?

    Thank you!

    You should be able to click down and drag the keyframes to the bottom of the timelime to spread them out.  In addition, you should be able to insert images between keyframes (select images between-> right click-> Frames selection insert).

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    Is there a setting that makes so the TO, CC, and BCC always display in each e-mail while you don't have to manually set the fields in each email miss me?

    Thank you much in advance.

    There are six of one, half one dozen of the other. Yes, most email clients allow you to add multiple names to the To: box. So, you added Dave in the To: box with 5 others. It seems pretty hard to handle already, right? Difficult to scroll left and right to see all these addresses? You now rethink and decide that Dave should be in the Cc: list instead. How to move him? Your email client makes it easy to choose him, select, then drag-and - drop in the Cc: list? When a visitor on the Cc: list, it's easy to avoid the fall of Dave right in the middle of Charles? (Can you do this without using the mouse?) Or do you remove Dave of to: enter it again a CC:? Your client shows his full email address or just an abbreviated as "Dave"? Which of several instances of Dave in your address book is this one?

    In Thunderbird you just change its for: CC.: And you can see all of his email address. And Matt and I have shown you that is not necessary to select individually to: / Cc: / Bcc: for each recipient. And unlike the methodology of a single line while it is simple in Thunderbird to expand the address space to see as much of the address box as you want. Just grab and drag the top of the text message pane downwards or upwards.

  • Is there a way to take something, I received in an email and publish it on Facebook?

    CCan I post something that I received in an e-mail to Facebook and how would I do?

    Copy the contents of the email and paste it into the FB app.

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