Is there a way to turn off Red Eye Auto size?

Is there a way to disable the red eyes ' size and position detection.  After that I gently drag a circle perfect around the eye, it's really annoying to have Lightroom resize and reposition the circle.  It is logical that the size of the auto kick if I click on an eye, but not when I drag a selection.  Hope it makes sense, and I hope there is a solution.


There is no way to disable automated red-eye tool aspects.  But you can adjust the area of selection.  Ideally, you should align the point of focus/red with the center of the pupil, click on and then adjust the size and location.  If you are still not satisfied then I would suggest using another tool like the adjustment with a combination of desaturation brush and exposure/brightness reduced until the student is not red and black.  It would give you more control, but cost you more time.

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