Is there a Windows 7 Ultimate download? I have a product key

How can I make Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate using a Windows 7 Premium CD? I have Windows Vista Ultimate and I want to go to Windows 7 Ultimate. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate product key, but it let me just do a fresh install. Is there a download Windows 7 Ultimate?

If you purchased Windows from the Microsoft Store, you can log on to your account and select the correct level of bit for download, then download.

If you bought a copy the retail Windows and need to replace the installation disc:

How to replace Microsoft software

After that you have your installation disc:

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  • Need to download Windows XP and 7, I have the product key for the two.

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    I have windows xp home and I have the product key and I have windows 7 home product key I need to download because the cd do not work there anyway I can get new CD or download

    XP home is not available for download. If it was preinstalled on your computer, contact the computer manufacturer. You can download Windows 7 from the site of Ms.

  • need windows xp bootable cd I have the product key

    need windows xp bootable cd I have the product key

    How to replace hardware or lost, broken, or missing Microsoft software

  • I can not actitvate windows because I don't have the product key I bought a used pc

    I bought a used computer and now I can not actitvate windows because I don't have the product key

    Responded to your other Thread; link above.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Original file Windows 7 Home Premium (x 64) hospitales *.iso to download - already have the product key

    Dear friends,

    I have the product key of license for Windows 7 Home Premium (x 64) English, these days I'm looking for the answer to my question, but can't find anything. The HARD drive has been replaced on my laptop, so now I need to find the original file and reinstall windows. Please, someone help me! Thank you!

    Any computer windows 7, which had the Windows installed KB3022345 update will produce the message of irreparable corrupted system files.  You have probably installed this month of may, 2015 update and that's the problem.

    To make things worse, it is unlikely an update that you want to, because its purpose is to make it easier for you to upgrade to Windows 10.

    While you're there, uninstall these other two updates that have similar objectives: KB3035583 and KB2952664

    1. Control Panel, uninstall a program, view installed updates.

    2. WAIT a long time until you see the green bar at the top to make his trip

    3. In the search box, type KB3022345

    4. When it happens, uninstall it.

    5. Close the window

    6. Begin globe, all programs, Windows Update, check the updates.

    7. When he finally find KB3022345, right-click, choose hide.

    8. Rerun the SFC and you will find no problems

      It has been widely discussed and publicized.

    After that, restart SFC and you will not have corruption.

  • Where can I download a legitimate Windows 8 ISO? I have the product key?

    I work on a computer from a friend, and I need a Windows 8 ISO to install on the system. It's OEM and I have the product key on the COA label.

  • new hardware computer, but even hard-i discs have to re activate windows! I don't have my product key!

    When corsair came out with their case of 350 d Obsidian decided to move my PC parts to fit the Micro ATX case. I kept the same RAM, CPU, PSU, GPU and my hard drives that contain Windows 7 PRO. Everything worked up to what a few minutes in the PC running. in my toolbar next to the Center, volume and network icons, there was a picture of key (such as the physical keys) by saying that I need to activate windows. I use this drive for almost more than a year and all of a sudden with new parts that I need to activate windows? the only thing I changed was the motherboard!

    I have Microsoft office installed and when I open Office Word the program asked for activation. but all this time, I had to click on a button and activate it with the internet.
    Why the operating system does not require a product key to 'turn on' when I was using the same operating system for centuries?
    I don't have my product key and I want to know if I can "activate" windows without one.
    I see this when I try to activate.
    Then it says this

    "the only thing I changed was the motherboard!

    It is the motherboard which gives a computer it's identity. Essentially, the card mother IS the computer.

    The original installation was probably pre-installed and turn to the original BIOS to check that he was still the same. Now when he checks, he finds a different BIOS.

    Under the terms of the OEM, the operating system cannot be transferred to another computer, which is what you did...

    If your COA sticker is still legible, you can download a Windows 7 ISO and install it using the main code of the COA sticker.

  • Reinstalling Windows Vista, but do not have the product key. How can I find?

    Install Vista on two machines
    OK, so one of my friends has Ubunto Linux installed on their system and they want Windows Vista back. I said I would do and use my disks of Vista OS (16 in total).

    Now, the fun is that it doesn't have the product key to its original copy of Vista so how I get it back?

    It had Vista installed on it before Linux, however based on a virus that Vista should be completely removed and Linux has been installed as an operating system that is temporary until we find Vista once again, since I'm the one with the OS disk, then we re-install it.

    So I'll be able to have my copy of Vista on two different computers?

    ALSO: Vista came with the computer when he brought it but no recovery disk (as they did with XP) has been provided.


    1 No. you cannot use your product key on his computer and your computer: Installation is permitted with a license.

    And if yours is preinstalled (OEM license), you could not even give it Vista and consider your computer off.

    2. you can't find the product key for the operating systems pre-installed when the product key on the sticker is missing or lost; read this Information:

    The way around this is to contact the computer manufacturer and ask them to send recovery discs to reinstall the operating system properly. They should send records for a small fee.

    While they are in contact with the Manufaxcturer of the computer also ask them if there is a way to reinstall the operating system on a recovery partition on the hard drive of your laptop, allowing them to save money.

    Either of these methods of recovery normally does not imply that you have to insert a product key as factory Setup key is automatically used to activate this process.

    See you soon.

  • If I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate Home I own two product keys?

    My desktop came with Windows 7 Home edition. I later updated to Windows 7 Ultimate directly from the Windows itself (via an online purchase). So my question is, I own two product keys: one for home and one for the ultimate, or is it the same key? And if I have two, can I install Home edition on my another desktop?

    On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 17:43:38 + 0000, ahmd0 wrote:

    My desktop came with Windows 7 Home edition. I later updated to Windows 7 Ultimate directly from the Windows itself (via an online purchase). So my question is, I own two product keys: one for home and one for the ultimate, or is it the same key? And if I have two, can I install Home edition on my another desktop?

    No, if you used an upgrade version, you don't have that one license,
    two. This is the result of using an upgrade rather than a full version
    version and this is the reason why a version upgrade is cheaper
    that a full version.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • Lenovo Y460: Recently reinstalled windows 7 ultimate and no to activate product key


    I have recently reinstalled the Lenovo Y460 with windows recovery disc 7 that came with the laptop, however, I can not find the product key to activate windows, can you please help me how to fix it?

    Thank you


    You need to get Windows 7 Edition media Home Premium and use it to reinstall it on your system.

    Contact the technical support and request replacement CD-ROM

    See also:

    How to: What are my options for Windows 7 reinstall media?

  • Can't activate Windows 7 after re - install, have the product key for Vista but not W7


    My father-in-law asked me to help him with his laptop because he had a lot of problems with it. After a lot of work trying to solve the problems, we have decided to re - install Windows because it seemed to be the easiest solution. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the installation disc. After some research, I discovered that it is possible to download an ISO of Windows 7 on Digital River and put it on a USB key to create a pseudo reinstall drive. I looked under the laptop and saw that the product key was still visible on the sticker, so I moved and re-installed Windows 7 using a USB key that had the right file ISO on it.

    However, it is only after you have reinstalled Windows 7 that I realized that the laptop came with Windows Vista and which is what provided the product key. It seems that the laptop has been upgraded to Windows 7 after, but my father-in-law doesn't remember anything about it since it is not too good with computer and the laptop belonged to his son.

    Now, we have a new installation of Windows 7, but I can't understand how to activate it. I would really appreciate the help as I already put a lot of time on this and cannot find a solution.

    Thank you.

    Managed to find a working link to a file image of vista and installed on the laptop. Everything seems fine now.

    Thanks for the help.

  • My hard drive crashed. I need to reinstall Windows xp sp3. I have my product key but no disc. What should I do?

    3 years ago, I built my own computer. I tried to use Windows XP to not run in compatibility problems that occurred when installing Vista. I bought the software for Vista and exercised the downgrade option to Windows XP pro. Now, my hard drive crashed, when I get my new hard drive, I have of course to re install Windows, but I don't have a disk for XP. I must, however, a key product however. What should I do next? I don't want to install Vista if I can avoid it.

    Hello annspressman

    Please see: How to replace Microsoft software

  • How can I get a replacement CD-ROM Windows XP? I already have the product key.

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    I have this product key, but I have no disk. So, how can I get the installation disc?

    See: How to replace lost Microsoft software

  • install windows 7 Home premium 64-bit, already have the product key

    Dear Sir or Madam
    I want to format my laptop and reinstall windows 7 Home premium, but I don't have the windows cd. I already have the product key as it is written on the bottom of my laptop. I would like to ask if I can reinstall windows and use this product key (on the same laptop) it came) and if possible, I would like to give me a link to download windows 7 Home premium 64-bit.
    Thank you

    You have this program installed on your laptop, which he describes on page 25? If you do, you should be able to do the restoration using the top option that restores the default values. SERIES & stage 3 = E525 & OS = ALL & LC = en & BC = EMACHINES & SC = PA_6E

  • Have PC, hard drive, is gone wrong, need to reload Windows XP Home edition, have CD, but have the product key on PC that he had instructed. Is there a way I can download it again?

    I have a PC Emachine that I bought with Windows XP Home Edition loaded on it, hard drive went bad and had to be replaced, I don't have a CD to reload my Windows, still have the product key sticker on the PC to save it. Is there a way I can download it? I have XP Pro on another PC, thought I could load and use the product key for my original PC, but who doesn't. Any ideas on what I can do

    Borrow an OEM Windows CD (it must be OEM) and install it using your product key. (You can make a copy of it for your future use - this isn't the CD you pay because it's the product key). A generic OEM CD maybe not some or all the drivers you need you would be safe to download from the website of the provider first.

    If you find my answer helpful, please click the button "Vote as helpful"! Thank you! My Blog

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