Is there a Windows API that I can use to turn off the touch screen of WIndows 8?

It makes sense for a Tablet have a touchscreen. A valve system, I would like to live without a touchscreen.

I would like to disable the touchscreen disabled if a machine is not in tablet mode. However, I can't find any API to do it on Windows 8. in Windows Mobile, there are APIs such as DisableTouch and EnableTouch. I wish I had such somethings on Windows 8 Pro. When the touch screen is disabled, the OS will never be aware of activity on the touch screen.

Is anyway to do this?

Thank you




It seems that you want to disable the touch screen on a Tablet using the C++ programming language. I suggest that you post your question in the MSDN forums. The community on these forums is more experienced to answer questions related to the programming language.

Here is the link for the same thing. Thank you.

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    Thank you!

    Disabling your touch screen has little, if any effect on the conservation of battery.

    If you still want to try, read through the details in the links below:

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    Hi, Edward

    Yes - you can see that guided access (for example: "Ignore all keys") meets your needs:

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    As I rarely use the tactile aspect of the screen and am completely comfortable with my trackball mouse, I would just turn the tactile aspect * off *.

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    Thank you!

    Disconnect the monitor cable computer USB upstream will turn off the monitor to "touch" feature This means that you will not be able to use one of the USB ports monitor downstream.

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    I use my Tablet for taking notes. But with dual mode that detects an entry where I rest my Palm on the screen to write. Whenever I have to go and disable the Enter key completely before starting to write and turn once I finished it.

    I there a way to activate the automatic mode with Windows 7 n-trig drivers?


    I also talked to N-trig's customer service and they said that the Auto mode will appear in the next version of the HP drivers. According to them, he would be released in about 2 months.

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    ·         What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    Answer with the information above for you help.

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    Gazz's right. It is not possible to switch off the LEDs. If just one LED is on the other must be faulty. Contact the customer Service of your country partner. I'm sure they can disconnect one too if you n t need her.

  • Cannot use Wake on LAN, unless that "allow this computer to turn off the device to save power" is checked

    Wake on LAN - power management

    On my Media Center PC, I am unable to use Wake on LAN unless "allow this computer to turn off the device to save power" is checked (in the tab power management of the adapter in the Device Manager). "Allow this device to wake the computer" and 'Allow only a magic packet wake the computer' is checked, but become grayed out when "allow this computer to turn off the device...". ' is not checked.

    The problem is, Wake On Lan doesn't work unless the computer has been asleep for a short period of time. If I try to activate the computer using WOL after about 10 minutes, he never wake. I guess that's because "Allow this computer to turn off the device to save power" is checked, the machine is before turning off the network adapter.

    Is it possible to force the computer to disable the NETWORK card, but would retain the capability of WOL? Or ensure you THAT WOL works little regardless of how long the PC has been asleep?

    The machine is a Windows 7 PC with a Nvidia nforce network controller.

    By the way, I have a laptop on the same cable network that has all three items checked in the tab for its NIC device power management, and this machine can be awake at all times using WOL, regardless of how long he has been asleep, this issue must therefore be with the configuration of the Media Center computer.

    I would be really grateful for any suggestion, I spent a lot of time trying to get this to work!

    See you soon


    If the systems are only a sleep you don't need a magic packet.

    If computers are set to wake on any network traffic all Ping or arp will wake them up.

    For this configuration, it is best to disable the saving of NIC.

    There may be some variations on where is the energy saving setting.

    Here are a few examples, YMMV, look around your systems.






    Real means WOL shut down a computer on Hibernate real position,

    However as these has involved the PSU cooperation. Motherboard. Network card and are not considered critical by the industry for the user end is a YMMV situation.

    12 Desktop who are under my immediate control (mix and match brands and processors). Only three are fully compliant and properly awake.

    Three satisfied partially, the rest don't care my desires/needs of Wake on LAN.

    On the positive side, since it is now fashionable to go green, the percentage of new computers that keep the better sleep habits significantly improved.

    Jack - Microsoft MVP, Windows networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • How can I temporarily turn off the FN key?

    I use Word Perfect as a processor in my legal writing and in my writing novel.  I like to use the F keys as they are designated in WordPerfect, which is the button F3 for recording, press F4 to open the F5 key for printing etc..  I'm a very fast typist and I hate change!  I myself have disconnected from the internet tries to use the F keys!  Is there a way to temporarily disable function keys so that I can use in my other applications?  I may need to contact Corel for how to do this?  The word of the wise would be appreciated!

    In fact, you will need to contact the company who made the computer.  The 'Fn' key is in fact at the level of the material - Microsoft Windows and Corel cannot detect even if you press on it actually.  You can try it out sometimes - if your screen saver is running, pressing Fn do not disable screen saver.

    The reason for this is that it is a material modifier key.  Only the processor under keyboard actually 'hears' when this button is pressed.

    Now usually, there is a way to "Locking function", so that it does not need to be pressed to use the normal F keys.  These are sometimes classified by color, could have a symbol or could really be labeled "Fn Lock".  But each company who built computers need different, so I can't tell you absolutely.

    On the Microsoft computer hardware (tablets of Surface and keyboards), you can Fn-Lock by pressing Fn + CapsLock together.

    I know this doesn't directly what you're trying to do, but I hope that it gives you the information you need.  Remember, you may need to contact some company built the computer to find out if they have a way to lock or unlock the Fn key.

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    Is there a way to offshore races of 5G on the R7000 Strip?

    I don't see is the option to disable the SSID broadcast, but I don't see one explicitly radio on / off selection.

    Ahh he found under Advanced settings. Looking for the section of the Advanced tab. minor that can turn - UI poor to have two different sections both called advanced.

  • is there a software program that I can use to recover of deleted files on my computer

    I have on my computer, the files that have been deleted and are no longer in my trash.  Is there a program or how can we recover these deleted files

    Try this. He got a good record if the files have not been replaced.
  • is there a free software that I can use to get rid of cyber security

    I partially deleted some of the files, but I can't find the rest. If that helps

    See Remove Cyber Security (uninstall Guide) at .

  • How to decide which updates to accept? Is there a way to uninstall an update if it turns off the computer?

    Windows 7 updated 1 week ago disabled certain functions.  Could not get the printer to work until I had spent more than a half-hour in line with HP technical support.   He has kindly changed my settings so that updates do not load automatically.  Now have the message there is new update.  How decide whether or not it is safe to accept it?  If it screws to the top of the computer, can I uninstall it?  Should I just ignore the updates and keep the computer that works not changed?  I am a 70 year old doctor and do not spend days trying to fix the problems with this computer.

    Hi lagodasailing,

    I understand that you would like to know how to find out if it is safe to install an update or not and if there is an option to uninstall or cancel the installation of this particular update when they create a mess in your computer.

    First of all, I recommend you to continue the installation of any Windows Update, you are prompted to install. Windows updates are developed to close open ports, where a malicious user could get in your computer system.

    If an unlikely result occurs after you install the update, you can perform system restore to return the system to its previous working state back. If it is not-so-good result is caused of the newly installed updates more than 1, it is recommended to try to install the updates one at a time to separate or to know that it really caused the problem and after that the results back here so we could help more you or give you advice.

    To run under Vista/Windows 7 system restore:

    If this post can help solve your problem, please click "Propose as answer" If you find it useful, mark it as useful by clicking the 'Vote as useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • Movement of an object that turns off the Tracking screen?

    Thoght I saw someone in a tutorial, adjust the location of marker of track with a modifier key.  Then I found this: effects /

    And the bottom of the comments, someone said this:

    "D.S. Says:

    There's a thing in AE, so you don't have to guess after follow-up.
    Hold down the alt/option key while dragging to the new trackmark. AE automatically knows that you choose a new and done a track without sewing. »

    I can't get this to work. Anyone know the correct way to do this?

    Thank you!

    Personally, I would use mocha. It will do a much better job in less time, and past outside of objects are not problems.

    If you use AE tracker then you want to move the area of follow-up in the Alt/Option key while doing drag the cross at the center of the area of follow-up after the cursor change but not while on the anchor.

    If you need to adjust the anchor and then not hold down a modifier key, place the cursor just until the cursor turns into a smaller cross with the kind of white outline. Big cross moving surface, small removals cross anchor.

Maybe you are looking for