Is there an add-on that wud help me "inspect element" something on a Web page

It takes an add-on to "inspect element" and modify the script in the HTML code... One such application is available? For Firefox android

You would link to the Firefox desktop. See

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  • Is there an add-on that will change the defalt for only a single Web site text size?

    I would like to change the size of the default text of a site without changing anything else. E.g. Can I change the size of several ways, but I have to change it every time I'm looking for a Word. I don't want to change windows or Firefox. Just this site.

    Make sure that you are not Firefox running in permanent private browsing mode (don't remember history).

    In case you use 'Clear history of Firefox closing' or otherwise to clear the history.

    • do not delete Site preferences
    • Compensation of the "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, installation of software, passwords, and other specific data from Web site.

    You can also check for problems with the content file - prefs.sqlite in the Firefox profile folder.

    Also check on the topic: config this site specific zoom page is enabled.

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

  • How will I know if a connection site is secure? In Safari or Explorer, there is an icon lock visual, but not in Firefox. Is there an add-on that meets this need?

    How will I know if a connection site is secure? In Safari or Explorer there is a locking visual icon in the web browser window, but not in Firefox. Is there an add-on that meets this need?

    The padlock shows only that there is a secure connection and does not guarantee that you are connected to the right server. So you could always be connected to the wrong server if you make a typing mistake in the URL and someone said that mistyped the URL. The lock feature has been replaced by the identity button of the Site on the left end of the address bar (address).

    This has actually existed since Firefox 3.0

    If you still want an icon of padlock also then there is this Extension.

  • I have upgraded to 4 and no longer have the drop-down list next to the icons of the arrow in the address bar that allows me to jump back and forward through Web pages I've visited.

    I've updated it Firefox 4 today and I no longer seem to have to drop the box that used to be next to the arrow icons that you use to move backward and forward between Web pages. It is one that allows you to skip the pages you have visited.

    Right click on the previous/next buttons.

  • How can I create a link to an image that is located on an ftp site to a Web page that is located on another.

    How can I create a link to an image that is located on an ftp site to a Web page that is located on another.

    I managed to do it with the full path of the link (file:///C|/Users/myname/Documents/familyK3/image1.jpg), but as it is quite long, I would use the relative path. To be clear, I have 1 site that spans 3 different storage locations for FTP. site1 (named familyK), that contains the page. On this page, I have an image that is in the images on training3 (named familyK3). I tried... / familyK3/images and... /... (/ familyK3/images, but I don't get to see the photo in DW (since it usually refers to an image in the same folder (root)) and not to another location).

    I use dreamweaver8.


    Use an absolute URL in the field of the CBC to your properties panel."alt ="description">

    Nancy O.




    I think that you typed in capital letters by mistake. It is considered to be rude when you type uppercase in a support forum. Please note that for future posts.

    And coming to your request, I am not aware of a plugin that can change the sort order. I think it's something that has been raised already with Youtube

    1.! category subject/youtube/feedback - suggestions/qvGGPbM1ndk
    2.! subject/youtube/sG9vAC45qJc

    can be a good place to discuss it with the Youtube team in Google.

    Thank you

  • Is there an add-on that WORKS for groups of lost tabs?

    STILL lost most all my groups of tabs! Third or fourth time, Im fed up!
    I read some reviews on group managers, and basically, they were not very good.
    If I want to save something else on my computer, or copy / rename it, ITS EASY!

    is there a small program that would just save until this thing jstore each day? I could just hit every day. I'm good at backups, bad at having to remember proceedures as is required to save this file every day. I never even remember where it is.

    I look forward to your advice on the modules, or easy ways to save the jstore thing.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

    • C:\Users\ < user > < profile > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.

    Windows hides certain default file extensions.
    Among them are .html, .ini and .js, .txt, so you can see only file name without the file extension.
    You can see the type of actual file (file extension) in the properties of the file via the context menu in Windows Explorer.

  • How to disable an add-in to always open a new tab to a predetermined web page?

    Research of duct add on sneaking on my firefox when I downloaded a free comic reader called "CDisplay.

    I tried to use the cleaning add-on, but it is nowhere once it has apparently installed.

    I can't activate the searchreset add on, it does not work, or this does not resolve the isssue of add-on "leads". any help appreciated

    Thank you both for your responses... I solved the problem by using the system restore, will go back to yesterday.

    So I don't have the chance to try your corrections, but they both seem worth giving a go if the system restore would be too much of a change in one workflow.

    Thank you < 3

  • Is there an add-on that has the page with a user interface, just the content. Same view F11, but in a minimized state

    I use the always on the top of the page Add on and minimizes a window for watching videos while doing other things.
    But the Web bar and the tab bar allows plenty of space, so I was wondering if someone knows a plugin that will hide all the UI and simply let the content, something like view full-screen, presing F11, but in a reduced state.

    Thank you

    Try to use this extension.

    When you set up this extension, you will need to play with the Options through the add-on Manager tab and adjust the width, height, left and Top according to your needs. If you do not have a huge super resolution monitor default settings in CG will place the Firefox window on the right side of the screen.

    Once you get all of these parameters, move the toolbar toolbar button. When you press F11 this window will go into mode full screen expanded, then move the slider to the top of the screen to reveal the toolbars and click on the custom button geometry to restore your custom window size and position. Then this window snap into place and the toolbars will hide again. YMMV

    Note: Custom geometry has never been [IMO] adequate updated for Firefox 4 and the drop-down toolbar button does not work and adds it to the width of the toolbar button.

  • Is there a free program that will help the crop photos?

    Original title: cropping of images


    I was wondering if there is a free program that will allow me to crop the images as in the Mac preview. I use Windows 8 and the 2 things that come with it is not working properly. Photos Gallery cultures option does not always and both are annoying.  I tried Irfanview, but after cropping a photo, I have to register a newer version of the same file instead of save changes I made.

    I often have with Photo Gallery.  But if you don't like that, there are other options such as or GIMP.  Or if you use Picasa from Google to organize your pictures, with a crop too.

  • Are there ecercises or lessons that will help me to become familiar with speech recognition commands?

    I'm trying to use Wordpad, but I; m having trouble remembering all commands.

    I'm trying to use Wordpad, but I; m having trouble remembering all commands.

    For Wordpad, you have several options. First of all, you can say: "numbers." This will allow you to pick up any menu or a button on the screen. For example for another way of doing things, I just wrote in Worrdpad, "this is a test message." Then, I said, 'Select message.' He reiterated the message Word. Then I said Format in the menu Format open. Then said policies and then "BOLD" and he has given several choices and I have selectionne.1 and then he said OK. The word message was now "BOLD".

  • Hello. I have a site that display many audio outputs using the &lt; audio &gt; HTML5 tag. Firefox is the only browser that fails to show all audio files on the Web page.

    It shows only the first audio file. All other browsers show all audio files...?

    The file is played for me, so it is possible that you need to re-code the ogg files to make them compatible with Firefox.

    I can play with MPlayer and VLC on Linux, but not with the audio player in Firefox.

  • I got persona that I deleted, but it appears from nowhere when I download something on a Web page. How to fix?

    Look at this screencapture
    As you can see I don't have this installed character more, yet they are governed by the dead every time I have download sth form Web page. I hate to such behavior.
    How to fix this bug?

    Install the FEBE.
    Backup type: selective.
    All checked except themes and preferences.
    Select the backup destination.
    Perform the backup.
    Uninstalling Firefox COMPLETELY with all the prefs, froms etc.
    Install Firefox.
    Install the FEBE.
    Restore all backups step by step.

  • How can I block the annoying social media tabs that open web pages on the left side. they totally block what I'm trying to read. I have more ad block

    I have ad block more with the help of masking extension element. Yet these annoying social media tabs always opens on the left side of many pages. What makes the small available playback area. I don't want that on my screen, any body know how
    I appreciate any help
    Thank you kindly

    Many web pages are those * % # $((^ % # choses.)) There are two things
    You can try. (1) use AdBlock to block the image elements.
    2) go to the web page. After the page loads, mouse to the address bar
    and on the LEFT , click the icon. A window to display information of site should
    developed. Select more information. Now select support. Go through the menu
    and select block on anything with Facebook (and others) as his address.

    I searched for an add-on that will do it, but have not seen a.

  • How can I add a shortcut icon on my desktop from a Web page

    just upgraded from windows xp.     I want to add icons of some of the Web pages I regularly use... IE MétéoMédia, clock radio.   In windows ex I just right click and press send shortcut on my desktop...  Help

    Right-click anywhere on the web page and select Create shortcut.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Why are what some updates not to install until I have change the User Account Control NEVER notify?  Are more often the upgrades to Office 2007 but today 6 1 which was not KB2160841 for .NET Framework 4. When I get the update has no notification, err