Is there anyway to print on a HP printer on a network with an Android phone?

I have a very unique situation, and I couldn't find a solution.

I have a site that needs a printer.  There is no internet at this location so I can't do a full blown eprint.  The other tweak, it's that users have only the Android phones.

I tried to set up an old HP 5510 printer on a print server Linksys on a wireless router that was not connected to the internet and then put an app store google game called "lets impression" on the android phone and see if it would print.  Look like that would work except he didn't.  I could see printing will the router, print server and even what looked like go to the printer, but noting posted.  If I have connected my laptop to the router and printed it work.

So, if I buy a new HP all-in-one (say the Officejet 5740) who has capabilities eprint can I just point the android app eprint to the IP address of the printer and he can send the work or the internet absolutely need?  Understand that I should go to the local wireless network that the printer will be on the android phone and in fact, the android phone can have internet through his cell phone provider, but the printer won't.  I don't know if the internet is needed to make that's why I'm remembered.

It's a very sensitive issue.  Deep thinking.  Thanks for your help.


You will need to install a printer capable of direct wireless to print from a mobile device.

It is quite simple and does not require that the printer has an internet connection.

The printer will use its own wireless radio and provide an SSID to connect to.

There is information on the subject at the following ADDRESS.

It is in the menu of my current loan of product HP Envy 120.

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