Is there audio events aboard animate 3.0? -Need to know when an audio file stops

I'm working on a project where there is an audio playback button.  When the user clicks and audio playback, I want to show a version the button highlighted, but when the audio is finished, I want to emphasize to hide again.

I did successfully using the library of buzz.js, but I try to use anime new native audio support, and I hope I can do the same thing.  With buzz, I would like to do this...

ARM.bind ("pause", Function {}



ARM.bind ("playing", Function {}



In this case, 'arms' is a variable that contains the audio, and I'm in the binder to the 'pause' and 'pay' events thrown by buzz.

This syntax does not work for the audio native, so I wonder if there is another way to do this, or if there is no usable event.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


I have it.

Instead of link the action to the event, you add an event listener. Then...

ARM.bind ("pause", Function {}




arm.addEventListener ('complete', function() {}



You will also notice that I used "completed" instead of "pause".  My audio files are playing throughout of my current project, so 'done' is the best event.  'Break' also triggered at the end, then, really, that you can use.

Hope this helps someone who has the same problem.  Thank you!


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    good edge would not copy all the external files that you have added to your project in the publication of record, you should only do copy paste your files and folders created by your self after publication!

    and I can not undrestand "Unlike you, I'm not that qualified and often make mistakes that make some of my totally useless code retries." You can save your project every time with the new name to have your previews works!

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    Click on frame 1, layer 2.  in the properties panel, assign the stream sync property.  Repeat the test.

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    I'm agree with peter that even a simple search could have answered your questions I already had an example avalible. You must use the SoundChannel returned by the play() function to add.

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    3. the current mobile network connection is dropped.

    I found of initailly than ConnectionAttemptLIstener ( I thought I could use it to change mobile network connection. It turns out that I just couldn't. He listens to the event on ConnectionFactory which really is a connection on the connected mobile network.

    Did some research and I could not find any related information.

    So is it possible for me to achieve what I said at the outset?

    You can use a combination of CoverageStatusListener and RadioStatusListener to have access to these events.

    CoverageStatusListener will let you know what type of network access you have access from your coverage (by cell phone connectivity, etc.) WLAN network and which network transports are available).

    RadioStatusListener will let you know when the changes on the cellular network occur as signal changes, changes the base station etc.

    RadioInfo class can also be used to receive information on the current mobile network too.

    Kind regards

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    Thank you

    Ankit G

    Are you referring to a LabVIEW horizontal/vertical progress bar that basically an integer U8 constantly wrote in it? Is it in a loop as it fills?

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    Method 1: I would recommend you to rebuild the database of Windows Media Player and see if the problem is resolved.

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    Check your audio settings by click on file > publishing settings and click on the links following the flow or event.

Maybe you are looking for