Is there no way to just select text in DW CC 2015 and put it in capital letters without the help of CSS?

A simple question. I'm just trying to select specific text and put it in capital letters without having to use CSS and without having to retype. I don't see an option for this in 2015 CC DW anywhere. Either I'm blind or there is simply no. I swear that this is in the older versions however.

I have a list with the addresses and has been invited to be the first lines in capital letters. There isn't a ton of work to just retype, but it seems that it could be simplified. I guess I could just use CSS, but it seems unnecessary to me. Anyway, any help is appreciated.


It does not exist as an option, as the ability of InDesign to highlight the text, then click on the button in the toolbar.

However, the use of css to do is quite simple...

Your text here

Depending on how your addresses are arranged, you may be able to do much easier using the: first-line pseudo selector in your .css file.

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