Is this enough?

I have a Lenovo Y410p running Windows 8. I created a backup on an external hard drive using OneKey Recovery. So here's an imaginary scenario - surprise! My C: drive is empty: no apps, no files, no OS, nothing. Question - is my external drive enough to start the computer and run OneKey Recovery or not? If so, do I have the special BIOS settings? etc, etc. Basically, what do I need get my C: drive where he was on the last backup?

I have a Lenovo Y410p running Windows 8. I created a backup on an external hard drive using OneKey Recovery. So here's an imaginary scenario - surprise! My C: drive is empty: no apps, no files, no OS, nothing. Question - is my external drive enough to start the computer and run OneKey Recovery or not? If so, do I have the special BIOS settings? etc, etc. Basically, what do I need get my C: drive where he was on the last backup?


A key recovery is an application developed and distributed by Lenovo.

Here is a link to the user for the software guide.

Guidance notes for Lenovo OneKey Recovery and recovery DVDs:

If you have any other questions please contact the Lenovo Support.

Lenovo - contact technical support:


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    Of course you can upgrade to El Capitan. But I think better if you can change the internal hard drive (SATA drive) in the SSD drive. You will get better results, faster than still, you only have 4 GB. This is mine... MacBook pro in early 2011.

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    500SSD + 2 TB
    Blu - Ray read/write
    SLI 1080GTX

    A big thank you!

    When you choose one of the processors (i7 - 6700K, i5 - 6600K) K, you will need to choose the power 850w multi-GPU approved with the high Peformance liquid of cooling that can perform one of the following OEM video cards in a dual configuration.

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    H4P1K Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, 2 GB memory GDDR5 DVI-I/DP/DP/DP/HDMI, double/single
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    YX6VC AMD R9 370, RD14D-P1-70, 4 GB memory GDDR5, double/single DVI-I/DVI-D/DP/HDMI

    If the user chooses the processors non - K (i7-6700, 6400-i5, i3-6100), they can always choose the multi-GPU 850w power supply and run installation dual video card.

  • I have accidently synced my gmail account to another with a similar name

    I have accidentally synced a new account with a similar to FireFox. I got the window that said that a confirmation email was sent to this email address. What worries me is this individual with this account can access my synchronized content?

    I have advanced and clicked "forget email address" from the options screen. Is this enough or do I need to take further action?

    N ° content that was on the computer will be just the latest copy of the last times that accounts merged.

  • Why can I put only three e-mail addresses in when I send an email?

    When I send an email, I can put only in 3 e-mail addresses and I would like to put in more, the only way I can is the same e-mail twice before, sometimes it allows me to do it, but most of the time that is not,
    I hope I've explained this enough, clear
    I can't wait to get a response

    After the third address, simply press ENTER. This will add an additional to: line.

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    When I click on anything on a website - Firefox does nothing.
    When I enter a URL in the address bar Firefox does nothing.
    When I close the browser and try to bring it up again, the icon disappears, FIrefox.
    I did everthing I found on Mozilla, fresh reboot, new profile, 2 mos this enough.
    I need to DELETE ALL - Firefox, profile, bookmarks, everything that has to do with Firefox.
    How do I do that?

    Open Windows Explorer. Type %appdata%\microsoft\windows\sendto in your URL from Windows Explorer, find Mozilla. Delete this folder. Do all this, the closing of Firefox.

  • Trojan encoder


    I use my macbook pro (yosemite 10.10.5 OSX) for a few years now with no problems, but today, I did a virus scan (I use the Dr. Web light free on the app store) and he came to a double threat Trojan encoder 4860 to my system. I did as advised by the software and neutralized them both.

    Then I went to the finder and removed a few items that could be linked to the source of the threat (I'm guessing, it was sent via an email or attachment).

    Is this enough? Is my computer in danger?

    Can someone please advise? I took a print of the virus message screen if that helps.

    Thank you very much!


    0 delete clear Dr. Web, you don't need that

    1. There is no anti-malware software can detect 100% of malware out there.

    2. There is no anti-malware can detect anything by targeting the Mac because it

    is no Mac malware in the wild and therefore, no "signatures" to detect.

    3. the best way to prevent breaches the most is for you as the user is aware that

    the most successful malware attacks rely on sophisticated social engineering

    techniques preying on human greed, * and fear.

    4 Internet pop-up windows telling the FBI, NSA, Microsoft, your ISP has detected malware on

    your computer is designed to trick you into installing their malware thinking it's a

    protection against malware.

    5. some of the anti-malware market products are worse than malware

    go where they are supposed to protect you.

    6. be careful where you go on the internet.

    7. don't download anything from sites, you know are safe.

    8 avoid links that you receive in email, always be wary, even if you get something

    you think a friend is, but that you did not expect.

    9. If there is any question in your mind, then assume that it is malware.

  • How to change the space between folder icon and the text on the personal toolbar?

    I have some files in the personal toolbar with just a letter to indicate what they are, but on the theme that I use, the letter is too far from the record, it belongs to and partially falls under following folder icon. I don't want to increase the space between all the icons to show the full letter, as this decreases the amount of icons that you can have in the toolbar. Instead, I want to reduce the space between the file and the text belonging to him, so he is right next to him instead of 5 pixels away.

    I found various entries to change the padding and margins in userChrome.css, but it's always around the icon, I don't know where to look to close the space between the icon and the corresponding text.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Did you check the value of the left margin of the text?

    You can set if necessary negative margin values.

    #PlacesToolbarItems .toolbarbutton-text { margin-left: -2px !important; }

    Add .bookmark-item [container] If this enough for the items in the folder

    #PlacesToolbarItems .bookmark-item[container] .toolbarbutton-text { margin-left: -2px !important; }
  • I have no sound. I have a HP dx2000 MT (PX842AA)

    Hi, I checked the Device Manager and I have a question mark in front of multimedia Audio Controller.  I double-clicked on the icon and the general tab indicates that the drivers for the device are not installed (code 28). On the Details tab, the device instance ID is

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_24D5 & SUBSYS_218114A4 & REV_02\3 & 267A616A & 0 & FD

    Is this enough information to find a driver?  Hardware IDS and compatible IDS is also listed.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you.  Kirk

    Hi, Kirk:

    I assume you are using XP on your machine?

    If Yes, here is the link for the driver you need. & cc = us & prodTypeId = 12454 & prodSeriesId = 401819 & prodNameId = 401821 & swEnvOID = 1093 & swLang = 13 & mode = 2 & taskId = 135 & swItem = PSG_I19912-103548

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    I clicked ok for a "you have won" pop - up of my safari. Immediately, I realized my mistake and closed the page.  I woke the next morning to find an email from my yahoo email user name but a different domain address.  I then found my Facebook application to redirect me to the same ad "you have won".   I cleared my history of brower and then changed my password for my email and Facebook. Then I discovered my contacts in my yahoo address book got emails also.  I have since made a factory reset on my phone and started a new e-mail address. Is this enough? Could there be a virus on my Iphone 6?  Do I need to worry about my apple account and bank accounts?

    The only way that a virus can infect an iPhone is if it was jailbroken and I doubt that you have done this. Otherwise no virus. You have taken the correct steps of deletion of your data and the browser history and change passwords. I would like to change the password for your account Apple and if your bank accounts use the same PW or you bank details in your emails I would change the PWs Bank also. There is nothing to lose to.

    About the incident, two things come to mind. First the pop up. If everything you did is, click on it and entered any information, then they got nothing. Simply, they planted a cookie in your browser that you deleted by deleting the history and data. Second, your e-mail account. Your e-mail may have been compromised (I do not see how by just the pop up if you don't have all the data, it could be a coincidence) OR a person you know and has you in their address book of pirate computer e-mail. It is easy to steal e-mail addresses and send emails to contacts that appear to come from you.

    After changing the PWs I would just keep an eye on your bank accounts. E-mails unwanted or pop ups are not a concern at this point, just don't click the links or enter any info...  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Can 'followed' Web sites be circumvented by closing Firefox and using CCleaner after each visit web?

    I want all 'monitoring' of websites to block. I use CCleaner ( to erase the data between web visits. It is this enough?

    It seems to be an outcry about this 'marketing tool' and rightly so!

    GHOSTERY is the answer. It will fix you right up. It's a firefox extension.

  • Satellite A200 - Format C drive and reinstall


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 with a 32-bit, windows vista, who bought about 4 years ago. He became extremely slow and crashes on a regular basis. I want to format the C drive and reinstall windows vista. Afterwards, I'm going to re - install all drivers. I have questions about the process

    1. I have the recovery disk provided by Toshiba. Is this enough to do what I need from higher up? Also she's windows, because I checked the drive and could not find the Windows Setup files

    2. the recovery process reformatted all the partitions or only my windows drive (C :). I prefer if it puts only C: drive and not the other readers. However, I am still back up all just in case readers

    Thanks for the help.



    Yes, to format the C drive and reinstall Windows with the drivers and tools of Toshiba, the recovery disk is sufficient. Factory settings will be restored on your computer in order to have the same settings as you purchased the computer.

    Recovery disk reformatted the whole HARD disk, so you must all on another drive to backup and a backup of all important files should always be made only before reinstalling Windows ;)

  • How photos store & sync with devices

    Hello community.

    I am an old user of mac and I must admit that I'm starting to be a little overwhelmed by new features in cloud computing.

    I need your help to configure my devices to work the way I want to.

    I have 2 macs (an iMac and a MBP), 2 iPhone and an iPad and a normal camera. I also pay for the 50 GB Apple cloud storage service. I have a time capsule.

    What I want to achieve is:

    1. all of the photos that I take (regardless of the unit i) should be visible in the camera on my primary iMac and synchronize automatically.

    2 when I import pictures from my regular camera to my primary IMac, these photos may not appear in other devices (unless someone tells me that to do this, non-local storage).

    3. when I delete a photo from any of my devices, the captain must auto delete main iMac.

    4. last question: the time capsule backup is reliable? for example can I assume that the main iMac backup will have all the pictures inside?

    5. If I do a backup usb and I copy on an external hard drive, the principal, is iMac iPhoto library - this enough?

    How should I configure my devices - account iCloud etc. to achieve?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Have a great weekend all the

    1 - who is iCLoud - iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple support - photo library all changes made on any device (additions, deletions, or modifications) are performed on all devices

    2. which is not possible - for devices with limited memory you use optimized photos on these devices

    3. again this is iCloud photo library as described in #1

    4 - Yes, it is - to have all the original photo included yu must have the Mac being backed up together to download original photos on the Mac

    5. I have that #4 was the last question - enough - not really - Time Machine for a TC is much better, since you hourly backups - do manual copies is very well, but you will not always the updated copy when you need it - and if you make manual backups, the drive must be in Mac OS extended (journaled) format

    6 - See the article referenced in #1


  • How good my connection to video call?


    I have a bad internet connection because of high costs and other things, anyway...

    Is this enough for a good video call?

    It's the same connection that uses the other party

    I don't think you can expect good quality with these specifications of Internet video calls. Especially the very low download speed is the limiting factor.

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